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Africana Book Catalogue Q168 June 2001

Items have been sold from this catalogue since its issue. It is an electronic representation of a particular catalogue issued at a particular date. All items listed subject to prior sale. Details elsewhere to subscribe to our email catalogues. All Africana material is issued via catalogue prior to shelving in the shop or uploading online.






#7691 Appelgryn, M.S. JOHANNESBURG. Origins And Early Management 1886-1899. 144pp. illustrated b/w. Some marks to f.bd o/w VG+ in VG d/w. UNISA. Pretoria 1984. R135.00

#7672 Berry, Abe. ABE BERRY'S JOHANNESBURG. Drawings and text by the well-known cartoonist of 'The Star' in Johannesburg. Drawings and watercolours of Johannesburg and its people, old and new. Printed bds. 95pp. illustrated b/w. Bds VG+, cont. F no inscrip. Tafelberg. Johannesburg 1982. R95.50

#7674 Kaplan, Mendel. & Robertson, Marian. (Eds). FOUNDERS AND FOLLOWERS. Johannesburg Jewry 1887-1915. Extensively illustrated. Notes and bibliography. Indexed. 300pp. illustrated b/w photos. etc. 4to. F in VG-F d/w. Vlaeberg. Cape Town 1991. R510.00

#7540 Norwich, Oscar I. A JOHANNESBURG ALBUM. Historical Postcards. Johannesburg's suburbs and early happenings as shown in over 335 early postcard reproductions. 166pp. illustrated cold. reproductions. lg.4to. Edges of bds rubbed (pushing into tight shelf) at top adjacent to spine, hence graded VG-F only, spine of d/w fad. VG+. Donker. Craighall 1986 1st edn. R450.00

#7671 Robertson, Claire. (Ed). REMEMBERING OLD JOHANNESBURG. Personal reminiscences submitted to the National Council of Women, collected and arranged by topic and period. List of contributors. Covers the period from the earliest days to about the 1930's. 143pp. illustrated b/w photos. lg.8vo. Near Fine in matching d/w (only sp. sl.fad.) Donker. Craighall 1986. R170.00

WESTERN CAPE   Back to index

#7520 A Lady. LIFE AT THE CAPE A HUNDRED YEARS AGO. With Contemporary Illustrations Selected From The Work Of Thomas Bowler. The text of this volume is a series of letters, dated 1861 & 1862, originally published in the Cape Monthly Magazine from 1870 to 1879. They vividly described life in the Cape Town of those years. The name of the author of the letters is unknown for certain, but has been the subject of much speculation. Gilt on blue cb. 119pp. Illus. b/w. Inscrip. ffep. eps fox. shelfwear, VG in tatty d/w w/sl.loss. Cape Town 1973 rpt. R80.00

#7525 Burman, Jose. THE GARDEN ROUTE. A historical and tourist guide to the area. Well illustrated, this author's guide books are full of interesting detail, and it is interesting to compare the rural scenes of Plettenberg Bay and Knysna of the time with the intense development that has taken place in recent years in this prime tourist destination. Card wraps. 112pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps. sl.shaken & loose. G. Human & Rousseau. Cape Town 1964. R45.00

EASTERN CAPE (including all 1820 Settler related material)   Back to index

#7492 Keppel-Jones, Arthur. PHILIPPS, 1820 SETTLER. His Letters Edited By Author In Consultation With Philipps Great-Grandaughter, E.K. Heathcote. 371pp. frontis. Edges fox o/w VG+ in G+ d/w. Pietermaritzburg 1960. R200.00

#7608 Metrowich F.C. FRONTIER FLAMES. Stories of the settlers of the Eastern Cape. Illus. Penny Miller. 286pp. b/w portrait frontis. Illus. col.b/w dwgs. G in G repd.d/w. Cape Town 1968 1st edn. R135.00

#7419 Shephard, J.B. LAND OF THE TIKOLOSHE. Author's exploration of the Transkei, the land East of the Great Fish River. xii + 172pp. illustrated b/w photos, map. G+ in G d/w with some loss. Longman's Green. London 1955 1st edn. R100.00

#7418 Snelling, Sir Arthur. THE CONTRIBUTION OF BRITISH SETTLERS TO SOUTH AFRICA. Speech given by the British Ambassador to South Africa on the sesqui-centinary of the landing of the British Settlers in the Eastern Cape in 1820. 13pp booklet. Wraps sl.browned o/w VG. 1820 Settlers National Monument Foundation. Grahamstown September 7th 1970. R110.00

#7533 Whibley, Pauline Megan. MERRIMAN OF GRAHAMSTOWN. Bishop Nathaniel Merriman, originally from Marlborough, arrived at the Cape in 1848 aged 40. This is the only biography of him. Known as the 'walking predikant' he visited every remote corner from Bathurst to Bloemfontein on foot (using his horse only to carry his belongings) and from Graaf-Reinet to the Great Kei river. His edited journals appear as Vol.37 of the Van Riebeeck Society 1st Series. He died in a freak accident near Grahamstown. xvi + 107pp. Illus. 51 b/w plates. Library stamp, not quite VG/VG. Cape Town 1982. R140.00


#7537 Gordon, Ruth E. THE STORY OF DEANERY LANE. Private publication detailing known history of this Pietermaritzburg street. Stapled wraps. 30pp. illustrated photos. maps. 4to. VG. Pietermaritzburg. nd. R45.00

Signed R.E. Gordon, 7/9/89.

#7502 Guy, Jeff. THE DESTRUCTION OF THE ZULU KINGDOM. The Civil War In Zululand, 1879-1884. Tells the story of the destruction of the material strength and political independence of an African society. Bibliography. xxii + 273pp p/b. illustrated photos, maps, charts. indexed. f.edge spotted, ff browned o/w VG+. Ravan. Johannesburg 1982. R65.00

#7698 Ritter, E.A. SHAKA ZULU. The Rise Of The Zulu Empire. Shaka portrayed as seen by the Zulu, a history in narrative form. xvi + 383pp illustrated b/w plates, maps. Bibliography. ex libris with pocket, stamps etc., loss to d/w. Longmans. London 1957 5th imp. R58.00

#7683 Robbins, David. & Hartley, Wyndham. INSIDE THE LAST OUTPOST. A personal look at Natal by two investigative journalists then with the Natal Witness in Pietermaritzburg. Bibliography. 198pp p/b illustrated b/w photos. sm.4to. VG+. Shuter & Shooter. Pietermaritzburg 1985. R100.00

