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Africana Catalogue Q177 May 2003

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#9768 Lawson, K.C. VENTURE OF FAITH. The Story Of St. Johns College, Johannesburg. 1898-1968. A detailed history of Johannesburg's premier private school for boys. Red cb or. xix + 426pp. cold.frontis. illustrated b/w photos. foldout site plan. One ff cnr folded over, several marginal annots else VG++ in worn d/w. Council of St John's College. Johannesburg 1968.

Presentation copy to Guy Butler.


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#9792 Bowler, T.W. & Thomson, W.R. PICTORIAL ALBUM OF CAPE TOWN With Views Of Simon's Town, Port Elizabeth, and Graham's Town. From Original Drawings By T.W. Bowler, With Historical And Descriptive Sketches By W.R. thompson. Facsimile of the original Juta 1866 edition. Green cb or. 44pp illustrated foldout cold.plates. oblong folio. No inscrip. Mint in fine d/w. Struik. Cape Town 1984 2nd imp. £40.00
#9709 Du Preez, H.M.J. (Comp). MUSEUMS OF THE CAPE. A Guide To The Province-Aided Museums Of The Cape. Covers 37 museums of the Western & Eastern Cape, with information and photographs of each. Printed bds. 115pp illustrated 141 col.photos. oblong 8vo. No inscrip. VG in d/w. Dept. Nature. Cape Town 1981. £6.00
#7605 Pearse, G.E. THE CAPE OF GOOD HOPE. 1652-1833. An Account Of Its Buildings And The Life Of Its People. Grey cb. 166pp illustrated b/w photos, maps, plans, etc. No inscrip. VG in tatty d/w (with major tears to rear). Van Schaik. Pretoria 1956. £20.00


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#4611 Leith, Margaret. `ONE THE FAITH...' A History Of St Michael's School. The story of the first 100 years of the first school founded north of the Orange River, in Bloemfontein, in 1874. Gilt on blue skivertex. 84pp illustrated b/w photos. Gift inscrip ffep hence VG only. no d/w. Purnell. Cape Town (1973). £10.00
#9797 Oberholster, J.J., Van Schoor, M.C.E. & Maree, A.J.H. SOUVENIR ALBUM OF THE ORANGE FREE STATE. At The Request Of The Free State Centenary Committee. Green leather bound. 154pp illustrated cold.plates, b/w photos. 4to. Wear to joints, Good. Bloemfontein 1954.

Signed half title by Jim Fouche, then Administrator of the OFS.

EASTERN CAPE (including all 1820 Settler related material)

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#9774 Austen, A.E. HISTORY OF THE MERIDIAN LODGE NO.1469 CRADOCK. From Date Of Its Consecration To August Installation 1896. Written For The Meridian Lodge Of Instruction. Including: "Treatise On Ancient Landmarks Of Freemasonry, Written For The Meridian Lodge Of Instruction" by A.E. Austen, PM of No.1469. 15 f.page portraits. Silver dec blue cb. 70pp + 26pp illustrated b/w photos. No inscrip. near Fine. Cradock 1896. £30.00
#9687 Board, C. THE BORDER REGION. Natural Environment And Land Use In The Eastern Cape. Map volume only. Red cb or. 2 pockets inside with 4 maps - Geology, Vegetation, Native Areas, Land Use. each map 35"w x 63"h. Maps as new & unused, bds VG with some foxing to inside pocketry, all in G clean d/w. OUP. London 1962. £20.00
#6728 Kirby. Percival R. SIR ANDREW SMITH, M.D., K.C.B. His Life, Letters And Works. Joining the army medical department he was ordered to the Cape in 1821. He spent 15 years in South Africa where he found much scope for his talents as a naturalist. As a result of his investigations and publications on the subject, he has been acknowledged as the father of South African zoology. His military duties had, practically from his arrival, taken him into areas inhabited by the aborigines, and this aroused his interest in both anthropolgy and exploration. He accordingly made copious notes on the manners and customs of the bantu tribes with who he came into contact. Grahamstown was his headquarters, on and off, for several years until 1825. Brown cb or. ix + 358pp illustrated b/w plates, photos, maps. lg.8vo. indexed. No inscrip. f.bd sl.damped bottom corner, eps fox. contents VG, hence o/a G in ch.d/w (sp. heavily fad.) Balkema. Cape Town 1965. £15.00
#9769 Rivett-Carnac, Dorothy E. HAWKS EYE. Biography of Lt-Gen. Sir Henry Somerset, eldest son of Lord Charles Somerset, who was responsible for good order on the Eastern Cape frontier for thirty years and who participated in every Kaffir War from 1819 until 1852 when he was transferred to India. Yellow cb. xi + 178pp. frontis. illustrated b/w plates, maps, indexed. No inscrip. 1" split to lower f.joint, else VG in worn d/w (complete, edges rubbed, chipped, fox). Timmins. Cape Town 1966 1st edn. £10.00
#9798 Shuttleworth, Stanley G. 1820 SETTLER WOMEN. The Unsung Heroines Of Those Times. Short biographies of 31 settler women. Bibliography. Printed wraps. 152pp p/b illustrated 8vo. Fine. Self-published. Grahamstown nd. (late 1990s).

Several copies available.


#9703 Various. GRAHAMSTOWN, BATHURST & PORT ELIZABETH. A Descriptive Handbook. Issued Under The joint Auspices Of The Grahamstown, Bathurst and Port Alfred Publicity Association And The South African Railways And Harbours. Pretty coloured design to f.wrap (a la Brian Cook) and well illustrated with contemporary photographs. Printed wraps. 64pp stapled 8vo booklet. VG. SAR&H 1928. £12.00
#9716 Wilmot, Bugs. & Marx, Gerhard. L.A. LORE. The Lighter Side Of Life In Lower Albany. Cartoons and jokes humorously portraying the travails of farming in the drought-stricken Eastern Cape. Oblong 8vo p/b. 76pp. Illus. Fine. Grahamstown 1992. £5.00


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#7123 Stuart, James. and Malcolm, D. McK. (Eds). THE DIARY OF HENRY FRANCIS FYNN. Compiled From Original Sources And Edited by.... Covers the period 1824-1836 and is the story of the first white settler in Natal, the earliest record extant of life in Natal. Green cb. xvi + 341pp. illustrated b/w plates, 3 foldout maps at rear. 8vo. indexed. Ownership stamp, G-VG in tatty repd. d/w with loss. Shuter & Shooter. Pietermaritzburg 1950.

