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Africana Catalogue Q171 August 2002

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#8700 Becker, Laurel. & van Putten, Sonja. WE WORK IN HOPE. A History Of The Pretoria High School For Girls. Blue printed paper covered boards. vi + 174pp illustrated b/w photos. 4to. indexed No inscrip. Fine in rubbed d/w. np. (1992). £30.00
#8640 Heckford, Mrs. A LADY TRADER IN THE TRANSVAAL. Original green cb. 412pp 8vo. F.bd shaken, newspaper clipping affixed at rear, white marks to spine & f.bd hence a good reading copy. Sampson Low. London 1882. £200.00
#8594 Pretoria Publicity Association. UNION BUILDINGS. Pretoria. South Africa. Commemoration Issue In Celebration Of The 50th Anniversary Of The Union Buildings. These fine buildings were designed by Sir Herbert Baker, South Africa's well known architect of the period responsible for many impressive houses and institutions. (One nice picture shows Studebaker Lark parked in front of the buildings!). Printed wraps. 32pp oblong sm.4to stapled booklet. illustrated 15 full page b/w photographs facing blank pages, and with minimal amount of text. Wraps browned, prelims foxed, hence G+, but plates VG. PBA. Pretoria nd (1960). £15.00


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#8564 Green, Lawrence G. ALMOST FORGOTTEN, NEVER TOLD. A Book Of People And Places, Dramas And Adventures Along The South African Coast, With A Few Voyages Into Deeper Waters. Mainly relates to the Cape of Good Hope coast. 292pp. Cold.frontis. Illus. b/w photos, plates. indexed. G, no d/w. Cape Town. 1965 1st edn. £5.00
#8565 Green, Lawrence G. I HEARD THE OLD MEN SAY. Secrets Of The Cape That Has Vanished, And Little-Known Dramas On The Fringe Of Living Memory. 296pp. col. frontis and b/w plates and dwgs. by Leng Dixon. indexed. Ex library with pockets etc tipped in, o/w a G-VG clean copy in attractive d/w with some sello marks to foldins, faint mark bottom of spine. Timmins. Cape Town 1965 2nd edn. £6.00
#8701 Tapson, Winifred. TIMBER AND TIDES. The Story Of Knysna And Plettenberg Bay. Covers the subject area of George Rex of Knysna. Printed paper covered boards. xiv + 199pp illustrated b/w photos, dwgs, fold-out genealogy chart at rear for George Rex. VG in G-VG d/w. Juta. Cape Town 1973 4th edn. £15.00
#8584 Thompson, D.H. NOT FOR SCHOOL BUT FOR LIFE. The Story Of St Cyprian's. Illustrated line drawings by Jane McCabe. Founded in 1871 by Bishop Gray and is one of South Africa's leading private schools for girls. Gilt on blue cb. 176pp. frontis. illustrated dwgs. photos. tall 8vo. indexed. No inscrip. bds a little marked hence VG, no d/w. St Cyprian's Union. Cape Town 1971. £25.00
#7393 Unknown. RHODES COTTAGE MUSEUM. Opened By His Worship The Mayor Fritz Sonnenberg. M.P.C. Card wraps, 7pp. approx 230w x 300h. illustrated b/w photos of Rhodes and the museum. F.wrap stamped `2417' and some stains hence G only, but sound. Muizenberg. Cape Town 4th July 1953. £10.00

EASTERN CAPE (including all 1820 Settler related material)

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#8702 Burton, A. SPARKS FROM THE BORDER ANVIL. A Record Of Remarkable And Inspiring Events And Of Progressive Enterprise On The Long-Contested Cape Frontier, Now The Border Districts Of The Cape Province. With 85 Illustrations. Tales of pioneers in the areas east of the Great Fish River. Much on witchcraft, Nongquase and the great cattle killing. A sought-after title, especially with d/w. xviii + 293pp. illustrated b/w photos. G+, clean, d/w chipped at head of spine and top front cnr. King Williams Town. no date.

Signed on half-title thus: "A.W. Burton. M.B. author". Includes original 110mm x 165mm b/w photo of A.W. Burton.

#8697 Meintjes, Johannes. SANDILE. The Fall Of The Xhosa Nation. Covers the various Border Wars, War of The Axe, Sir Harry Smith, Sir George Gray, etc. Bibliography. Printed bds. 312pp. illustrated col.b/w. plates. lg.8vo. indexed. No inscrip. small piece excised from top cnr ffep. protective wrapper affixed paste downs with sello hence G-VG. T.V. Bulpin. Cape Town 1971 1st edn. £24.00
#8642 Moyer, Richard. (Ed). COKO. Reminiscences Of Joseph Scotch Coko. A Grahamstown Resident. Occasional Paper Number Eighteen. Institute of Social and Economic Research. Rhodes University. Biographical material of an ordinary African man based upon 31 letters written by him between 1948 and 1963. Printed cream wraps. 192pp p/b. illustrated b/w photos. maps. Fine, unread. ISER. Grahamstown 1973. £20.00
#8604 Nixon, R.R.W. (Ed). THE PORT ELIZABETH CLUB. (1866-1966). The history of this establishment. Interesting photographs of early PE. Gilt on black cb. 88pp illustrated b/w photos. Various appendices, list of members etc. No inscrip. near fine. E.H. Walton. Port Elizabeth 1966. £25.00
#6104 Spilhaus, M. Whiting. THE LAND THEY LEFT. The 1820 Settlers left behind a land that is less well known than is their history after they landed here in South Africa. The Author gives the political and social background to the creation of the assisted emigration scheme from England to the Eastern Cape. Bibliography. Green printed cb. illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. indexed. G, clean, ff browned. Juta. Wynberg nd. £18.00


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#6409 Bulpin, T.V. SHAKA'S COUNTRY. A Book Of Zululand. Illustrated by Barbara Tyrell. ix + 306pp. illustrated dwgs. maps on eps. Inscrip. ffep. G, sound and clean, no d/w. Timmins. Cape Town 1952 1st edn. £12.00

SOUTHERN AFRICA , GENERAL. (unclassified by area)

