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Africana Catalogue Q170 January 2002

Items have been sold from this catalogue since its issue. It is an electronic representation of a particular catalogue issued at a particular date. All items listed subject to prior sale. Details elsewhere to subscribe to our email catalogues. All Africana material is issued via catalogue prior to shelving in the shop or uploading online.






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#7741 Lowveld Regional Development Association. LOWVELD. A Survey Of The Resources And Development Of The Southern Region Of The Eastern Transvaal. Being The Story Of The Development Of The Region Up To The Present Time; A Survey Of The Resources Of The Region As So Developed And Of The Potentialities Of Further Planned Development. History, resources, infrastructure, health, education, tourism, etc. Green cb. 211pp. illustrated b/w plates, maps, tables, charts, etc. indexed.Well used but G. LRDA np. Sept. 1954. £12.00
#7785 Meiring, Hannes. EARLY JOHANNESBURG. Its Buildings And Its People. Text By G-M van der Waal And Wilhelm Grutter, In Cooperation With Anna Jonker. Drawings by Author. A sketchbook history of Johannesburg's many famous buildings and environs, with fascinating tales of those involved. Published in Johannesburg's ill-fated centenary year. Printed bds. 143pp. illustrated line dwgs. indexed. Mint condition. Human & Rousseau. Cape Town 1986.



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#7888 A Lady. LIFE AT THE CAPE HUNDRED YEARS AGO. With Contemporary Illustrations Selected From The Work Of Thomas Bowler. The text of this volume is a series of letters, dated 1861 & 1862, originally published in the Cape Monthly Magazine from 1870 to 1879. They vividly describe life in the Cape Town of those years. The name of the author of the letters is unknown for certain, but has been the subject of much speculation. Gilt on blue cb. 119pp. illustrated b/w. Inscrip. ffep, lightly fox. throughout, sello marks. G+. Struik. Cape Town 1963 rpt. £10.00
#7823 Anderson, Tim. 52 DAY WALKS IN AND AROUND CAPE TOWN. A handy guide that will have you exploring walks in and around Cape Town, and allow you to be home for supper. All info. needed, maps, etc. 125pp p/b. G, clean. Struik. Cape Town 1984. £3.00
#7884 Botha, C. Graham. SOCIAL LIFE IN THE CAPE COLONY. "With Social Customs In South Africa" In The 18th Century. Gilt on red leather bds. 126pp. illustrated b/w plates. G+ in soiled worn d/w. (Collectors Press). Struik. Cape Town (1926) 1970 2nd edn (1st edn. thus. £14.00
#7809 Burman, Jose. THE CAPE OF GOOD INTENT. Author digs into the past and comes up with various schemes implemented at the Cape which either did not work as intended or came to a less than successful fruition. Defence, mining, water, and communication, all yield stories. Author was an inveterate tramper of the Cape Peninsula byways and leaves a legacy in his many titles of the Cape long gone. 164pp. illustrated b/w plates. Some fox, sound, G in d/w. Human & Rousseau. Cape Town 1969 1st. £8.00
#7744 Chase, John Centlivres. THE CAPE OF GOOD HOPE AND THE EASTERN PROVINCE OF ALGOA BAY. Facsimile edition of the 1893 edition published by Pelham Richardson. Africana Collectanea Series Vol.25. [With Statistics Of The Colony. Edited by Mr Joseph S. Christophers]. Gilt on brown cb. xvi + 358pp. illustrated b/w engravings, maps (one foldout), tables, etc. Some fox to eps & map, top edge dusty with stain, generally VG in G d/w. C. Struik. Cape Town 1967.

No.511 of 750.

#7817 de Villiers, Simon A. ROBBEN ISLAND. Out Of Reach, Out Of Mind. A History Of Robben Island. Covers events through to the end of the 19thC, during which time the island was used varously as a leper colony, asylum, infirmary, prison, and a general haven for the unwanted. Bibliography. xv + 169pp. illustrated b/w plates. indexed. Bds. spotted, eps fox. G in d/w. Struik. Cape Town 1971 1st edn. £22.00
#7889 Grogan, Tony. VANISHING VILLAGES. Sketches by Author of rural life in the smaller villages of the Western Cape coast to Clanwilliam & Wupperthal, inland to Breddasdorp, and other small villages along the way. His sketches often record the small things of life that easily become lost as well as the people, rather than the grand scene. Unnum. (about 100pp). oblong 4to. No inscrip. eps fox. near VG in G d/w (worn with some closed tears). Don Nelson. Cape Town 1978 1st edn. £25.00
#7885 Rosenthal, Eric. FISH HORNS AND HANSOM CABS. Life In Victorian Cape Town. Many photographs of well known places as they were then. Researched and written with author's usual thoroughness and love of detail. 112pp. illustrated b/w photos. No inscrip. VG+, no d/w. Donker. Cape Town 1977 1st edn. £30.00
#7715 Steenkamp, Willem. LAND OF THE THIRST KING. A pot-pourri history of Namaqualand from an author whose forefathers lived for 150 years in that area. 192pp. Illus b/w photos. Sl.shelfwear, G-VG. d/w sports surface tears on rear where it may have been damp and stuck to another, hence G only. Cape Town 1975 1st edn. £8.00
#7724 Worden, Nigel. , Van Heyningen, Elizabeth., & Bickford-Smith, Vivian. CAPE TOWN. THE MAKING OF A CITY. An Illustrated Social History. Covers from earliest beginnings to the end of the 19th century. Extensive references. 283pp. illustrated col.b/w. 4to. indexed. Mint in d/w. David Philip. Cape Town 1998.


EASTERN CAPE (including 1820 Settler material).