Limited edition, No.1384 of 1700.
#7385 The Natal Society. NATALIA. No.8. December 1978. 91pp + advts. Wraps lightly browned, contents VG+. Natal. £10.00

SOUTHERN AFRICA, GENERAL. (unclassified by area)

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#9712 Burgess, Tony. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF SOUTH AFRICA. This Book Is Dedicated To Those South Africans Who Will Never See It. Over 300 photographs taken on 3rd August 1994. Leatherette bds. Unnum. Folio. No inscrip. lower cnrs. sl.bpd hence VG-F in VG d/w. SA National Council for the Blind. 1994. £48.00
#9705 Davenport, T.R.H. SOUTH AFRICA. A Modern History. xxv + 432pp p/b. illustrated b/w dwgs. photos. maps, etc. Ownership inscrip ffep. Macmillan. London 1978 2nd edn. £8.00
#9779 De Kiewiet, C.W. A HISTORY OF SOUTH AFRICA. Social & Economic. Includes appendix of 'Principal Officials' such as governors, premiers, etc. vii + 292pp p/b illustrated maps. indexed. No inscrip. G, clean, sound. OUP. London 1972 rpt. £8.00
#9690 Hall, Sian. & Marsh, Rob. BEYOND BELIEF. Murders And Mysteries Of Southern Africa. A popular and profusely illustrated selection of topics ancient and modern. Bibliography. Maroon cb. 128pp illustrated col.b/w photos. dwgs. etc. 4to. indexed. Fine in d/w. Struik. Cape Town 1996. £18.00
#9681 Henry, J.A. THE FIRST HUNDRED YEARS OF THE STANDARD BANK. Based upon unpublished material selected, assembled and presented by J.A. Henry. An interesting look at the history of Southern Africa from a financial point of view, especially that of early mining history. Also chapters on East & West Africa. With original bank compliment slip. Green cb or. ix + 371pp illustrated b/w plates, maps. lg.8vo. indexed. No inscrip. top edge dusty else fine in near VG ch.d/w. OUP. London 1963. £15.00
#9757 Huguenot Society. PROCEEDINGS OF THE HUGUENOT SOCIETY OF LONDON. Supplement To Vol. XVIII, No.4. four Hundredth Anniversary Of The Granting Of The Charter By King Edward VI On July 24th 1550, According Freedom Of Worship To The Dutch And Protestant Refugees In London. Contents include details of the various dinners, exhibitions, services, etc. held to commemorate this anniversary. Note is made at the dinner of the attendance of Professor Rousseau from South Africa as the great authority on matters Huguenot in South Africa. Printed wraps. 36pp stapled booklet. 8vo. VG Huguenot Society. London (1950). £6.00
#9770 Keppel-Jones, A. SOUTH AFRICA. A Short History. Commonwealth History series. University level text. 212pp p/b 8vo. Neat inscrip. fep. G-VG. Hutchinson. London 1968 4th edn. £5.00
#9691 Oxley, John. PLACES OF WORSHIP IN SOUTH AFRICA. A rich architectural review of South Africa's diverse religious heritage. 59 different notable places of worship across the country shown, with history, anecdotes, surroundings etc. Bibliography. Black cb. xiii + 208pp illustrated col.b/w photos. dwgs. etc. 4to. indexed. No inscrip. bott.cnrs bmpd. else near Fine in VG++ d/w (sl.rubbed is only fault). Southern. Halfway House 1993 1st imp. £20.00
#7117 Patterson, Sheila. THE LAST TREK. A Study Of The Boer People And The Afrikaner Nation. Bibliography. Green cb or. viii + 336pp. errata slip. 8vo. indexed. Ownership inscrip ffep. eps fox, sp.sl.offset. G-VG in browned G- ch.d/w. RKP. London 1957. £12.00
#9700 Willcox, A.R. SHIPWRECK AND SURVIVAL. On The South-East Coast Of Africa. An overview of known shipwrecks of older times. Two maps of shipwreck locations. Printed wraps 47pp stapled. No inscrip. VG+. Drakensberg Pub. Winterton 1984. £6.00


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#9688 Ashton, Hugh. THE BASUTO. A full study of the historical, social, conception, birth & childhood, education, marriage, agricultural, land tenure, political, judicial, medical, magical, and (more) aspects of the Basuto culture. Appendices include a glossary of Sesuto words, botanical names, colloquialisms, kinship terms, etc. Bibliography. Green cb. xi + 355pp illustrated b/w photos, foldout map. Inscrip. f.pastedown, fep excised, library stamps & pocket etc. Cig.burn to f.joint hence G reading copy only, clean. OUP. London 1955 2nd imp. £12.00
#9744 Murray, Grace A. ANCIENT RITES AND CEREMONIES. Includes a chapter on Hottentots, as well as many tribal societies from around the world. Bibliography. Blue cb. 256pp illustrated b/w plates. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. Bookplate f.pastedown. edges & eps fox. G, clean, no d/w. Alston Rivers. London 1930 2nd edn. £15.00
#9742 Pauw, B.A. THE SECOND GENERATION. A Study Of The Family Among Urbanised Bantu In East London. The third volume of the trilogy "Xhosa In Town". ISER Rhodes University East London. Red cb. x + 219pp illustrated b/w photos, tables, maps. 8vo. indexed. Some pencil u/l and ink inscrips. hence G only. no d/w. OUP. Cape Town 1969 4th imp. £10.00
#7096 Schapera, I. SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY OF SOUTH AFRICAN NATIVE LIFE AND PROBLEMS. Compiled For The Inter-University Committee For African Studies Under The Direction Of I. Schapera. Navy cb. xii + 249pp 8vo. indexed. VG in G- browned d/w with loss to head of spine. OUP. London 1941 1st edn. £40.00
#9682 Whisson, Michael G. & West, Martin. (Eds). RELIGION AND SOCIAL CHANGE IN SOUTHERN AFRICA. Anthropological Essays In Honour Of Monica Wilson. Compiled in honour of Monica Wilson, this book presents a unified set of essays on the two themes of religion and social change in Southern Africa. Contributions by: Hammond-Tooke (The Symbolic Structure Of Cape Nguni Cosmology), Berglund (Heaven-herds: A Study In Zulu Symbolism), Sibisi (The Place Of Spirit Possession In Zulu Cosmology), Murray (Sex, Smoking & The Shades: A Sotho Symbolic Idiom), Carstens (Change in Khoikhoi Supernatural Beliefs), Sundkler (The Churches' Hinterland), Turner (Death & The Dead In The Pilgrimage Process), Krige (Traditional & Christian Lovedu family Structures), Pauw (Beliefs Of Xhosa-speaking Christians), Mafeje (Religion, Class & Ideology In South Africa), West (The Shades Come To Town: Urban Independant Churches). List of Monica Wilson's published works. Bibliography. Red cb. or. xii + 223pp. portrait frontis. 8vo. indexed. No inscrip. sl.spotting to bds. hence VG++ in clean complete but repd. d/w. David Philip. Cape Town 1975. £15.00