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#5525 Aldridge, Brian. THE PICTORIAL HISTORY OF SOUTH AFRICA. Profusely illustrated to provide pictorial history of the development of South Africa from the early Portuguese explorers to the first quarter of the 20th century. Gilt on grey cbs. 183pp illustrated 300+ cold.b/w dwgs, maps, photos. 4to indexed. Lg.inscrip ffep. VG+ in matching d/w (fox. to reverse). Struik. Cape Town 1973. £15.00
#8643 Beckett, Denis. TREKKING. In Search Of The Real South Africa. Becketts Trek was a popular TV series [which saw Denis roaming the length and breadth of South Africa trying to capture the spirit and scope of its citizens and the country they live in. It saw Denis, among other things, driving a minibus taxi, flying an air force jet (a Mirage for the curious) and arguing with ministers]. Some of the more memorable episodes are here in print from the most original optimist and positive survivor to be found on South African TV or in print. Printed wraps. 215pp illustrated 20 col.photos. 8vo No inscrip. near fine. Penguin. South Africa 1996. £8.00
#8687 Brownell, F.G. NATIONAL AND PROVINCIAL SYMBOLS And Flora And Fauna Emblems Of The Republic Of South Africa. Glossary & bibliography. Covers historical emblems in all areas up to and including contemporary useage. Glossy white printed boards. 95pp illustrated col. 4to. indexed. No inscrip. mint. Chris van Rensburg. Mellville 1993 1st edn. £33.00
#8686 Fage, J.D. AN ATLAS OF AFRICAN HISTORY. Originally produced for the study of Africa in schools and universities [an atlas in which the continent and its inhabitants are treated as the central point around which influences and actions coming from outside can be seen in perspective]. 64pp illustrated 62 b/w maps. No inscrip. bds sl.spotty but o/a a G+ clean volume in a frayed & foxed d/w. Edward Arnold. London 1963 rpt. with amendments. £18.00
#8559 Green, Lawrence G. HARBOURS OF MEMORY. A Book Of Personal Experiences Along South African And Other Romantic Waterfronts, Odd Characters Encountered By The Author And The Strange Tales They Told. 255pp. Cold.frontis. Illus. b/w line dwgs. Ex library with stamps, pockets etc tipped in, sl.shelfwear, little used, a G+ clean sound copy in bright attractive d/w. Timmins. Cape Town 1969 1st edn. £6.00
#8567 Green, Lawrence G. THERE'S A SECRET HID AWAY. Memories Of Unusual Experiences And Mysteries In Southern Africa And African Isles; Strange Tales And Legends And Unrecorded Adventures; And People Who Crossed The Authors Path And Left Him Wondering. With a chapter on St Helena. 244pp. Cold.frontis. illustrated b/w photos. dwgs. Ex library with stamps, pockets etc tipped in, G/G-. Timmins. Cape Town 1956 1st edn. £5.00
#8562 Green, Lawrence G. THUNDER ON THE BLAAUWBERG. A Book Of Rare, Strange And Curious Episodes Inspired By A Storm; Personal Experiences, Encounters With Unusual Characters, Mysteries And Legends. Notable characters include J.W. Dunne, Scotty Smith, 269pp. Cold.frontis. Illus. b/w photos. Ex library with stamp, pockets etc. tipped in. Otherwise a good clean copy in matching d/w. Timmins. Cape Town 1966 1st edn. £5.00
#8077 Ive, Anthony. A CANDLE BURNS IN AFRICA. This appears to be an updated edition of "The Church Of England In South Africa, A Study If Its History, Principles, And Status" originally published as a 108pp booklet in 1966. Bibliography. Pictorial blue wraps, 258pp softcover, illustrated b/w photos. indexed. Inscrip. ffep hence VG-F. Church of England in South Africa. Gilletts 1992. £8.00
#8600 Macnab, Roy. THE STORY OF SOUTH AFRICA HOUSE. South Africa In Britain: The Changing Pattern. South Africa House, the building, the personalities that have passed through its rooms, serve as the foil to a history of South Africa in Britain. 227pp illustrated cold.plates, b/w photos. 4to. indexed. No inscrip. some small minus points but very good indeed in matching d/w. Johnathan Ball. Johannesburg 1983. £30.00
#5620 McKee, W.M. SOUTH AFRICAN SHEEP AND WOOL. Covers the history of sheep in South Africa, merino breeding etc, wool, shearing, feeding, disease, British & Australian breeds, showing, and more. Gilt dec maroom cb. xvi + 526pp + advts. illustrated b/w photos. indexed. Bds. worn, good, eps browned, prize certificate affixed ffep, contents o/w VG. Maskew Miller. Cape Town 1913 1st edn. £35.00
#8044 Muller, C.F.J. (ed). FIVE HUNDRED YEARS. A History Of South Africa. xiii + 467pp. indexed. No inscrip. sello marks to bds which have bled across from sello attaching protective film to inside of d/w. Hence G in d/w. Contents are clean, few marginal annots. despite all proceeding, clean looking copy. Academica. Pretoria 1969. £15.00
#8681 Musiker, Reuben SOUTH AFRICAN BIBLIOGRAPHY A Survey of Bibliographies and Bibliographical Work. Gilt on brown cb. 105pp 8vo indexed. Ticket affixed ffep. much pencil u/l o/w G+ clean in d/w (has internal sello marks). Crosby Lockwood. London 1970. £10.00
#8093 Parsons, Neil. A NEW HISTORY OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Compact but comprehensive introduction to Southern African studies. Appeals to the general reader and to the student. vi + 350pp. p/b. VG. Macmillan. London 1994 rpnt. £8.00
#5568 Watson, R.L. THE SLAVE QUESTION. Liberty And Property In South Africa. List of South African Subscribers & Donors to the Cape Philanthropic Society 1828-1834, list of founders and committee members of same, table of participation by members of the Society in other activities in the Cape Colony. Extensive notes and bibliography. Printed wraps. xi + 274pp illustrated b/w plates. 8vo. indexed. No inscrip. wraps damp-stained to wraps around top of spine, hence G, but otherwise a clean sound copy still with a reasonable appearance. Witwatersrand University Press. Johannesburg 1991 1st edn. thus. £5.00
#8638 Webb, A.C.M. THE ROOTS OF THE TREE A Study In Early South African Banking: The Predecessors Of The First National Bank. 1838-1926. The early roots of the current major First National Bank from small beginnings in Natal and the Eastern Cape. (nice pun with the title boys!). A good history which naturally covers much of the general and economic activity of the period. Gilt on blue cb. 248pp 4to. No inscrip. edges spotted else near fine, no d/w. FNB. np. 1992. £20.00
#7262 Wilson, Monica. & Thompson, Leonard. A HISTORY OF SOUTH AFRICA TO 1870. A paperback edition of 'The Oxford History Of South Africa, Vol.I. Omits Chapter 1 and bibliography, but includes additional illustrations. 476pp 8vo p/b illustrated b/w plates, maps, etc. indexed. Large inscrip ffep, generally VG except some spine creasing. David Philip. Cape Town 1986 3rd imp. £15.00


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#7457 Ardrey, Robert. AFRICAN GENESIS. A Personal Investigation Into The Animal Origins And Nature Of Man. 380pp. foldout charts. illustrated dwgs. No inscrip, G+ in d/w. London 1965 rpt. £10.00


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#8580 Debenham, Frank. KALAHARI SAND. A popular overview of the Kalahari desert in Botswana which covers the bushmen, the territory, its people, wildlife, etc. 186pp illustrated b/w photos & line dwgs. indexed. G, some light foxing, clean, no d/w . Bell. London 1953. £12.00
#8689 Van der Post, Laurens. & Taylor, Jane. TESTAMENT TO THE BUSHMEN. A story of the plight of the bushmen of the Kalahari. The book was associated with the television series of the same title. Bibliography. Gilt on brown cb. 176pp. illustrated col.photos. 4to. indexed. No inscrip. Small bump to top bds adjacent to sp. hence VG+ in VG d/w (sp.fad). Viking. London 1984. 1st edn. £20.00


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#8577 Gledhill, Eily. EASTERN CAPE VELD FLOWERS. An authoritative source for 544 species of 125 families, now long out of print. Indexes to botanical and common names, glossary of term, etc. Illustrated by Author. White printed bds. 271pp. illustrated 4 cold.plates, 65 b/w plates. maps on eps. Inscrip. to verso of title.p. a VG-F copy all round. CPA. Cape Town 1981 2nd edn. £16.00
#2091 Hopkins, J.C.F. TOBACCO DISEASES. With Special Reference To Africa. Covers the nature of plant diseases, care of seed beds and plant hygiene, diseases in seed beds, parsitic diseases in the fiel, diseases of curing, etc. various appendices and bibliography. Gilt on blue cb. xvi + 178pp. cold.frontis. illustrated cold.dwgs. b/w photo.plates, line dwgs, microphotographs, etc. indexed. Sl.spotting to bds. with unmarked contents, wrinkling to cloth on r.bd, no inscrip. no d/w. Commonwealth Mycological Insitute. Kew 1956. £20.00
#7765 Jackson, W.P.U. ORIGINS AND MEANINGS OF SOUTH AFRICAN PLANT GENERA. Part 1: Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms and Monocotyledonous Angiosperms. Part 2: Dicotyledons. Alphabetical listing. Bibliography. Printed green card wraps. 189pp. VG. UCT. Rondebosch 1990. £25.00
#1974 Juritz, C.F. A STUDY OF THE AGRICULTURAL SOILS OF THE CAPE COLONY. Details the chemical methods used, the results of chemical analyses, comparison of soil extraction methods, geological relations and plant food, alkalinity of and physical composition of soils. Towns and locations arranged alphabetically with results. viii + 221pp. illustrated tables, charts, photos, etc. indexed. School prize certificate affixed f.pastedown, boards worn, good sound reading copy. Maskew Miller. Cape Town 1910. £12.00
#8575 Kidd, Mary Maytham. WILD FLOWERS OF THE CAPE PENINSULA. South African Wild Flower Guide 3. Indexes to botanical names, common names, families & genera. Species on facing page of brief text listing names, size, location, and flowering period. 239pp softcover illustrated cold.dwgs, col.photos. map. sm8vo. No inscrip. first ff wrinkled at bottom edge hence VG only, o/w a very bright copy. Botanical Society. Cape Town 1983 new edition. £10.00
#8578 Lawrence, R. F. THE BIOLOGY OF THE CRYPTIC FAUNA OF FORESTS. With Special Reference To The Indigenous Forests Of South Africa. Extensive bibliography, index of Authors. pink buckram bds. 408pp. illustrated b/w photos, plates & drawings. indexed. Fine, no d/w. Balkema. Cape Town 1953 1st edn. £35.00
#7651 Stokes, Hazel. FLORA OF TABLE MOUNTAIN. In All Seasons. Arranged by habitat for summer, winter, spring, & autumn seasons. 346 cold.illustrated by Author. 16vo. No inscrip. clean copy. G-VG. Murray Coombes. Cape Town 1985. £7.00
#8690 Struik. WILD FLOWERS OF SOUTH AFRICA. Approved By The National Botanic Gardens Of South Africa, Kirstenbosch. 406 colour plates illustrate more than 350 species, representing 66 of the main families of indigenous flora. Bibliography. Gilt on red cb. 128pp illustrated col. photos. 4to. No inscrip. eps sl.fox. o/w VG in G d/w (some closed tears). C. Struik. Cape Town 1980 1st edn. £6.00
#8574 Tainton, N.M., Bransby, D.I., & Booysen, P. de V. COMMON VELD AND PASTURE GRASSES OF NATAL. Details on 88 grasses each with description, illustration, distribution, and agricultural significance noted. 198pp softcover. illustrated line drawings. Wraps a little rubbed, inscrip. ffep o/w contents unmarked, o/a G-VG. Shuter & Shooter. Pietermaritzburg 1990 2nd edn. £12.00
#8573 Verdcourt, Bernard. & Trump, E.C. COMMON POISONOUS PLANTS OF EAST AFRICA. Illustrated by M.E. Church. An account of the 97 species most poisonous to man and livestock in systemic order, with names, notes on identification, distribution, periods of growth and flowering, toxicity, antidotes and treatment. Includes grasses, ferns, & fungi. 254pp sm.8vo. Ex library with stamps, pockets etc tipped in, a little used exceptionally clean & tight copy in d/w ("ver" on spine). Collins, London (1969). £14.00
#8576 West, Oliver. A FIELD GUIDE TO THE ALOES OF RHODESIA. Bundu Series. Provides information on the 30 species of aloe growing in Rhodesia. Information on aloes in general is provided, and much information for the garden cultivation of suitable species. glossary and bibliography. 96pp sm.8vo softcover illustrated col.b/w photos. indexed. No inscrip. clean, VG, little used. Longman. Salisbury 1974 1st edn. £14.00