#7684 Thompson, P.S. NATALIANS FIRST. Seperatism In South Africa 1909-1961. A detailed account of Natal opposition to centralisation of the state and its eventual reluctant incorporation into the Republic of South Africa. 231pp. illustrated b/w plates, maps, etc. VG+/VG+ Southern. Johannesburg 1990. R90.00

SOUTHERN AFRICA, GENERAL (unclassified by area)   Back to index

#7509 Baines, Maureen. (Ed). THE BEST OF LAWRENCE GREEN. A selection culled from the Authors 33 books which he wrote over a span of forty years. Illus. Ren‚ Hermans. An item for the Lawrence Green completist. 395pp p/b. Illus. b/w dwgs. G. Penguin 1985. R65.00

#7497 Becker, Peter. PATH OF BLOOD. The Rise And Conquests Of Mzilikazi. Founder Of The Matabele Tribe Of Southern Africa. 323pp p/b. illustrated b/w photos. indexed. VG. Penguin 1979. R40.00

#7598 Bilger, Harald. IIIMAL SšDAFRIKA. Serie Piper Panoramen Der Welt. 377pp p/b. illustrated b/w photos. maps. VG-F. Piper. Munich 3rd edn. 1982. R65.00

#7629 Brooke-Smith, Robin. THE SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA. Documents And Debates. 134pp p/b. illustrated b/w photos. Some highlighting to text on several pp hence G only, but o/w very clean and bright. Macmillan Education. 1987. R35.00

#7690 Dawson, William Harbutt. SOUTH AFRICA: People. Places And Problems. xi + 448pp. illustrated b/w plates. indexed. ex libris. Bds. fad & spotted, f.bd shaken, contents sl.fox o/w clean, inscrip. ffep. Longmans. London 1925. R45.00

#7566 De Villiers, Marq. WHITE TRIBE DREAMING. Apartheid's Bitter Roots As Witnessed By Eight Generations Of An Afrikaner Family. 420pp p/b. indexed. VG+. Penguin. London 1990. R65.00

#7462 Geen, M.S. THE MAKING OF SOUTH AFRICA. Matric level history book. 330pp. illustrated b/w photos. indexed. G, no d/w. Maskew Miller. Cape Town 1961 3rd edn. R45.00

#7693 Hayward, Jean. SOUTH AFRICA SINCE 1948. Witness History Series. UK school-level text. Printed bds. 63pp illustrated col.b/w photos etc. VG-F. Wayland. Hove 1989. R68.00

#7628 Ki-Zerbo, Joseph. & Niane, Djibril Tamsir. GENERAL HISTORY OF AFRICA ù IV. Africa From The Twelfth To The Sixteenth Century. Abridged Edition. International Scientific Committee For The Drafting Of A General History Of Africa (UNESCO). Bibliography. 294pp p/b. illustrated b/w photos. maps. indexed. Fine. James Currey (UNESCO). Oxford 1997. R90.00

#7442 Mol, Arnold. MOTIVATING YOUR FARM LABOURER. Printed bds. 141pp. VG. Folio. Pretoria 1987. R68.00

#7527 Muller, Prof. C.F.J. 500 YEARS. A History Of South Africa. xiii + 542pp. Illus. b/w plates, maps. Sello stains to eps o/w VG in VG d.w. Academica. Cape Town. 2nd edn 1977. R135.00

#7621 Naidoo, Jay. TRACKING DOWN HISTORICAL MYTHS. Eight South African Cases. Cases include Hintsa (was he killed or executed?) and Retief (was he an innocent victim?) .Extensive notes and bibliography. 205pp p/b. indexed. VG. Donker. Johannesburg 1989. R73.00

#7545 Reader's Digest. SOUTH AFRICA'S YESTERDAYS A compendium of South African social life through the years with entries separated into subject topics. An interesting store of oddities to shed light on many aspects of South African life through the years. 344pp. prof.illustrated col.b/w photos etc. 4to. indexed. Sm.inscrip. f.pastedown o/w near F in VG+ d/w. RDA. Cape Town 1981. R280.00

#7383 Rosenthal, Eric. THE HINGES CREAKED. True Stories Of South African Treasure Lost And Found. 201pp. Frontis. illustrated b/w plates. indexed. G, no d/w. Timmins. Cape Town 1951. R68.00

#7395 Theal, George McCall. HISTORY OF SOUTH AFRICA. [1691-1795]. With Two Charts. Red cb teg. xvii + 419pp. Frontis, map, indexed. Sound but unattractive. Swan Sonnenschein. London 1888. R225.00

ANTHROPOLOGY   Back to index

#7631 Biesele, Megan. & Weinberg, Paul. SHAKEN ROOTS. The Bushmen Of Namibia. A documentary portrait of a people struggling to hold onto their traditional way of life as they search for ways to adapt to a market economy. 19pp text + 70pp b/w photographs. 190h x 210w p/b. VG-F. EDA. Marshalltown 1990. R105.00

#7430 Schapera, I. (Ed). THE BANTU-SPEAKING TRIBES OF SOUTH AFRICA. An Ethnographical Survey. Edited For The (South African) Inter-University Committee for African Studies. (Formed the basis for Hammond-Tookes 'The Bantu-Speaking Peoples of Southern Africa'). Chapters by Dart, Hoernl‚, Krige, Kirby, Doke, Hunter, and others. Bibliography. xv + 453pp. illustrated b/w photos, foldout map at rear, indexed. Some l.fox to edges & eps o/w VG in matching browned d/w. Maskew Miller. Cape Town 1966 8th imp. R300.00


#7479 Emslie, Anne. THE OWL HOUSE. Helen Martins created a unique environment in her Nieu Bethesda home with her sculptures and other unique in-situ art forms. Photographs by Roy Zetisky. 102pp. h/b. illustrated col.photos. 4to. Mint. Viking. London 1991 1st edn. R390.00

#7700 Lewcock, Ronald. EARLY NINETEENTH CENTURY ARCHITECTURE IN SOUTH AFRICA. A Study Of The Interaction Of Two Cultures 1795-1837. Heavily illustrated, this is a detailed study of English & Dutch architecture as it evolved in south Africa. references and bibliography. Gilt on blue cb. 451pp. illustrated col.b/w photos & plates. lg.8vo. indexed. Bds G only. Additional pictures pasted to eps of o/w VG cont. in P d/w. Balkema. Cape Town 1963. R800.00

#7605 Pearse, G.E. THE CAPE OF GOOD HOPE. 1652-1833. An Account Of Its Buildings And The Life Of Its People. 166pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps, plans, etc. VG in tatty d/w (with major tears to rear). Van Schaik. Pretoria 1956. R280.00

