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Africana Catalogue Q183 30 June 2004

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#10665 Fitzpatrick, J.P. THE TRANSVAAL FROM WITHIN. A Private Record of Public Affairs. The inner workings of the South African Republic. xxvi + 364pp. map. No inscrip. evenly lightly browned throughout, ink letter B on sp. o/w a G+ sound copy.Heinemann. London 1900 Popular Ed.£10.00

EASTERN CAPE (including all 1820 Settler related material)
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#10798 Burton, A. SPARKS FROM THE BORDER ANVIL. A Record Of Remarkable And Inspiring Events And Of Progressive Enterprise On The Long-Contested Cape Frontier, Now The Border Districts Of The Cape Province. With 85 Illustrations. Tales of pioneers in the areas east of the Great Fish River. Much on witchcraft, Nongquase and the great cattle killing. Red cb. xviii + 293pp illustrated b/w photos. glossary of Xhosa terms. 8vo. No inscrip. sp and part of rear bd faded. Bds G+, cont VG. no d/w. Provincial. King Williams Town. no date (1950).£10.00
#10693 Mostert, Noel. FRONTIERS. The Epic of South Africa's Creation and the Tragedy of the Xhosa People. Green cb. xxix + 1355pp. illustrated b/w photos, plates, maps, Xhosa genealogy. No inscrip. VG in VG d/w.Jonathan Cape. London 1992.£20.00
#10677 Preston, Wendy Beale. STORY OF A FRONTIER FAMILY. A well illustrated history of the 1820 Settlers with particular reference to the Miles family (Robert & Anne) who came as members of the Wiltshire party (William Ford) on board the Weymouth. Includes extensive family trees and references. Gilt on black rexine. xiv + 327pp. illustrated col.b/w 4to. indexed. Mint in d/w.Self-published by E. Miles. np. nd. (c.1983).£40.00

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#10749 Bulpin, T.V. TO THE SHORES OF NATAL. A readable and entertaining history of Natal. Green cb. 340pp. illustrated b/w dwgs by Barbara Tyrrell. Inscrip ffep. shelfwear, top edge dusty, overall G+. No d/w.Howard Timmins. Cape Town nd.£12.00
#10816 Omer-Cooper, J.D. THE ZULU AFTERMATH. A Nineteenth-Century Revolution In Bantu Africa. Ibadan History Series. Editor Dr K.O. Dike. List of source material. A detailed study of the emergence of the militaristic Zulu kingdom and the far-reaching consequences thereof. xiv + 208pp. illustrated b/w plates, maps. indexed. Ex public library, showing label traces and stamp on ffep o/w a G+, very clean copy in a VG d/w.Longmans. London 1966 1st edn.£15.00

SOUTHERN AFRICA, GENERAL. (unclassified by area)
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#10704 Bridgland, Fred. KATIZA'S JOURNEY. Beneath the Suface of South Africa's Shame. The story surrounding the brutal death of Stoempie Moeketsi, and Winnie Mandela's alleged involvement. Black cb. xx + 299pp. No inscrip. F. in VG+ d/w.Sidgwick & Jackson. London 1997.£12.00
#10645 Chamberlain, M.E. THE SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA. Seminar Studies in History series. 163pp. p/b. A few pencil underlinings o/w VG.Longman, Essex. 1991 12th imp.£8.00
#10807 Epstein, Edward Jay. THE DIAMOND INVENTION. An expose of the international diamond monopoly. Inside the secret and fascinating industry that is based entirely on the maintenance of an illusion - the presumed scarcity and consequent great value of these gems. Black cb. 270pp. No inscrip. VG++ in VG+ bright d/w.Hutchinson. London 1982.£15.00
#10748 Green, Lawrence G. ISLANDS TIME FORGOT. Memories of Africa's Busy Islands and Robinson Crusoe Outposts, of Strange and Remote People, on the Liner Tracks and in the Solitudes of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Blue cb. 269pp. illustrated b/w photos, map. Ownership inscrip ffep o/w a lovely VG copy in like d/w.Putnam. London 1962.£18.00
#10743 Green, Lawrence G. PANTHER HEAD. The Full Story of the Bird Islands off the Southern Coasts of Africa, the Men of the Islands, and the Birds in their Millions. Black cb. 256pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps. No inscrip. sl fox eps and edges o/w a very smart VG copy in a G complete, rubbed d/w.Stanley Paul. London 1955.£15.00
#10647 Huxley, Michael (ed). THE GEOGRAPHICAL MAGAZINE. Vol III. Nos 1-6. May-October 1936. Contains articles on Tribesmen of the White Nile by H.A.Bernatzik; Johannesburg by Ethelreda Lewis; A Race-Meeting in Basutoland by H.V.Meyerowitz; Libya by Jane Soames; The Black Man Buys, Negro Africa as an Export Market by F.J.Erroll and South-West Africa, A Study in German Relations by P. Bruchhausen. Green cb. gilt titles on sp. marbled edges. iv + 440pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps. Lge 8vo. No inscrip. bds patchily fad. sl marked. A nice, tight copy with VG contents.London 1936.£20.00
#10648 Huxley, Michael (ed). THE GEOGRAPHICAL MAGAZINE. Vol I. Nos 1-6. May-October 1935. Articles include Untamed Abyssinia by Major R.E.Cheesman; The Basuto and Their Country by Margery Perham; Lions at Home, An Informal Call in Tanganyika by Frank Anderson; From Bush to Mine, Contrasts of Native Life in Northern Rhodesia by Audrey I. Richards. Green cb. gilt titles on sp. iv + 380pp. illustrated col plates, b/w photos, maps.Lge 8vo. No inscrip. bds sl fad and rubbed. A nice, tight copy with VG contents.London 1935.£20.00
#10791 May, Henry John & Hamilton, Iain. THE FOSTER GANG. 1914, Jhb. William Foster, a young mining surveyor turned criminal and killer, along with his gang and his wife and child, are flushed out of their Johannesburg hideout. At the same time General De La Rey is about to make a decision on whether the Afrikaner people were to take to the veld again in protest against the growing subservience of Botha and Smuts to London. Two events set in the same time span in this true story with a plot that would be almost too implausible for fiction. Black cb. 310pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps. No inscrip. A very nice VG+ copy in a VG+ d/w.Heinemann. London 1966.£18.00
#10745 McNeile, Michael. THIS AFRICA OF OURS. True stories of adventure and achievement which were originally broadcast on Sunday evenings to radio listeners throughout South and Central Africa. Red cb. xiii + 257pp. illustrated b/w dwgs. No inscrip. sl shelfwear. small bump top rear bd o/w VG in complete clean d/w ( ch and pc).McAlan. Cape Town 1957.£6.00
#10672 Schirmer, Peter. THE CONCISE ILLUSTRATED SOUTH AFRICAN ENCYCLOPAEDIA. Interesting and useful, mainly aimed at the older school child. 206pp. illustrated b/w photos, plates, maps etc. No inscrip. shelfwear o/w near VG. No d/w.CNA. Jhb.1980. £5.00
#10777 Taylor, Stephen. LIVINGSTONE'S TRIBE. A Journey from Zanzibar to the Cape. Author travels from east to southern Africa uncovering vestiges of the continent's colonial past through its landscape, peoples and their stories. Starting in Zanzibar and continuing through Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Evocative and philosophical, interspersed with some remarkable history. Brown cb. x + 260pp. illustrated b/w photos/plates, maps. Glossary and bibliography. No inscrip. F in F d/w.Harper Collins. London 1999.£15.00
#10758 Williamson, James A. A SHORT HISTORY OF BRITISH EXPANSION. Vol 2. The Modern Empire and Commonwealth. Originally published in 2 vols in 1930, the early part of this edition has been revised and the latter part rewritten and extended, bringing the general record up to the outbreak of the second World War. Events of subsequent date have been noted where necessary to round off a topic. Red cb. xvi + 367pp. maps. No inscrip. sp fad o/w a very clean near VG copy. No d/w.Macmillan. London 1950 rpt.£10.00
#10746 Yudelman, Montague. AFRICANS ON THE LAND. Economic Problems of African Agricultural Development in Southern, Central, and East Africa, with Special Reference to Southern Rhodesia. Brown cb. xiv + 288pp. maps and tables. No inscrip. VG++ in VG+ d/w.Harvard UP. Massachusetts 1964£15.00

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#10824 Cannan, Edward. CHURCHES OF THE SOUTH ATLANTIC ISLANDS. 1502-1991. A wealth of info about the life both of Church and people on the South Atlantic Islands of St Helena, Ascension, Tristan da Cunha and the Falklands, gathered from a great variety of sources. 315pp. illustrated b/w photos, dwgs and maps. lge 8vo p/b. As new. Mint.Anthony Nelson. Oswestry 1992.£16.00