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#8692 Bateman, Philip. PIONEERS OF SOUTH AFRICA. This book contains comprehensive biographies of selected South African pioneers and includes several illustrations which had not been published before. The pictorial matter was drawn from libraries, museums and archives both locally and overseas. List of sources. Includes chapters on Jan van Riebeeck, Simon van der Stel, Robert Jacob Gordon, Lady Ann Barnard, John Barrow, Francois Le Vaillant, Piet Retief, William John Burchill, Carl Lichtenstein, Sir Harry Smith, Thomas Pringle, Andries Pretorius, Robert Moffat, William Cornwallis Harris, William Atherstone, David Livingstone, Thomas Baines, Karl Gottlieb Mauch, Frederick Selous, Andrew Murray, Barney Barnato, Cecil John Rhodes, Emily Hobhouse, and Sir Herbert Baker. Includes original letter from South African Historical Mint that went out with the book to clients of the mint that purchased golden medallions. Gilt on imit.leather bds. 126pp illustrated b/w. indexed. Sello stains feps. VG indeed. No d/w. SA Historical Mint. Cape Town nd. £30.00
#7379 Brettell, N.H. SIDE-GATE AND STYLE. An Essay In Autobiography. Men Of Our Time. Volume Six. Author was headmaster of various bushveld primary schools in the Charter District of Rhodesia. A major African poet, a large collection of his verse form Part 2 of this book. Watercolour illustrations and dust wrapper design also by the Author. xxii + 238pp. illustrated Inscrip. f.pastedown, overall G-VG in worn complete repd. d/w. Books of Zimbabwe. Bulawayo 1981 1st edn. £15.00
#8639 Budd, Zola. with Eley, Hugh. ZOLA. The Autobiography Of Zola Budd. South African marathon-running phenomenon of the 1980s tells her side of the story. 200pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. indexed. A good reading copy in a d/w. Partridge Press. London 1989. £5.00
#8084 Chalmers, J.A. & Soga, Tiyo. UTIYO SOGA. The story of a great pioneer of the writing of the history of African people in South Africa. 127pp. sello stains on wraps. p/b. Damp-wrinkled, sello stains inside wraps, G-. Lovedale Press. Cape Province 1981 4th imp. £5.00
#6691 Jackson, Albert. TRADER ON THE VELD. As Told To Eric Rosenthal. Personal reminiscences spanning the period of the Boer War with a commercial flavour as told by jewish settler. Gilt on green cb. 76pp. portrait frontis. 8vo. Eps browned o/w VG-F. Balkema. Cape Town 1958. £20.00
#8631 Klarer, Elizabeth. BEYOND THE LIGHT BARRIER. Author saw her first spaceship on her family farm in Natal at the age of seven. She met and married Akon, an astrophysicist living on Meton, a planet of Proxima Centauri, 4.2 light-years from earth. This is her story, of her son David by Akon, and her stay on Meton. Originally published in German. Blue cb. 191pp illustrated b/w photos. No inscrip. G-VG copy in worn d/w. Timmins. Cape Town 1980 1st edn. £50.00
#8633 Lubowski, Molly. & van der Vyver, Marita. ANTON LUBOWSKI. Paradox Of A Man. Swapo activist, murdered in 1989 in Windhoek. Printed bds. 147pp. Ink price ffep else VG+. Queillerie. Strand nd (1990s). £15.00
#8630 Mitford-Barberton, Ivan & Raymond. THE BOWKERS OF THARFIELD. Ancestry, history, and genealogy, of Lancashire family that came to the Eastern Cape as part of the 1820 Settler immigration from Britain. Gilt on blue cb. illustrated b/w photos, family trees, plates, etc. 8vo. indexed. A nice copy, edges rough cut, no d/w. OUP. London 1952. £90.00
#8603 Potter, Ursula. BARNETT POTTER, A FIGHTER. Sydney Barnett Potter emigrated to South Africa in the 1930s for health reasons where he worked as a journalist and broadcaster. He left South Africa in 1950 with the rise of the Nationalist government, but returned in later years. He was the Author of the controversial bestseller (in SA) "The Fault, Black Man ...". Much of his unpublished manuscript about flying is included in this biography making it almost autobiographical. Yello cb. 161pp. illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. VG in G+ d/w. Timmins. Cape Town 1975. £8.00
#6400 Schoeman, Karel. IN LIEFDE EN TROU. Die Lewe Van Pres. En Mev. Steyn. M.T. Steyn was president of the Orange Free State. Bibliography. Chocolate cb. 169pp illustrated b/w photos. 4to indexed. A fine copy in d/w. Human & Rousseau. Cape Town 1983 1st edn. £25.00
#6004 Strydom, Hans. FOR VOLK AND FUHRER. Robey Leibbrandt was a German Nazi operative assigned to Operation Weissdorn which had the objective of overthrowing Jan Smuts government and establishing a National Socialist Republic in South Africa. Red cb. 281pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. No inscrip. very bright and clean, VG-F in d/w. Jonathan Ball. Johannesburg 1983 2nd imp. £16.00
#8688 Tutu, Desmond, Archbishop. THE RAINBOW PEOPLE OF GOD. South Africa's victory over apartheid. Edited by John Allen. Printed wraps. 286pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. VG+. Doubleday. London 1994. £5.00


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#8652 Crompton-Lomax, Elizabeth THE SOUTH AFRICAN MENU AND KITCHEN DICTIONARY. Discover the meaning of braaivleis, boerewors, and mealies. Bibliography. Printed paper covered boards. 86pp. 8vo Lg.inscrip. half-title, sound, clean, worn and rubbed. Don Nelson. Cape Town 1988 1st edn. £5.00
#8610 Klinzman, Marty. COOKING FOR THE SOUTH AFRICAN OUTDOORS. 300 great ideas for braais, picnics, patio fare, camping and backpacking. Printed bds. 96pp. illustrated col.photos. lg.8vo. indexed. Ni inscrip. corners bmpd. very clean. Struik. Cape Town 1985 1st edn. £6.00
#8694 Spaarwater, Estelle. INTERIOR DECORATING IN SOUTH AFRICA. Illustrated with 260 colour photographs of actual homes. Red cbs. 192pp illustrated col. photos, dwgs. 4to indexed. VG in good rubbed d/w, chipped to head & tail of sp. Human & Rousseau. Cape Town 1984 1st edn. £10.00


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#8112 Marsh, Rob. FAMOUS SOUTH AFRICAN CRIMES. The Andre Stander Gang, the Foster Gang, Bubbles Schroeder, Daisy de Melker, twenty-six famous South African crimes. 149pp/ p/b. illustratedb/w photos. VG. Struik. Cape Town 1991. £10.00
#8607 Pistorius, Micki. CATCH ME A KILLER. Serial murders, a profiler's true story. Author spent six years as a profiler with the South African Police Service. As head of their investigative psychology unit she was involved in more than thiry serial killer cases and participated in the training of more than one hundred detectives in the investigation of serial homicides. 253pp p/b. illustrated col.photos. No inscrip. Fine. Penguin. Sandton 2000 1st edn. £10.00