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#7711 Birtwhistle, N. Allen. WILLIAM THRELFALL. A Study In Missionary Vocation. Early Methodism in the Lancashire Fylde and the beginning of missionary work among the 1820 Settlers in the Eastern Cape. 168pp. portrait frontis. G+, edges & eps fox o/w clean, no inscrip, in P d/w. Oliphants. London (1966). £4.00
#7705 Bryer, Lynne. THE BRITISH SETTLERS OF 1820. A simple outline of the story of the British settlers in the Eastern Cape. 200w x 250h stapled 32pp. booklet with glossy cold.printed card wraps. illustrated b/w photos. indexed. Ownership stamp inside f.wrap hence VG+. Chameleon Press. Diep River 1986. £7.00
#7849 Burton, A. SPARKS FROM THE BORDER ANVIL. A Record Of Remarkable And Inspiring Events And Of Progressive Enterprise On The Long-Contested Cape Frontier, Now The Border Districts Of The Cape Province. With 85 Illustrations. Tales of pioneers in the areas east of the Great Fish River. A sought-after title. xviii + 293pp. illustrated b/w photos. Sp. sl.fad. eps sl.fox, G++, cont. VG, o/a v.clean, no d/w (this was printed on very thin paper and few survive in reasonable condition). King Williams Town. April 1950. 1st edn. £15.00
#7740 Burton, A. SPARKS FROM THE BORDER ANVIL. A Record Of Remarkable And Inspiring Events And Of Progressive Enterprise On The Long-Contested Cape Frontier, Now The Border Districts Of The Cape Province. With 85 Illustrations. Tales of pioneers in the areas east of the Great Fish River. Much on witchcraft, Nongquase, and the great cattle killing. A sought-after title, especially with nice d/w. xviii + 293pp. illustrated b/w photos. VG+, particularly clean, in d/w (frayed & closed tear but attractively clean and bright). King Williams Town. April 1950. 1st edn. £22.00
#7874 Daniel, J.B. McI., Holleman, W., & Guillarmod, A. Jacot. GRAHAMSTOWN AND ITS ENVIRONS. A brief survey of the city, its origins, geology, botany, zoology, prehistory, etc. Article also on the military semaphore signalling tower system used between major forts. Foldout map. Printed wraps. 92pp. illustrated line dwgs. maps, etc. Sm.loss to top cnr. f.wrap, ownership stamps inside & rear wrap also, hence G+ only. Albany Museum. Grahamstown 1985 2nd edn. £8.00
#7879 Elliot, Aubrey. THE MAGIC WORLD OF THE XHOSA. The customs, myths, rites & rituals of the Xhosa recorded by the Author who grew up with the Red Blankets (as the rural Xhosa are known) on the family farm in the Ciskei region. Speaking their language he gained unique insights into their complex culture, recorded here before it disappears under the march of urbanisation. 144pp. illustrated col.b/w photos. oblong 4to. A nice copy despite ex-libris stamp & date-slip on half-title, appearance o/w VG+ in F d/w. Collins. London 1972 imp. £10.00
#7727 Meiring, Jane. SUNDAYS RIVER VALLEY. Its History And Settlement. The irrigated valley is near to Port Elizabeth, and after years of struggle is now a major citrus region. Sir Percy Fitzpatrick (of Jock Of The Bushveld fame) was intimately associated with this project which is detailed in his biography The First South African by A.P Cartwright. Gilt on green rexine. 188pp. illustrated b/w plates, maps. indexed. Near F. Cape Town 1959.

Signed by author on title.p and inscribed on fep thus: "Jenny & Jim with love"

#7717 Mostert, Noel. FRONTIERS. The Epic Of South Africa's Creation And The Tragedy Of The Xhosa People. Extensive notes and bibliography. xxix + 1355pp p/b. illustrated b/w plates. indexed. No inscrip, near mint, unread. Pimlico. London 1993. £10.00
#7222 Preston, Wendy Beale. STORY OF A FRONTIER FAMILY. A well illustrated history of the 1820 Settlers with particular reference to the Miles family (Robert & Anne) who came as members of the Wiltshire party (William Ford) on board the Weymouth. Includes extensive family trees and references. Gilt on black rexine. xiv + 327pp. illustrated col.b/w 4to. indexed. Lg.inscrip. & ownership stamp on half-title, hence Fine. Sm.mark to front of o/w matching laminated d/w. Self-published by E. Miles. np/nd. (c.1983).

Inscribed "Dear Wayne, This is a token of appreciation for valuable time and effort shared. Thomas." Wayne was Wayne Cookson. An American radio engineer he came to South Africa and recently died here. Transvaalers from the 70s will remember his voice "This is Wayne Cookson, Chief Engineer for Swazi Radio...". (Not for sale is the original radio station giant electric Westclox with its second-hand sweeping smoothly in front of me as I write).

#7787 Randell. George. BENCH AND BAR. A Record Of The Judges Of The Supreme Court Of The Eastern Cape, And Some Advocates Of The Grahamstown Bar. Illustrated by Dorothy Randell. 152pp. softover. printed wraps. Mint. Grocott & Sherry. Grahamstown nd. (1980s). £12.00
#7786 Randell, George. GENTLEMEN OF THE LAW. Of The Eastern Cape. An (historical) Account Of Some Of The Legal Firms And Practitioners Of The Eastern Cape. Full of amusing anecdotes, the Author covers the area comprehensively town by town, giving biographies of leading personalities. unnum. copy of 700 only. Printed green wraps. xi + 196pp p/b. illustrated b/w photos. dwgs. etc. Near F. Lovedale Press. Alice 1982. £12.00
#7796 Redgrave, J. PORT ELIZABETH IN BYGONE DAYS. With Illustrations, Maps And Plans. There are few books available on this historic city. An interesting chapter on the Kimberley diamond rush occurs as a result of Port Elizabeth being a main port of entry to the interior at that time, the resulting trade reviving the flagging fortunes of the whole Cape Colony, and PE in particular. Bibliography. 547pp. illustrated b/w plates, foldout maps. indexed. Bds. v.grubby & unattractive, sello stains to pastedowns and eps. Some press clippings affixed inside. Sound (should be rebound). Rustica Press. Wynberg 1947. £25.00
#7886 Rivett-Carnac, Dorothy E. HAWKS EYE. "The Kaffir Soubriquet For Colenel Somerset Implies A Peculiar Species Of Hawk Famous For Its Keen Sight And Activity". Biography of Lt-Gen. Sir Henry Somerset, eldest son of Lord Charles Somerset, who was responsible for good order on the Eastern Cape frontier for thirty years and who participated in every Kaffir War from 1819 until 1852 when he was transferred to India. xi + 178pp. frontis. illustrated b/w plates, maps, indexed. Bds. VG. eps fox. inscrip. ffep. D/w has sello marks to foldins, dib lower front. Overall nice appearance, VG . Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1966 1st edn. £16.00
#7811 Sadler, Celia (Ed). NEVER A YOUNG MAN. Extracts From The Letters And Journals Of The Rev. William Shaw. Shaw was the Methodist minister attached to the Sephton party of the British 1820 Settlers. Shaw was a popular figure with both settlers and natives alike. Various appendices and notes. 189pp. illustrated b/w plates. Neat inscrip. VG in sl.fox VG d/w. Haum. Cape Town 1967.