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#10726 Ardrey, Robert. AFRICAN GENESIS. A Personal Investigation Into The Animal Origins And Nature Of Man. Bibliography. Red cb. 380pp. illustrated foldout charts, dwgs. indexed. No inscrip. VG in G+ clean d/w with small triangular loss top front.Collins. London 1967 rpt.£8.00
#10685 Ardrey, Robert. THE HUNTING HYPOTHESIS. A Personal Conclusion Concerning the Evolutionary Nature of Man. "...a remarkable journey of discovery through twenty million years of man's prehistory.." Pale blue cb. 242pp. errata slip. No inscrip. G+, very clean in complete but worn d/w.Collins. London 1976.£6.00
#10715 Hallet, Jean-Pierre. PYGMY KITABU. With Alex Pelle. A revealing account of the origin and legends of the African Pygmies. Author's theory is that the pygmies are the "original man" and that their jungle fastness at the foot of the Mountains of the Moon in the centre of Africa is no less than the Garden of Eden itself! Thought- provoking reading. Brown cb. 434pp. illustrated b/w photos/plates, maps on eps. No inscrip. edges sl fox o/w VG+ in VG bright d/w.BCA. London 1974.£14.00
#10716 Kramer, Fritz. THE RED FEZ. Art and Spirit Possession in Africa. Translated by Malcolm Green. A controversial book exploring the ways in which colonial Europeans have been represented in African ritual art and drama. Black cb. xii + 292pp. illustrated b/w photos/plates. No inscrip. A lovely copy, F in F d/w.Verso. London 1993.£15.00
#10650 Leakey, Richard E. with Lewin, Roger. ORIGINS. What New Discoveries Reveal About the Emergence of Our Species and its Possible Future. Brown cb. 264pp. illustrated many col & b/w photos, dwgs and maps. 4to. No inscrip. very sl shelfwear o/w VG/F in VG+ d/w.Macdonald and Jane's. London 1977.£12.00
#10649 Leakey, Richard E. THE MAKING OF MANKIND. Author and the BBC combined efforts to put the true picture of human evolution before a general audience for the first time. Detailed and fascinating record. Dark red cb. 256pp. illustrated many col & b/w photos, dwgs, maps. Lge 8vo. No inscrip. sl shelfwear o/w VG+. D/w has small areas of loss and scratch marks on bottom front but is o/w very clean and bright.BCA. London 1981.£10.00
#10756 Middleton, John. LUGBARA RELIGION. Ritual and Authority among an East African People. A classic in the interpretation of the role of belief and ritual in social and political conduct with the use of case studies and of Lugbara explanations of their own actions. Printed wraps, xviii + 279pp. illustrated b/w photos, dgms etc. Lge 8vo p/b. No inscrip. sp fad o/w VG+.Smithsonian. Washington 1987 rpt.£12.00
#10811 Schapera,I. MARRIED LIFE IN AN AFRICAN TRIBE. An account of the relations between the sexes in a primitive community. A reissue of this important work first published in 1940, and based on author's observations, carried out over several years, among the Kgatla of Bechuanaland. Black cb. 364pp. illustrated b/w photos, map. No inscrip. A near F copy in a VG++ d/w.Faber. London 1966 2nd imp.£16.00
#10695 St. Barbe Baker, Richard. AFRICA DRUMS. Remarkable info about the mysterious drum language by which rapid communication over vast distances takes place. Plus much fascinating material on Ju-Ju, crocodile catchers, the sacred tree etc. Red cb. 159 pp. illustrated b/w photos. Ownership inscrips pastedowns and title page, eps foxed o/w G+ clean in complete but worn d/w.Adventurers Club, London nd.£7.00
#10776 Turnbull, Colin M. THE LONELY AFRICAN. In a series of biographies, each one devoted to a different aspect of the tribal problem, author studies the African in this age of independence, seeking the roots that link the new Africa with the old and trying to reach a deeper understanding of tribal customs as they affect modern Africans. Brown cb. 223pp. illustrated b/w dwgs at beginning of each chapter. No inscrip. cnrs sl bumped o/w VG+ in G++, very clean d/w.Chatto & Windus. London 1963.£16.00
#10681 van Lawick-Goodall, Jane. IN THE SHADOW OF MAN. Based on 10 years of observation and research amongst the chimpanzees living in the forests above Lake Tanganyika. Green cb. 256pp. illustrated b/w photos, dwgs. Family trees of chimpanzees in observation group on eps. No inscrip. VG in VG d/w.BCA. London 1971.£10.00
#10818 Walker, Alan & Shipman, Pat. THE WISDOM OF BONES. In Search of Human Origins. The day-to-day realities of searching for our origins, the fieldwork, the thrill of discovery, the sweat of excavation etc. Tells the story of the "Nariokotome Boy" found in Kenya in 1984 by Walker and Richard Leakey. The most complete skeleton of Homo Erectus ever found and 1.5 million years old. xii + 270pp. illustrated b/w photos, dwgs. Lge 8vo p/b. No inscrip. VG+.TSP. London 1996.£10.00

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#10691 Wassing, Rene S. AFRICAN ART. Its Background and Traditions. Photographs by Hans Hinz. Author not only evaluates masks and idols, the two most well known forms of African art, but also explains the cultural tradition of African tribes, the context out of which the art arises. Black cb. xii + 285pp. illustrated 24 col and 120 b/w photos. Lge 4to. No inscrip. VG+ in VG bright d/w.Alpine Fine Arts. London nd.£25.00

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#10761 Hooper, Charles. BRIEF AUTHORITY. Intro by Alan Paton. The story of the conflict that was precipitated in 1957 between the women of the Bafurutse tribe of Bechuanaland and their white masters over the enforcement of a new pass law. Author was Priest-in-Charge of the area at the time, but he and his wife were banned from the Reserve after becoming involved in the struggle. Blue cb. 384pp. illustrated b/w photos. No inscrip. VG. No d/w.Collins. London 1960.£8.00

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#10660 Haage, Walther. CACTI AND SUCCULENTS. A Practical Handbook. Translated and revised by E.E.Kemp. A comprehensive handbook with much practical info. Part I covers the various aspects of cultivation, whilst part II gives detailed descrips of a large selection of cultivated cacti and succulents with notes about their geographical distribution etc. Green dec white cb. 263pp. illustrated 48pp col photos and 680 line dwgs. Lge 8vo. No inscrip. VG+ in G clean d/w.Studio Vista. London 1978.£12.00

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#10733 Adamson, Joy. THE SEARCHING SPIRIT. An Autobiography. With husband George, author was a pioneer conservationist and contributed her royalties from "Born Free" to the cause. Gilt dec green cb. 224pp. illustrated col & b/w photos. No inscrip. VG in VG d/w.Collins Harvill. London 1978.£12.00
#10747 Allen, Vivien. LADY TRADER. A Biography of Mrs. Sarah Heckford. A remarkable life, her pioneering work in child welfare in the East End of London, her nursing in India after her husband's death, and in 1878 her arrival in South Africa. Here, having given away most of her money, she set up as a trader, endured the seige of Pretoria, worked as a share-brokers agent in the re-established Boer Republic of the Transvaal, bought 2 farms in the Northern Transvaal, became adviser to Modjadje, "The Rain Queen " etc Brown skivertex bds. ix + 243pp. illustrated b/w photos/plates. No inscrip. F in VG d/w (small repair top sp.).Collins. London 1979.£12.00
#10797 De Klerk, Willem. FW DE KLERK. The Man in His Time. Biography written by the State President's older brother, a seasoned political commentator, academic and former newspaper editor. Blue cb. 185pp. illustrated col & b/w photos. No inscrip, sl shelfwear o/w VG+ in VG+ d/w..Jonathan Ball. Jhb 1991.£10.00
#10714 Denis, Armand. ON SAFARI. The Story of My Life. Author was in the forefront of wildlife film makers, and with wife Michaela will be remembered for their exciting 1950s TV productions. Yellow cb. 320pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps. No inscrip. Near VG in G bright d/w.Collins. London 1963.£11.00
#10753 Denis, Michaela. LEOPARD IN MY LAP. The adventurous life of author, wife of Armand (early wildlife film producer and TV programmes), who started her career among the fashion-designing smart set of New York and became the glamour girl of safari. Red cb. 252pp. illustrated col & b/w photos by Armand Denis. Inscrip ffep, sello removal marks eps o/w VG. No d/w.Allen. London 1955 2nd imp.£5.00
#10764 Denis, Michaela. LEOPARD IN MY LAP. The fascinating story of her career, concentrating on the various expeditions she and husband, Armand, have undertaken since 1948. Red cb. 252pp. illustrated col & b/w photos by Armand Denis. No inscrip. VG+ in lovely VG pc d/w.Allen. London 1955.
Signed by author on title page.