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#8583 Huxley, Elspeth. WHITE MAN'S COUNTRY. Lord Delamere And The Making Of Kenya. Volume 1. 1870-1914. Gilt on red cb. xiii + 315pp. illustrated 11 b/w photos. 2 foldout maps. Bds heavily stained, f.bd sl.shaken, unattractive, foxed, contents sound, a reading copy only. Macmillan. London 1935 1st edn. £20.00
#8591 Schwenke, Stephen. (Ed). BULLETIN OF THE MOUNTAIN CLUB OF KENYA. Vol.81 1984. Printed wraps. 60pp stapled production. 8vo. illustrated Nice and clean. MCK. Nairobi 1984. £8.00


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#8612 Germishuys, Pieter. (Exhibitor). MOTION PICTURE EXHIBITION AND FILM SHOWS. Under The Patronage Of The Department Of Education, Arts And Science. Exhibition presented in support of the establishment of a South African Film Institute. 27 of the earliest local films formed the programme which included film of President Paul Kruger and much footage of the Boer War. Many of the newreels (by Thomas A. Edison) were faked for propaganda purposes The exhibition ran from May 1963 through to June at the South African Museum. 18pp stapled brochure. lg.8vo. G+. Cape Town. 1963. £8.00
#8685 The Union Castle Mail Steamship Company Ltd. LIST OF PASSENGERS BY THE S.S. "GOORKHA". Royal Mail Service Between England & South & East Africa. Donald Currie & Co. Managers. From London On The 25th March, And From Southampton On The 26th March July 1910. 12pp cold.brochure Foxed. Very colourful, attractive, clean. Union Castle Line 1910. £20.00
#8683 The Union Castle Mail Steamship Company Ltd. Notepaper & Envelope. R.M.M.V. "CAPETOWN CASTLE". 1 sheet 202mm x 127mm. Shows Union-Castle flag surmounted by "Union Castle Line" followed by title as given above. With matching envelope 136mm x 108mm which reatures flag and surmounted text on reverse. unused, unfolded, fine. Union Castle Line. nd. presumed first decade of 20thC as the representation of the Union Castle flag matches that on the passenger lists catalogued for that period.

A few sheets without envelope also available at £10.00 each

#8595 The Union Castle Mail Steamship Company Ltd. UNION CASTLE CABIN CLASS SHIPS. S.S. Braemar Castle (17,029 Tons). S.S. Kenya Castle (17,041 Tons). S.S. Rhodesia Castle (17,041 Tons). Publicity brochure designed for travel agents. With many photographs of ships, their facilities, sample menus, accomodation, smiling passengers and sunny locations. The brochure was selling the Round Africa Service. Printed wraps. 11pp stapled oblong sm.8vo booklet. Very nice, clean, no tears, agents stamp only. Union Castle. nd. (printed 1959). £15.00
#8684 The Union Castle Mail Steamship Company Ltd. LIST OF PASSENGERS BY THE S.S. "GOORKHA". Royal Mail Service Between England & South Africa. Donald Currie & Co. Managers. From London On The 1st July, And From Southampton On The Second July 1904. 8pp cold.brochure Foxed, wraps split along spine as far as sewing. Very colourful, attractive, clean. Union Castle Line. £20.00
#6182 The Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company Ltd. UNION CASTLE. THE BIG SHIP WAY TO EUROPE. Great New Mailship Of The Sunshine Fleet. Printed cold.wraps stapled 24pp cold.brochure oblong 4to. O/a a nice clean and very good item. Union Castle Line. £14.00


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#8655 Beier, Ulli. (Ed). THREE NIGERIAN PLAYS. MOREMI by Duro Ladipo, THE SCHEME by Wale Ogunyemi, BORN WITH THE FIRE ON HIS HEAD by Obotunde Ijimere. Printed wraps xviii + 88pp. 12mo. No inscrip but marginal figures on contents.p. top edge fox. VG+. Longman. London 1970 new imp. £8.00
#8670 Berold, Robert. THE DOOR TO THE RIVER. Poetry. 64pp p/b 8vo. Inscrip. reverse of f.wrap, good. Bataleur. np. 1984, 1st edn. £5.00
#8279 Berold, Robert. THE FIRES OF THE DEAD. Author's second published collection of poems. 48pp p/b. Rear wrap shows writing impression, else near fine. Carrefour Press. Cape Town 1989.
#8632 Bosman, Herman Charles. . THE COLLECTED WORKS OF HERMAN CHARLES BOSMAN. Thirteen hundred pages of pure South Africa from the pen of her favourite literary son. This is the later one-volume edition of the two-volume edition of the same name originally published by Human & Rousseau and latterly by Jonathan Ball. Cream printed cb. 723 + 594pp. 8vo. No inscrip very good in d/w. Southern. Johannesburg 1992 imp. £28.00
#8606 Bosman, Herman Charles. THE ILLUSTRATED BOSMAN. Selection of the Author's writings illustrated by Peter Badcock & David Goldblatt. Biographical foreword by Lionel Abrahams, and photographic essay on Bosman's bushveld by David Goldblatt. Besides Percy Fitzpatrick (Jock Of The Bushveld) Bosman must be one of the most widely read local authors. Not the most literary, not the most famous, not the most quoted, not the most politically correct by far, but certainly one of the most loved. Plum cb. xv + 286pp. illustrated cold.b/w dwgs & b/w photos. 4to No inscrip. v.sl.shelfwear near spine, top edge dusty, a very good copy indeed in matching d/w with spine faded from purple to blue. Southern / Human & Rousseau. Johannesburg 1991 5th imp.

Exactly the same as the earlier CNA edition

#8605 Bosman, Herman Charles. THE ILLUSTRATED BOSMAN. Selection of the Author's writings illustrated by Peter Badcock & David Goldblatt. Biographical foreword by Lionel Abrahams, and photographic essay on Bosman's bushveld by David Goldblatt. Besides Percy Fitzpatrick (Jock Of The Bushveld) Bosman must be one of the most widely read local authors. Not the most literary, not the most famous, not the most quoted, not the most politically correct by far, but certainly one of the most loved. Plum cb. xv + 286pp. illustrated cold.b/w dwgs & b/w photos. 4to No inscrip. small light stain on f.edge and v.sl.shelfwear near spine, hence VG++ in d/w (top f.corner nicked). An excellent first edition copy. CNA. Johannesburg 1985 1st edn. thus. £16.00
#8636 Brettell, N.H. SELECTED POEMS. Edited by Hugh Finn. Printed wraps. 64pp. No inscrip, wraps a little rubbed else fine. Snail Press. Plumstead 1994 1st edn. £8.00
#8654 Brink, Andre. LOOKING ON DARKNESS. A Novel. Author's seventh novel. 399pp p/b. Sm.inscrip inside front wrap. G+. Flamingo. London 1988 3rd imp. £4.00
#8678 Brink, Andre. THE WALL OF THE PLAGUE Novel set in France, a self assessment. Black c/b 447pp 8vo. Lg.inscrip ffep. edges & eps fox. minor damp staining to lower edge internally to d/w, lightly transferred to boards, barely visible externally, hence G+. Faber. London 1984 1st edn. £5.00
#8660 Butler, F.G. (Guy). THE REPUBLIC IN A CHANGING WORLD. Lecture Seven. The Republic In A Changing World. Red printed wraps. 22pp stapled booklet. No inscrip. VG-F. Witwatersrand University Press. Johannesburg 1964. £5.00
#8659 Butler, Guy. ON FIRST SEEING FLORENCE. Inspired by the author's early morning view of Florence during the last war and shortly before the 6th SA armoured Division advanced to the bank of the Arno in August 1944. White paper wraps. 16pp stapled booklet 8vo No inscrip. Wraps lightly soiled, inside VG. New Coin. Grahamstown 1968. £15.00
#8285 Campbell, Roy. SONS OF THE MISTRAL. Selected poems. Paper-covered boards. 79pp. Red title on blue paper-covered bds. bds stained, G. Faber. London 1948 5th imp. £3.00
#8257 Cloete, Stuart. THE ABDUCTORS. A novel about white slavery in Victorian England. Bibliography. 378pp. VG+ in matching d/w sl.browned around top. Constantia. Cape Town 1968 1st (SA) edn. £20.00
#8647 Coetzee, J.M. AGE OF IRON. Won the 1990 Sunday Express Book of the Year Award. 180pp p/b. No inscrip. near VG. Penguin. London 1991. £3.00
#8637 Cummiskey, Gary. & Blumenthal, Roy. HEAD. Poems by ... Printed wraps on 20pp stapled booklet. VG. Dye Hard Press. Johannesburg 1998 1st edn. £5.00
#8653 De Moor, Simon. ALL LENGTH IS TORTURE. Shakespeare's Tragedies. A new vision of these plays. Gilt on blue cb. 113pp tall 8vo. No inscrip. edges and eps fox. boards marked, a good second hand copy. Balkema. Cape Town 1960 1st edn. £20.00
#8673 Dederick, Sheila. TICKEY. Childrens book set on a Karoo farm. 139pp. red cb. frontis. illustrated b/w drawings. 8vo. Inscrip. ffep. G+ in G chipped pc.d/w OUP. Cape town 1965. 1st edn. £6.00
#8635 Ferguson, Gus. CARPE DIEM. Poems & Drawings. Humorous. Printed wraps. 48pp 8vo. No inscrip, wraps a little rubbed else fine. Carrefour. Cape Town 1992. £5.00
#8634 Glaser, Marc. THE UNQUIET HAVEN. Short stories. Printed wraps. 101pp 8vo. Mint. Purloined Geranium Press. Johannesburg 2001. £8.00
#8651 Hofmeyr, Bremer POEMS OF TRIAL AND TRIUMPH. Poems written for friends and others in times of sorrow or joy. Printed wraps 56pp 8vo. No inscrip G+. Grosvenor. Johannesburg 1983 1st edn. £6.00
#8568 Kropf, Rev. Albert. A KAFIR-ENGLISH DICTIONARY. Edited by Rev. Robert Godfrey. xxxi + 525pp. lg.8vo. Original green cb. joints worn, corners bumped etc. a well-used copy, contents sound. Lovedale Press. 1915 2nd edn. £50.00
#8682 Lanham, Peter BLANKET BOY'S MOON. Based on an original story by A.S. Mopelli-Paulus Chieftain of Basutoland. The theme is of the impact of white civilisation on a native. Gilt on blue cloth cb. 320pp 8vo. G clean in repd. d/w. Collins. London 1953. £5.00
#8648 Levinson, Bernard. SEXUAL SECRETS. The Sex Lives of Famous People. South African sexologist "interviews" famous names past and present, including Ernest Hemingway, John Keats, Snow White, Frank Lloyd Wright and others. Printed wraps. 173pp. 8vo. Commercial presentation label affixed insidef.wrap, else near VG. Academy. Johannesburg 1993 1st edn.