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#7835 Bennett, David R., Adams, Sally. & Brusse, Rob. A GUIDE TO THE HISTORY & ARCHITECTURE OF DURBAN. With Accompanying Maps. A brief guide to the historical places and buildings of Durban. 56pp. stapled booklet with folded colour map in rear pocket. VG. City Council. 1987 1st edn. £3.00
#7743 Feilden, Eliza Whigham. MY AFRICAN HOME. Or, Bush Life In Natal When A Young Colony [1852-7]. facsimile reprint of the 1887 edition published by Sampson Low. Port Natal in the mid 19thC as seen by Author. 364pp. illustrated b/w engravings. G-VG in repd. d/w. T.W. Griggs. Durban 1973.

No.215 of 1000.



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#7756 Bulpin, T.V. THE GREAT TREK. Illustrated by Penny Miller. Romanticised & simplified version of these events for children. Bibliography. Printed bds. 74pp. illustrated line dwgs. lg.8v0. indexed. VG+. Books of Africa. Cape Town 1st edn. 1969. £12.00
#7798 Cameron, Trewhella. & Spies, S.B. (Eds). A NEW ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF SOUTH AFRICA. Chapters by 24 specialist contributing editors such as P.V. Tobias (palaeontology), Guy Butler (1820 Settlers), Thomas Packenham (the Boer War) and others provide an authoritive modern history of South Africa. This revised edition features rewritten final chapters covering the apartheid era. 328pp. illustrated col.b/w plates, photos, maps, etc. Contents Fine, top and bott. edges of bds. sl.f.mothed hence less than Fine in d/w. Struik. Cape Town 1991 2nd revd. edn. £15.00
#7704 Cooper, Dr. A.A. THE FREEMASONS OF SOUTH AFRICA. A history of freemasonry from the foundation of the first masonic lodge, De Goede Hoop, in 1772 to the present. Bibliography. 230pp. illustrated b/w photos. indexed. Except d/w foldins have yellowed, Fine. Human & Rousseau. Cape Town 1986 1st edn. £20.00
#7723 Garlake, Peter. THE KINGDOMS OF AFRICA. The Makings Of The Past series. The archaeological and oral record allows the piecing together of history for Africa from 500 BC to 1500 BC. A popular, well illustrated and accessible account. Meroe & Aksum, Zimbabwe, Ife & Benin, are some of the lost civilisations examined. 152pp. illustrated col.b/w photos etc. 4to. indexed. No inscrip. Fine in VG d/w. Elsevier / Phaidon. Oxford 1978. £20.00
#7747 King, L.C. SOUTH AFRICAN SCENERY. A Textbook Of Geomorphology. xxiv + 340pp. illustrated b/w photos. map, etc. Bds rubbed, worn, sm.tear to r.joint at head of spine, G only. Oliver & Boyd. London 1942 1st edn.

Signed by Author on title page.

#7860 Mack, Peter. NIGHT SKIES. Struik Pocket Guides For Southern Africa. As well as general material of interest this small volume includes 13 star charts for use from Southern Africa and various useful appendices. Printed bds. 80pp. illustrated col.b/w photos. dgms. Fine. Struik. Cape Town 1987. £6.00
#7797 Readers Digest. ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF SOUTH AFRICA. The Real Story. The first local publication to show a picture of Nelson Mandela for almost 30 years. Photo.printed bds. 4to. 512pp. prof.illustrated No inscrip. eps sl.fox o/w VG++. RDA. Cape Town 1988 1st SA edn. £14.00
#7800 Richardson, Deirdre. HISTORIC SITES OF SOUTH AFRICA. An up-to-date alphabetical listing by province, town, and site. A handy field-guide style book of all declared monuments & historic sites in the country. Brief notes on each entry. 272pp p/b. Mint . Struik. Cape Town 2001. £10.00
#7713 Saayman, Graham. (Ed). MODERN SOUTH AFRICA IN SEARCH OF A SOUL. Jungian Perspectives On The Wilderness Within. Contributing Authors are Tracey Blow, Roger Brooke, M. Vera Buhrmann, Philip A. Faber, Gloria Gearing, Qumbu Magqubu Ntombela, Ian Player, Melanie Reinhart, Lee Zahner-Roloff, Robert D. Romanyshyn, Graham S. Saayman, and Laurens van der Post. xxix + 247pp p/b. frontis. illustrated b/w photos. VG. Sigo Press. Boston (1990).



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#5739 Bulpin, T.V. ISLANDS IN A FORGOTTEN SEA. Covers Madagascar, Mauritius, Rodrigues, Reunion, and the islands of the sea of Zinj. Useful list of related titles preface this readable account of the history of these isles. x + 435pp. illustrated line dwgs by A.A. Telford. maps on eps. indexed. Sp.fad. & edges fox. ff browned. no d/w. A good sound clean copy. Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1st edn. nd. c.1950s. £25.00
#7838 Joubert, Elsa. SUID VAN DIE WIND. Die Verhaal Van Drie Eilande. (Madagaskar, Mauritius, en Reunion). 203pp. illustrated b/w photos. No inscrip. VG in d/w. Tafelberg. Cape Town 1969 6th printing




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#7833 Mayer, Philip . TOWNSMEN OR TRIBESMAN. Conservatism And The Process Of Urbanisation In A South African City. Contains an intensive study of the labour migrant element in the African townships of East London. With Contributions By Iona Mayer. Bibliography. x + 325pp p/b. illustrated b/w photos, map. indexed. G, clean, pencil annots. OUP. Cape Town 2nd edn. 1971.