#10744 Dinesen, Isak. SHADOWS ON THE GRASS. Episodes of author's life in Africa. Gilt dec green/brown cb. illustrated b/w photos/plates. No inscrip but small pen scribble on ffep. gilt worn from dec and spine o/w bds G+, cont VG. No d/w.Random House. NY 1961.£10.00
#10699 House, Adrian. THE GREAT SAFARI. The Lives of George and Joy Adamson. The astonishing reality behind the myth of a modern Eden, their tempestuous marriage, her pursuit of other men, the adoption of Elsa, the lioness which for a time restored their precarious marriage. Their great service to conservation and their tragic violent ends. Cream paper/black cb. xiv + 465pp. illustrated col & b/w photos and plates, maps. No inscrip. F in F d/w.Harvill. London 1993.£15.00
#10802 Huxley, Elspeth. THE FLAME TREES OF THIKA. Memories of an African Childhood. Green cb. 288pp. b/w frontis dwg. No inscrip. VG+ in very attractive near VG d/w.C&W and The Book Soc. London 1959.£18.00
#10723 Leakey, Richard E. ONE LIFE. An Autobiography. Like his father, Louis, author was born in Kenya and raised as an African. Learning about prehistoric Africa from both his parents he became involved in the study of human ancestry, which ultimately lead to his leadership of Kenya's museums. His development of laboratories in Nairobi have made Kenya one of the world's major centres for the study of evolution and human origins. Blue cb. 207pp. illustrated col & b/w photos, map. Lge 8vo. No inscrip. VG+ in VG+ d/w.Michael Joseph. London 1983.£12.00
#10718 Leipoldt, C. Louis. BUSHVELD DOCTOR. Author was appointed Medical Inspector of Schools in the Transvaal in the early part of the 20th Century. His individual experiences in the far flung places he was engaged to visit, the Bushveld schools, the ravages of the two chief Bushveld diseases, malaria and bilharziasis and his enduring love of the bush. Red cb. 350pp. No inscrip. Overall G+. No d/w.Jonathan Cape. London 1937.£18.00
#10820 Mandela, Nelson. LONG WALK TO FREEDOM. The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela. 630pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps on eps. lge 8vo p/b. No inscrip. VG+.TSP. London 1994.£15.00
#10668 Mandela, Nelson. THE ILLUSTRATED LONG WALK TO FREEDOM. Vividly portrays Mandela's life in words and pictures. Printed bds. 208pp. profusely illustrated col & b/w photos. Lge 4to. No inscrip. A lovely copy, F. D/w has closed tear but is near VG.Little, Brown. London 1996.£25.00
#10719 Michael, Marjorie. I MARRIED A HUNTER. An exciting account of camp life in the wilds of South Africa, domestic life with her hunter husband, George, interwoven with thrilling accounts of strange experiences, ranging from a visit to a native wedding to an encounter with a diamond smuggler etc. Red cb. 216pp. illustrated b/w photos. Includes Popular Post leaflet dd July 1958 featuring I Married A Hunter as the book choice for the month. No inscrip. ff lightly browned o/w VG+ in VG+ d/w.PBC. London 1958.£8.00
#10732 Millin, Sarah Gertrude. GENERAL SMUTS. Vol 1 Blue cb. xv + 393pp. Illus. b/w photos. Small ownership inscrip ffep. eps lightly fox. o/w G+. No d/w.London 1936. 1st ed.£10.00
#10795 Millin, Sarah Gertrude. THE MEASURE OF MY DAYS. Author's husband died suddenly during the writing of this book so that it becomes an intimate, personal story with a picture of the world as seen by two intelligent people whose position gave them a special point of vantage. Millin was a gifted writer whose work included biogs of Smuts and Rhodes, her husband was a leading judge of South Africa's Supreme Court. Blue cb. 394pp. No inscrip. Except for browned eps, a nice VG+ copy in VG+ d/w.Faber. London 1955.£22.00
#10700 Paton, Alan. APARTHEID AND THE ARCHBISHOP. The Life And Times Of Geoffrey Clayton, Archbishop Of Cape Town. This is also an account of the confrontation between Church & State in South Africa coming to a head in 1970 with the Anglican bishops declining to obey the governments 'church clause' restricting the rights of Africans to attend churches in white areas. Notes & bibliography. Brown cb. xiii + 311pp. illustrated b/w photos. indexed. No inscrip. VG+ in VG d/w (sp sl fad).Jonathan Cape. London 1974 1st edn thus.£20.00
#10696 Pienaar, Francois. RAINBOW WARRIOR. The hard-hitting autobiography. Tells how he grew up in a strong Afrikaner heartland to unite the new South Africa in rugby and thus help to accelerate his country's acceptance on the world stage following its emergence from the apartheid years.. Black cb. 319pp. illustrated col photos. Ex libris showing label removal ffep, barcode etc but essentially a VG, very clean copy in a VG+ d/w (small label on base of sp).Collins Willow. London 1999.£7.00
#10773 Sachs, Bernard. MULTITUDE OF DREAMS. A Semi-Autobiographical Study. The life of an uprooted Lithuanian Jew, starting life with the weight of Eastern European mysticism on his shoulders and joining a world of Leftists, aesthetes, and the generally uprooted in SA. Gives a vivid account of life in Jhb at the lower social register. Brown cb. 255pp. illustrated b/w portrait frontis. Bookplate front pastedown o/w near VG in worn, damp stained d/w (clean on front.) Kayor. Jhb 1949.
Signed by author on ffep.

#10694 van der Post, Laurens. THE ADMIRAL'S BABY. Sequel to Night of the New Moon. Begins with author's release from the Japanese POW camp in Java. Being the most senior British army officer he was asked to stay and oversee the welfare and treatment of ex-prisoners and internees until Allied troops arrived... Brown cb. 340pp. b/w portrait frontis. map. No inscrip. F in pc F d/w.John Murray. London 1996.£14.00
#10819 Walvin, James. AN AFRICAN'S LIFE. The Life and Times of Olaudah Equiano, 1745-1797.In this first biography of a black 18th century figure, author attempts to create a rounded portrait of the man behind the literary image, and to study Equiano in the context of Atlantic slavery. xv + 205pp. illustrated b/w plates. lge 8vo p/b. Ex public library, showing label removal and stamp ffep o/w a very attractive VG+ copy.Continuum. London 2000.£12.00
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#10653 Cahill, Tilda. THE COMPLETE SOUTH AFRICAN VEGETARIAN COOKBOOK. Printed bds. 192pp. illustrated col photos & b/w dwgs. 4to. No inscrip. a couple of pages show small stains but overall a VG, bright copy.CNA. Jhb 1985 2nd imp.£12.00
#10810 van der Post, Laurens. FIRST CATCH YOUR ELAND. A comprehensive book about African cookery, from the barbecued antelope of the primitive Bushman to the sophisticated pastries developed by the Cape Colonists, encompassing the whole history of the continent and its present predicaments. Brown cb. x + 211pp. No inscrip. A really super copy in a VG+ d/w, which has been permanently covered in protective transparent wrap.Hogarth Press. London 1977 1st ed.£20.00

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#10654 Blixen, Karen. OUT OF AFRICA. Author's record of her life on a coffee plantation near Nairobi in the 1920s and 1930s, the day to day events on a struggling farm, the (eccentric) European settlers, the African peoples and the magnificent land. Printed bds with col inset portrait of author. 288pp. beautifully and profusely illustrated with b/w photos, col plates, dwgs etc. 4to. No inscrip. small stain bottom rear bd o/w a lovely, clean VG+ copy.Century Pub. London 1985.£15.00
#10759 Hampton, Charles & Janie and their children. A FAMILY OUTING IN AFRICA. A lively and amusing travel book, with contributions from all five family members. They leave Zimbabwe in 1985 to return to the UK, their journey taking them by bus, train, river boat, lorry, wooden bicycle and foot through Central Africa, with many adventures on the way. Green cb. 267pp. illustrated col photos, maps on eps. No inscrip. Sl shelfwear o/w VG/F in F d/w.Macmillan. London 1988.£10.00
#10801 Hart, Susanne. LIFE WITH DAKTARI. Two Vets in East Africa. Author and husband Toni ( who appeared in the TV series, Daktari) are the two vets of the title and this is the story of their life in East Africa with their children and the animals they encounter in their veterinary work. Grey dec green cb. 224pp. illustrated col & b/w photos, dwgs. VG in G+, internally fox d/w.Bles Collins. London 1969.
Signed by author on title page, and also on label affixed to ffep.

#10775 Hills, Denis. MAN WITH A LOBELIA FLUTE. A New View of East Africa. Author, lecturer at National Teachers College in Kampala vividly records his impressions and encounters from his first arrival in East Africa. His many car and foot journeys through Uganda and neighbouring countries and his experiences with various tribes. A collection of verses written by his students is included which are illustrative of traditional customs and the effects of changing influences. Purple cb. 275pp. illustrated b/w photos, map. Inscrip front pastedown o/w VG+ in G+ bright, pc d/w.Allen & Unwin. London 1969.£15.00
#10770 Huxley, Elspeth. FORKS AND HOPE. An African Notebook. The result of a 3 month trip to Tanganyika, Kenya and Uganda in 1963 when author travelled through game parks, talked to political leaders, saw the "white highlands" broken up into smallholdings for Africans, watched the emergence of a new East Africa. Blue cb. xi + 272pp. illustrated b/w dwgs by Jonathan Kingdon. maps. Inscrip ffep. sl patches of fad on sp. o/w VG in near VG d/w with small chip from top of sp.Chatto & Windus. London 1964.£12.00
#10736 Lane, Margaret. LIFE WITH IONIDES. Author visited Ionides at his home in Tanganyika to gain this unique insight into the life of the renowned hunter turned Game Warden and now, naturalist, who has lived a solitary life in mainly primitive conditions. Takes into account the changing background of life in Tanganyika as it evolves towards a place in the modern world. Green dec grey cb. ix + 180pp. illustrated col & b/w photos. No inscrip. sl fox upper edges of some ff o/w VG+ in Near VG, clean d/w.RU. London 1964.£10.00
#10812 Pern, Stephen. ANOTHER LAND, ANOTHER SEA. Walking Round Lake Rudolph. Foreword by John Hillaby. The last of the great lakes of East Africa to be discovered (now re-named Lake Turkana).Author determined to be the first to record a walk right around it, despite dire warnings of harsh climate, hostile tribesmen etc. Brown cb. 256pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps. No inscrip. VG in VG+ d/w.Gollancz. London 1979.£10.00
#10657 Stevens, W.H. EAST AFRICAN SAFARI. A Pictorial Impression of East Africa.Photos and explanatory text take reader inland roughly following the line of the Equator. Crossing savannah, mountain and forest, touching on the great lakes and the borders of the Sudan and the Congo. Black cb. 114 b/w photos and accompanying text, maps. Inscrip on ffep.o/w VG. D/w has small triangular loss top front o/w G cleanCollins. London 1965.£5.00
#10705 The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. THE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF TANGANYIKA. Report of a Mission Organised by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development at the Request of the Governments of Tanganyika and the United Kingdom. Green cb. xxviii + 548pp. fold out maps. No inscrip. ffep excised o/w G+. No d/w.Johns Hopkins Press. Baltimore 1961.£12.00
#10817 van Lawick, Hugo. SOLO. The Story of an African Wild Dog Puppy and her Pack. "The story of Solo's puppyhood, her persistent fortitude, her so nearly tragic end and eventual salvation...". Author spent endless hours of patient observation on Tanzania's Serengeti Plains to acheive this accurate portrait. Green cb. 159pp. illustrated col photos and b/w dwgs by David Bygott. No inscrip. VG+ in VG bright d/w.Collins. London 1973.£10.00
#10809 Walker, Eric Sherbrooke. TREETOPS HOTEL. Built in a high tree beside a natural pool in a clearing, this unique, luxury hotel is where Princess Elizabeth was staying in Feb 1952, when she heard of the death of her father, King George VI. The story of how author and his wife built the house in the tree after it was burned down by the Mau Mau plus fascinating tales of African wildlife witnessed from its vantage point. Green cb. 190pp. illustrated b/w photos. Inscrip ffep. o/w VG+ in VG d/w.Robert Hale. London 1962.£15.00