Inscribed half-title thus: "With best wishes, Bernard Levinson".

#8671 Louw, J.A., and Jubase, J.B. HANDBOEK VAN XHOSA. You will need to speak Afrikaans to learn Xhosa from this book. 268pp p/b 8vo. No inscrip. wraps rubbed otherwise VG. Educum. Johannesburg 1978. £6.00
#8641 Mahlasela, B.E.N. SOME XHOSA IDIOMS AND EXPRESSIONS. Occasional Paper Number Twenty-Two. Institute Of Social And Economic Research, Rhodes University. Originally "Working Paper Number One" by the Department Of African Languages at Rhodes University. A simplified collection of Xhosa idioms and expressions with a keyword index. Suitable for less advanced speakers of the language. Printed wraps. stapled 48pp booklet. 8vo. Fine, unused. ISER. Grahamstown 1982. £10.00
#8668 Manson, H.W.D. THE NOOSE-KNOT BALLAD A Play. Set in Scotland towards the end of the eighteenth century. Cream paper covered boards. 63pp 8vo. Eps lightly fox, VG in G bright foxed dust wrapper Human & Rousseau. Cape Town 1962.

Signed ffep "Guy Butler". This item ex Guy Butler's library

#8667 Manson, H.W.D. TYHE FESTIVAL. A Play By ... Author's first published play. Buff cb. 88pp 8vo. Eps lightly fox. really VG in G foxed d/w. Balkema. Cape Town 1959.

Signed ffep "Guy Butler". This item ex Guy Butler's library

#8677 Matthee, Dalene. CIRCLES IN A FOREST. A novel of the Knysna elephant. The author seeks to get at the truths of how the indigenous forest was destroyed along with the native elephant population. The Authors 5th book. Trans. from the Afrikaans. Green cb. 367pp illustrated map. 8vo. Large inscrip f.pastedown, VG indeed in d/w (sp. sl.faded, damp stain to area around bottom of spine) still clean & attractive. Viking Harmondsworth 1984 1st edn. thus. £10.00
#8649 Matthews, James. THE DARK. Staffrider Series No. 20. Stories of the Western Cape township communities. 237pp p/b. No inscrip. edges & eps foxed. VG. Ravan. Braamfontein 1983 1st edn. £10.00
#7510 McLaren, J. A CONCISE ENGLISH-KAFIR DICTIONARY. Includes separate lists for scientific names of plants and place names. Original red cb. 320pp. G only. Longmans. London 1923. £10.00
#8658 Morell, Karen L.(Ed). IN PERSON: ACHEBE, AWOONOR, AND SOYINKA. At the University of Washington. The lectures and discussions in this volumer were presented during Spring Quarter 1973 as part of the University of Washington's African Studies Program's annual "seminar". Chinua Achebe, Kofi Awoonor, and Wole Soyinka appeared along with Dennis Brutus, Abraham Dumisami, Kwabene Nketia, the Oboade Drum and Dance Ensemble, Rodney Valasak, and Sunto Suso. The present text is restricted to an account of the appearances of the writers that were successfully tape recorded. ix + 163pp p/b 8vo. indexed. Some ink u/l (not extensive), hence VG. University of Washington. Seattle 1975. £5.00
#8650 Ndebele, Njabulo S. REDISCOVERY OF THE ORDINARY. Essays On South African Literature And Culture. 8 essays including "Turkish Tales And Some Thoughts On South African Fiction" which won the Thomas Pringle Award, and the text of Author's "Noma Award Acceptance Speech" in which the genesis of his ideas is outlined. Printed wraps. 160pp 8vo. No inscrip. Fine. Congress of South African Writers. Johannesburg 1991 1st edn. £12.00
#8065 Oliphant, Walter (Ed). THE CHANGE OF SEASONS & OTHER STORIES. A collection of offbeat stories by various upcoming writers. Printed wraps 188pp. No inscrip, fine. Cosaw Publishing. Johannesburg 1995 1st edn. £8.00
#8703 Ousmane, Sembene. GOD'S BITS OF WOOD. African Writers Series No 63. Translated from the French by Francis Price. 244 pp p/b illustrated map. No inscrip. loss to rear ff - (not text). scores an unexciting G only. Heinemann. London 1982 rpt. £3.00
#8669 Palestrant, Ellen. NOSEDIVE And Other Writings. Author's first publishd writings consisting of a novella and four short stories. 95pp p/b 8vo. No inscrip. G clean. Donker. Johannesburg 1983 1st edn. £6.00
#8676 Pohl, Victor. FAREWELL THE LITTLE PEOPLE. All you want to know about the Bushmen of the Kalahari desert. Fiction based firmly and unsentimentally on fact. Illustrated by Jane Heath. Gilt on brown cb. 146pp. illustrated b/w dwgs. Inscrip f.pastedown. sl.dampstain to head of spine and top edge, sound, o/w clean in G. only d/w. OUP.London 1968. 1st edn. £10.00
#8601 Poland, Marguerite. SHADES. Authors second adult novel, set in the Eastern Cape at the turn of the 19thC. Short-listed for the M-Net fiction award. 444pp p/b. Fine except crease to lower cnr r.wrap. Penguin. Cape Town 1994. £8.00
#8656 Read, John. (comp). ATHOL FUGARD. A Bibliography. NELM Bibliographic Series Number Four. Introduced by Stephen Gray. 3733 bibliographic references. Extensive cross-referencing details. Printed wraps 336pp illustrated b/w photos. indexed. White wraps lightly foxed, contents fine. Nelm. Grahamstown 1991.

Comes with "Athol Fugard: A Resource Guide, English Olympiad 1992" which being an annual olympiad held in Grahamstown, South Africa.

#8666 Reisenberger, Azila Talit. KISSES THROUGH A VEIL Author has translated her Hebrew poetry which has a contemporary thread combining modern literature, mysticism and the Bible. Printed paper covered boards 58pp 8vo. No inscrip. Fine Green Sea. Cape Town (1994) 1st edn. £12.00
#8704 Savoury, Phyllis . ZULU FIRESIDE TALES. Stories for children. Beautifully illustrated by Shirley Friedman. Printed paper covered bds. 64pp illustrated b/w dwgs. 4to. No inscrip. a little rubbed along f.joint and worn patch at bottom thereof. contents fine, overall a nice clean VG copy. Timmins. Cape Town 1980 edn. £10.00
#8674 Schreiner, Olive. TROOPER PETER HALKET OF MASHONALAND. An allegorical attack on Rhodes and his British South Africa Company. 123pp p/b. No inscrip. VG. Donker. Cape Town 1992 1st edn. thus. £6.00
#8679 Schroeder, Kay. BRAVERY IN SOUTH AFRICA 17 short stories for young people of South African heroes, including Dick King, Danie Theron etc. Printed red cb. 83pp illustrated b/w dwgs. Sello stains to eps, G. Nasou. £5.00
#8644 Schwartzman, Adam. THE GOOD LIFE. THE DIRTY LIFE. And Other Stories. Poetry of african experiences. 64pp p/b. 8vo. Fine, no inscrip. Carcanet/Snailpress. 1995. £5.00
#8675 Schwartzman, Adam. THE GOOD LIFE. THE DIRTY LIFE. And Other Stories. Poetry of african experiences. 64pp p/b. 8vo. Partial crease rear wrap else fine, no inscrip. Carcanet/Snailpress. 1995. £5.00
#8613 Shapiro, Steve. IN A BORROWED TENT. Ninety Nine Haiku. Author lives in Hout Bay Printed wraps. 40pp stapled booklet. sm.8vo. Mint. Firfield Pamphlet Press. Plumstead 1994 1st edn.