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#7736 Berkovitch, Barry. THE CAPE GUNSMITH. A History Of The Gunsmiths And Gun Dealers At The Cape Of Good Hope From 1795 To 1900 With Particular Reference To Their Weapons. Complete with original bookmark requesting that any additional information be forwarded to the author. 128pp. illustrated b/w photos. Edges & eps fox o/w G+ in G d/w. Stellenbosch Museum 1976 1st edn. £20.00
#7839 Cooke, C.K. ROCK ART OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. A scholarly introduction to the subject. Concentrates on Zimbabwe as the centre of rock art, but shows much elsewhere in Southern Africa. Bibliography. 166pp. illustrated col.b/w photos. indexed. Ex libris with full paraphernalia of stamps and pockets, d/w cut away to show number on spine! Still, book is sound and contents are very good. Books of Africa. Cape Town 1969. £5.00
#3547 Nilant, F.G.E. CONTEMPORARY POTTERY IN SOUTH AFRICA. Covers commercial, indigenous, and craft pottery. List of factories and studios. Bibliography and other appendixed information. Gilt on brown cb. ix + 110pp. illustrated b/w photos. maps. sm.8vo.Fine. Balkema. Cape Town 1963. £20.00
#7408 Simons, Phillida Brooke. A CONCISE GUIDE TO CAPE DUTCH HOUSES. A Concise Guide. 135 Cape homes of historical and architectural interest. Printed bds. 208pp. illustrated b/w photos. narrow 8vo. G-VG. Struik. Cape Town 1987.



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#7822 Gledhill, Eily. EASTERN CAPE VELD FLOWERS. An authoritative source for 544 species of 125 families, now long out of print. White printed bds. 271pp. illustrated cold.plates, b/w dwgs. maps on eps. Bds. sl.soiled hence VG only, however cont. F, no inscrip. CPA. Cape Town 1981 2nd edn. £18.00
#7609 Palmer, Eve. A FIELD GUIDE TO THE TREES OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Each species illustrated, detailed identification points, uses a key to genera as an aid. Illustrated by Rhona Collett. Bibliography. (Nature Lover's Library). Sm.8vo h/b with printed bds. 393pp. illustrated 32 cold.b/w plates and 700 line dwgs. Mint. Collins. Johannesburg 1983 rpt.

See matching volumes by Prozesky (birds) and Fitzsimons (snakes).

#7859 Van Der Spuy, Una . GARDENING IN SOUTHERN AFRICA. The Flower Garden. This author's titles are the most useful and practical gardening books for local conditions, particularly for the Cape. Printed bds. 286pp. illustrated col.b/w photos. line dwgs. plans. indexed. VG. Juta. Cape Town 1981 revd. edn. £5.00
#7858 Van Der Spuy, Una. ORNAMENTAL SHRUBS AND TREES For Gardens In South Africa. This author's titles are the most useful and practical gardening books for local conditions, particularly for the Cape. Printed bds. 254pp. illustrated col.b/w photos. line dwgs. plans. indexed.VG-F. Juta. Cape Town 1983 2nd edn.



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#7801 Aldworth, Bob. THE INFERNAL TOWER. The Damage To People, Careers And Reputations In South Africa. As Told To Jeremy Gordin & Benjamin Trisk. Financial intrigue at high level in South African Banking circles, chiefly involving Trust Bank / ABSA, and Allied Bank. The Tollgate saga was integral to this story which saw Author a fugitive and living in exile in Spain. Subsequently he returned to SA to fight acrimonious court battles against one of the country's most powerful institutions to whom legal costs meant nothing in their determination to crush him. Whatever the rights and wrongs, he stands out as someone prepared to stand up to financial intrigue and shenanigans at the very highest corporate levels. 439pp p/b illustrated b/w. Mint. Contra Press. Johannesburg 1996. £10.00
#7806 Bennett, Benjamin. THE EVIL THAT MEN DO. The story of the murder of 'Bubbles' Schroeder and other infamous cases. 237pp. illustrated b/w photos. Foxed throughout, G only, no d/w. Howard Timmins (for H&S). Cape Town nd. (1950s)" £10.00
#7807 Bennett, Benjamin. THIS WAS A MAN. Biography of Beauclerk Upington, King's Counsel. 264pp. illustrated b/w photos. Ff browned but clean, G, no d/w. Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1958 1st edn. £10.00
#7836 Bryant, Margo. BORN TO ACT. The Story Of Freda Godfrey. Child star of the London & South African theatre during the first quarter of the 20th century. 156pp. illustrated b/w photos. Ex libris clean & sound in worn d/w. Donker. Johannesburg 1979. £5.00
#7714 Butler, Guy. KAROO MORNING. An Autobiography (1918-1935). First volume of this famous trilogy. 267pp p/b. illustrated b/w photos. No inscrip. VG+. David Philip. Cape Town 1983 AfricaSouth rpt.

Note: Author died earlier this year.