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#5156 Fehr, William. TREASURES AT THE CASTLE OF GOOD HOPE. Illustrates and describes the art treasure of the Castle, which includes paintings, furniture, china, glass, and silverware. White skivertex with cold. insert let into f.bd. 139pp illustrated b/w photos. Folio. Except picture forming f.pastedown and fep insect damaged, a VG-F copy. Trustees Castle Art Collection / Nasionale Boekhansel. Cape Town 1969 3rd edn. £20.00
#7927 Gordon-Brown, A. PICTORIAL ART IN SOUTH AFRICA DURING THREE CENTURIES. With Notes On Over 400 Artists And 59 plates. A good reference work. Blue cb or. vii + 172pp illustrated b/w plates. 8vo. indexed. Eps fox and tape-stained, a few ff also fox, o/a G+. Sawyer. London 1952. £20.00
#9714 Picton-Seymour, D. VICTORIAN BUILDINGS IN SOUTH AFRICA. Including Edwardian & Transvaal Republic Styles 1850-1910. A Survey Of Houses, Churches, Schools, Public And Commercial Buildings, With Notes On The Materials Used, The Architects Concerned, The Use Of Prefabicated Ironmongery, And The Influence Of European Styles. The standard work on this subject, Bibliography. Maroon cb or. xii + 412pp illustrated b/w photos. dwgs. 4to. indexed. Very fine in d/w. Balkema. Cape Town 1977. £80.00


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#9711 Bird, Allen. ARABELLA ROUPELL. Pioneer Artist Of Cape Flowers. This volume includes 15 cold.plates of flowers of the Cape painted in the first half of the 19thC. This includes the plates from `More Cape Flowers' plus two hitherto unpublished plates. New biographical material concerning Arabella Roupell. Bibliography. Green cb. pp unnum. Folio. No inscrip. bds spotted, stained, unattractive. contents fine but ff a little browned at edges. tatty worn d/w. A sound copy, but sadly considerably less than pristine. SA Natural History Pub. Co. Johannesburg 1975.

No.64 of 625 copies.
# 7377 Giddy, Cynthia. CYCADS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. With Pencil Drawings And diagrams By Barbara Jeppe. This book contains a full description of each of the 29 South african species with a colour plate and drawings. Green cb. 122pp. illustrated col.photos, dwgs, maps. 4to. Ownership stamp and green inscrip to ffep, o/w near VG in G only worn rubbed d/w. Purnell. Cape Town 1974 1st edn.

Inscribed on title page thus: "With good wishes, Cynthia Giddy".
#9383 Jeppe, Barbara. SOUTH AFRICA IS MY GARDEN. 24 plates illustrate over 150 species. Author's beautiful watercolours, with accompanying handwritten text and line drawings, describe and illustrate local flora. Gilt on yellow cb. illustrated cold.b/w dwgs. (44pp). 4to. Absolutely mint in d/w. Delta. Craighall 1984 1st edn.

Several copies available.
#5699 Letty, Cythna. CHILDREN OF THE HOURS. Indigenous Plants With Peculiar Habits. Drawings, paintings and poems by Author. Orange cb. 63pp illustrated col.b/w. 4to. Sl.shelfwear o/w VG, no inscrip. D/w sm.repairs, G, bright. Johannesburg 1981. £16.00
#6688 Palmer, Eve. & Pitman, Norah. TREES OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Covering All Known Indigenous Species In The Republic Of South Africa, South-West Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, & Swaziland. 3 volume standard work. Maroon cb or. 2235pp. Illus. col.b/w photos. dwgs. etc. 4t0. indexed. Ownership inscrip fep, very light browning top edge, all vols. Vol.1. Sl.sello offset to fep and front folding of d/w hence a near fine copy in a VG d/w (spine faded). Vol.2. Also near fine, d/w rear foldin split & loose, sp.fad. Vol.3. Also near fine. d/w sp.fad & 2" tear f.joint. Balkema. Cape town 1972. £220.00
#9710 White, Alain. & Sloane, Boyd L. THE STAPELIEAE. Three volume standard work. Blue cb. xvi + 1185pp illustrated cold.plates, b/w photos, dwgs. 4to. No inscrip. contents fine, except vol.1 f.bd shaken & repaired with tape. cb fad & worn. clean. Pasadena 1937 2nd edn. £200.00


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#9695 Bell, W.H. Somerset. BYGONE DAYS. Being Reminiscences Of Pioneer Life In The Cape Colony And The Transvaal, With Some Account Of The Jamieson Raid And Its Consequences. Author printed the "Kariega News" in Grahamstown as a boy. Chapters on railway development in the colony, early Johannesburg, Barberton, the Reform committee, the Boer war. Appendices on the Reform committee prisoners, concentration camps. Blue cb. 367pp 8vo. Worn, a sound working copy. London 1933 1st edn. £10.00
#9767 Knight, Ian J. WARRIOR CHIEFS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Shaka Of The Zulu. Moshoeshoe Of The BaSotho. Mzilikazi Of The Mataele. Maqoma Of The Xhosa. Looks at the lives and military campaigns of these warriors. Brown cb. 191pp illustrated b/w. 4to. indexed. Mint. Riverside. Durban (1994). £10.00
#7706 Paton, Alan. TOWARDS THE MOUNTAIN. An Autobiography. Blue cb. 320pp. illustrated b/w photos. 8vo indexed. Shelfwear, hence VG- in G-VG d/w. David Philip. Cape Town 1981 2nd imp. £8.00
#9677 Rosenthal, Eric. FROM DRURY LANE TO MECCA. Being An Account Of The Strange Life And Adventures Of Hedley Churchward, Also Known As Mahmoud Mobarek Churchward, An English Convert To Islam. Author's first book. Author was a friend of Churchward and gained his permission to write this biography. Illustrated with drawings by Churchward which are noteworthy as many of the buildings so illustrated no longer exist. 261pp. Illus. b/w plates. No inscrip. Fine in a VG-F d/w. Timmins. Cape Town 1982 rpt. £30.00
#9780 Toffoli, Hilary Prendini. & Silber, Gus. WHO'S REALLY WHO IN SOUTH AFRICA. Guide to the buzz people of South Africa's in-set. Boerestaat guerillas and society hostesses, deejays and the deejayed, sport stars and pop stars, lefties & righties, and more. Printed wraps, 229pp illustrated b/w photos. No inscrip. VG. Johnathan Ball. Parklands 1989. £8.00
#9706 Truth Legion. GREATER SOUTH AFRICA. Plans For A Better World. The Speeches Of General The Right Honourable J.C. Smuts. A selection of speeches. Gilt on blue cb. 191pp illustrated b/w photo. sm.4to. G+, very clean. Johannesburg 1941 2nd edn. £10.00
#9793 Uys, Pieter-Dirk. FUNIGALORE. Evita's Real-Life Adventures In Wonderland. The book of the TV show, with Uys as Evita Bezuidenhout (South Africa's favourite drag-queen) wining, dining, and interviewing the nations leading political personalities from Nelson Mandela to lesser lights. Printed wraps. vii + 265pp lg.8vo p/b. illustrated col.photos. Large inscrip half-title, o/w F. Penguin. London 1995.