Several copies available.

#8614 Shutte, Augustine. LAUDS. A Poem In Three Parts. Printed wraps. 9pp stapled booklet. 8vo. VG-F. Firfield Pamphlet Press. Cape Town (1994) 1st edn.

No.34 of 120. Signed by Author.

#8672 Sinxo, G.B. IMFENE KADEBEZA. Neminye Imidlalwana. A play. 105pp p/b 8vo. No inscrip. Clean VG. Oxford. Cape Town 1994 rpt. £10.00
#8066 Trentbridge-Smith, Sidney. LETTERS FROM THE WHITE SOUTH. The Voice Of Reason. A collection of the author's tongue-in-cheek letters to various local and overseas politicians, with photographs from his family album. 189pp. Exchange stamp inside f.wrap, G. Ravan Press. Cape Town 1984 1st edn. £4.00
#8609 Trew, Anthony. THE SOUKOUR DEADLINE. Thriller involving nuclear blackmail with London as the hostage. Author was Director General of the AA of SA. Originally published in h/b as "Ultimatum". 188pp p/b. No inscrip or stamps, good, clean. Fontana. London 1977 1st edn. thus. £3.00
#8608 Trew, Anthony. THE ZHUKOV BRIEFING. Thriller involving Russian nuclear submarine that goes aground off the Norwegian coast. Author was Director General of the AA of SA. 222pp p/b. No inscrip or stamps, good. Fontana. London 1976 1st edn. thus. £3.00
#8665 Various. LIBER AMICORUM PRO A.A. BALKEMA. Twenty-five tributes to the South African publisher A.A. Balkema, written by Frank Bradlow, Esme Burman, C. de Bosdari, Eve Palmer, and others. Beige printed wraps. 85pp. frontis. Inscrip. ffep. & signature title.p. VG+. Friends Of The SA Library. Cape Town 1984.

Inscrip. ffep reads: "Pse return to F.G. Butler in due course" referring to Guy Butler. This item ex the late Guy Butler's library. No.81 of 250.

#8698 Zapiro. CALL MR DELIVERY Cartoons From `Sowetan', `Mail & Guardian', And `Sunday Times'. Political cartoons, if you know the scene he is very funny. Printed wraps. 160pp. oblong sm.4to. No inscrip. Fine. David Philip. Cape Town 1999. £8.00
#8695 Zapiro. END OF PART ONE. Cartoons From `Sowetan', `Mail & Guardian', And `Sunday Times'. Political cartoons, if you know the scene he is very funny. Printed wraps. 160pp. oblong sm.4to. No inscrip. all but fine. David Philip. Cape Town 1998. £7.00


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#8592 Barclay's Bank D.C.O. LESOTHO. An economic survey. Printed wraps, 34pp stapled softcover. illustrated b/w photos, tables. Wraps foxed inside, o/w VG. Barclay's. London Feb 1970. £8.00
#8581 Gill, Stephen J. A SHORT HISTORY OF LESOTHO From the Late Stone Age Until The 1993 Elections. xv+ 266pp in printed wraps. illustrated b/w dwgs, photos, maps. No inscrip. stain top edge else VG. Morija Museum & Archives. Lesotho 1990. £14.00


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#8705 Barclay's Bank D.C.O. SUDAN. An economic survey. Printed wraps, 34pp stapled softcover. illustrated b/w photos, tables. No inscrip. VG. Barclay's. London Sept 1967. £8.00
#8657 Hamdun, Said. & King, Noel. IBN BATTUTA IN BLACK AFRICA. Ibn Battuta was one of the greatest medieval travellers. This narrative deals with his travels in East and West Africa. This is the scarce UK 1st edn. 99pp p/b 8vo. No inscrip. top edge foxed else VG+ in VG d/w. Rex Collins. London 1975 1st edn. £20.00
#8582 Mathew, David. ETHIOPIA. The Study Of A Polity, 1540-1935. Gilt on blue cb. ix + 254pp. frontis. illustrated b/w plates, photos, dwgs. indexed. maps on eps. Inscrip. reverse of frontis. good, clean, no d/w. Eyre & Spottiswoode. London 1947 1st edn. £16.00


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#8696 Branch, G.M., Griffiths, C.L., Branch, M.L., & Beckley, L.E. TWO OCEANS. A Guide To The Marine Life Of Southern Africa. Profusely illustrated. This guide allows the identification of over 1400 species, from sponges to whales, and from seaweeds to mangroves. Focuses of the most frequently encountered species that live in the intertidal zone and in shallow subtidal waters that can readily be explored by scuba-divers. The emphasis falls on groups that are diverse, most often encountered, and poorly covered in other field guides, particularly the life of open coast, beaches and rocky shores. Glossary & references. Printed wraps. 359pp illustrated col.photos, dwgs, distribution maps. lg.8vo. indexed. Mint. David Philip. Cape Town 1999 4th imp. £20.00
#8152 Rosenbaum, Mort & Williamson, Pong. SQUANDERING EDEN - AFRICA AT THE EDGE. 326pp. illustrated b/w photos. indexed. No inscrip. VG+. Paladin Books. Great Britain 1990. £8.00