#7731 Du Boulay, Shirley. TUTU. Voice Of The Voiceless. 286pp. illustrated b/w photos. maps. No inscrip. VG- in d/w. H&S. London 1988. £7.00
#7778 Kenney. R.U. PIET RETIEF. The Dubious Hero. Traces the life of Piet Retief culminating in his death at the hands of Dingaan which resulted in his becoming a martyr for many years. This book questions "who was this man Retief", and do we have the true story of what happened? Biblioigraphy. 174pp. G++ in G rubbed d/w. Human & Rousseau, Cape Town 1976 1st edn. £12.00
#7793 Langhan, Donve. THE UNFOLDING MAN. The Life And Art Of Dan Rakgoathe. This biography is well illustrated with his work done in linocuts and other media. Bibliography. ix + 171pp p/b. illustrated col.b/w. lg.8vo. indexed.Sadly, but less than obviously, bott.cnr. first few ff. damped. Overall appears Mint, but with fault VG+ only. David Philip. Cape Town 2000. £12.00
#7840 Lawrence, Jeremy. HARRY LAWRENCE. He was a United Party parliamentarian from 1929 until 1961. As a cabinet minister he was a colourful personality all round. x + 276pp. illustrated b/w photos. indexed. sl.f-m attack top/bott. edges, cont. VG, in G rubbed d/w. David Philip. Cape Town 1978. £6.00
#7769 Mattera, Don. MEMORY IS THE WEAPON. A personal story of life in Sophiatown as author recounts his gangster youth.. 151pp p/b. G-VG. Ravan. Braamfontein 1987 1st edn. £8.00
#7828 McFall, J.L. TRUST BETRAYED. The Murder Of Sister Mary Aidan. Dr Elsie Quinlan was bludgeoned to death and her car set alight by a native mob in East London 1952. The woman who had dedicated her life to the spirtual and physical welfare of Africans was stoned, stabbed, and burnt. Then the mob resorted to cannibalism. 153pp. illustrated b/w photos. New, in d/w. Nasional Boekhandel. Cape Town 1963. £9.00
#7730 Meintjies, Johannes. GENERAL LOUIS BOTHA. A Biography. Bibliography. x + 332pp. illustrated b/w plates. maps. indexed. Lg.inscrip. ffep & rear pastedown f-m damage, o/w VG+ in G-VG d/w (lamination seperating, dib to r.foldin). Cassell. London 1970 1st edn. £48.00
#7882 Metelerkamp, Sanni. GEORGE REX. The Authentic Story. Supposed son of Prince George (later George III) and Hannah Lightfoot, George Rex founded Knysna. Author examines his life in Cape Town and Knysna and all of the evidence for and against this legend. Sundry appendices. 303pp. illustrated b/w plates. Cream cb fox, eps fox. sound, G no d/w. Howard Timmins. Cape Town nd. £11.00
#7716 Metrowich F.C. SCOTTY SMITH. South Africa's Robin Hood. The definitive biography of Scotty Smith, bandit, highwayman cattle thief, and illicit diamond buyer. xii + 229pp. illustrated col.b/w plates. No inscrip, VG+ in VG-F d/w. Books of Africa. Cape Town 1983 3rd edn. £20.00
#7706 Paton, Alan. TOWARDS THE MOUNTAIN. An Autobiography. 320pp. illustrated b/w photos. Shelfwear, hence VG- in G-VG d/w. David Philip. Cape Town 1981 2nd imp. £6.00
#7802 Pifer, Drury. INNOCENTS IN AFRICA. This philosophical family biography follows the 1930s move from USA of Author's mining father to South Africa & their eventual return home at the end of World War 2. Author was born in Germiston. 338pp. illustrated b/w photos. Fine in d/w. Granta. London 1994. £7.00
#7846 Sachs, Albie. THE SOFT VENGEANCE OF A FREEDOM FIGHTER. Now Justice of the Constitutional Court, Albie Sachs was car-bombed in Maputo by agents of SA security forces. A new epilogue in this edition he gives an insiders view of the major public events of the preceding decade. 245pp p/b. Fine. David Philip. Cape Town 2000. £6.50
#7746 Sayce, A.H . REMINISCENCES. Biography of the famous archaeologist with large sections devoted to time spent in Egypt. viii + 485pp. Ex libris with stamps on edges and sundry ff etc. Sound but worn. Macmillan. London 1923. £10.00
#7804 Smith, Jack Shepherd. BUTHELEZI. The Biography. With family tree. 274pp. illustrated b/w photos. indexed. f-m attack to edges bds. bott.cnrs bmpd. G+, clean, no inscrip. in d/w. Hans Strydom. Melville 1988. £8.00
#7826 Woods, Donald. ASKING FOR TROUBLE. Autobiography Of A Banned Journalist. 373pp p/b. indexed. Edges & prelims fox. G-VG. Penguin. London 1987. Film (Cry Freedom) tie-in edition with new preface.



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#7766 Roberts, Margaret. POT-POURRI MAKING. Margaret Roberts Herb Series. Illustrated by Sanmarie Harms. A brief how-to text, with recipes for dry and moist pot-pourris, uses, and extensive lists of plants to grow. Would make nice gift. Printed bds. 87pp. h/b. sub-8vo. VG-. Lowry. Rivonia 1986. £4.00
#7784 Van Wyk, Magdaleen. & Barton, Pat. FISH AND SEAFOOD BRAAI. Best South African recipes for the outdoor. 48pp. 4to softcover. indexed. Fine. Struik. Cape Town 1992. £5.00
#7783 Vicquery, Linda. GONE FISHING. South African Recipes From The Sea. Author has illustrated and handwritten over 100 recipes for all lovers of the fresh bounty of the sea. 64pp. lg.8vo softcover. Edges sl.brown hence near F. Chameleon. Diep River 1991.



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#7856 Dunn, Cyril. CENTRAL AFRICAN WITNESS. A critical analysis of the Central African Federation. 254pp. G, no inscrip. in d/w. Gollancz. London 1959. £10.00
#7880 Fox, James. WHITE MISCHIEF. Josslyn Hay, Earl of Errol, was murdered in Nairobi Jan. 1941. Journalistic research and analysis of the events surrounding this lead to the author's 'solving' of the crime. xii + 299pp p/b. illustrated b/w photos. indexed. F.wrap creased o/w G+. Penguin 1988 film tie-in edition. £3.50
#7752 Kibwana, Kivutha. HUMAN RIGHTS AND DEMOCRACY IN EAST AFRICA. The Constitutional Implications Of East African Cooperation. The EALS in 1996 convened a Workshop on Human Rights, the (selected) proceedings of which are recorded in this title. 211pp p/b. Mint. East Africa Law Society. Nairobi 1997 1st edn.