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#10734 Brink, Andre. AN ACT OF TERROR. Novel set in SA in the 1980s but drawing on a family chronicle of the Landman family dating back to the 17th century. The reconstruction of the 13 generations of the Landman family forms a supplement at the end of the novel. 834pp. Lge p/b. No inscrip. VG+/F.TSP. London 1991.£8.00
#10690 Brink, Andre. IMAGININGS OF SAND. Novel. Set in SA in 1994. Green cb. 353pp. No inscrip. VG+ in VG+ d/w. A really nice copy.Secker & Warburg. London 1996 1st ed.£10.00
#10767 Brink, Andre. STATES OF EMERGENCY. Novel set in 1980s SA. Black cb. 248pp Except for ink price on ffep F in VG+ pc d/w.Faber. London 1988 1st ed.£14.00
#10708 Coetzee, J.M. STRANGER SHORES. Essays 1986 - 1999. Literary criticism. Black cb. 374pp. No inscrip. F in F d/w.Secker & Warburg. London 2001.£22.00
#10722 Eyre, Ronald et al. FRONTIERS. This book accompanied the major TV series in which eight well-known individuals explore frontiers in which they have a special interest. Nadine Gordimer travels to the South African - Mozambiquan border across which SA arms flow to aid RENAMO guerillas and Mozambiquan refugees flee for sanctuary. Her 30pp article is entitled "The Ingot and the Stick. The Ingot and the Gun." Red cb. 272pp. illustrated col & b/w photos, maps. Lge 8vo. No inscrip. VG+ in VG bright d/w.BBC. London 1990.£15.00
#10752 Golka, Friedemann W. THE LEOPARD'S SPOTS. Biblical and African Wisdom in Proverbs. Author disputes the traditional claim of Old Testament scholarship that biblical proverbs were literary works of art much influenced by the civilisations of Egypt and Mesopotamia and by comparing them to those of tribal societies of Africa, concludes that they come from a much different period. Black cb. 150pp. No inscrip. F in F d/w.Clark. Edinburgh 1993.£14.00
#10769 Holloway, Joseph E.(ed). AFRICANISMS. In American Culture. Ten scholarly essays by contributing authors presenting new interpretations of the impact of Africanisms on North American history and culture. Printed wraps. xxi + 249pp. illustrated b/w photos, tables etc. No inscrip. Near F.Indiana UP. 1991.£12.00
#10783 Inter-Territorial Language Committee of the East African Dependencies. A STANDARD ENGLISH - SWAHILI DICTIONARY. (Founded on Madan's English-Swahili Dictionary). Under the direction of the late Frederick Johnson. Brown cb. 635pp. Ownership stamps ffeps (HQ.West Sub Area. E.A. Command) o/w a near VG copy.OUP. London 1942 rpt.£12.00
#10706 Lefanu, Sarah & Hayward, Stephen.(eds). COLOURS OF A NEW DAY. Writing for South Africa. A collection of new writing from across the English-speaking world as an expression of support for a multi-racial South Africa. Many fine writers have contributed inc Zoe Wicombe, James Kelman, Vikram Seth, Wole Soyinka etc etc. Red cb. xiii + 360pp. No inscrip. F in F d/w.Lawrence & Wishart. London 1990.£12.00
#10710 Nicholson, Michael. PILGRIMS REST. Novel set in the 1870s and based on a Welsh widow and her young sons who leave Wales to start a new life amongst the gold diggers in the Eastern Transvaal. Black cb. 381pp. map. Small ownership inscrip ffep o/w G+ in G+ bright d/w.Collins. London 1987.£12.00
#10781 Perrott, D.V. TEACH YOURSELF SWAHILI. Covers the whole of the Swahili language without being in any way a formal grammar. Blue cb. vii + 194pp. plus 30pp supplementary exercises. No inscrip. F in F d/w.David McKay. NY / English UP.London 1969.£8.00
#10793 Sher, Antony & Doran, Gregory. WOZA SHAKESPEARE! Titus Andronicus in South Africa. A fascinating account of the trials and tribulations behind an ultimately triumphant production of Shakespeare's bloodiest tragedy, which lead to international success and an award winning tour. xii + 304pp. illustrated b/w dwgs by Sher. lge 8vo p/b. VG+.Methuen. London 1997.£7.00
#10825 Sher, Antony. YEAR OF THE KING. An Actor's Diary and Sketch Book. Records the making of Richard III for which author won the Standard Award for Best Actor of 1985, in the title role. 249pp. illustrated b/w dwgs. lge 8vo p/b. Ownership label on ffep. evenly lightly browned throughout o/w VG.Methuen. London 1986.£12.00
#10750 Simenon, Georges. AFRICAN TRIO. Comprises three novels written by author in the 1930s ( Talatala, Tropic Moon and Aboard the Aquitaine.) "They explore the paradox that is Africa, where the white man treads a precarious tightrope between the inherent rationality of Europe and the "dark imaginings" of a continent whose history is so totally different". Dark blue cb. viii + 325pp. Very small ownership inscrip ffep o/w F in F d/w.Hamish Hamilton. London 1979 1st UK ed.£16.00
#10688 van der Post, Laurens. A WALK WITH A WHITE BUSHMAN. In Conversation with Jean-Marc Pottiez. Spontaneous discussions and pointed commentary on many of the key issues and personalities of our time. Blue cb. xxi + 326pp. No inscrip. edges browned o/w VG in VG+ pc d/w.Chatto & Windus. London 1986.£8.00
#10684 van der Post, Laurens. FEATHER FALL. An Anthology. Edited by Jean-Marc Pottiez. A thought provoking selection chosen from the complete range of van der Post's work, both published and unpublished. Blue cb. xviii + 269pp. VG/F in VG/F d/w.Chatto & Windus. London 1994.£12.00
#10727 Young, Francis Brett. THE CITY OF GOLD. Novel set in the early days of Johannesburg. Gilt dec blue cb. viii + 888pp. Bds VG. Cont and edges sl fox, small ownership inscrip ffep hence G+. D/w complete and clean but internal fox shows through on rear. Heinemann. London 1939£14.00

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#10663 Johnson, Paul. CONSOLIDATED GOLD FIELDS. A Centenary Portrait. A dramatic portrait of this great mining finance company founded by Cecil Rhodes and Charles Rudd. Dark blue cb. gilt titles on spine. 256pp. illustrated col & b/w photos. 4to. No inscrips. A M/F copy in a VG+/F d/w.Weidenfeld & Nicolson. London 1987.£12.00
#10664 McNish, J.T. THE GLITTERING ROAD. Kimberley 1874-1876. A new diamond field era began, with deeper mines and a need to solve the conflicting interests generated at the time of the rushes and shallow diggings. The prolonged battle for power began with names like Rhodes, Beit, Barnato, Jameson etc in the foreground. Green cb. 198pp. illustrated b/w photos, plates. 4to. No inscrip. shallow scratch front bd. o/w VG+ in G+ edge ch d/w.Struik. Cape Town 1970.£18.00

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#10662 Clinton, Iris. 'THESE VESSELS..' The Story of Inyati. 1859-1959. With contributions by Roger Summers, K.Malthus Smith and P.S.King. Red skivertex bds. gilt titles. 96pp. illustrated b/w photos/plates, map and fold out genealogical chart of the Moffat, Thomas and Sykes families. 12mo. No inscrip. tiny peck in bottom front bd, eps lightly browned o/w VG+ in worn complete d/w.Stuart Manning. Bulawayo 1959.£8.00
#10729 De Arteche, Jose. THE CARDINAL OF AFRICA. Charles Lavigerie, Founder of the White Fathers. Translated by Mairin Mitchell. Blue cb. 208pp. No inscrip. A very nice VG+ copy in a VG+ d/w.Catholic BC. London 1964.£18.00
#10741 Johnson, Ven. William Percival. MY AFRICAN REMINISCENCES. 1875 - 1895. Author was Archdeacon of Nyasa and here gives an absorbing account of his first 20 years (he served wih the Universities Mission for almost 50 years) in Central Africa. Green cb. 236pp. illustrated b/w photos, foldout map. No inscrip. a little light fad to edge of front bd, eps and edges sl fox o/w a tight VG copy.UMCA. London c 1924.£25.00
#10794 Livingstone, W.P. CHRISTINA FORSYTH OF FINGOLAND. The Story of the Loneliest Woman in Africa. Mrs Forsyth lived alone for 30 years in an isolated mission station in Xolobe (near Paterson), in that period never moving more than a 20 mile radius from her mission- house. Grey cb. xiii + 236pp. illustrated b/w photos, map. Comes with one page letter presenting the book to Miss Florence Adams for the best essay on The Essential Characteristics of a Missionary., dd April 1919. No inscrip. very sound G++.H&S. London 1918.£20.00
#10799 None. A CENTRAL AFRICAN JUBILEE. 1881-1931. Or Fifty Years With The Gospel In " The Beloved Strip". Foreword by Montague Goodman. Arranged to commemorate F.S.Arnot's setting out for Africa. Black & gilt dec green cb.192pp. illustrated b/w photos, map on ffep. List of past and present workers in the Beloved Strip. Sunday School presentation label on ffep. sp sl darkened, overall a G+ copy, cont very clean and VG.Pickering & Inglis. London 1931.£15.00
#10737 Smith, Edwin W. GREAT LION OF BECHUANALAND. The Life and Times of Roger Price, Missionary. Price arrived in Kuruman at the end of 1858. Maps on eps show the route taken on the fated Kololo expedition which left Kuruman in July, 1859 and of which there were only three European survivors. Price's first wife and his daughter were among those who died. Tan cb. xvi + 444pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps. No inscrip. one inch split in cloth top front joint. edges sl fox o/w a nice clean G+ copy. No d/w.LMS. London 1957.£22.00