#7417 Stallebras, Pam. THE SOUTH AFRICAN GUIDE TO FABRIC SCREEN PRINTING. Full details of the process and applications including twenty detailed projects. Printed bds, 96pp. illustrated col.photos, dgms. etc. 4to. F/F. Struik. Cape Town 1990. R90.00

#7483 Theron, Helena. & Olivier, Bert. A SELECTION OF EASTERN CAPE ART. Diverse selection of 70 artists, each illustrated, working in the Eastern Cape. P/b. pp unnum. illustrated col.b/w photos. Fine. Bird Street Pub. Port Elizabeth 1994. R145.00

#7448 Waher, Roman. (Ed). F.L. ALEXANDER.Saturday, August 11, 2001 SOUTH AFRICAN GRAPHIC ART AND ITS TECHNIQUES. A survey of techniques used in SA art. Reproductions of more than 200 graphic works, 4 in colour. Bibliography. 260pp. illustrated 4to. indexed. Fine in near F d/w. Human & Rousseau. Cape Town 1974. R230.00

#7465 Walton, James. HOMESTEADS AND VILLAGES OF SOUTH AFRICA. A well illustrated and detailed survey of local vernacular domestic architecture. 114pp + 47 b/w plates. illustrated b/w photos and dwgs. Lower edge of rear ff(illus) and rear bd. affected sl.damp, o/w cont VG, in G+ d/w. Van Schaik. Pretoria 1965 2nd edn. R310.00


#7649 Becker, Peter. HILL OF DESTINY. The Life And Times Of Moshesh, Founder Of The Basotho. 304pp p/b. Illus. b/w photos. maps. VG. Penguin 1982. R45.00

#7589 Benson, Mary. NELSON MANDELA - DIE HOFFNUNG SšDAFRIKAS. 298pp p/b. illustrated b/w photos. G-VG. Rowohlt. Hamburg 1986. R65.00

#7655 Binns, C.T. THE LAST ZULU KING. The Life And Death Of Cetshwayo. 240pp. cold.frontis. illustrated b/w plates. G+ in G d/w. Longmans. London 1963 1st edn. R310.00

#7382 Dickson, Mora. BELOVED PARTNER. Mary Moffat Of Kuruman. A biography. 238pp. illustrated maps on eps. VG in VG d/w except sm.inscrip ffep & sello marks to rear foldin & pastedown. Gollancz. London 1974. R225.00

#7639 Fisher, John. THAT MISS HOBHOUSE. Biography of Emily Hobhouse, who exposed the horrors of Lord Kitchener's concentration camps during the Anglo-Boer war of 1899-1902. Bibliography. 286pp. illustrated b/w photos. indexed. Blacked-out inscrip ffep. lightly fox edges, prelims & few ff, G+ in d/w. Secker & Warburg. London 1971. R110.00

#7630 Frankel, Rudy. TIGER TAPESTRY. Autobiography of the life president of Tiger Oats Limited. 432pp. illustrated b/w photos. indexed. Fine, d/w also F except sp. sl.fad. Struik. Cape Town 1988. R170.00

#7569 Hope, Christopher. WHITE BOY RUNNING. Autobiographical story of Author's trip to SA in 1987 to cover the national election and assess the state of the country. 23pp p/b. VG+. Abacus. London 1988. R45.00

#7663 Kidson, Hayward. OVER AND TIME. An umpire's autobiography. Author was cricket umpire for 30 years at all levels up to test cricket. Includes test results where he was the umpire - SAvNZ 1961-62, SAvUK 1964-65, SAvAU 1966-67. 449pp. illustrated b/w photos etc. Bds worn & marked, G only. Cont. VG except top edge stained, no inscrip. all hidden in bright G-VG d/w. Timmins. Cape Town nd. c.1983. R170.00

#7673 Louw, Juliet Marais. WHEN JOHANNESBURG AND I WERE YOUNG. Autobiographical reminiscences covering the years from early memory until her years at Wits in the late 1920's. Illustrated with interesting personal photographs. Author was sister of Eric Rosenthal. Printed bds. 111pp. illustrated b/w photos. dwgs. indexed. 4to. VG+. Amagi. Norwood 1991. R155.00

#7590 Mandela, Winnie. EIN STšCK MEINER SEELE GING MET IHM. 222pp p/b. illustrated b/w photos. Top edge sl.fox o/w VG. Rowohlt. Hamburg 1984. R65.00

#7495 Pama, C. BRITISH FAMILIES IN SOUTH AFRICA. Their Surnames And Origins. Listing of surnames with details of origin, also many coats of arms, bibliography. Printed bds. 192pp. illustrated line dwgs. ff sl.browned, hence Fine. Human & Rousseau. Cape Town 1992. R120.00

#7689 Pearse, R.O. JOSEPH BAYNES. PIONEER. Baynes came to SA as a Byrne settler from Scotland in 1850 aged 8. As well as a biography of this figure, the book illustrates in detail Victorian social and political life in Natal in the latter half of the 19thC. 331pp. illustrated b/w plates. VG+/VG. Shuter & Shooter/The Baynesfield Board of Administration. Pietermaritzburg 1983. R290.00

#7460 Richdale, Gordon. THE SUNLIT YEARS. Author was at one time a director of Rand Mines. 287pp. G+. eps fox, in G d/w. Collins. London 1962. R115.00

#7459 Sonnenberg, Max. THE WAY I SAW IT. Author came to South Africa in the 1890's, widely travelled in Rhodesia he knew many of the important figures of the time. One of the early Jewish immigrants that shaped the economic fabric of South Africa he founded Woolworths here. (Woolworths are the SA arm of the UK Marks & Spencer). 188pp. Illus. b/w photos. ex-libris, unattractive. Cape Town nd. c.1957. R55.00

#7499 Soyinka, Wole. AK?. The Years Of Childhood. Autobiography. 230pp p/b. Mint Minerva 1991. R65.00

#7538 Storrar, Patricia. & Komnick, Gunther. A COLOSSUS OF ROADS. Thomas Bain. Bain (son of Andrew Geddes Bain) constructed 23 major mountain roads, many of them still used and over a century old. This biography of Bain pays particular attention to his achievements as a road builder. Well illustrated contemporary and recent photographs. 108pp. Illus. b/w.col.photos. dwgs. maps. oblong 4to. Near F in bright VG d/w. Cape Town 1984. R180.00

#7412 Van Der Byl, Piet. TOP HAT TO VELSKOEN. Autobiography. 244pp. Photo frontis. illustrated b/w photos. Near VG in G+ rubbed d/w. Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1973. R100.00

#7582 Woods, Donald. STEVE BIKO. Schrei Nacht Freiheit. German text. 445pp p/b. Edges browned, VG. Goldman. Munich 1988. R65.00

COOKERY AND WINE   Back to index

#7391 Fitzroy, V.M. EAT AND BE MERRY. A Book About People And Food. Illustrated by Author. 211pp. illustrated line dwgs. G+, clean, no d/w. Howard Timmins. Cape Town nd. R90.00

#7659 Fridjhon, Michael. & Murray, Andy. CONSPIRACY OF GIANTS. The South African Liquor Industry. A history and review of all aspects of the trade. Sundry appendices and tables. 419pp. tall 8vo. VG+ in d/w. Divaris Stein. Johannesburg 1986. R165.00

Signed by Author ffep.