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#7814 Adey, David. (Ed). UNDER THE SOUTHERN CROSS. Introduced And Editied By David Adey. Selections from 30 authors. Brief biographical notes. An excellent selection of short stories of diverse South African experiences. D/w design by famed artist Walter Battiss. 303pp. h/b edn. Ff brown o/w VG+. D/w sp. sl.fad, sl.rubbed, but overall a clean & bright near VG d/w. Donker. Johannesburg 1982 1st edn. £10.00
#7762 Ashforth, Adam. MADUMO. A Man Bewitched. A young man struggles to free himself from the curse of witchcraft in Soweta at the close of the 20thC. Based upon the experiences of the Author, this is a fictionalised account of what happened to his friend Madumo. vii + 255pp p/b. Rear wrap bottom creased hence VG+ only. David Philip. Cape Town 2000. £6.00
#7824 Bergh, Rocco. PALM STALKER. Set against the exotic background of the coast of Zululand, this gripping adventure story sees a confrontation with ruthless and desperate men driven by the lure of treasure. Author's first novel. 512pp p/b. Near Fine. Penguin. Johannesburg 2000. 1st edn. £6.00
#7754 Butler, Guy. & Opland, Jeff. (Eds). THE MAGIC TREE. South African Stories In Verse. A selection of narrative poems ordered by the stories that they tell. Headings such as 'heroes', 'culture contact', 'song and dance', and more. 243pp. 8vo softcover. Except plastic cover sello'd to inside of wraps, VG . MML. Cape Town 1989. £5.00
#7758 Cartwright, Justin. MASAI DREAMING. A disillusioned writer travels to Africa to research a screenplay. The novel contrasts the supposed savagery of Africa with the barbarism of Nazi Germany. 291pp p/b. Fine. Sceptre. London 2000. £4.50
#7751 Cavendish, Ruth. ALWAYS AND FOREVER. Set in Europe after WW2 and in Kenya before independence. (South African) Author's second novel. 376pp p/b. Some fox to edges, red stripe bottom edge, hence VG+ only. Diamond. London 1994. £3.50
#7872 Cocks, Chris. CYCLONE BLUES. A pulsating love story set against the ongoing crisis in present-day Zimbabwe and Mozambiue. Author's (Fireforce) first novel examines interacial relationships, breathing hope for a troubled continent. 289pp. lg.p/b. Mint. Covos-Day. Weltevreden Park 2000. £8.00
#7759 Coetzee, A.J. POESIE EN POLITIEK. 'n Voorlopige Verkenning Van Betrokkenheid In Die Afrikaanse Poesie. ix + 118pp p/b. line across top/bott edges o/w VG+. Ravan. Johannesburg 1976 1st prtg. £6.00
#7777 Cope, Jack. SELECTED STORIES. A selection of some previously collected short stories (Heinemann titles) with some uncollected ones. 202pp p/b. VG. David Philip. Cape Town 1986. £4.50
#7825 Davis, John Gordon. ROOTS OF OUTRAGE. A panoramic novel... etc. etc. 813pp p/b. Near VG. Harper Collins. London 1995. £3.00
#7857 Department of Immigration. HOW TO SAY IT IN AFRIKAANS. HOE OM DIT IN AFRIKAANS TE SE. A Phrase Book For English-Speaking Immigrants. Buff printed wraps. VG+. Dept. of Info. Pretoria 1968. £3.00
#7755 Dinasen, Isak. OUT OF AFRICA. SHADOWS ON THE GRASS. Two titles published together. 351pp p/b. Fine. Penguin 1985 film tie-in version, 1st edn. thus. £5.00
#7812 Fitzroy, V.M. WHEN THE SLAVE BELL TOLLED. Based strongly on fact, historical figures, and the records of the Cape Archives, this fictional treatment of the history of slavery at the Cape of Good Hope covers from the mid 17thC to the end of slavery in 1834. 205pp. illustrated line dwgs. maps. owners inscrip. title.p. o/w VG in near VG d/w. Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1970. £10.00
#7851 Francis, S., Dugmore, H., & Rico. MADAMS ARE FROM MARS, MAIDS ARE FROM VENUS. A New Madam & Eve Collection. South Africa's most popular cartoon strip that has also been translated into Danish, French, & Swedish. (visit http://www.madameve.co.za). 176pp. oblong sm.4to p/b. VG+. Penguin. Cape Town 1998 rpt. £6.00
#7753 Gordimer. Nadine. ENTZAUBERUNG. (THE LYING DAYS). Ubertragen von Wolfgang von Einsiedel. 504pp p/b. VG-F. Fischer. Frankfurt 1982. £4.00
#7790 Grant, David. CHANGING COLOURS. Set in early 1994 as the first South African multi-racial election gathers pace, forces behind the scene plot to derail the inevitable outcome. Author's first novel. 284pp. h/b. Near mint in d/w. The Book Guild. Lewes 1997 1st edn. £15.00
#7707 Hobbs, Jenny. THE TELLING OF ANGUS QUAIN. A novel of contemporary Johannesburg recounting the rise of Angus Quain from railwayman's son to executive glory. Author's fourth novel. 3 20pp. 8vo p/b. Inscrips. half and full title.p. G-VG. Jonathan Ball. Johannesburg 1997. £5.00
#7841 James, Alan . FERRY TO ROBBEN ISLAND. Poems. Author (currently living in W.Australia) writes about South Africa and his new home. 105pp p/b. No inscrip. Fine. Eyeball Press. Durban 1996. £10.00
#7789 Lumko Institute. LUMKO SELF-INSTRUCTION COURSE. Suitable for use with or without tapes. Appendix on later orthographic revisions. Standard text for Xhosa language tuition. 380pp. + xv. Mint. Lovedale Press. Alice 1969 edn. (current). £10.00
#7767 Marais, David. ALL THE NUDES THAT'S FIT TO PRINT. A New Collection Of Cartoons. This selection drawn from his work as cartoonist for the Cape Times. Printed wraps. unnum. (84pp) oblong p/b. Ff browned hence G+. Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1972. £4.00
#7757 Matthee, Dalene. CIRCLES IN A FOREST. A novel of the Knysna elephant. The author seeks to get at the truths of how the indigenous forest was destroyed along with the native elephant population. The Authors 5th book. Trans. from the Afrikaans. 368pp p/b. Fine . Penguin. London 1986. £5.00
#7749 Mda, Zakes. WAYS OF DYING . Story of a professional mourner. Author's first adult novel. 199pp p/b. Mint. OUP. Cape Town 1997 2nd imp. £7.00
#7794 Midgley, Peter. & Haycock, Andre. (Eds). GRAHAM'S TOWN IS NOT WORTH DESCRIBING. A collection of poetry and prose about Grahamstown. 58pp. booklet. Cont. F, f.wrap crinkled, unpristine, hence o/a G-VG. NELM. Grahamstown 1994. £3.50
#7768 Mutloatse, Mothobi. (Ed). RECONSTRUCTION. 90 Years Of Black Historical Literature. A selection of poetry and prose, past & present, journalism, essays, etc. Notes on contributors. Staffrider Series Number Eight. 320pp p/b. Black line top/bott edges, else VG . Ravan. Johannesburg 1981 1st imp. £6.00
#7845 Poland, Marguerite. IRON LOVE. Set in a boy's school (modelled on St Andrew's, Grahamstown) in 1913 colonial South Africa. Printed wraps. 434pp. 8vo p/n. Fine. Viking. Johannesburg 1999 rpt.

Inscribed by author fep thus: "With my best wishes, Marguerite Poland. Also signed on title page.