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#10763 Bennett, Nicholas. ZIGZAG TO TIMBUKTU. Author was 18 when he decided to fill the months between leaving Westminster and going up to Oxford by journeying to Timbuktu, the place that seemed to him the most remote in the world.He raised the necessary cash by selling ice cream in an English circus and then by a part time teaching post in Ghana. His youth, lack of money and general vulnerability brought him into really close contact with the Africans, who, seeing someone in seemingly the same position as themselves, took to him without reservation. Red cb. 136pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps. Shows removal of library label from rear ep. Eps and edges sl grubby o/w bds VG. conts G+ in complete but repd d/w.John Murray. London 1963.£8.00
#10707 Bianco, Mirella. GADAFI. Voice from the Desert. Author seeks to redress some of the misunderstandings and misconceptions surrounding this seemingly eccentric figure. Translated by Margaret Lyle from the French : Kadhafi, Messager du Desert. Brown cb. intro + 197pp. No inscrip. VG+ in fad G+ d/w.Longman. London 1975.£15.00
#10679 Campbell-Purdie, Wendy & Brockway, Fenner. WOMAN AGAINST THE DESERT. Tree-Planting in the Sahara. An attempt to check the further advance of the eroding sands by ringing the desert with a green belt of trees. Orange cb. 128pp. illustrated b/w photos, map. Ex public library with usual stamps. Sello removal marks on bds. A sound copy in a d/w. G.Gollancz. London 1967.£5.00
#10799 Carrington, Richard. THE TEARS OF ISIS. The Story of a New Journey from the Mouth to the Source of the River Nile. Author began his journey at Rosetta and ended at Lake Victoria, but added many miles to the journey by digressions to see many aspects of Egypt's life and landscape not normally accesible to tourists. Red cb. 256pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps, dwg. Ownership inscrip ffep.edges fox o/w VG in complete, clean, repd d/w.Chatto & Windus. London 1955.£16.00
#10680 Clarke, Bryan. BERBER VILLAGE. The Story of the Oxford University Expedition to the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Yellow cb. xv + 160pp. map. No inscrip. eps and edges sl fox o/w VG in sl fox, but complete and attractive d/w.Travel BC. London 1959.£12.00
#10788 di Pirajno, Alberto Denti. A CURE FOR SERPENTS. A Doctor in Africa. Author began his career as a doctor in Africa in Tripoli in the 1920s. Many exciting and colourful stories of his years amongst the Berbers, Tuaregs etc. Brown cb. 263pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps. No inscrip. Except for sello removal marks on eps, a very smart VG+ copy in a VG+ bright d/w.Andre Deutsch. London 1955 2nd imp.£12.00
#10757 Heseltine, Nigel. FROM LIBYAN SANDS TO CHAD. Author's account of his third crossing of the Sahara desert, with material on Fada and Mourdi. Red cb. 208pp. illustrated col & b/w photos, maps. No inscrip. bottom of front bd bumped o/w overall clean G+. No d/w.Museum Press. London 1959.£10.00
#10785 Meyer, Jean Daniel. DESERT DOCTOR. The engrossing story of author, who at 26 left France to practise as a doctor in the French colonies in and bordering on the Sahara: Mauretania, Senegal, the French Sudan, the Upper Volta and Lake Tchad. A colourful, eventful and sometimes life-threatening career... Translated by Mervyn Savill. Brown cb. 255pp. illustrated b/w photos. No inscrip. VG. D/w worn and with loss.Souvenir Press. London 1960.£7.00
#10814 Moorehead, Alan. THE WHITE NILE. A half century of thrilling adventures as the, mainly British , explorers sought to find the source of the great White Nile. Author starts his epic story in 1856, when Burton and Speke vanished from human sight for 2 years, and ends it in 1900 when the river had become an open highway from Central Africa to the Mediterranean. Blue cb. 385pp. illustrated b/w photos, plates, dwgs, maps, foldout. No inscrip. VG+ in near VG edge ch d/w.BCA. London 1972.£15.00
#10712 Moorhouse, Geoffrey. THE FEARFUL VOID. Author's lone traverse of the Sahara desert from the Atlantic to the Nile (3,600 miles). Red cb. 288pp. illustrated col & b/w photos, dwgs, maps. Ex hospital library with stamps eps and edges, o/w a VG copy in a sp fad G++ d/w.BCA. London 1974.£10.00
#10778 Murray, Margaret A. THE SPLENDOUR THAT WAS EGYPT. Written for the general reader, the book is divided into 6 sections covering Prehistory, History, Social Conditions, Religion, Arts and Sciences and Language and Literature. A short but comprehensive survey of the history of Egyptian civilisation. Red cb. xxii + 256pp. illustrated b/w photos, plates, dwgs. Maps on eps. No inscrip. VG+ in near VG, sp fad d/w.BCA. London 1973.£12.00
#10670 Musallam, Basim. THE ARABS. A Living History. Divided into ten parts, each dealing with the realities of Arab life past and present. Written and researched over a 3 year period, this is a unique and well informed document which was also produced as a television series. Blue cb. ix + 211pp. illustrated col & b/w photos, plates, maps on eps. 4to. No inscrip. VG+ in near VG pc d/w.Collins/Harvill. London 1983.£12.00
#10703 Nicol, C.W. FROM THE ROOF OF AFRICA. "..A young game warden's 2 years in the primitive Simien Mountains of Ethiopia and his attempt to build a national park and game preserve there". Tan cb. 361pp. illustrated col & b/w photos. Bookplate ffep o/w VG in G+ bright d/w.Knopf. NY 1972.£15.00
#10671 Sanders, Nick. JOURNEY TO THE SOURCE OF THE NILE. Author is a seasoned cyclist whose adventurous travels are done on a budget of £1.50 per day! Printed wraps. 96pp. illustrated col & b/w photos, maps etc. Lge 4to p/b. Inscrip ffep o/w VG+.Self. Glossop 1983.£8.00
#10787 Trench, Richard. FORBIDDEN SANDS. A Search in the Sahara. Author, a journalist, undertook the journey to try and find out what was happening at the notorious salt mines at Taoudenni, whether, as it was rumoured, they were being worked by Malian political prisoners. Red cb. 197pp. illustrated b/w photos, map. No inscrip. evenly lightly browned throughout o/w VG+ in VG bright d/w.Travel BC. London 1978.£10.00

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#10658 Bannerman, D.A. LARGER BIRDS OF WEST AFRICA. African Series WA10. Describes in detail practically every species of the larger birds (non- Passerine) known to occur between the Senegal River and the Cameroon-Nigerian highlands, except European migrants. 195pp p/b. illustrated b/w dwgs. Wraps very sl spotted, evenly lightly browned throughout o/w a G+, sound copy.Penguin. London 1958.£5.00
#10808 Brown, Leslie. AFRICAN BIRDS OF PREY. A study of Africa's 89 diurnal raptors and owls. Brown skivertex bds. 320pp. Illus. b/w photos. maps, dgms, tables, graphs, appendices. etc. No inscrip. VG+ in attractive VG d/w.Collins. London 1970£15.00