#7478 Hughes, Hands, & Kench. THE COMPLETE BOOK OF SOUTH AFRICAN WINE. Full survey of Cape wine-making, individual areas and estates, etc. Bibliography. 340pp. Profusely illustrated col.photos. maps, etc. indexed 4to. Mint in d/w. Cape Town 1991 2nd edn. R180.00

#7484 Jansen, Chris. WINELANDS OF THE CAPE. Brief introduction. Tour of the region with evocative photos by Author. P/b unnum. 110 col.photos. sm.4to. VG+. Don Nelson. Cape Town 1980. R66.00


#7596 Bernstein, Hilda. AM ENDE STEHT DER TOD. 351pp p/b. Top edge fox o/w VG+. Goldmann. Munich 1988. R65.00

#7586 Breytenbach, Breyten. SCHLUáSAKTE SšDAFRIKA. Short writings from 1967-1974 and 1983-1985. 221pp p/b. Top edge sl.fox and sp. worn, hence VG-. Fischer. Frankfurt 1988. R65.00

#7634 Brink, Andre. A CHAIN OF VOICES. 512pp p/b. 1" closed cut to rear wrap o/w G+, bright. Fontana. 1982. R35.00

#7573 Brink, Andre. A DRY WHITE SEASON. 316pp p/b. VG. Star. London 1980. R35.00

#7572 Brink, Andre AN INSTANT IN THE WIND. 252pp p/b. VG. Star. London 1981. R35.00

#7372 Brink, Andre. DEVIL'S VALLEY. A novel. 372pp 8vo p/b. inscrip. VG-F. S&W. London 1998. R40.00

#7660 Brink, Andre. DEVIL'S VALLEY. 372pp 8vo p/b. VG-F. Secker & Warburg. London 1998. 1st SA edn thus. R45.00

#7571 Brink, Andre. THE WALL OF THE PLAGUE. This novel is set in France, a self assessment. 447pp p/b. VG+. Flamingo. London 1985. R45.00

#7556 Cloete, Stuart. RAGS OF GLORY. A novel of the Boer War. With Author's note, historical survey, and bibliography. 668pp p/b. VG. Fontana. London 1969. R35.00

#7650 Cloete, Stuart. TURNING WHEELS. Romantic novel of the Great Trek. 378pp p/b. G+. Struik. Cape Town 1983. R35.00

#7592 Cloete, Stuart. WANDERNDE WAGEN. Roman Aus Sudafrika. Originally titled 'Turning Wheels'. 283pp p/b. Sp.fad, G+. Rowohlt. Hamburg 1958 prtg. R65.00

#7581 Conton, William. THE AFRICAN. Novel by Gambian author. African Writers Series No.12 213pp p/b. G-VG. Heinemann. London 1982. R40.00

#7636 Conygham, John. THE ARROWING OF THE CANE. This novel was joint winner of the 1985 AA Mutual/Ad. Donker Literary Award. 154pp p/b. VG+. Donker. Craighall 1986 1st edn. R45.00

#7635 Cope, Michael. SPIRAL OF FIRE. In the middle of 1986 Cape Town's squatter camps are burning.... Africasouth New Writing. 163pp p/b. VG+. David Philip. Cape Town 1987 1st edn. R40.00

#7557 Courtenay, Bruce. THE POWER OF ONE. A story set in the boxing ring. Author's first novel. 629pp p/b. VG. Mandarin. London 1992. R40.00

#7580 De Klerk, W.A. THE THIRSTLAND. A historical novel of the Afrikaner trek from the Transvaal to Northern Namibia and Southern Angola in search of the final elusive utopia in the late 1880s. 465pp p/b. Illus. map. VG+. Bok Books. Swaziland/Durban 1988. R45.00

#7405 De Villiers, G.E. (Ed). RAVAN. TWENTY-FIVE YEARS (1972-1997). A Commemorative Volume Of New Writing. A history of the publisher with a selection of writings from some of the famous authors associated with them over the years. 158pp p/b. VG-F. Ravan. Randburg 1997. R35.00

#7555 Duggan, William. THE GREAT THIRST. A novel of the bushmen people and their last struggle against the intrusive civilisation of the white man. 444pp p/b. VG. Arrow. London 1986. R40.00

#7601 Elsing, J.M. CHRISTIAN ENTDECHT SšDAFRIKA. Ein Roman F?r Die Jugend. Printed bds. 192pp. illustrated b/ line dwgs. Sello stains to pastedowns, library stamp to title.p. feps probably excised, clean, sound, G+. Orell F?ssli. Z?rich 1957. R45.00

#7553 Endfield, Cy. ZULU DAWN. Novel set in Zululand covering the events of the battle of Isandlwana. 287pp p/b. G+. Arrow. London 1979. R35.00

#7682 Fromlett, Wolfram. (Comp). AFRICAN RADIO NARRATIONS AND PLAYS. Works from around the continent. In cooperation with Radio Deutsche Welle, Training Centre (DWAZ, publication No.9). Wraps. 320pp. VG-F. Nomos. Baden-Baden 1992. R65.00

#7491 Gordimer, Nadine. THE HOUSE GUN. 294pp p/b. Fine. Bloomsbury. London 1999. R45.00

#7565 Gray, Stephen (Ed). THE PENGUIN BOOK OF SOUTHERN AFRICAN STORIES A selection from pre-christian African legends to modern day stories. 328pp p/b. Fine. Penguin. 1985 R40.00

#7433 Greenaway, Robin (Comp). ROSEMARY'S POEMS. Readers of Robin's earlier book 'DUSTY FEET' will remember Rosemary, and now the Author has collected, from the trunk left behind, her poems written over a period of some years. 43pp softcover. Ink-jet printed with colour photo on laminated cover. Self-printed and published. 8vo New. Bathurst nd. (2000) R65.00