#7788 Readers Digest. SOUTH AFRICAN MULTI-LANGUAGE DICTIONARY AND PHRASE BOOK. English, Afrikaans, Northern Sotho, Sesotho, Tswana, Xhosa, Zulu. Seperate section for each language provides a simple word-to-word translation of 5000 words and 500 phrases. Plus 22 keyed pictures showing the correct word for everyday situations such as the body, the house, the car, etc. Printed bds. 495pp. 4to. Small neat inscrip. VG-F. RDA. Cape Town 1991 1st edn. £18.00
#7799 Reader's Digest. THE BEST OF SOUTH AFRICAN SHORT STORIES. Over Seventy Illustrated Stories Of Our Land And Its People. Includes brief biographical details and detailed 'marginal' notes on items of note in each story. Nine picture features. 71 stories by our most famous writers. Printed bds. 480pp. illustrated photos and dwgs. 200w x 300h. indexed. Top edge light.fox o/w Fine. RDA. Cape Town 1991. £15.00
#7780 Smith, M. van Wyk. (Comp) . SHADES OF ADAMASTOR Africa And The Portuguese Connection. An Anthology Of Poetry. Brings together the work of some 50 poets on Dias, Da Gama, Adamastor, and related themes. xviii + 214pp p/b. indexed names and first lines. VG+. ISEA/NELM. Grahamstown 1988.

Signed by van Wyk Smith on title page.

#7842 Stannard, June. WILD RHYMES. Illustrated by Author. A collection of zany wild-life poems for children. Brief note on each versified species. (A Kori Bustard doesn't eat custard, But fills his tum with acacia gum, So do have a look, In an Afrikaans book, Then you will know, Why he is called Gompou.) Printed wraps. 119pp. stapled booklet. illustrated line dwgs VG+. Wild Life Soc. Durban 1987. £4.00
#7779 Trump, Martin. ARMED VISION. Afrikaans Writers In English. Works by Bartho Smit, Jan Rabie, A.H. de Vries, John Miles, Chris Barnard, P.J. Haasbroek, Hennie Aucamp, Petra Muller, M.C. botha, Elsa Joubert, Breyten Breytenbach, George Weideman. Brief biographical notes. 210pp p/b. G+. Donker. Craighall 1987 1st. £3.50
#7854 Trumpelmann, G.P.J. (Ed). AFRIKANISCHE ERZAHLUNGEN. Mit Bildschmuk von Elly Holm. 272pp. illustrated G in tatty d/w . Van Schaik. Pretoria 1952. £3.00
#7748 Van Der Vyver, Marita. BREATHING SPACE. Translated from the Afrikaans by Isobel Dixon. 469pp p/b. VG+. Penguin 2000 1st English edn. £4.50
#7772 Van Heerden, Etienne. LEAP YEAR. This humorous and thought provoking novel is set in the Eastern Cape around Grahamstown. Trans. from the Afrikaans by M. Hacksley. 369pp p/b. VG. Penguin. 1st English edition. £4.00
#7792 Viljoen, A., Daniel, A., & Madikane, S. MOLO. Pocket-sized phrasebook to get you speaking everyday idiomatic Xhosa. 114pp. Inscrip, G-VG. Juta. Cape Town 1994 imp. £3.00
#7791 Wilken, Pam. & Bongela, K.S. UNDERSTANDING EVERYDAY XHOSA. A Vocabulary And Reference Book. Provides English/Xhosa word lists under selected subject headings. 93pp. P/b. inscrip, VG. MML. Cape town 1993. £4.00
#7852 Zapiro. CALL ME MR DELIVERY. Cartoons From 'Sowetan', 'Mail & Guardian', And 'Sunday Times'. Political cartoons, if you know the scene he is very funny. 160pp. oblong sm.4to p/b. Mint. David Philip. Cape Town 1999. £6.00
#7750 Zwi, Rose. EXILES. Author's third novel. Set in Israel in the early 1950s far from comfortable South Africa the story revolves around a married couple battling with both their relationship and the hardships of life. 182pp p/b. G-VG . Donker. Craighall 1984 1st edition.



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#7721 Coetzee, C.B. (Ed). for GEOLOGICAL SURVEY. MINERAL RESOURCES OF THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA. Handbook 7. Department of Mines Geological Survey. viii + 478pp. illustrated maps, b/w photos etc. 2 1:1500000 maps & stratigraphic column in rear pocket. indexed. VG-F in rubbed G-VG d/w. Government Printer. 1985 5th edn.


NATURAL HISTORY (fish, birds, general fauna excluding botany and mammals)

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#7735 Day, J.H. A GUIDE TO MARINE LIFE ON SOUTH AFRICA SHORES. Standard descriptive work covering the marine biology of South African shores and estuaries. Keys and illustrations to identify over 1200 common animals and plants with brief biological notes for each. References, glossary of terms. Gilt on blue dec.bds. iii + 8 b/w plates + 300pp. addenda sheet. illustrated b/w line dwgs. photos. lg.4to. indexed. No inscrip. feps sl.browned o/w VG in G d/w. Balkema. Cape Town 1969. £40.00
#7610 Fitzsimons, V.H.F. A FIELD GUIDE TO THE SNAKES OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Each species illustrated, detailed identification points include notes on distribution (no maps). Illustrated by A.H. Barrett. Bibliography. (Nature Lover's Library). Sm.8vo h/b with printed bds. 221pp. illustrated 10 cold.b/w plates. Mint. Collins. Johannesburg 1983 rpt.

See matching volumes by Palmer (trees) and Prozesky (birds).

#7719 Kemp, Alan. & Calburn, Simon. THE OWLS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Text by Alan Kemp, Illustrated by Simon Calburn. Each of the twelve species illustrated with textual commentary and summary of biology including identification and habitat, distribution, diet, breeding, etc. Bibliography etc. Cream dec. cb. 184 pp. illustrated cold.plates. 4to. indexed. Except d/w sp.fad., mint in d/w and near fine matching pictorial slipcase. Standard edition. Struik Winchester. Cape Town 1987. £45.00
#7813 Maclean, Gordon Lindsay. ROBERTS BIRD'S OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Illustrated by Kenneth Newman & Geoff Lockwood. This newest edition include all plates together, identification key, 13 indices in various languages including German, Xhosa, & Zulu. lxxx + 79 cold.plates + 871pp.The definitive book on the subject. Mint in d/w. Cape Town. 6th edn. 1996 imp. £20.00
#7608 Prozesky, O.P.M. A FIELD GUIDE TO THE BIRDS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Each species illustrated, detailed identification points include notes on habitat, voice, and distribution (no maps). Illustrated by Dick Findlay. Bibliography. (Nature Lover's Library). Sm.8vo h/b with printed bds. 350pp. illustrated 40 cold.b/w plates. Mint. Collins. Johannesburg 1983 rpt.