Signed title-page as both Evita Bezuidenhout and Pieter-Dirk Uys.


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#9717 Heard, Vida. & Faull, Lesley. OUR BEST TRADITIONAL RECIPES. Illustrated by Brenda Lighton. How to cook ostrich eggs, how to make boerewors, recipes for bobotie and other traditional local dishes. Real South African fare for the table. Printed bds. 118pp illustrated b/w dwgs. 8vo. indexed. Top edge dusty, VG. Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1979. £8.00


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#9758 de Watteville, Vivienne. SPEAK TO THE EARTH. Wanderings And Reflections Among Elephants And Mountains. A reprint of the 1935 classic of a courageous spirit in search of solitude and enlightenment in Africa. New introduction by Alexander Maitland. Printed wraps. xxxviii + 329pp illustrated b/w photos, maps. 8vo. Inscrip fep, spine creased, ff browned, a clean G+ copy. Methuen. London 1986. £6.00
#9685 Hofmeyr, Agnes Leakey. BEYOND VIOLENCE. A story concerning the Mau Mau in Kenya, by the daughter of Gray Leakey who was buried alive on Mount Kenya as a human sacrifice to the gods of Mau Mau. Printed wraps. 91pp. 8vo. VG+. Grosvenor Books. Johannesburg 1990. £6.00
#9693 Stevens, W.H. EAST AFRICAN SAFARI. A Pictorial Impression Of East Africa. A photographic safari, with 114 nicely reproduced b/w pictures, commencing on the East African coast and running roughly along the line of the equator. Wildlife, people, places. Black cb. or. pp unnum. One ff loose o/w G-VG in G ch.d/w. Collins. London 1965 1st edn.

Inscribed half-title thus: "To Chucky & Dottie with every good wish from the Author. Bill Stevens".


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#9724 A. Rittenberg. POSTCARD. Albert Falls, Natal. Oval cold.view on green embossed & dec. card. Used. sl.worn edges but o/w VG. Durban. nd. (posted 1911). £5.00
#9719 Art Publishers. POSTCARD. 8. Dale College Primary School, King William's Town. C.P. Monochrome "real photo". Unused, VG. Durban nd. £2.00
#9723 Edina Press. POSTCARD. SS "South African Transporter". View of ship in Table Bay harbour. Cold.view. Unused, VG. Cape Town. nd. £3.00
#9734 J.C. (or C.J.). POSTCARD. Botanical Gardens, Durban. 31. Monochrome view along palm-lined path. Unused, VG. np. nd. £3.00
#9733 Photochrom Co. POSTCARD. Riet River, Near Port Alfred. Shows camping site by water. Monochrome view. Good. London. nd. £3.00
#9745 PRD. POSTCARD. The Parallel Passage, Zimbabwe. Z.4. Monochrome view. Unused, VG. np. nd. £3.00
#9731 SAPSCO. POSTCARD. The Kowie River, Port Alfred. Monochrome view across the river from the west side showing old mill. VG, but small mark in sky area. Johannesburg. nd. £3.00
#9729 Sneath. POSTCARD. South Africa. Coronation Pageant. Sheffield. Dense writing on rear gives interesting commentary on the proceedings. Monochrome view. Sheffield. nd. £4.00
#9732 Spanos & Tsitslas. POSTCARD. Transvaal. Watervalboven. Cold.view. maybe from ZASM railway line. Unused. VG. Lourenco Marques. £4.00
#9702 Union Castle Line. LIST OF PASSENGERS. R.M.M.V "Athlone Castle" Leaving Cape Town 9th July, 1937. Full passenger list, mileage distances chart, and other information. Printed wraps, 16pp stapled 8vo booklet. Some insect damage along lower joint, top edge f.wrap partially folded over, else bright and attractive. Union Castle. £14.00
#9722 Unknown. POSTCARD. Victoria Falls Bridge, Victoria Falls, Rhodesia. Close up of part of bridge with falls in background. Monochrome view. Unused, VG. np. nd. £2.00
#9730 Unknown. POSTCARD. Greetings From South Africa. Harbour, East London. Monochrome view on front of river berths with many sailing ships. reverse printed "Union Postale Universelle. Cape Of Good Hope. (Cap De Bonne Esperance)." Unused. VG. np. nd. £5.00
#9735 Unknown. POSTCARD. Devils Peak, Cape Town. F.62. Monochrome view. Used, corners sofr else VG. np. nd. (1928). £2.00
#9725 Unknown. POSTCARD. Bathurst St. Grahamstown. Top of street at corner of Bon Marche, shows horse-drawn & pedestrian traffic. Monochrome view. Used, sl.mark front. G. np. nd. £2.00
#9727 Unknown. POSTCARD. Church Square Grahamstown, Showing Cathedral. Monochrome view. Several small fox spots else VG picture. np. nd. £2.00
#9726 Unknown. POSTCARD. Bathurst Street. Looking South. Grahamstown. cold.view looking down from the top by Commemoration Church. Shows horsedrawn & pedestrian traffic. Cold.view. Used. stain to front. np. nd. £2.00
#9720 Valentine & Sons. POSTCARD. Dorp Street, Stellenbosch. C.P. Monochrome, rounded corners. Unused. sl.wear one corner. Cape Town nd. £3.00
#9728 Valentine & Sons. POSTCARD. Victoria falls, S.A., The Boiling Pot. Cold.view. Small crease one side, clean. Cape Town. nd. £3.00
#9721 Victor Clark. POSTCARD. Victoria Falls Bridge. Shows train passing over. Monochrome view. Unused, VG. Victoria Falls. nd. £2.00


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#9678 Butler, Guy. & Opland, Jeff. (Eds). THE MAGIC TREE. South African Stories In Verse. A selection of narrative poems ordered by the stories that they tell. Headings such as `heroes', `culture contact', `song and dance', and more. Printed wraps. 243pp 8vo. VG. MML. Cape Town 1989.