#7597 Havemann, Ernst. BUSCHFEUR. 125pp p/b. Top edge fox o/w VG+. Goldmann. Munich 1988. R45.00

#7432 Head, Bessie. A QUESTION OF POWER. African Writers Series. 206pp p/b. VG+. Heinemann. London 1987 rpt. R40.00

#7669 Head, Bessie. WHEN RAIN CLOUDS GATHER. Author's first novel. African Writers Series. 188pp p/b. Fine. Heinemann. London 1987. R40.00

#7562 Hodge, Norman. (Ed). TO KILL A MAN'S PRIDE. And Other Stories From Southern Africa. 17 short stories by SA authors from widely different cultures. 266pp p/b. VG+. Ravan. Johannesburg 1985. R45.00

#7549 Hope, Christopher. A SEPERATE DEVELOPMENT. Author's first novel. 199pp p/b. VG+. Minerva. Johannesburg 1989. R55.00

#7570 Hope, Christopher. THE HOTTENTOT ROOM. 218pp p/b. VG+. Abacus. London 1986. R45.00

#7450 Hughes, A.B. JUST IN PASSING. Selection of humorous articles originally published in the Rand Daily Mail under this heading. Illustrated by the RDM cartoonist, 'Willy'. 128pp. oblong sm.8vo. Bds. heavily fox, G. cont. G+. RDM. Johannesburg 1967. R55.00

#7595 Mathabane, Mark. KAFFERN BOY. Ein Leben In Der Apartheid. 402pp p/b. Top edge fox o/w VG+. DTV. Munich 1986. R65.00

Includes loose ff from Time Nov. 12th 1990 issue, being an interview with the Author by Bruce Nelan.

#7373 Mattera, Don. THE STORYTELLER. 8 short stories, 6 of which were written during a six-month stay in Sweden. 125pp p/b. VG. Justified Press. Rivonia 1991 1st edn. R45.00

#7550 Matthee, Dalene. CIRCLES IN A FOREST. Novel of the Knysna elephant. The author seeks to get at the truths of how the indigenous forest was destroyed along with the native elephant population. 368pp p/b. VG. Penguin. London 1986. R45.00

#7551 Matthee, Dalene. FIELA'S CHILD. Novel set in and around the Knysna forest. 358pp p/b. VG. Penguin. London 1987. R45.00

#7513 Moore, Gerald. & Beier, Ulli. (Eds). THE PENGUIN BOOK OF MODERN AFRICAN POETRY. A selection from authors continent-wide, with notes, indexes, etc. 315pp p/b. G, ff browned. Penguin. 1984. R35.00

#7512 Mutloase, Mothobi. (Ed). FORCED LANDING. Africa South: Contemporary Writings. Staffrider Series Number 3. 192 short stories/items. 208pp p/b. inscrip. G+. Ravan. Johannesburg 1980 1st imp. R40.00

#7603 Mzamane, Mbulelo Vizikhungo. DIE ELEFANTEN SIND WIR. Der Sch?leraufstand Von Soweto. Originally 'The Children Of Soweto'. 352pp p/b. Ex-libris label to ffep, top edge fox o/w F in VG+ d/w. Anrich. Modautal-Neunkirchen 1983. R80.00

#7473 Neubert, Candy. ZEN FROG AND OTHER POEMS. 31pp p/b. Fine. Carapace Poets (Snailpress). Plumstead 1988. R45.00

#7461 Nuttall, Neville. THE SILVER PLUME. A Selection From The Writings Of Olive Schreiner. Dec. bds. 149pp. frontis. G, clean. APB. Johannesburg 1968. R45.00

#7396 Reynolds, Barbara M. VALLEY OF THE RAINBIRDS. Novel for young people based on actual events in Natal in the 1850s. 124pp p/b. VG+. Tafelberg. Cape Town 1987. R40.00

#7514 Ricci, Digby. (Ed). REEF OF TIME. Johannesburg In Writing. Selected poetry, short stories, extracts from novels, travel, and journalism form an unconventional history of the city. 332pp p/b. inked-out price hence VG. Donker. Johannesburg 1986. R55.00

#7575 Ricci, Digby. (Ed). REEF OF TIME. Johannesburg In Writing. Selected poetry, short stories, extracts from novels, travel, and journalism form an unconventional history of the city. 332pp p/b. Protected adhesive film, pencil u/l & annots. hence G only. Donker. (School edn. seems no different from regular edition) Johannesburg 1986. R35.00

#7371 Richards, Jo-Anne. TOUCHING THE LIGHTHOUSE. Second novel by this author, placed in Cape Town. 249pp p/b. Deleted inscrip ffep hence VG. Headline (Review). London 1997 R45.00

#7577 Rive, Richard. 'BUCKINGHAM PALACE', DISTRICT SIX. 198pp p/b. VG. David Philip. Cape Town 1989. R55.00

#7561 Rive, Richard. EMERGENCY. The novel takes place in Cape Town in the last days of March 1960 at the time of the Sharpville shootings. Author's first novel. 251pp p/b. Fine. David Philip. Cape Town 1988. R60.00

#7554 Sepamla, Sipho. THIRD GENERATION. A novel of the liberation struggle. 163pp p/b. VG+. Skotaville. Johannesburg 1991. R45.00

#7637 Sher, Anthony. MIDDLEPOST. With Five Illustrations By The Author. Set in the Cape of Good Hope at the turn of the century, this is the first novel by acclaimed (SA born) actor, known for his performances with the Royal Shakespeare Company. 445pp p/b. VG+. Sceptre 1989. R45.00

#7500 Soyinka, Wole. ISARA. A Voyage Around "Essay". A fictionalised view of the life and times of his father. 262pp p/b. Mint. Minerva. London 1991. R65.00

Soyinka, Wole.   Also, see Biography listing.