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#10646 Arikpo, Okoi. THE DEVELOPMENT OF MODERN NIGERIA. Penguin African Library AP21. Edited by Ronald Segal. 176 pp p/b. map. Ownership inscrip ffep o/w VG.Penguin. Middlesex 1967.£6.00
#10780 Arnold, Guy. THE LAST BUNKER. A Report on White South Africa Today. A detailed survey on the urgent need for fresh appraisal of southern Africa since Portugal's withdrawal as a colonial power in 1974. Purple cb. 285pp. map. Ownership inscrip ffep o/w VG in near VG d/w.Quartet. London 1976.£15.00
#10755 Barnes, Leonard. AFRICA IN ECLIPSE. This leading authority on the nature of Colonialism examines the way the emergent African states are going wrong and how the new style neo-colonialism of the West is making bad worse. Blue cb. 352pp. maps on eps. No inscrip. VG+ in VG bright d/w.Gollancz. London 1971.£15.00
#10822 Brickhill, Joan. RACE AGAINST RACE. South Africa's "Multinational" Sport Fraud. Author examines the origins and development of multi-national sport and analyses the motives of white sportspeople, showing the continuing racial discrimination in sport. 77pp. illustrated b/w photos, dwgs. p/b. No inscrip. wraps sl crinkled at edges but overall VG.International Defence and Aid Fund. London 1976.£8.00
#10784 Burchett, Wilfred. SOUTHERN AFRICA STANDS UP. The Revolutions in Angola, Mozambique, Rhodesia, Namibia and South Africa. Author has been covering wars for more than 35 years and gives the story and the inside info from "the other side.." Grey skivertex bds. xxxviii + 321pp. maps. No inscrip. Vg in worn d/w.Urizen. NY 1978.£12.00
#10675 Cole, Ernest. HOUSE OF BONDAGE. A South African black man exposes in his own pictures and words, the bitter life of his homeland today. Cole went into exile in 1966 in order to expose the harsh realities portrayed in this work. Tan cb. 187pp. illustrated b/w photos. Lge 4to. No inscrip. F/M in F d/w.Allen Lane The Penguin Press. London 1968.£35.00
#10712 Drury, Allen. "A VERY STRANGE SOCIETY". A Journey To The Heart Of Africa. Author, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist travelled throughout South Africa. Brown cb. 465pp illustrated b/w photo frontis. maps on eps. No inscrip. VG+ in near VG attractive d/w. Michael Joseph. London 1968 3rd imp.£10.00
#10771 Durbach, Andrea. UPINGTON. A Story of Trials and Reconciliation. " ...In May 1991,journalists, news crews, and human rights activists from around the world gathered in front of Pretoria's notorious Central Prison to watch the release of 14 black South Africans from Death Row". The story is told by the young white woman who became their lawyer. Printed wraps. xvi + 267pp. illustrated b/w photos, map. lge 8vo p/b. F.Allen & Unwin. NSW 1999.£10.00
#10652 Gordimer, Nadine & Goldblatt, David. LIFETIMES : UNDER APARTHEID. Extracts from the novels and stories of Gordimer combined with the remarkable photographs of Goldblatt create a unique document of the repression and tragedy of black lives. Black cb. 115pp. illustrated b/w photos. Lge 4to. No inscrip. F in VG+/F d/w.Jonathan Cape. London 1986.£35.00
#10740 Hall, Richard. THE HIGH PRICE OF PRINCIPLES. Kaunda and the White South. A realistic view of the new shape of Southern Africa, the real character of the black-white confrontation and a shattering commentary on British government policy. Black cb. 256pp. maps on eps. No inscrip. VG+ in VG+ bright d/w.H&S. London 1969.£12.00
#10800 Le May, G.H.L. BLACK AND WHITE IN SOUTH AFRICA. The Politics of Survival. Shows how Britain's victory in the Boer War failed to consolidate her influence in South Africa and lead indirectly to Black Africa becoming their biggest threat. Black cb. 127pp. illustrated col & b/w photos, maps. No inscrip. VG+ in VG bright d/w.Macdonald. London 1971.£10.00
#10739 Legum, Colin & Margaret. SOUTH AFRICA: CRISIS FOR THE WEST. Pall Mall World Affairs Special Series. Authors argue that, as SA heads towards disaster, international intervention is inevitable. The question is by whom, for what purpose and with what results. Green cb. vi + 333pp. maps and dgms. Ownership inscrip ffep. sl shelfwear o/w VG+ in G d/w.Pall Mall. London 1964.£20.00
#10754 Mazrui, Ali A. AFRICA'S INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. The Diplomacy of Dependency and Change. Encompassing a wide variety of subjects from birth control to the impact of Marxism on African ideologies, slave trade, black diaspora etc from one of Africa's most independent political thinkers. Yellow cb. ix + 310pp. No inscrip. F in F d/w.Heinemann. London 1977.£20.00
#10779 Sabot, R.H. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND URBAN MIGRATION. Tanzania 1900-1971. The study of the nature and determinants of labour supply, wages and imbalance in Tanzania's urban labour market. Dark blue cb. xv + 279pp. dgms, tables, bibliography. No inscrip. F in VG+ d/w.Clarendon Press. Oxford 1979.£15.00
#10735 Sachs, Albie. JUSTICE IN SOUTH AFRICA. First of two studies in race relations to be published under the auspices of the Columbus Centre Trust. Dealing with subjects such as racial inequality in law, lynching, torture, the formation of race attitudes, traditional African adjudication, the concept and statistics of crime, and the role of leading lawyers and rebels such as Smuts, Gandhi and Mandela. Black cb. 288pp. No inscrip. top edge sl fox o/w VG+ in G+ bright d/w ( few nicks and closed tears).Chatto. Heinemann for Sussex UP. London 1973.£22.00
#10807 Schwab, Peter. ETHIOPIA. Politics, Economics and Society. Marxist Regimes series. Analysis of the events leading up to the revolution of September 1974, viewed as Africa's first truly Leninist/Stalinist revolution. Also an economic analysis that inc agriculture, manafactures and a discussion of the new political economy created by the Dergue plus details of its domestic policies. Black cb. xx + 134pp. maps, tables etc. No inscrip. VG+ in VG+ d/w.Frances Pinter. London 1985.£16.00
#10692 Sithole, Ndabaningi. AFRICAN NATIONALISM. Author describes how African nationalism has evolved naturally and inevitably from white domination and the "myth" of white supremacy.. Grey cb. 174pp. Ownership inscrip ffep and sl browning to eps o/w G+ in G d/w.OUP. Cape Town 1959.£6.00
#10751 Thiam, Doudou. THE FOREIGN POLICY OF AFRICAN STATES. Ideological Bases. Present Realities. Future Prospects. The author, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Senegal. explores the ideological foundations, present reality and future outlook of foreign policy in relation to both external powers, and those of the "new" states in relation to each other. Black cb. xv + 134pp. No inscrip. VG+ in VG d/w.Phoenix. London 1965.£15.00
#10789 Troup, Freda. IN FACE OF FEAR. Michael Scott's Challenge to South Africa. Rev Scott is an almost legendary figure, championing coloured people ( The Indian community in Durban) and forgotten African tribes such as the Hereros in their struggle against absorption into the Union. Blue cb. 227pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps. No inscrip. VG in worn d/w with loss.Faber. London 1950.£6.00
#10669 Turnley, David C. WHY ARE THEY WEEPING? South Africans Under Apartheid. Photographs by David C. Turnley. Text by Alan Cowell. Foreword by Allan Boesak. 100 vivid col photographs portraying a difficult and beautiful country, split and at war with itself. The text reveals the the foundations and facts of apartheid, the colonial context from which it grew etc. Printed wraps. 198pp. profusely illustrated col photos. Lge 4to p/b. No inscrip. sp sl browned o/w VG.Stewart, Tabori & Chang. NY 1988.£15.00
#10760 Wason, Eugene. BANNED. The Story of the African Daily News, Southern Rhodesia, 1964. Author, editor of the newspaper, left the country after the paper was banned for subversion by the Smith government. It had been the only paper which attempted to present the African point of view and it grew stronger under his editorship, attracting its readership from those who had flocked to the banner of African nationalism. Red cb. vii + 160pp. illustrated b/w photos. No inscrip. F in F pc d/w.Hamish Hamilton. London 1976.£15.00

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#10659 Jones, Neville. THE PREHISTORY OF SOUTHERN RHODESIA. An Account of the Progress of Research from 1900 to 1946. "...describes the building up of the Rhodesian sequence, the series of discoveries made in excavations in the caves and rock shelters of the area, the well known rock paintings, and the ironstone kopjes." Museum Memoir No.2. Printed bds. 77pp. illustrated b/w photos, dwgs, diagrams, maps. Very small ownership inscrip. Small area fad on bottom front bd. cnrs sl soft o/w a very clean VG in a worn and incomplete d/w.CUP. Cambridge 1949.£12.00
#10821 Mhlagazanhlansi. (Dr. Neville Jones). MY FRIEND KUMALO. A highly informative work on Matabele oral tradition which grew out of the close friendship of Rev. Mtompe Kumalo, an African minister of Hope Fountain Mission, near Bulawayo and his missionary colleague, Dr Jones. Fold in wraps, prelims + 126pp. illustrated b/w photos/plates. No inscrip. wraps G+, small tippex obliteration ffep o/w cont VG/F.Books of Rhodesia. Bulawayo 1972.£15.00
#10661 Universities Mission to Central Africa. BEYOND THE WATERS THAT THUNDER. A Book about Northern Rhodesia. Blue cb. 64pp. illustrated sepia photos. maps on eps. 12mo. No inscrip. Small patches fad on bds but o/w bds very clean VG. cont sl fox and browning to eps. D/w worn with loss on spine.UMCA. London 1932 2nd ed.£10.00

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#10689 McRae, Donald. WINTER COLOURS. Changing Seasons in World Rugby. How modern rugby is played (and revered) in contrasting countries. Book begins in the South Africa of McRae's youth where apartheid and rugby were bywords, and includes the historic 1995 World Cup with Nelson Mandela hailing the Springbok's victory as the "dawn of a new and united country". Brown cb. 387pp. Ex libris showing label removal ffep, barcode sticker, o/w VG in VG bright d/w (small label affixed to bottom of sp.).Mainstream. Edinburgh 1998.£8.00
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#10768 Haythornthwaite, Frank. ALL THE WAY TO ABENAB. Author was Rector of Walvis Bay and Northern Area of South West Africa, a parish roughly the size of England and Wales. An account of his "... amblings round the parish, some of the people he encounters, something of the country". Red cb. 288pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps. No inscrip. VG. No d/w.Faber. London 1956.£8.00
#10720 Heck, Lutz. ANIMAL SAFARI. Big Game in South West Africa. Author, for many years director of the Berlin Zoo, travelled extensively in South West Africa to photograph and collect wild animals. Orange cb. xii + 212pp. illustrated col & b/w photos. No inscrip. Near VG in G+ pc d/w.Methuen. London 1956.£15.00
#10742 van der Post, Laurens. THE LOST WORLD OF THE KALAHARI. In 1957 author led an expedition over the Kalahari Desert in search of some remnants of the unique Bushmen people, and filmed it for TV. After arduous travelling and many setbacks they did locate a small community. Account of their circumstances, customs, lore and nature. Blue cb. 255pp. illustrated b/w photos, map. No inscrip. A very attractive VG+ copy in a very bright VG pc d/w.Hogarth Press. London 1969 rpt.£12.00