Signed on title page by Guy Butler.
#9785 Cope, Jack. THE STUDENT OF ZEND. Blue cb. 279pp. No inscrip. near Fine in VG+ d/w.Heinemann. London 1972 1st edn. £16.00
#9783 Gordimer, Nadine. SIX FEET OF THE COUNTRY. Short Stories. Red cb. 223pp 12mo. No inscrip. G in d/w. Gollancz. London 1956. £25.00
#9689 Heyns, Michel. THE CHILDREN'S DAY. The novel captures the essence of what it was like for an adolescent growing up in a remote Free State village in a world fraught with contradictions of class, race, gender, and language during the apartheid years of the sixties. Printed wraps. 244pp 8vo. Fine. Johnathan Ball. Johannesburg 2002. £6.00
#9759 Hope, Christopher. A SEPERATE DEVELOPMENT. Author's first novel. 224pp p/b. G. Granada. London 1983. £4.00
#9782 Jacobsen, Dan. THE RAPE OF TAMAR. A modern telling of the Old Testament tale of the rape of King David's daughter by one of her brothers, and the consequences thereof. Blue cb. 183pp 8vo. No inscrip. light dust to top edge else Fine in VG-F d/w (a little rubbing). Secker & warburg. London 1980 edn. £10.00
#9786 Jenkins, Geoffrey. A CLEFT OF STARS. Exciting novel about diamonds, hidden gold and treasure at Mapungubwe. Blue cb. 224pp 8vo. No inscrip. top edge fox, spine sl.offset, sello stains eps. despite aforementioned, near VG in d/w. Collins. London 1973 1st edn. £8.00
#9787 Jenkins, Geoffrey. SOUTHTRAP. Novel set at sea in the South Atlantic and sub-Antatctic regions. Blue cb. 294pp 8vo. Sm.inscrip fep. spine sl.offset, edges fox, hence G+ in matching d/w. nice clean appearance however. Collins. London 1979 1st edn. £8.00
#9760 Johnson, Shaun. STRANGE DAYS INDEED. South Africa From Insurrection To Post-Election. Updated and revised edition of author's published and unpublished pieces, mostly written for The Star & Saturday Star from 1986 to 1994. 444pp p/b. VG. Bantam. Rosebank 1994.

Signed by Author on title page.
#9781 Joubert. Elsa. DIE REISE VAN ISOBELLE. Afrikaans text. Black cb. 616pp 8vo. No inscrip. top edge fox hence VG-F in VG+ d/w (rubbed, no chips or tears). Tafelberg. Cape Town 1995 1st prtg. £20.00
#9788 Joubert, Elsa. TO DIE AT SUNSET. Trans. from the 1963 Afrikaans title "Ons Wag Op Die Kaptein" Black cb. 141pp 8vo. No inscrip. Fine in VG-F d/w (minor wear only). Hodder & Stoughton. London 1982 1st prtg thus. £20.00
#6560 Kolbe, Monsignor. A CATHOLIC VIEW OF HOLISM. A Criticism Of The Theory Put Forward By General Smuts In His Book "Holism And Evolution". Foreword by General Smuts. Blue cb. xi + 67pp. 8vo. No inscrip. small closed tear to fep o/w contents VG. small water stain to top of f.edges both bds, hence G+ only in original brown d/w. London 1928. £20.00
#9680 McPhail, E.M. FALLING UPSTAIRS. Twenty-two stories out of South Africa. Printed wraps. 181pp 8vo. No inscrip. but neat bookshop stamp else VG+. Hippogriff. 1989 reissue. £6.00
#9772 Moodie, D.C.F. SOUTHERN SONGS. Verse. Royal blue cb or. 112pp 8vo. Bookplate f.pastedown, spine darkened, ff all foxed. sound. Adams. Pietermaritzburg nd. 2nd edn. £40.00
#9784 Picard, Hymen W.J. STORM OF DESTINY. Novel based upon the story of the wreck of The Indian Merchant as narrated in De Gelukzoeker Overzee Of d'Afrikaanse Wegwyser (The Overseas Adventurer Or The African Guide) by Gerrit van Spaan (Pieter van der Staatr. 1964). 203pp 8vo. VG in rubbed & worn d/w (complete, no tears). Hollandsch Afrikaansche. Cape Town 1976 1st edn.

Signed by Author on title page.
#7488 Plaatjie, Sol T. MHUDI. The first English novel by black South African, an acknowledged classic. Gilt on green cb. 225pp. Ex-library with pocket to f.pastedown, date sheet & stamp on fep. soft head & tail of spine, top edge dusty, with d/w (sp.browned, sl.loss top of spine, some closed tears). In actuality an excellent bright little-used copy of scarce item. Lovedale Press nd. (1930 1st edn). £300.00
#9790 Scholefield, Alan. FIRE IN THE ICE. Set in Russia in 1917, a British delegation is forced to join a group of marching prisoners in Siberia. Author explores the human spirit in adversity. Green cb. 281pp 8vo. Inscrip fep. eps browned else VG+ in d/w. Hamish Hamilton. London 1984 1st edn. £10.00
#9789 Van Ees, Erik. THE LAST BLUE. Author's second novel, a story of whale hunting and sea adventure set in Antartica. Blue cb. 351pp 8vo. Inscrip fep, ff browned else VG+ in d/w. Century. London 1983 1st edn. £15.00


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#9707 Coetzee, C.B. (Ed). for GEOLOGICAL SURVEY. MINERAL RESOURCES OF THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA. Handbook 7. Department of Mines Geological Survey. Gilt on green skivertex. viii + 478pp. illustrated maps, b/w photos etc. 2 1:1500000 maps & stratigraphic column in rear pocket. indexed. VG-F in rubbed G-VG d/w. Government Printer. 1976 5th edn. £25.00
#9708 Coetzee, C.B. (Ed). for GEOLOGICAL SURVEY. MINERAL RESOURCES OF THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA. Handbook 7. Department of Mines Geological Survey. Gilt on green skivertex. viii + 478pp. illustrated maps, b/w photos etc. 2 1:1500000 maps & stratigraphic column in rear pocket. indexed. VG-F in rubbed G-VG d/w. Government Printer. 1976 5th edn. £25.00