#7563 Stein, Sylvester. SECOND-CLASS TAXI. Satirical novel set in the 1950s of Staffnurse Phofolo, a 'Non-European from Non-Europe'. 209pp p/b. Near Fine. David Philip. Cape Town 1988. R45.00

#7498 Strachan, Harold. WAY UP WAY OUT. Autobiographical? Set in Pietermaritzburg the novel takes place mainly in pre-WW2 years. 165pp p/b. Fine. David Philip. Cape Town 1998 1st edn. R45.00

#7578 Tlali, Miriam. FOOTPRINTS IN THE QUAG. Originally published in the UK as SOWETO STORIES. 162pp p/b. G-VG. David Philip. Cape Town 1989. R40.00

#7404 Tyson, Harvey. A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE. Tales Of Adventure And Misadventure. Illus. b/w dwgs by Jack Swanepoel. A selection of humorous stories of varyingly stretched truth. Author was onetime editor of the Johannesburg daily 'The Star'. 207pp p/b. VG. Zebra. Johannesburg 1995. R45.00

#7568 Uys, Pieter-Dirk. KARNAVAL. Afrikaans play (with English stage directions). Author is of course well known today as the creator of the character Evita Bezuidenhout. 72pp p/b. VG+. Donker. Johannesburg 1982. R55.00

#7567 Uys, Pieter-Dirk. SELLE OU STORIE. Afrikaans play (with English stage directions). Author is of course well known today as the creator of the character Evita Bezuidenhout. 80pp p/b. VG+. Donker. Johannesburg 1983. R55.00

#7600 Venter, F.A. DIE FARM AM KOONAP-FLUá Translated from the Afrikaans. cb. 454pp. maps on eps. VG, no d/w. Herder. Breisgau 1962. R65.00

#7670 Vorster, Gordon. THE TEXTURES OF SILENCE. Winner of the Timmins Golden Cape Literary Award. 466pp p/b. Near VG. Timmins. Cape Town 1983. R35.00

#7648 Watter, Lola. INSIGHTS AND IDYLLS. Including Selected 'Images From Africa'. Poems. 56pp p/b. Fine. Quartz Press. Parkview 1988. R45.00


#7532 Cartwright, A.P. VALLEY OF GOLD. A history of gold-mining in Pilgrims Rest, Eastern Transvaal. 194pp. Cold.frontis. illustrated b/w photos, dwgs. maps on eps. VG. Wrapper sp. sl.fad & rear sl.rubbed o/w also VG. Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1974 2nd edn. R199.00

#7495 Rosenthal, Eric. SHOVEL AND SIEVE. Story of the old-time prospectors of the Rand, Rhodesia, and Kimberley diggings etc. 199pp. Illus. b/w photos. Edges fox. G+ in G clean d/w. Timmins. Cape Town nd. 1st edn. R135.00

NATURAL HISTORY   Back to index

#7388 Huntley, Jeff. AFRICAN WILDLIFE SKETCHES. Author's collected articles and drawings were originally published weekly under the title 'Veld Sketchbook' in many local newspapers, which series ran for over fifteen years. Printed bds. ix + 157pp. illustrated b/w drawings. 4to. VG. Ashanti. Gibraltar 1990 1st edn. R135.00

#7390 Micha‰lis, H. Von. WINGS OF THE WILD. Illustrated by Author. 106pp. illustrated cold.plates & line dwgs. G, no d/w. CNA. Cape Town 1953. R90.00

#7416 Newman, Kenneth. GARDEN BIRDS OF SOUTH AFRICA. A Householder's Guide To The Common Birds Of The Urban Areas. Illustrated By The Author. 103pp. illustrated cold.dwgs. sm.4to. G, no d/w. Purnell. Cape Town 1967. R45.00

#7440 Nichol, W. SOUTH AFRICA. A BIRD LOVER'S PARADISE. 80+ species illustrated with colour photos. 183pp. 106 col.plates with text on facing page. 4to. VG in G-VG rubbed d/w. Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1972 R200.00

#7441 Winterbottom, J.M. THE FARMER'S BIRDS. The original material was published in the Farmer's Weekly during 1963-64, and has since been updated and expanded. The birds are either common, or conspicuous, or of agricultural importance, and are covered in their groups. Illustrated by T. Campbell. Printed bds. 186pp. illustrated 2 cold.plates and many line dwgs. sm.4to. indexed. Bds sl.browned, f.moth damage to sp. hence VG-, cont. VG+. Maskew Miller. Cape Town 1967 1st edn. R135.00


#7602 Adam, Heribert. & Moodley, Kogila. SšDAFRIKA OHNE APARTHEID? šbersetzt Von Hartmut Taube. Neue Folge Band 369. 339pp p/b. indexed. Top edge foxed, VG+. Suhrkamp. Frankfurt 1987. R65.00

#7470 Berger, P.L. & Godsell, B. A FUTURE SOUTH AFRICA. Visions, Strategies, And Realities. Extensive bibliography. 344pp. indexed. VG in VG d/w. H&R & Tafelberg. Cape Town 1988. R95.00

#7426 Burrows, Raymond. INDIAN LIFE AND LABOUR IN NATAL. A Survey. New Africa Pamphlet No. 23. 64pp booklet. G-VG. South African Institute of Race Relations. Revised 1952 edn. R35.00

#7615 Caldwell, Don. SOUTH AFRICA: THE NEW REVOLUTION. The free market, economic and political changes advocated that will provide both freedom to the masses and security to the privileged. 255pp p/b. VG+. Jhb 1989. R95.00

Signed by Author on title page thus "G... Forward to real Freedom. All the Best, Don Caldwell, 30.08.90"

#7370 Cassidy, Michael. A WITNESS FOR EVER. The Dawning Of Democracy In South Africa. Stories Behind The Story. xix + 236pp. indexed. VG. H&S. London 1995. R45.00

#7429 Cheru, Fantu. THE NOT SO BRAVE WORLD! PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF REGIONAL INTEGRATION IN POST-APARTHEID SOUTH AFRICA. Bradlow Series Number Six. 60pp booklet. VG. South African Institute of International Affairs. Johannesburg May 1992. R45.00

#7609 Cock, Jacklyn. MAIDS AND MADAMS. A Study In The Politics Of Exploitation. A social study of female domestic workers under apartheid. 410pp 8vo p/b. illustrated b/w photos etc. 8vo. VG. Jhb. 1980. R85.00

#7641 Cohen, Robin. ENDGAME IN SOUTH AFRICA. The Changing Structures And Ideology Of Apartheid. 108pp p/b. G-VG. James Currey/UNESCO. London 1986. R45.00


#7424 Cowen, D.V. CONSTITUTION-MAKING FOR A DEMOCRACY. An Alternative To Apartheid. Supplement to 'Optima'. 41pp booklet. G-VG. Anglo American. Johannesburg March 1960. R40.00

#7614 Crapanzano, Vincent. WAITING: The Whites Of South Africa. xxii + 377pp p/b. VG, no d/w. Granada. London 1985. R70.00

#7584 D"nhoff, Marion Gr„fin. DER SšDAFRIKANISCHE TEUFELSKREIS. Reportagen Und Analysen Aus Drei Jahrzehnten. 275pp p/b. indexed. Edges sl.fox o/w VG+. DTV. Munich 1987. R65.00