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#8611 African National Congress. THE RECONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME. A Policy Framework. The document produced by the then new ANC government as a guideline to its plan of social action. Interesting retrospective reading. Printed wraps. 147pp 4to softcover. Neat small inscrip. title.p. VG. Johannesburg 1994. £15.00
#8570 Anglin, Douglas., Shaw, Timothy M., & Widstrand, Carl G. (Eds) CONFLICT AND CHANGE IN SOUTHERN AFRICA. Scandinavian And Canadian Perspectives. Papers From A Scandinavian-Canadian Conference. Articles on the frontline states by Nathan Shamuyarira (Tanzania), Dunstan Kamana (Zambia), & Bertil Egero (Mozambique). Articles on Africa & Liberation by Hage Geingob, Thabo Mbeki, Bolagi Akinyemi & Margaret Vogt. Articles on the prospects for change in South Africa by Kenneth Heard, Malcolm Grieve, Heribert Adam, and Sam Nolutshungu. Brief biographical notes on contributors, and list of participants at the conference. This first joint Scandinavian-Candian Conference on an African topic was held in Ottowa from 19 to 22 February 1978 (Anti-Apartheid Year). vi + 269pp 8vo p/b. Has suffered past creasing from poor storage, inscrip. ffep, but o/w sound and clean. University Press of America. Washington 1978. £10.00
#8571 Bello, Walden. BRAVE NEW WORLD. Strategies For Survival In The Global Economy. This report was originally prepared as a shorter paper for the conference "The Coming Global Civilisation: New Forms Of Sovereignty?" held in Moscow October 10-16 1988. 97pp p/b. indexed. No inscrip. near VG. Earthscan. London 1990. £8.00
#8629 Calland, Richard. (Ed) THE FIRST FIVE YEARS: A Review Of South Africa's Democratic Parliament. Asks how has parliament performed, what role has it played in the new order, who are the people that serve as our representatives? A review of the first period of democratic rule in South Africa. Printed wraps. 112pp illustrated b/w photos, charts etc. sm.4to. No inscrip. fine. IDASA PIMS. Cape Town 1999. £12.00
#8572 Chisholm, Michael. MODERN WORLD DEVELOPMENT. A Geographical Perspective. This text expands the main ideas in Professor Chisholm's Presidential Address To The Institite Of British Geographers. An examination of the major theories of economic growth, the role of natural resources, the core-periphery model of world development, environmental change, and the concept of human development. The African continent is only mentioned in the context of the subject matter, and this text is not exclusively concerned with Africa or any other region. 216pp 8vo p/b Cokey'd-out inscription ffep which has bled through several ff, some pencil u/l to early pp. hence VG-. Hutchinson. London 1982. £12.00
#8569 Forbes, Dean. & Thrift, Nigel. (Eds). THE SOCIALIST THIRD WORLD. Urban Development And Territorial Planning. The essays in this volume examine the territorial planning experience of several key socialist countries - Algeria (by M'Hamed Nacer & Keith Sutton), China, Cuba, Guyana (by Lesley M. Potter), Nicaragua, PDR Yemen, & Zimbabwe (by David Drakakis-Smith). vii + 333pp 8vo p/b. illustrated tables. Owner has cokey'd out inscrip on ffep which has bled through to the f.wrap. spine fad. hence G+. Blackwell. Oxford 1987 1st edn. £12.00
#8089 Herd, Norman. THE BENT PINE. The Trial Of Chief Langalibalele. 166pp. indexed. VG. in clean d/w. Ravan Press. Johannesburg 1976. £20.00
#8538 Lacey, Marian. WAITING FOR BOROKO. The Origins Of A Coercive Labour System In South Africa. (The title means working for nothing or for a place to sleep). Extensive notes, appendices, bibliography. xiii + 422pp p/b. illustrated tables, foldout map at rear. G, f.wrap creased at bottom, spine sl.faded. Ravan. Johannesburg 1981. £14.00
#7168 (Open Universities) THE OPEN UNIVERSITIES IN SOUTH AFRICA. Published On Behalf Of The Conference Of Representatives Of The University Of Cape Town And The University Of The Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, Held In Cape Town On 9, 10, And 11 January 1957. A reasoned statement from the publishers in response to the then government's intention to enact legislation prohibiting the entrance of `non-white' students to these institutions. Gilt on blue cb. 47pp. tall 8vo. Owners inscrips. & other markings eps. sp.fad. o/w G. Witwatersrand UP. Johannesburg 1957. £10.00
#8108 Soule, Allan et al. THE WYNAND DU TOIT STORY. Du Toit spent two years in an Angloan prison following a secret mission to Cabinda. The book includes the truth about South Africa's arms smuggler Klaas de Jonge and why he chose diplomatic asylum in the Dutch embassy rather than face treason charges, de jonge's involvement in the 1983 Pretoria car bomb blast that killed 19 people and injured 217 others, Pierre-Andre Albertini's confession of his arms smuggling role in the ANC, and more. 315pp p/b. illustratedb/w photos. VG. Hans Strydom Publishers. JHB 1987. £12.00
#4709 SOUTH AFRICA INTERNATIONAL. Vol 16. No 3. January 1986. A quarterly pulication. Contributors to this issue include Paul Johnson, D.A. Kotze, Stephen Gray, as well as an interview with Jaap Marais of the HNP by Willem de Klerk. Brown wraps. VG. SA Foundation. Jhb 1986. £10.00
#8161 SOUTH AFRICA INTERNATIONAL. Vol. 21. No. 1. July 1990. Quarterly. Contributors include, Lynda Chalker, Lawrence Schlemmer, Frederik van Zyl Slabbert, Heribert Adam, & Johan Latsky. 65pp. wraps. VG. South Africa Foundation. Jhb 1990. £10.00
#8160 SOUTH AFRICA INTERNATIONAL. Vol 21. No. 2. October 1990. Quarterly. Contributors include Mike Muller, N. Vink & Herman Louw, Theo Rudman, Gabor Bur, and Jan H. Steyn. 131pp. brown wraps. VG. South Africa Foundation. Jhb 1990. £10.00
#8159 SOUTH AFRICA INTERNATIONAL. Vol 21. No 3. January 1991. A quarterly pulication. Contributors to this issue include Charles Simkins, Nicoli Nattrass, M.C. Kitshoff, Gemma Porzgen, & Ralph Lawrence. brown wraps. VG. SA Foundation. Jhb 1991. £10.00
#8219 South African Institute of Race Relations. RACE RELATIONS. A Quarterly Journal. Vol. XVI: No.4. Comprises two articles related to the race riots in Durban. 22pp stapled booklet. G. SAIRR. Jhb 1949. £10.00
#8218 South African Institute of Race Relations. RACE RELATIONS. A Quarterly Journal. Vol. XVII: Nos.1-2. 44pp stapled booklet. G. SAIRR. Jhb 1950. £10.00
#7087 South African Institute of Race Relations. RACE RELATIONS. A Quarterly Journal. Vol. XV: No.3. Includes article 'Future of Non-European in Industry' by Harry Oppenheimer. 40pp stapled booklet. G. SAIRR. Jhb 1948. £10.00
#8230 South African Institute of Race Relations. CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES AND RACE PROBLEMS. Hoernle Memorial Lecture, 1945. The first such lecture as delivered by Jan Hofmeyr. 31pp stapled booklet with red wraps. G. SAIRR. Jhb. £10.00
#8645 Venter, Albert. (Ed). GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS IN THE NEW SOUTH AFRICA. An Introductory Reader To Its Institutions, Processes And Policies. Contributing editors cover the areas of the context of contemporary politics, parliament, the executive, the legal system and the judiciary, national provincial & local governments, public policy making, parties & interest groups, political economy, and foreign policy. Useful 3-page listing of local acronyms. Bibliography. Printed wraps. xiv + 378pp. illustrated tables, charts, etc. indexed. Mint. Van Schaik. Pretoria 2001 2nd edn. £15.00
#8118 Wylie, Dan. SAVAGE DELIGHT. White Myths Of Shaka. Despite the fact that we have virtually no reliable sources concerning Shaka, we find a sterotyped image running through writings about him. Author analyses the writings of Isaacs, Fynn, Bryant and Ritter, and explores the literary mythology of Shaka. Bibliography. Printed wraps, 220pp indexed. No inscrip, fine. UNP. Pietermaritzburg 2000. £15.00


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#8693 Baxter, T.W. and Turner, R.W.S. RHODESIAN EPIC. Profusely illustrated history of Rhodesia up to the 1920s. List of sources. Grey paper covered bds. 239pp illustrated b/w dwgs. maps photos etc. 4to indexed. Top edge, eps, and bds v.lightly fox. VG in matching d/w (fox to reverse & crease of r.foldin). Timmins. Cape Town 1973 3rd revd edn. £24.00
#8680 Ellert, H. THE RHODESIAN FRONT WAR. Counter-insurgency and guerrilla warfare 1962-1980. Extensive appendices detailing weapons and vehicles etc. Printed wraps, 268pp illustrated b/w photos, maps. No inscrip. VG+. Mambo. Gweru, 1993 edn. £30.00
#8586 Sinclair, Shirley. THE STORY OF MELSETTER. Illustrated By Pamela Latham And Patricia Van de Ruit. Melsetter village is situated in the hills facing the Chimanimani Mountains on the Eastern Border of Rhodesia, the name being chosen when the pioneer town was proposed in 1892 by Thomas Moodie, grandson of the last Laird of Melsetter in the Orkney Isles. This interesting volume is a history of the town, farms, its pioneers and growth from past to present. Well illustrated, the drawings are very attractive. Green skivertex. 197pp illustrated b/w photos, dwgs, maps sm.4to. indexed. No inscrip. f.edge spotty, eps lightly so, not quite worth a VG, but nice and clean in less attractive d/w which has been damp, has some closed tears etc. Collins. Salisbury 1972 2nd imp. £25.00
#8587 The Commission. REPORT OF THE ADVISORY COMMISSION ON THE REVIEW OF THE CONSTITUTION OF RHODESIA AND NYASALAND. Presented To The Northern Rhodesia Legislative Council. Known as the Monkton Commission, this was a device of a Conservative (British) government at the end of its term of office to stall left-wing and African opposition to the continuation of the Federation of Rhodesia & Nyasaland, to give confidence to moderate opinion in the UK and in the Federation and, particularly, to avoid the Labour Party from advocating the secession of Nyasaland. Blue wraps, 175pp. map in rear pocket, errata slip. Owners stamp & inscrip in several places, small loss to top of spine, o/w a good clean copy. HMSO. London 1960. £12.00
#8588 Welensky, Sir Roy. WELENSKY'S 4000 DAYS. The Life And Death Of The Federation Of Rhodesia And Nyasaland. Author was Prime Minister of the Federation until its unilateral dissolution by the government of the United Kingdom in 1963. 383pp. Illus. b/w photos. maps on eps. indexed. No inscrip. G+ in G d/w. London 1964 1st edn. £8.00