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#9697 Cobham, Sir Alan. AUSTRALIA AND BACK. Author flew the round trip in a De Haviland 50 seaplane in 1926 from England over France, Italy, India, Singapore, across to Sydney & Melbourne. Dec. blue cb. 124pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. Bookplate f.pastedown obscures part of route map, spine sl.offset, a good clean copy. A&C Black. London 1926. £12.00
#9799 Hudson, W.H. BIRDS OF LA PLATA With Twenty-Two Coloured Illustrations By H. Gronfold. 1500 copies only printed for UK and the same for the USA. This is one from the UK publisher. 2 volumes. Some 250 birds from the La Plata region of N.E. Argentina described. Green cb or. qtr cloth. except top edge rough cut. xvii + 244pp, ix + 240pp. illustrated cold.plates. sm.4to. Neat ownership inscrips feps. prelims fox. very attractive and clean pair of volumes, VG+. Ticket from Mitchell's books, Buenos Aires. Dent. London 1920. £160.00
#7300 Sassoon, Philip. THE THIRD ROUTE. Britain to India in a Blackburn Iris II flying boat. Many interesting aeriel photographs. Blue cb or. vii + 291pp illustrated b/w photos, map. 8vo. Clean bright bds. ff lightly foxed, but a most attractive copy. Heinemann. London 1925 1st edn. £25.00
#8553 Smythe, F.S. AN ALPINE JOURNEY. With 53 Photographs By The Author. Six weeks in the Swiss Alps. Black cb. 351pp illustrated b/w photos, foldout map. 8vo. Bds a little rubbed, head & tail of spine soft, edges & eps fox, else a clean sound copy. Gollancz. London 1934 1st edn. £28.00
#9698 Thomas, Lowell. WITH LAWRENCE IN ARABIA. A study of Lawrence and his achievements, the land in which he lived and the people therein. Well illustrated. Red cb. 317pp illustrated sepia photos. Bookplate f.pastedown. spine faded, edges & ff lightly foxed, a good clean copy. Hutchinson. London nd. 11th edn. £8.00
#9699 Wild, Commander Frank. SHACKLETON'S LAST VOYAGE. The Story Of The Quest. From The Official Journal And Private Journal Kept By Dr. A.H. Macklin. Over 10 illustrations. Gilt & cream dec. cb. xvi + 372pp illustrated b/w photos, maps. 8vo. indexed. Bookplate f.pastedown. edges & ff lightly fox. a good clean copy. Cassell. London 1923. £300.00


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#9701 Powell, Ivor. BLACK RADIANCE. Missionary Tales Of South Africa. Baptist missionary tells of his first year in Africa. Plum cb. 128pp 12mo. Stamp on title page hence VG+ in G d/w (chipped head of faded spine) Marshall Morgan Scott. London 1952 3rd imp. £5.00


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#9795 Fitzsimons, Vivian F.M. SNAKES OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Definitive work on this subject. Extensive bibliography. Brown cb. 423pp illustrated cold.plates, b/w photos, dwgs, maps, etc. indexed. A sound reading copy. Purnell. Johannesburg 1962 1st edn. £30.00
#9704 Ginn, Peter. BIRDS OF THE HIGHVELD. One of the popular Bundu Series, the book is divided into habitat sections for ease of identification. Printed wraps. 124pp illustrated col.photos. & b/w dwgs. 8vo. indexed. Except spine a lightly faded, VG+. Salisbury 1972 1st edn. £10.00
#8578 Lawrence, R. F. THE BIOLOGY OF THE CRYPTIC FAUNA OF FORESTS. With Special Reference To The Indigenous Forests Of South Africa. Extensive bibliography, index of Authors. Pink buckram bds. 408pp. illustrated b/w photos, plates & drawings. indexed. Fine, no d/w. Balkema. Cape Town 1953 1st edn. £35.00
#9686 Levy, Jaynee. EVERYONE'S GUIDE TO TRAILING & MOUNTAINEERING IN SOUTHERN AFRICA. The only comprehensive guide to more than 350 rambling, hiking, and backpacking opportunities in the southern subcontinent. Printed bds. 392pp illustrated col.photos, maps, dwgs. etc. lg.8vo. indexed. No inscrip. good clean copy. Struik. Cape Town 1982 1st edn. £12.00
#9718 Maberly, C.T. Astley. THE GAME ANIMALS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. The animal life of all the game reserves and national parks of Southern Africa, Rhodesia, Mozambique, South West Africa (Namibia) & South Africa itself - is described and nicely illustrated in detail by author. Dec green cb. x + 298pp illustrated b/w dwgs. 8vo. indexed. Inscrip. fep. G+ clean in d/w. Nelson. Johannesburg 1967 2nd edn. £12.00
#4916 Newman, Kenneth. (Ed). BIRDLIFE IN SOUTHERN AFRICA. Well documented survey of 833 species. Green leather bound. xxii + 238pp. prof.illustrated col.b/w dwgs. photos. maps, etc. Spine worn and somewhat faded, contents VG except eps sl.fox. hence o/a G-VG. Purnell. Cape Town 1971.

De Luxe Collector's Edition Limited To Two Hundred And Fifty Copies. No.82 of 250. Signed by Author.
#9683 Sinclair, Ian. FIELD GUIDE TO THE BIRDS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Over 850 colour photographs for easy identification. Indexes for common, scientific, and afrikaans names. 368pp p/b illustrated col.photos, distribution maps. indexed. Some marks to fep else Fine. Struik. Cape Town 1984 1st edn. £8.00
#9766 Smith, Margaret M. SEA AND SHORE DANGERS. Their Recognition, Avoidance, And Treatment. Notes poisonous and otherwise dangerous fish and other dwellers of the local oceans, with practical treatments. 64pp booklet, illustrated cold.b/w plates, dwgs. etc. 8vo. G, clean. J.L.B. Smith Institute. Grahamstown nd. £12.00