#7559 Du Pre, R.H. THE MAKING OF RACIAL CONFLICT IN SOUTH AFRICA. The Origins Of Black-White Confrontation In South Africa: An Introduction. History For The Layman Series - 1. 276pp p/b. F. Skotaville. Johannesburg 1992 2nd edn. revised. R68.00

#7625 Hanlon, Joseph. & Omond, Roger. THE SANCTIONS HANDBOOK. The cases for and against sanctions, and an analysis of actions already taken. Suggests measures that would be effective against the apartheid regime. Extensive notes and bibliography. 399pp p/b. indexed. G-VG. Penguin. 1987. R65.00

#7627 Harrison, David. THE WHITE TRIBE OF AFRICA. South Africa In Perspective. Study of the Afrikaner people based upon the BBC series of the same name. vii + 307pp p/b. Illus. b/w photos. Like VG but « ffep excised. Ariel/BBC. London 1985. R55.00

#7583 Heidtmann, Horst. & Plate, Christopher. ROTE ERDE - SCHWARZER ZORN. Lesebuch F?r Ein Anderes S?dafrika. 224pp. illustrated b/w photos. top eges sl.fox o/w F/F. Signal. Baden-Baden 1986. R115.00

#7547 Hochschild, Adam. THE MIRROR AT MIDNIGHT. A Journey To The Heart Of South Africa. The Author's "stunning blend of reportage, travelogue..... deftly illuminates the struggle for democracy in South Africa today by focussing on the legacy of the Great Trek of 1836-8". 309pp p/b. indexed. Edges spotted, hence VG+. Fontana. London 1992. R60.00

#7644 Huntley, Brian., Siegfried, Roy. & Sunter, Clem. SOUTH AFRICAN ENVIRONMENTS INTO THE 21st CENTURY. Analyses global and regional trends in environmental health and derives various alternative scenarios developing according to differing socioeconomic paths that we may follow. 127pp p/b. illustrated VG. Human & Rousseau/Tafelberg. Cape Town 1989. R45.00

#7647 Institute For African Alternatives. DEVELOPMENT AND RECONSTRUCTION IN SOUTH AFRICA: A READER. Papers by 9 authors on related topics. 226pp p/b. VG+ . IFAA. Johannesburg 1993. R65.00

#7369 Jordan, Winthrop D. THE WHITE MAN'S BURDEN. Historical Origins Of Racism In The United States. xvi + 229pp. G+. OUP. London 1974. R65.00

#7588 Kruchem, Thomas. BRšCKEN šBER DIE APARTHEID. Gespr„che Im S?dafrika Des Ausnahmezustands. Mit Essays Von Arnulf Baring Und Walter H„ttig. Sowie Einem Glossar Von Robert Von Lucius. 345pp p/b. Sp. sl.fad & top edge sl.fox o/w VG+. Piper. Munich 1986. R65.00

#7610 Lelyveld, Joseph. MOVE YOUR SHADOW. South Africa, Black And White. Author was London bureau chief for the New York Times, and was the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize in 1985 for this book. 390pp p/b. Top edge fox o/w VG. Abacus London 1989. R55.00

#7591 Manning, Richard. ¯SIE K™NNEN UNS NICHT ALLE UMBRINGEN® Pulverfaá S?dafrika. 303pp p/b. Top edge sl.fox o/w VG+. Heyne. Munich 1988. R65.00

#7422 Matthews, Z.K. SOCIAL RELATIONS IN A COMMON SOUTH AFRICAN SOCIETY. Supplement to 'Optima'. 27pp booklet. G-VG. Anglo American. Johannesburg March 1961. R55.00

#7643 Mothlabi, Mokgeth. TOWARD A NEW SOUTH AFRICA. Issues And Objects In The ANC/Government Negotiation For A Non-Racial Democratic Society. 88pp p/b. G-VG. Skotaville. Johannesburg 1992. R45.00

#7427 Nicholls, G. Heaton. GREATER SOUTH AFRICA. A Political Survey. Full text of Senator G. Heaton Nicholls' speech at the Maritzburg Services Club lunch forum, Maritzburg April 29, 1953. 11pp booklet. G-VG. G. Heaton. Cowies Hill. R40.00

#7376 Niehaus, Carl. FIGHTING FOR HOPE. "...an intense personal and frank account of the long, tortuous and often turbulent road of self-discovery that Niehaus followed to get clarity about his place and role as an Afrikaner and a Christian in South Africa". 144pp p/b. illustrated b/w photos. G-VG. Human & Rousseau. Cape Town 1993. R50.00

#7425 Oppenheimer, H.F. BUSINESS PROSPECTS IN SOUTHERN AFRICA. A View Of Factors And Influences. Supplement to 'Optima'. 12pp booklet. G-VG. Anglo American. Johannesburg September 1959. R40.00

#7633 Orkin, Mark. THE STRUGGLE AND THE FUTURE. What Black South Africans Really Think. 78pp p/b. illustrated b/w. VG+. Ravan. Johannesburg 1987. R45.00

#7599 Ortlieb, Heinz-Dietrich. & L"sch, Dieter. WAS WIRD AUS SšDAFRIKA. Ein Subkontinent Sucht Den Lenkbaren Wandel. 133pp p/b. VG-F. Interfrom. Zurich 1985. R65.00

#7642 Pheko, S.E.M. SA: BETRAYAL OF A COLONISED PEOPLE. Issues Of International Human Rights Law. 161pp p/b VG. Skotaville. Johannesburg 1992. R55.00

#7579 Qunta, Christine. WOMEN IN SOUTHERN AFRICA. Essays, interviews, and life stories, of the achievements and struggles of women in Southern Africa, as well as their role in African society before, during, and after colonialism. Bibliography. 256pp p/b. indexed. G-VG. Skotaville. Johannesburg 1987. R60.00

#7593 Razumovsky, Dorothea. & W„tjen, Elisabeth. KINDER UND GEWALT IN SšDAFRIKA. 196pp p/b. illustrated b/w photos. Top edge sl.fox o/w VG+. DTV. Munich 1988. R65.00

#7594 Razumovsky, Dorothea. FRAUEN IM MŽNNERSTRAAT SšDAFRIKA. 200pp p/b. illustrated b/w photos. G-VG. Fischer. Frankfurt 1987. R65.00

#7574 Robbins, David. WASTELAND. Johannesburg, the largest concentration of whites in Africa, is the subject of the authors analysis as he probes the position of the European in Africa. 225pp p/b. VG. Lowry. Johannesburg 1987. R65.00

