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The 1820 Settlers

Cover picture of 1820 genealogy CD 1820 Settler Genealogy
Regrettfully we can no longer supply the 1820 genealogy CD. We do however have a copy of the data in our own genealogy programme. Visitors can, time permitting, check what information is available regarding their own 1820 Settler forbears. The service is at no charge. We do have a very competent genealogist in town who can assist you professionally at very reasonable rates.

The Zuurveld 1820-1835 Colony of the Cape of Good Hope 1819

1820 Settler Books
There are individually a good number of books on the history of the Eastern Cape & Grahamstown, the 1820 Settlers, their names and details of the parties in which they travelled. We list here a selection of some of the titles available from time to time.

May Bell. THEY CAME FROM A FAR LAND. 1963. 8vo. 182pp. Deals mainly with Wood, Hoole, Donavan and Garbett families.
Lynne Bryer & Keith Hunt. THE 1820 SETTLERS. 1984. 4to. 80pp. A social history illustrated by quotations from settler writings, many photographs.
Guy Butler. THE 1820 SETTLERS. An Illustrated Commentary. 1974. Large 4to. 366pp & 350 illus. well illustrated, the definitive history.
Joy Collier. FRONTIER POST. The Story Of Grahamstown. 1961. 4to. 64pp illustrated. a good popular overview.
H.E. Hockly. THE STORY OF THE BRITISH SETTLERS OF 1820 IN SOUTH AFRICA. 1973. 8vo. Chronicles the arrival of the Settlers of 1820 on the shores of Southern Africa & their location on the Eastern Frontier of the old Cape Colony.
E. Morse Jones. THE LOWER ALBANY CHRONICLE. Provides a chronological survey of happenings in the areas around Bathurst and Port Alfred. Culled from books, letters, diaries, notebooks, periodicals, ms. etc. with notes, index, list of sources. Events such as births, deaths, marriages, christenings, sales, military and commercial activity, and much more. Gives a detailed picture of the happenings in these areas on a day by day basis.
A.E. Makin. THE 1820 SETTLERS OF SALEM (Hezekiah Sephton's Party). 1971. small 4vo. 142pp. Deals with the arrival of the party at Algoa Bay and the subsequent founding of the village of Salem.
Noel Mostert. FRONTIERS. Very large 2kg 8vo. 1355pp illus. Essentially the history of the Eastern Cape through that of the Xhosa people and the many frontier clashes.
John Milton. THE EDGES OF WAR. 1983. 8vo. 304pp illus. A very readable chronological history of the frontier wars.
M.D. Nash. THE SETTLER HANDBOOK. 1987. 8vo. 152pp. A New List Of The 1820 Settlers. How to trace your Settler roots. A good starting point for genealogies involving 1820 forbears.
Rex & Barbara Reynolds. GRAHAMSTOWN FROM COTTAGE TO VILLA. 1974. 4to. 109pp. Photographs of early settler houses in Grahamstown.
Celia Sadler. NEVER A YOUNG MAN. Extracts From The Letters And Journals Of The Rev. William Shaw. 1967. 8vo. 189pp.A Methodist, Shaw was an 1820 Settler having been chaplain to the Sephton party on the "Aurora". In his own words this account tells a vivid first-hand account of the conditions in which the settlers found themselves.
Frank van der Riet. GRAHAMSTOWN IN EARLY PHOTOGRAPHS. 1974. 4to. 111pp. Early photographs showing the development of the town in settler times.
Various. GRAHAMSTOWN SERIES. A 14 volume series, drawn from unpublished contemporary sources such as diaries, memoirs, reminiscences.

There are of course many many other books - genealogies, histories, biographies, etc. available. If you browse our past catalogues under the heading 'Eastern Cape' you will find many items of interest. Search our stock using the keyword '1820' or 'eighteen twenty'.