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#10701 Clarke, Thurston. EQUATOR. A Journey Round the World. An original travel book, author spent six months travelling around the world by way of the Equator, crossing the African continent by way of the rain forests of Zaire, Entebbe, the "white highlands" of Kenya etc. Black cb. 463pp. maps on eps. No inscrip. VG+ in VG bright pc d/w.Hutchinson. London 1989.£12.00
#10738 Flavin, Martin. BLACK AND WHITE. From the Cape to the Congo. A travel book from a Pulitzer prize-winning novelist with a wry sense of humour and a sharp eye..very entertaining. Black cb. 332pp. b/w illustrated by Paul Whitman. No inscrip. VG+ in G complete d/w.Harper, NY. 1950.£14.00
#10815 Gould,Tony. IN LIMBO. The Story of Stanley's Rear Column. "On 28 June 1887, Henry Stanley marched the advance column of his Emin Pasha Relief Expedition out of Yambuya Camp in the Congo Free State..." Green cb. xviii + 269pp. illustrated b/w photos/plates, map. No inscrip. VG in VG d/w.Hamish Hamilton. London 1979.£15.00
#10721 Hirdman, Arne. WITH ADVENTURE IN MY RUCKSACK. Translated from the Swedish by Alan Blair. Contains author's adventures in South America and in Africa. Carrying only a rucksack with tent and simple provisions, he penetrated into the Congo, staying with pygmies and learning their method of hunting, climbed the Ruwenzori ridge, explored a new volcano etc. Green cb. 216pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps. No inscrip. VG+ in G+, ch and pc but very clean d/w.Jarrolds. London 1958.£10.00
#10803 Littell, Blaine. SOUTH OF THE MOON. On Stanley's Trail through the Dark Continent. Author retraced Stanley's route through six newly independent countries in the "Uhuru" Africa of today. A fascinating, often perilous journey by Land Rover, plane, river boat, lake steamer and train experiencing both the hospitality and hatred of the new Africa. Red cb. 300pp. illustrated b/w photos, map. Ownership inscrip ffep o/w VG+ in chipped d/w with some tears and lamination peel.Weidenfeld & Nicolson. London 1966.£10.00.
#10792 Perham, Margery & Simmons, J. AFRICAN DISCOVERY. An Anthology of Exploration. Extracts from the books of eleven British explorers covering the period 1769 to 1873, with a short intro preceding each extract containing brief details of the travellers' careers. Red cb. 280pp. illustrated b/w plates, maps. Ex school library with one stamp ffep and unobtrusive number on front bd. Near VG, no d/w.Northwestern UP. USA 1963.£6.00

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#10774 Egerton, F.Clement C. ANGOLA IN PERSPECTIVE. Endeavour and Acheivement in Portuguese West Africa. A short comprehensive account of the country beginning with its discovery in 1482 up to the present day (1957) when its economic prosperity is the basis of an extensive and ambitious development plan within the framework of the Portuguese state... Green cb. 272pp. illustrated b/w photos, map. Ownership stamp (Tanganyika Holdings) at top of ffep o/w F in complete d/w, browned on spine.Routledge & Kegan Paul. London 1957.£16.00
#10713 Gardner, Brian. THE QUEST FOR TIMBUCTOO. A very readable account of the quest for this mysterious city, based on the journals of the first Europeans to reach this legendary "eldorado". Contains some previously unpublished material. Orange cb. 212pp. illustrated b/w photos/ plates, maps. No inscrip. A very attractive VG++ copy in a VG d/w.RU. London 1969.£10.00
#10772 Gervis, Pearce. SIERRA LEONE STORY. Author was stationed at Sierra Leone during the War and made a close study of the native peoples with whom he came into contact, living among them, sharing their mode of life and looking at their world from their own viewpoint. The inner workings of the two largest secret societies on the West Coast of Africa, the Bundu and the Poro, are disclosed in detail. Green cb. 240pp.illustrated b/w photo frontis plus 65pp. of superb b/w photos at rear of book. No inscrip. eps sl browned o/w near F in attractive VG d/w.Cassell. London 1952 1st ed.£25.00
#10728 Green, Lawrence G. WHITE MAN'S GRAVE. The Story of the West African Coast - the Cities, Seaports and Castles, White Exiles and Black Magic. Black cb. 249pp. illustrated b/w photos. Ffep excised, sl fox o/w G+. No d/w.Stanley Paul. London 1954 1st ed.£15.00
#10717 Hallet, Robin (ed). THE NIGER JOURNAL OF RICHARD & JOHN LANDER. Travellers and Explorers series. The journal of a hazardous journey undertaken by two young Cornish brothers in 1830, who were commissioned by the British Government to discover the termination of the mysterious river Niger. Red cb. ix + 317pp. illustrated b/w dwgs, map and fold out map. No inscrip. A very nice VG+ copy in VG d/w.R&KP. London 1965.£20.00
#10805 Joos, Louis D.C. THROUGH THE SAHARA TO THE CONGO. Author crossed the Sahara from Algiers to Lake Chad via the Hoggar and Northern Nigeria, by bus and car, and then on to the Congo. Also contains much on the lives and fates of the great adventurers who for centuries have tried to explore the Sahara. Red cb. 200pp. illustrated b/w photos, map. No inscrip. edges sl fox o/w VG in a very attractive near VG d/w.Blackie. London 1961.£10.00
#10709 Lloyd, Christopher. THE SEARCH FOR THE NIGER. The exciting story of the attempts to solve the mystery of the course of the Niger. Black cb. 220pp. illustrated b/w plates, maps. No inscrip. sm brown label removal mark on ffep o/w VG in G complete, rubbed d/w.RU. Newton Abbot. 1973.£8.00
#10813 Mosley, Nicholas. AFRICAN SWITCHBACK. Author and Hugo Charteris, both novelists, made a journey by car across West Africa from Dakar to Lagos, visiting French Senegal, the diamond mines in Sierra Leone, attending the festival of the Toma tribe which celebrated the coming out of the Sacred Forest of the young girls of the tribe after their years of initiation. Also the Independence Day celebrations of Ghana etc. Yellow cb. 223pp. illustrated b/w photos, map. No inscrip. VG in VG d/w (sp sl darkened).Travel BC. London 1958.£12.00
#10711 Niven, Sir Rex. NIGERIA. Nations of the Modern World series. The geographical and historical development of Nigeria region by region and how each progressed to self government. Dark blue skivertex bds. 268pp. lge foldout map. No inscrip. VG. D/w sp fad, chipped and rubbed but complete G.Benn. London 1967.£14.00
#10765 Schwarz, Walter. NIGERIA. Pall Mall Library of African Affairs series. An analytical account of Nigerian society and politics. It traces Nigerian history from the prehistoric "Nok" culture to the emergence of modern nationalism etc. Grey/brown cb. xvi + 328pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps. Bds VG+. no inscrip but some underlinings in text and markings in margins. neatly written poem on rear of last text page. Nevertheless an extremely clean, crisp copy. No d/w.Pall Mall. London 1968.£10.00
#10687 Snailham, Richard. A GIANT AMONG RIVERS. The Story of the Zaire River Expedition 1974-75. The object of the expedition was to navigate as fully as possible the length of the river (formerly known as the Congo) and at the same time to carry out detailed medical and scientific research, notably into the causes of "river blindness". Grey cb. xxii + 294pp. illustrated b/w photos, map. No inscrip. Near VG in G+ rubbed d/w.RU. Newton Abbot. 1977.£12.00