#7617 Rycroft, A. (Ed). RACE AND THE LAW IN SOUTH AFRICA. A Volume Of Essays, By Members Of The School Of Law, Howard College, University of Natal, Durban, To Commemorate The Sixtieth Anniversary Of The School. Nineteen contributors cover all aspect of the law. 258pp p/b. indexed. G-VG. Juta. Cape Town 1987. R70.00

#7604 Schwarzenbach, E.C. SšDAFRIKA - STEIN DES ANSTOáES. 99pp p/b. illustrated b/w photos. maps. G. Neue Z?rcher Zeitung. Z?rich 1970. R65.00

#7645 Sunter, Clem. PRETORIA WILL PROVIDE And Other Myths. Illus. Margaret Sunter. 125pp p/b. illustrated VG+. Human & Rousseau/Tafelberg. Cape Town 1993. R45.00

#7646 Sunter, Clem. THE HIGH ROAD: Where Are We Now? 111pp p/b. illustrated VG. Human & Rousseau/Tafelberg. Cape Town 1996. R45.00

#7423 Van Der Horst, Sheila. THE IMPLICATIONS OF POLITICAL DEMOCRACY. The Road To Economic Progress. Supplement to 'Optima'. 50pp booklet. G-VG. Anglo American. Johannesburg June 1960. R40.00

#7585 Wippersberg, Walter. NAME DES LANDES: AZANIA. Ein S?dafrika-Buch. 187pp p/b. Top edge sl.fox. f.wrap creased, hence VG-. DTV. Munich 1982. R65.00

#7587 Woods, Donald. BRIEFE AUS SšDAFRIKA. Ich Gebe Nicht Auf. 172pp p/b. Top edge sl.fox o/w VG+. Goldmann. Munich 1987. R65.00


#7452 Mertens, Alice. SOUTH WEST AFRICA And Its Indigenous Peoples. Introduction by Stuart Cloete. Classic title on (now) Namibia. pp unnum. 102 col. & (mostly) b/w full-page photos. col.photo frontis. map. foldout caption sheet for plates, in German, at rear. 4to. Near VG in d/w. Collins. London 1966 1st edn. R165.00

#7522 Reardon, Mitch & Margot. ETOSHA. Life And Death On An African Plain. Authors spent three years in this reserve observing and photographing it's wildlife. 160pp. prof. illustrated col.photos. sm.4to. Fine/Fine. Struik. Cape Town 1981. R200.00

#7454 Zur Strassen, Helmut. ETOSHA IMAGE. The game and scenery of the Etosha national park. 160pp unnum. illustrated col.b/w photos. map. 4to. VG in d/w. Purnell. Cape Town 1974. R170.00

#7455 Zur Strassen, Helmut. LAND BETWEEN TWO DESERTS. Picture book of SWA showing people, places, wild life. 150pp unnum. illustrated col.b/w photos. map. 4to. VG in d/w (sl.loss to top of spine). Purnell. Cape Town 1971. R135.00

#7453 Zur Strassen, Helmut. NAMIB. Portrait Of A Desert. All photographs, virtually no text except for captions and the preface. approx 140pp unnum. illustrated col.b/w photos. map. 4to. VG in d/w. Purnell. Cape Town 1973. R280.00

Signed by Author on title page.


#7662 Bulpin, T.V. DISCOVERING SOUTHERN AFRICA. Without a doubt the most comprehensive guide to the area's history and features for the tourist & traveller. Printed bds. 1083pp. illustrated col.photos. Bds near VG, some marks, no inscrip. cont. F. Muizenberg 1992 5th edn. R225.00

#7481 Bulpin, T.V. SOUTHERN AFRICA: LAND OF BEAUTY AND SPLENDOUR. Reader's Digest coffee-table production, comprehensive and well illustrated. 319pp. illustrated col.photos. lg.4to. Mint in F. d/w. RD. Cape Town 1978 4th edn. R200.00

#7464 Forbes, Vernon S. PIONEER TRAVELLERS IN SOUTH AFRICA. A Geographical Commentary Upon Routes, Records, Observations And Opinions Of Travellers At The Cape 1750-1800. Gilt on brown cb. 177pp. Illus. b/w. cold.frontis. 4to. G-VG, eps fox. in G d/w. Balkema. Cape Town 1965. R350.00

#7506 Lessing, Doris. AFRICAN LAUGHTER. Four Visits To Zimbabwe. The visits were made in 1982, 1988, 1989, & 1992. 442pp. Spine creased hence VG-F, cont. F. in F d/w. Harper Collins. London 1992 1st edn. R200.00

#7657 Robertson, T.C. SOUTH AFRICAN MOSAIC. Good historical overview with a photographic record of the country and its peoples. 55pp text + 297 col.photos. lg.4to. VG in G+ d/w. Struik. Cape Town 1978 R160.00

#7504 Severin, Timothy. THE AFRICAN ADVENTURE. A History Of Africa's Explorers. Well illustrated with contemporary works. 288pp. prof.illustrated cold.b/w dwgs. lg.8vo. Top f.joint pecked and top edge f.bd. rubbed to card for 1", hence G clean, cont. VG, in G+ fad.d/w. Hamish Hamilton. London 1973. R115.00

MILITARY   Back to index

#7528 Bridgland, Fred. JONAS SAVIMBI. A Key To Africa. Biography of Savimbi and a detailed analysis of the Angolan situation at time of publication. 671pp p/b. illustrated b/w photos. G-VG. Coronet. London 1988. R55.00

#7403 Kruger, Rayne. GOOD-BYE DOLLY GRAY. The Story Of The Boer War. xii + 539pp p/b. illustrated b/w photos. maps. etc. indexed. G+. Pan 1977. R90.00

#7374 Martin, David. & Johnson, Phyllis. THE STRUGGLE FOR ZIMBABWE. The Chimurenga War. A detailed and comprehensive account of the struggle from the guerilla point of view. xvii + 378pp. illustrated maps, b/w photos. indexed. Ownership inscrip. title.p and several highlightings o/w G-VG. Ravan. Johannesburg 1981. R90.00


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M. Mint. F. Fine.
VG. Very Good. G. Good.
annots. annotations. bds. boards.
col. cold. colour(ed). d/w dust-wrapper.
eps endpapers. ff. leaves.
f(f)eps front (free) endpapers. fox. foxed.
illus. illustrated. o/w otherwise.
pp. pages. sl. slight.
sm. small. sp. spine
u/l underlining v. very.


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