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#8602 McLean, Roy. SACKCLOTH WITHOUT ASHES. Test cricket analysis of the 1956-57-58 seasons. Green cb. ix + 179pp. illustrated b/w photos, statistical tables. Evenly lightly browned & foxed throughout, G only in G d/w. Timmins. Cape Town 1958. £10.00
#6648 Partridge, Ted. PROTEA CRICKET ANNUAL OF SOUTH AFRICA 1985. Volume 32. Published in association with SACU this provides provincial statistics and details including South African averages and records. Also comprehensively covers all cricket activity nationwide including the Currie Cup, the Nissan Shield, Benson & Hedges night cricket series, as well as schools and university cricket. Printed wraps. 447pp illustrated tables, b/w photos. No inscrip. a good copy. SACU. 1985. £10.00
#6647 Partridge, Ted. PROTEA CRICKET ANNUAL OF SOUTH AFRICA 1986. Volume 33. Published in association with SACU this provides provincial statistics and details including South African averages and records, Also comprehensivey covers all cricket activity nationwide including the Currie Cup, the Nissan Shield, Benson & Hedges night cricket series, the 1985/86 Australian tour, as well as schools and university cricket. Printed wraps. 511pp illustrated tables, b/w photos. Inscrip ffep. a good copy, spine sunned. SACU. 1986. £10.00
#6646 Partridge, Ted. PROTEA CRICKET ANNUAL OF SOUTH AFRICA 1984. Volume 31. Published in association with SACU this provides provincial statistics and details including South African averages and records, Also comprehensivey covers all cricket activity nationwide including the Currie Cup, the Nissan Shield, Benson & Hedges night cricket series, as well as schools and university cricket. Printed wraps. 439pp illustrated tables, b/w photos. Inscrip ffep. a good copy. SACU. 1984. £10.00
#8596 The Mountain Club Of South Africa THE JOURNAL OF THE MOUNTAIN CLUB OF SOUTH AFRICA. Being Number Sixty Four For The Year 1961. Many articles include Antelopes Of The Drakensberg, Record On Rock - Rock Paintings Of The South West Cape, Lord of The African Skies (the Lammergeyer), Mount Kenya, etc. Grey card wraps. 169pp + advts. illustrated col.b/w plates, photos. dwgs. maps. VG. Cape Town 1962. £10.00
#8598 The Mountain Club Of South Africa THE JOURNAL OFTHE MOUNTAIN CLUB OF SOUTH AFRICA. Being Number Ninety One For The Year 1989. Colour photograph on card wraps. 185pp + advts. illustrated col.b/w plates, photos, maps, dwgs. tall 8vo. No inscrip. Fine. Cape Town 1988. £10.00
#8599 The Mountain Club Of South Africa THE JOURNAL OFTHE MOUNTAIN CLUB OF SOUTH AFRICA. Being Number Ninety Two For The Year 1989. Colour photograph on card wraps. 199pp + advts. illustrated col.b/w plates, photos, maps, dwgs. tall 8vo. No inscrip. Fine. Cape Town 1990. £10.00
#8597 The Mountain Club Of South Africa THE JOURNAL OFTHE MOUNTAIN CLUB OF SOUTH AFRICA. Being Number Ninety For The Year 1987. Colour photograph on card wraps. 170pp + advts. illustrated col.b/w plates, photos, maps, dwgs. tall 8vo. No inscrip. Fine. Cape Town 1988. £10.00


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#8560 Green, Lawrence G. LORDS OF THE LAST FRONTIER. The Story Of South West Africa & Its People Of All Races. 245pp. Cold.frontis. Illus. b/w photos. Ex library with stamps, pockets etc tipped in. G in worn d/w with label to spine. Timmins. Cape Town 1952. 2nd revd. edn. £5.00
#8563 Green, Lawrence G. ON WINGS OF FIRE. A Narrative Of Odd And Unusual Characters And Queer Remote Places Along The Flamingo Coast From Swakopmund To The Cape. 249pp. Cold.frontis. Illus. b/w line dwgs. indexed. Ex library with pockets etc tipped in, sl.shelfwear, little used, G+ in bright d/w with sm.loss to top of spine, sello stains to reverse. Timmins. Cape Town 1967 1st edn. £5.00
#8593 O'Linn, Advocate Bryan. THE PRIORITY FOR NAMIBIA TODAY: The Attainment Of An Honourable And Lasting Peace And The Obstacles In the way. An Analysis By Adv. B. O'Linn S.C., On The Occasion Of The Opening Of The 17th Session Of The Third Ovambo Legislative Assembly On The 5th March 1985 At Ongwediva, Owambo. Includes annexures of various UN documents. Green printed wraps, stapled 8vo softcover. VG. Namibia Publications. Windhoek 1985. £8.00


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#8579 Palin, Michael. POLE TO POLE WITH MICHAEL PALIN. This book accompanied the BBC tv series of the adventure as Author travelled around the world on a circumpolar route. Gilt on blue cb. 320pp illustrated col.b/w photos, mpas, etc. At least fine, no inscrip. BBC. London 1993 rpt. £12.00


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#6357 Green, Lawrence G. UNDER A SKY LIKE FLAME. The Story Of West Africa, The "White Man's Grave" - Cities And Seaports And Islands, White Exiles And Black Magic. 254pp. cold.frontis. illustrated b/w photos. indexed. Sp.fad. G, no d/w. Timmins. Cape Town 1954 1st edn. £5.00


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#4923 Brown, James Ambrose. ONE MAN'S WAR. A Soldier's Diary. Well known local journalist and writer on matters military wrote this diary in the course of his experiences in North Africa 1941-42. Written from the viewpoint from a young N.C.O. It chronicles the life and death around him. Red cbs. 185pp illustrated b/w photos. tall 8v0. Edges sl.fox else VG+ in d/w (spine fad and closed tears top edge, etc). Timmins, Cape Town 1980 1st edn. £10.00
#8539 Coleman, Francis L. THE KAFFRARIAN RIFLES. 1876-1986. `Nunc Animis'. The official regimental history. The origin of the regiment commences with action in the 9th Frontier War by its predecessor the Buffalo Rifles in 1876. The regiment subsequently saw action in the Basutoland Campaign, the Anglo-Boer War, and both the First and Second World Wars. xxii + 327pp. illustrated with maps and foldouts, 94 photographic plates, etc. 8vo. An unmarked copy, as new, in d/w. Kaffrarian Rifles Association. East London 1988.

Several copies to hand.

#8699 Curson, Dr. H.H. MORE MILITARY AND POLICE DEVICES FROM SOUTH AFRICA 1790-1962. With A Foreword By Commandant-General P.H. Grobbelaar And A Description Of The Devices Of The Cape Town Highlanders By Capt. J.J. Hume. Brown cb. xiv + 48pp. illustrated b/w. photos, map. 4to. indexed. Inscrip title.p. some fox to bds. worn but sound copy. No place. 1962. £25.00
#8151 Venter, Al. THE TERROR FIGHTERS. A Profile Of Guerrilla Warfare In Southern Africa. Photographs by Cloete breytenbach. The war in Angola at this time occupied 60,000 Portuguese troops to contain freedom fighters of one sixth of that number. 152pp. in d/w. Inscrip on half-title, else VG in good wrapper. Purnell. CT 1969 1st edn. £12.00


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#3550 Kearton, Cherry. IN THE LAND OF THE LION. Kearton hunted with a camera, an early conservationist who noted the disappearance of African wild life at an alarming rate even in his day. First published in 1929 this work covers everything from elephants to ants. Yellow cb. 249pp illustrated over 80 b/w photos. A very clean copy, no inscrip. VG in G only d/w with loss around head and tail of spine. Arrowsmith. np. 8th edn. 1940. £12.00
#8691 Labuschagne, R.J. & Schack W.F. 60 YEARS KRUGER PARK. 1958. Commemorative item for the Kruger National Park founded 1898. Bibliography. Green cbs 104pp illustrated b/w photos. oblong 4to. No inscrip. edges fox. o/w VG. NPB. Pretoria 1958. £10.00
#8605 Oberjohann, Heinrich. WILD ELEPHANT CHASE. Adventures In The Lake Chad Region. Author spent four years researching elephants in this area. Gilt on brown cb. 189pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. No inscrip. bottom edges rough cut, ff browned, eps fox. G, no d/w. Denis Dobson. London 1953. £12.00
#8062 Owens, Mark & Delia. SURVIVOR'S SONG. Life And Death In The African Wilderness. The poaching of elephants in Zambia and how commercial interests threatened Authors' own lives as they struggled to raise local consciousness of conservation in order to protect the wildlife. viii + 305p p/b. illustrated col.photos, map. indexed. No inscrip, G-VG, bumped. Harper Collins. London 1992. £5.00


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M. Mint. F. Fine.
VG. Very Good. G. Good.
annots. annotations. bds. boards.
col. cold. colour(ed). d/w dust-wrapper.
eps endpapers. ff. leaves.
f(f)eps front (free) endpapers. fox. foxed.
illus. illustrated. o/w otherwise.
pp. pages. sl. slight.
sm. small. sp. spine
u/l underlining v. very.


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