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#10698 Carver, Michael. DILEMMAS OF THE DESERT WAR. A New Look at the Libyan Campaign 1940-1942. Grey cb. 160pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps. No inscrip. F in F d/w.Batsford in assoc. with The Imperial War Museum. London 1986.£15.00
#10678 Lucas, Thos. J. CAMP LIFE AND SPORT IN SOUTH AFRICA. Experiences Of Kaffir Warfare With The Cape Mounted Rifles. Author was a Captain in the C.M. Rifles and gives an informative and lively account of a soldier's experiences in the Eighth Kaffir War, 1850-1853. The military reminiscences are enhanced by the humour of the author's observations as raconteur, hunter, angler and naturalist. Facsimile reprint of the Chapman & Hall 1878 edition with new foreword and index. Gilt on brown skivertex. 258pp tissue-guarded cold.frontis. Ownership inscrip half-title else Fine in near Fine d/w.Africana Book Society. Johannesburg 1975.£16.00
#10762 Moorehead, Alan. THE END IN AFRICA. Author's brilliant accounts of the battle of Crete and the Eighth Army's first and second African campaigns form a true picture of how the end in Africa was brought about. Orange cb. 210pp. maps. Ex libris showing label removal and stamps eps o/w bds VG. Cont sl fox G+in worn d/w.Cedric Chivers. Bath 1973.£6.00
#10666 Pakenham, Thomas. THE BOER WAR. Illustrated edition. Brown cb. 304pp. illustrated b/w photos, col plates, dwgs, maps. Lge 4to. No inscrip. F in F d/w.Weidenfeld & Nicolson. London 1993.£25.00
#10782 Pemberton, W. Baring. BATTLES OF THE BOER WAR. British Battles Series. 208pp. illustrated b/w photos/plates, maps. P/b. Evenly lightly browned throughout o/w G+.Pan. London 1969.£4.00
#10790 Reitz, Deneys. COMMANDO. A Boer Journal of the Boer War. The simple straightforward story of what the war meant to one participant in it. Colonel Reitz entered the war at age 17 and fought right through to the end, writing down these memoirs immediately after its conclusion. Intro by Leo Cooper. This edition by The Folio Society, the text taken from the revised edition of 1932. Lithographically printed cb. xv + 276pp. illustrated b/w plates, maps on eps. errata slip. No inscrip. A very nice VG+ copy.Folio Society. London 1982.£20.00
#10674 Ripley, Tim. MERCENARIES. Soldiers of Fortune. A look at the mercenary trade and the conflicts they are engaged in around the world. Inc section entitled " Africa: The Bloody Battlefield". Printed bds. 96pp. illustrated col photos, dwgs.etc. Lge 4to. No inscrip. F in F d/w.Parragon. Bristol 1997.£10.00
#10682 Steenkamp, Willem. BORDERSTRIKE! South Africa Into Angola. Accurate accounts of some of the operations involved in Operation Reindeer (May 1978) when South African airmen and soldiers burst over the northern borders of SWA/Namibia. Red cb. 266pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps, dgms. No inscrip. VG in G bright d/w (edges chipped, small closed tears).Butterworths. Durban 1983.£12.00
#10697 Stiff, Peter. THE SILENT WAR. South African Recce Operations 1969-1994. The definitive book on South African secret operations, author was given unprecedented access to official documents in 1987 on the basis that an outline would be presented to the Chief SADF before publication. However with the change of government in 1994 the author decided to publish without the sanction of the SADF. Red cb. 608pp. illustrated col & b/w photos, maps, dgms etc. No inscrip. sl shelfwear o/w VG+ in VG+ d/w.Galago. Alberton 2000.£35.00

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#10683 Attwater, Helen. MY GORILLA JOURNEY. Living with the Orphans of the Rainforest. Author and husband managed the Brazzaville Gorilla Orphanage, rearing gorillas orphaned by poachers and eventually returning them to their natural home. They had to battle hazardous living conditions, tropical disease, tribal power struggles and a high mortality rate amongst the orphan gorillas. Black cb. xvii + 297pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps. Inscrip ffep o/w VG++ in VG+ bright d/w.Sidgwick & Jackson. London 1999.£10.00
#10667 Bannister, Anthony & Johnson, Peter. SOUTH AFRICA'S WILDLIFE HERITAGE. Text by Mike Nicol. Animals in their various habitats photographed by Johnson and Bannister with intro and extended captions by Nicol, editor of African Wildlife. Brown cb. 108pp. illustrated col photos. 4to. No inscrip. sl shelfwear o/w VG. D/w ch and with a few closed tears but generally bright G++.CNA. Jhb. 1980.£10.00
#10656 Bottriell, Lena Godsall. UMBULALA. Through the Eyes of a Leopard. Although with a strong zoological base, this story is told from the viewpoint of the leopard, in the form of a biography. Not sentimental and human reference is kept to a minimum. Dark blue cb. vi + 214pp. illustrated col photos and beautiful dwgs by Paul Bottriell. 4to. F in F d/w.Rex Natura. Aylesbury. 1998.£20.00 Inscribed by author on ffep.
#10796 Brewer, Stella. THE FOREST DWELLERS. Author has devoted her time to rehabilitating orphaned chimpanzees to the wild, starting with those unfortunates who arrived at her parents' home in The Gambia; and as her success grew she was granted permission by the Senegalese National Park authorities to settle the chimps in the Niokolo Koba Park. Here she patiently taught them all the rudiments of survival they would need... Green cb. 245pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps on eps. No inscrip. F in VG bright d/w.BCA. London 1978.£12.00
#10786 Brooke Bond. AFRICAN WILD LIFE. Illustrated and Described by C.F.Tunnicliffe. An album of picture cards. The cards were given away by Brooke Bond with purchases of their tea and coffee. Printed wraps, with spaces for 50 animal cards and a short descrip of each. Oblong sm 8vo. No inscrip. VG, complete with all cards.Brooke Bond. England nd c early 1960s (pre-decimalisation).£8.00
#10673 Burton, Jane. ANIMALS OF THE AFRICAN YEAR. The Ecology of East Africa. Relates the lives of animals not only to the physical world they live in, but also to the time of day and season of the year, from dawn to night and from the dry season of scarcity to the abundance of the rainy season. Green cb. 141pp. illustrated col photos, maps etc. 4to. No inscrip. sl bump front bd. green ffeps rubbed but overall a nice near VG copy in G+ d/w.BCA. London 1979.£10.00
#10655 Carr, Norman. RETURN TO THE WILD. A Story of Two Lions. The story of the upbringing and escapades of Big Boy and Little Boy, two lion cubs raised by author and eventually returned to the wild.(Author was Chief Ranger in the Northern Rhodesian Game Dept.) Red cb. 127pp. illustrated col & b/w photos, map. No inscrip. VG. d/w sp sl sunned o/w G+.Readers Union. London 1963.£6.00
#10702 Chadwick, Douglas H. THE FATE OF THE ELEPHANT. Detailed exploration of the natural history and troubled fate of both the African and Asian species of elephant. Grey cb. 492pp. No inscrip. VG+ in VG+ d/w.Viking. London 1993.£15.00
#10730 Douglas-Hamilton, Iain & Oria. AMONG THE ELEPHANTS. Foreword by Niko Tinbergen. In 1965, Iain Douglas-Hamilton accepted the challenge to solve the problem of 450 African elephants confined in the small Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania. He lived among them for 5 years and with other scientists pioneered the radio-tracking of their movements. He also learned to recognise the individual elephants and he and his wife made the first systematic study of their behaviour in the wild. Blue cb. 285pp. illustrated col & b/w photos, dwgs, maps and dgms. Lge 8vo. No inscrip. VG+ in VG d/w.BCA. London 1975.£15.00
#10766 Goodall, Alan. THE WANDERING GORILLAS. Author, a biologist, conducted the first study to compare two populations of gorillas which have become habituated to man. First in Rwanda where Dian Fossey carried out her pioneer studies of the mountain gorillas. Then in Zaire, where Adrien Deschryver fought to preserve the gorillas of Kahuzi-Biega. Green cb. 244pp. illustrated col photos, maps. Ex libris with owners bookplate covering part of label removal o/w a near VG copy in like d/w.Collins. London 1979.£6.00
#10724 Hanks, Professor John. A STRUGGLE FOR SURVIVAL. The Elephant Problem. Author "...writes clearly and simply about the effects on elephants of their restriction, their fascinating "built-in" birth control, their mortality and birth rates, and their devastating eating habits". Even in the sanctuaries set aside for them their wasteful feeding habits threaten their own survival as well as other indigenous flora and fauna, leading to the question "to cull or not to cull?". Olive green cb. 176pp. illustrated col & b/w photos, dgms etc. Lge 8vo. No inscrip. sl shelfwear and nicks in top front bd. o/w VG+ in near VG bright d/w.Country Life. London 1979.£14.00
#10686 Kruger, Kobie. THE WILDERNESS FAMILY. Seventeen years on a remote ranger station in the Mahlangeni region of Kruger National Park with game ranger husband and three young daughters. Their many enchanting experiences and adventures with wildlife. Orange cb. 406pp. illustrated col photos, dwgs, map. No inscrip. F in F d/w.Bantam. London 2001.£12.00
#10806 MacPherson, Malcolm. THE COWBOY AND HIS ELEPHANT. The Story of a Remarkable Friendship. In the early 1990s an orphaned female baby elephant was transported from Zimbabwe to America, to be sold. She was adopted by Bob Norris ( the original "Marlboro Man") and raised on his ranch, but he knew he must eventually return her to the plains of Africa so that she might have independence and freedom... Black cb. 240pp illustrated col photos. As new in like d/w.Headline. London 2001.£12.00
#10651 McBride, Chris. OPERATION WHITE LION. Further dramas concerning the white lions of Timbavati reserve ( which adjoins Kruger National Park) when it is discovered that one of the lions that rules over the pride is dead and that the cubs and their mother have disappeared... Brown cb. 159pp. illustrated col photos, map. lge 8vo. No inscrip. VG+/F in VG bright d/w ( sp sl fad).Collins/Harvill Press. London 1981.£10.00
#10804 Player, Ian. THE WHITE RHINO SAGA. From 1958 to 1964, the author and his team worked alongside a Zulu game guard force in the Umfolozi Game Reserve in Zululand in the protection of the white rhino. The object was to eventually translocate some of these animals to other parts of the world in order to ensure the survival of the species. Green cb. 254pp. illustrated b/w photos. No inscrip. VG+ in near VG d/w with small loss bottom rear.Collins. London 1973 rpt.£8.00


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M. Mint. F. Fine.
VG. Very Good. G. Good.
annots. annotations. bds. boards.
col. cold. colour(ed). d/w dust-wrapper.
eps endpapers. ff. leaves.
f(f)eps front (free) endpapers. fox. foxed.
illus. illustrated. o/w otherwise.
pp. pages. sl. slight.
sm. small. sp. spine
u/l underlining v. very.


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