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#9763 Becken, Hans-Jurgen. (Ed). RELEVANT THEOLOGY FOR AFRICA. Report on A Consultation Of The Missiological Institute At Lutheran Theological College, Mapumulo, Natal, September 12-21, 1972. Printed wraps. 198pp 12mo. Inscrip inside f.wrap, all G-VG. Lutheran Publishing. Durban 1973. £8.00
#9764 Boonzaier, Emile. & Sharp, John. SOUTH AFRICAN KEYWORDS. The Uses And Abuses Of Political Concepts. Discussion and definition of core concepts & ideas in the South African context. Words & phrases such as `tribal', `ethnic', `gender', `youth', `group', `informal sector', and many more, discused by various contributors. Bibliography. Printed wraps. 197pp 8vo indexed. Sello left inside wraps, else VG. David Philip. Cape Town 1988. £8.00
#9694 Callinicos, L. WORKING LIFE 1886-1940. A People's History of South Africa. Volume Two. Factories, Townships, and Popular Culture on the Rand. Shows the working conditions of those in wage labour, living conditions in the townships, lifestyles and occupations, political life and working class struggles, art forms and entertainments. Printed paper wraps. illustrated b/w photos. 263pp. 4to. No inscrip. sound & clean but slight damp-wrinkles lower edges for first 50pp hence G only. Ravan Press, Johannesburg 1987. 1st edn. £10.00
#9752 Davenport, T.R.H. UNREST, REFORM AND THE CHALLENGES TO LAW 1976 TO 1987. Plain card wraps. 34pp stapled booklet. Ownership stamp f.wrap else VG+. (Rhodes University) nd. £6.00
#9756 Defenders of the Constitution. CRISIS. The Real Issues. Foreword by Senator Heaton Nicholls. A look at the details of the constitution and the implications of changes to such. P rinted wraps. 28pp stapled booklet 8vo. Several ownership stamps else VG. Defenders. Natal nd. (1952). £4.00
#9773 Grundy, Kevin. THE POLITICS OF THE NATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL. Occasional Paper, Number Thirty-Four. Institute of Social and Economic Research, Rhodes University. The National Arts Festival held in Grahamstown is the lagest of its kind in the southern hemisphere. Author examines the points of stress and accomodation between arts and politics within the context of the festival at a time of change in South Africa. 66pp p/b 8vo. VG. ISER. Grahamstown 1993. £8.00
#9748 Junod, Henri Philippe. I WAS IN PRISON. Penal Reform Pamphlet No.6. The Modern Approach To Crime And The Criminal. Printed card wraps. 32pp stapled booklet. 8vo. VG. Penal Reform League. Pretoria 1951. £20.00
#9749 Junod, Henri Philippe. REVENGE OR REFORMATION? Penal Reform Pamphlet No.1. Our Prison System. Printed card wraps. 40pp stapled booklet. 8vo. Ownership stamp f.wrap else VG. Penal Reform League. Pretoria 1947. £25.00
#9747 Kahn, Ellison. THE MEASUREMENT OF CRIME. Penal Reform Pamphlet No.4. South African Criminal And Penological Statistics. Printed card wraps. 21pp stapled booklet. 8vo. Ownership stamp f.wrap else VG. Penal Reform League. Pretoria nd. (c.1950). £10.00
#9777 Kahn, Ellison. THE NEW CONSTITUTION. Being A Supplement To "South Africa: The Developement Of Its Laws And Constitution" By Hahlo & Kahn. Tall 8vo booklet. 60pp. Red ownership inscrip ffep else VG. Juta. South Africa 1962. £6.00
#9778 Kahn, Ellison. THE NEW CONSTITUTION. Being A Supplement To "South Africa: The Developement Of Its Laws And Constitution" By Hahlo & Kahn. Tall 8vo booklet. 60pp. Ownership stamp ffep else VG. Juta. South Africa 1962. £6.00
#9794 Metrowich F.R. (Ed). TOWARDS DIALOGUE AND DETENTE. Contributors include B.J. Vorster, Hilgard Muller, R.F. Botha, Kaizer Matanzima, H.F. Oppenheimer, Jan S. Marais, Anson Lloyd, & Cas de Villiers. Blue skivertex. vi + 139pp. 8vo. Prelims fox else VG in G d/w. Valiant. Sandton 1975. £5.00
#7198 Rand Daily Mail. ROBERT KENNEDY IN SOUTH AFRICA. A souvenir booklet of Senator Kennedy's 1966 4-day tour of South Africa. Tour was sponsored by NUSAS. Many photographs, including one with Albert Luthuli. 33pp stapled booklet. illustrated b/w photos. VG. RDM. Johannesburg 1966. £25.00
#9754 Rubin, Neville. HISTORY OF THE RELATIONS BETWEEN NUSAS, THE AFRIKAANSE STUDENTEBOND AND THE AFRIKAANS UNIVERSITY CENTRES. Covering The Period Up To 17th November 1959. At the 35th annual congress in July 1959 the National Union of South African Students instructed its executive to compile a memorandum on relations between South African university students since 1923. The purpose of this was to ascertain the facts surrounding the disaffiliation of the Afrikaans University centres in 1933 and 1936 and the reason for the apparent inability of these student bodies to return to the National Union. This is that memorandum as printed for general circulation. Printed wraps. 20pp stapled booklet 8vo. Has been folded, clean with ownership stamp fep. NUSAS 1960. £3.00
#9755 SABRA. JOURNAL OF RACIAL AFFAIRS. Vol.6 No.2. January 1954. (SABRA was the Nationalist parallel to the Institute of Race Relations). Topics include `Apartheid - A Slogan Or A Solution'. Printed card wraps. 56pp stapled booklet. Wraps marked, contents clean, inscrips f.wrap and fep. SABRA. Stellenbosch 1954. £5.00
#9751 Schrecker, K.A. FREEDOM - WHAT FOR? An Enquiry Into The Ethical Foundations Of Democracy. Printed cream wraps. 31pp stapled booklet. 8vo. Wraps soiled & with ownership inscrip, but contents VG. University of Pretoria. 1964.

Inscribed by Author thus: "With kind regards, Arnold Schrecker".
#9750 Slabbert, Frederik Van Zyl. THE BURDEN OF DEMOCRACY. Jan Smuts Memorial Lecture July 1992. Printed card wraps. 13pp stapled booklet. 8vo. VG. SA Institute Of International Affairs. Johannesburg 1992. £3.00
#9746 Society for the Abolition of the Death Penalty in South Africa. THE DEATH PENALTY IN SOUTH AFRICA. Addresses At A Symposium Entitled "The Abolition Of The Death Penalty" Held Under The Auspices Of The Society For The Abolition Of The Death Penalty In South Africa, In Johannesburg On 15th April 1971. Addresses at the first public meeting of the newly formed Society by Prof. Ellison Kahn, Sydney Kentridge SC, Prof S.A. Strauss (bilingual), Rev. E.G. Knapp Fisher, & Dr B. v D. Van Niekerk. Printed card wraps, 17pp stapled booklet. No inscrip. VG. SADPSA. Johannesburg 1971. £8.00
#9762 Stockil, J. Hudson. SIYANGAPI? (Whither Are We Drifting?). Looks at the general principles of native policy through a discussion of the native missionary system that was then responsible for the greater part of secular education in Rhodesia & South Africa. Printed wraps. 55pp 8vo. Inscrip fep, contents VG, f.wrap marked. Knox. Durban 1937 2nd imp. £8.00
#9696 Tomaselli, R. Tomaselli, K. Muller, J. CURRENTS OF POWER: STATE BROADCASTING IN SOUTH AFRICA. State Broadcasting in South Africa. One of a series of three books which examine the history of the commercial press, broadcasting and the "alternative" press in South Africa. Printed paper wraps. 227pp. 8vo. Ownership stamp ffep else near VG. Anthropos. Cape. 1989. 1st imp. £10.00
#9753 Walker, Prof. Eric A. THE CAPE NATIVE FRANCHISE. A Series Of Articles Published In "The Cape Argus" February 1936. Printed blue wraps. 32pp stapled booklet. 12mo. Loss of bottom corner f.wrap, ownership inscrip. on f.wrap, o/w very clean. Continuation Committee Of National Conference On The Native Bills. Cape Town 1936. £4.00
#9684 Whiteside, Alan. & Sunter, Clem. AIDS. The Challenge For South Africa. Analyses the situation presenting itself in South Africa and offers the Authors incremental solution to overcome the epidemic. Printed wraps. 279pp illustrated graphs, tables, maps, etc. various appendices. No inscrip. Fine. Human & Rousseau. Cape Town 2000 2nd edn. £8.00
# 7681 Wolton, Douglas G. WHITHER SOUTH AFRICA? An early polemic against white minority rule. Red cb. 155pp. illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. G in tatty d/w. Lawrence & Wishart. London 1947. £12.00