See matching volumes by Palmer (trees) and Fitzsimons (snakes).

#7808 Rayner, Richard. THE VALLEY OF TANTALIKA. The story of the damming of the the Zambezi River through the eyes of the animals. Tantalika, the otter, is the hero of this story as the animals struggle to cope with the flooding of their ancestral lands. Illustrated by Eleanora Alexander. Printed bds. 165pp. illustrated dwgs. Except prize plate (?) torn out, VG in P repd. d/w. MacDonald Purnell. Randburg 1984. 1st thus.

Signed by Author on title page.

#7726 Sinclair, John. & Mendelsohn, John. EVERYONE'S GUIDE TO SOUTH AFRICAN BIRDS. Photographs by Peter Johnson. A popular introduction to 200 species of our extensive bird life with good photographic illustrations and specific descriptive text for each. 124pp. illustrated col.photos.Some edge fox, VG. dib to rear of o/w G+ d/w. CNA. Johannesburg 1981. £8.00
#7805 van der Elst, Rudy . A GUIDE TO THE COMMON SEA FISHES OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. More than 300 of the species most likely to be caught in the coastal regions of Southern Africa are each described with colour photograph (mostly by the author), notes, distribution maps of both local and world ranges, etc. Section 1 covers sharks and rays, Section 2 covers bony fishes. Glossary, Bibliography. Suitable for the angler or biologist. 398pp. 8vo p/b. F.wrap marked (damp-stuck to another), cont. F, no inscrip. Struik. Cape Town 1988 2nd revd. edn. £8.00
#7848 van der Elst, Rudy. EVERYONE'S GUIDE TO SEA FISHES OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Photography by Dennis King. Covers sharks, rays, skates, and bony fishes. Section on popular angling fishes. A well illustrated introduction to the subject. Photo.printed bds. 112pp. illustrated col.photos. 4to. indexed. Mint. CNA. Johannesburg 1995 3rd imp. £15.00
#7720 Von Michaelis, H. BIRDS OF PREY. A KINSHIP. Illustrated by Author. A personal review of birds of prey, including owls, from ancient Egypt to modern falconry, with some additional chapters on geese. Red cb. xv + 165pp. illustrated cold.plates and line drawings. 4to. Unnum. subscribers edition. No inscrip. Mint. d/w rubbed only hence VG+. SA Natural History Publications. Knysna 1987.



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#7776 Alexander, Neville. SOW THE WIND. Contemporary Speeches. Speeches from the early 1980s. Author was imprisoned on Robben Island from 1963 to 1974. His ideas represent the african socialist view and he concentrates on matters such as the links between capitalism and racism and the need for working-class leadership in the struggle. 180pp p/b. G, sl.fox. sm.annots. Skotaville. Johannesburg 1987 2nd imp. £5.00
#7770 Briggs, Robin. (Ed). NEWS/CHECK'S KEY TO AFRICA. Facts And Figures. A quick reference to the basic facts and statistics of African countries topographically arranged. Useful list of books on Africa. News/Check was a South African weekly news magazine along the lines of Newsweek & Time, but with a local perspective. 125pp p/b. G+. Checkpress. Johannesburg 1968. £7.00
#7760 De Klerk, Willem. THE SECOND (R)EVOLUTION. Afrikanerdom And The Crisis Of Identity. Author discusses the (r)evolution of political attitudes & policy, religious attitudes, Afrikaans organisations and its press. The author is noted for his coining of the terms 'verligte' and 'verkrampte'. White cb. 81pp Ffep likely excised, hence VG-F in VG d/w. Jonathan Ball. Johannesburg 1984. £6.00
#7862 Fair, T.J.D. SOUTH AFRICA: SPATIAL FRAMEWORKS FOR DEVELOPMENT. South African Geography And Environmental Studies Series. An introductory text looking at the diffusionist and dependancy pardigms first as processes and laterly withing the South African context. 93pp p/b. illustrated maps, tables, etc. Much pencil u/l, G, clean. Juta. Cape Town 1987 2nd imp. £4.00
#7734 Gastrow, Shelagh. WHO'S WHO IN SOUTH AFRICAN POLITICS. Number Two. Potted biographies compiled from sundry sources. 122 entries. Also gives listing of political office-bearers both inside and outside parliament. x xx + 365pp p/b. illustrated b/w pho Inscrip. ffep. G+. Raven. Johannesburg 1987. £10.00
#7761 Griffiths, Ieuan. THE CRISIS IN SOUTH AFRICA. 'Flashpoints' series. A potted antiview of South Africa. Printed bds. 78pp. hardcover. illustrated b/w photos.G-VG. Wayland. Hove 1987. £6.00
#7820 Johnson, Shaun. STRANGE DAYS INDEED. Author was Deputy and Political editors of The Star, Johannesburg. This is a selection of almost 150 of his writings from 1996 to 1993. 367pp. 8vo p/b. Inscip. half-title. except for crease to rear wrap, VG. Bantam. Rosebank 1993. £6.00
#7760 Leatt, James., Kneifel, Theo., & Nurnberger, Klaus. (Eds). CONTENDING IDEOLOGIES IN SOUTH AFRICA. Describes the essence of each of the different ideologies in South Africa and the manner in which each is perceived and criticised from the other ideological perspectives. Extensive bibliography. x + 318pp p/b. indexed. VG. David Philip. Cape Town 1986. £5.00


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M. Mint. F. Fine.
VG. Very Good. G. Good.
annots. annotations. bds. boards.
col. cold. colour(ed). d/w dust-wrapper.
eps endpapers. ff. leaves.
f(f)eps front (free) endpapers. fox. foxed.
illus. illustrated. o/w otherwise.
pp. pages. sl. slight.
sm. small. sp. spine
u/l underlining v. very.


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