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#9792 Davies, W. Twiston. FIFTY YEARS OF PROGRESS. An Account Of The African Organisation Of The Imperial Tobacco Company 1907-1967. Blue cb. 92pp. photo frontis. illustrated b/w photos. cold.foldout map. 8vo. No inscrip. D/w stuck to lower edges of bds, otherwise a nice clean copy. Imperial Tobacco Company. UK nd. £8.00
#9713 Davison, Ted. WANKIE. The Story Of A Great Game Reserve. Author was the warden for 33 years from its proclamation in 1928 until retirement 1961. Brown dec cb. 211pp illustrated b/w photos. Top edge dusty & fox else VG in G clean d/w (just a bit frayed along the top & around head of spine. Books of Africa. Cape Town 1967 1st edn. £12.00
#9765 Moorcraft, Paul, L. A SHORT THOUSAND YEARS. The End Of Rhodesia's Rebellion. Lays bare the intrigues at the UN, the blackmail tactics of the British and Americans, the guerilla infighting, and political chicanery in Pretoria & Salisbury. Updated 2nd edition. Printed wraps. 280pp illustrated b/w photos, maps, etc. 8vo. indexed. No inscrip. d/w (attached, as issued) rubbed but contents VG. Galaxie. Salisbury 1980. £10.00
#9761 Stinson, Dr F.A. TOBACCO FARMING IN RHODESIA AND NYASALAND 1889-1956. A review of the industry and its current practices. Printed wraps. vii + 92pp illustrated b/w photos. No inscrip. G, clean, contents VG. Tobacco Research Board of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. Bibliography. £10.00


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#9771 Axelson, Eric. VASCO DA GAMA. The Diary Of His Travels Through African Waters 1497-1499. Extensive introduction with Author's translation of the diary into English. Extensive notes, appendices, bibliography. White cb. 102pp. illustrated col.b/w. indexed. Mint. Stephan-Phillips. Somerset West 1998. £15.00


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#9743 Dudley, Billy J. AN INTRODUCTION TO NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS. A comprehensive and critical account of Nigeria's political processes since independance. Bibliography. Printed wraps. 367pp 8vo. indexed. No inscrip. VG+. Macmillan Nigeria (1982). £20.00


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#6105 Bernstein, B.L. THE TIDE TURNED AT ALAMEIN. Impressions Of The Desert War With The South African Division And The Eighth Army, June, 1941--January, 1943. Brown cb. 144pp illustrated b/w photos, maps. 8vo. A reading copy. CNA. SA nd. (1944). £8.00
#9679 Brown, James Ambrose. A GATHERING OF EAGLES. South African Forces: World War 11. Vol.2. The Campaigns Of The South African Airforce In Italian East Africa June 1940 - November 1941. With An Introduction 1912-1939. xviii + 342pp. Illus. b/w photos. maps. Eps, prelims. a little fox else VG++ in bright clean d/w (one sm.closed tear front bottom). Johannesburg 1970.

Inscribed by Author ffep thus: "To Brigadier John & Seti Daniel. J.A. Brown.".
#9692 Daly, Lt.Col. Ron Reid. SELOUS SCOUTS TOP SECRET WAR. As Told To Peter Stiff. The Scouts were the top unit in the bush war, but never received official recognition before being disbanded. Bibliography. 751pp p/b illustrated b/w photos. indexed. No inscrip. near VG. Galago. Alberton 1983 rpt. £5.00
#1878 Dimbleby, K.G. HOSTILITIES ONLY. Firsthand account of service on H.M.S. Cornwall on convoy in the south atlantic and Indian Oceans during World War 2. Mention of Just Nuisance. Plum cb. 130pp illustrated b/w photos. No inscrip. G+, v.clean & sound. Uni-Volkspers. Cape Town 1944. £155.00
#7656 Lovett, John. CONTACT. A Tribute To Those Who Served Rhodesia. Includes citations for gallantry, Roll of honour, and list of honours and Awards. Inscrip. half-title. profusely Illustrated. 240pp illustrated col.b/w. photos. 4to. 1/2-title, sello stain and sello-removal tears ffep o/w G-VG, no d/w. Salisbury 1977. £30.00
#9775 Norton, Conrad. & Krige, Uys. VANGUARD OF VICTORY. A Short Review Of The South African Victories In East Africa 1940-1941. Authors were war correspondents of the Bureau of Information. Printed wraps. 54pp stapled booklet illustrated photos. 8vo. Centre ff loose, o/w a clean copy. Bureau of Information. Pretoria 1941. £12.00
#9776 Norton, Conrad. & Krige, Uys. VANGUARD OF VICTORY. A Short Review Of The South African Victories In East Africa 1940-1941. Authors were war correspondents of the Bureau of Information. 54pp stapled booklet illustrated photos. 8vo. No wraps, else clean. Bureau of Information. Pretoria 1941. £8.00
#9715 Stiff, Peter. SEE YOU IN NOVEMBER. Rhodesia's no-holds-barred intelligence war. As told by "Taffy", the leader of the CIO's most secret externally operational team. Included details of Taffy's training and operations with 22-SAS regiment, and the MI6 plan to assassinate Gadaffi which was derailed by the CIA. The team supplied intelligence for the major raids by the Rhodesians against Joshua Mkomo's ZIPRA bases in Zambia and also carried out covert sabotage operations. Blue cb. 352pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. indexed. No inscrip. VG-F in d/w. Galago. Alberton 1985 1st edn. £30.00
#9796 Stiff, Peter. THE SILENT WAR. South African Recce Operations 1969-1994. Prepared with the assistance of the SADF the outline submitted after 2 years of research was put on ice at and only revived after the 1994 elections. Red cb. 608pp illustrated col.b/w photos. 8vo. indexed. No inscrip. soft at tail of spine with sl.shelfwear adjacent, else Fine in nearly so d/w. Galago. Alberton 2000 (corrected edition). £30.00


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M. Mint. F. Fine.
VG. Very Good. G. Good.
annots. annotations. bds. boards.
col. cold. colour(ed). d/w dust-wrapper.
eps endpapers. ff. leaves.
f(f)eps front (free) endpapers. fox. foxed.
illus. illustrated. o/w otherwise.
pp. pages. sl. slight.
sm. small. sp. spine
u/l underlining v. very.


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