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Africana Catalogue Q185 20th August 2004

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#11399 Hoffman, Arthur & Anna Romain. THEY BUILT A THEATRE. The History of the Johannesburg Repertory Players. Blue cb. 211pp. illustrated b/w photos. Sl shelfwear o/w VG in complete but rubbed, ch G d/w. Donker. Jhb 1980.
Inscribed by Anna Romain Hoffman on ffep.



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#11450 Barker, Brian Johnson. STELLENBOSCH. Place of Gables, Oaks & Wine. Photographs by Daryl Balfour. Blue cb. 128pp. illustrated col photos. map. lge 4to. No inscrip. VG+ in VG+ d/w. Struik. Cape Town 1992 £15.00
#4623 Collier, Joy. PORTRAIT OF CAPE TOWN. Printed bds. 108pp. Illus. b/w dwgs. by Author. large 8vo. Sl shelfwear top and bottom of sp. o/w VG in G, clean d/w ( small loss top front.) Longmans. Cape Town 1961. £8.00
#11334 Collier, Joy. STELLENBOSCH REVISITED. Illustrated by Author. Outline history of the town. Printed bds. 67pp. illustrated line dwgs. sm.4to. No inscrip. VG in VG d/w ( rubbed on rear). University Booksellers & Publishers. Stellenbosch 1959. £10.00
#10045 Coombe, Ed. & Slingsby, Peter. BEARD SHAVER'S BUSH. Place Names In The Cape. All the names of towns, areas, rivers and passes, etc., dissected, described, analysed, and explained. An excellent guide for quick reference en-route. Printed wraps. 138pp illustrated 8vo indexed. Fine. Baardskeeder. Muizenberg 2000. £6.00
#11447 Mertens, Alice. STELLENBOSCH. Stellenbosch seen through the lens of author, an internationally known photographer and lecturer in photography at the University of Stellenbosch. Green cb. pages unnumbered. profusely illustrated b/w photos. 4to. No inscrip. sl shelfwear o/w VG in sl rubbed, near VG d/w. Human & Rousseau. Cape Town 1979 £12.00
#11332 Racster, Olga. CURTAIN UP! The Story Of Cape Theatre. Foreword + 214pp. Illus. b/w photos. Sm.area fad. r.bd and top of sp. Eps. lightly browned o/w G+, v.clean, in G ch.d/w with small loss top of sp. Juta.Cape Town 1951. £7.00

EASTERN CAPE (Including all 1820 Settler related material)

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#9021 1820 Settlers Memorial Trust. (T.H. Barry). 1820. Publication giving a brief outline of the settlers and their acheivements prefaratory to outlining details of a plan for a monument to the settlers. Although this was not in the end the way that the monument was achieved this records early ideas and plans on the matter. Printed wraps, 16pp stapled booklet. illustrated photos. oblong 8vo. VG. Grahamstown 1961. £6.00
#11337 Bell, May. THEY CAME FROM A FAR LAND. The story of the George Woods and Hoole families, 1820 settlers. Buff cb.xv + 182pp. Portrait frontis of author, illustrated several plates. Sl stain top of sp. bds a bit grubby. eps sl browned/sl fox. small ownership inscrip ffep. G+ in clean, internally fox d/w with loss top rear. Maskew Miller. Cape Town 1963 £15.00
#11568 Burchell, Philippa. PLANTAGANET - A STORY OF GRAHAMSTOWN. Starting in 1812, the story is of the first twenty years or so of Grahamstown's history as seen through the eyes of a little mouse. Printed wraps. 17pp. illustrated b/w dwgs by Willy. No inscrips. VG+. Grahamstown nd.
Signed by author.

#11401 Dept. Of Foreign Affairs. CISKEI AT INDEPENDENCE. 173pp. illustrated col photos. soft cover. No inscrip. VG+. Ciskei. nd c 1981 £5.00
#7304 Elton, Lord. (Ed). THE FIRST FIFTY YEARS OF THE RHODES TRUST AND THE RHODES SCHOLARSHIPS 1903-1953. This publication was intended for distribution to all former Rhodes Scholars. An informal and episodic review. Dark blue cb. xiv + 268pp. illustrated b/w plates. No inscrip. eps fox,edges browned o/w G-VG, no d/w. Basil Blackwell. Oxford 1955. £8.00
#11353 Hummel, Chris. (Ed). THE FRONTIER WAR JOURNAL OF MAJOR JOHN CREALOCK 1878. A Narrative Of The Ninth Frontier War By The Assistant Military Secretary To Lieutenant General Thesiger. Gilt dec brown cb. xix + 195pp. Illus. col.b/w plates, maps. VG+ in VG+ d/w. Van Riebeeck Society. Second Series No.19. Cape Town 1989. £14.00
#11441 Lewis, Colin A. (ed). THE GEOMORPHOLOGY OF THE EASTERN CAPE. The Eastern Cape embraces a great variety of landscapes, from the chill mountains of the Drakensberg along the Lesotho border to the sub-tropical mangrove swamps of the Transkei coast, from the rolling plateaux of the highveld to the deeply incised valleys of the coastal margins. Printed wraps. xv + 138pp. illustrated b/w photos, dgms, maps etc. lge 4to. Covers protected by a self adhesive transparent wrap. Ownership inscrip ffep o/w VG+. Grocott & Sherry. Grahamstown 1996 £8.00
#11351 Pretorius, Dirk J.J. (Ed) IN THE DAYS OF THE SETTLERS. A Commemorative Brochure To Mark The Second Historical Pilgrimage In Settler Country Radiating From The 1820 Settler Village Of Bathurst To Barville Park, Shaw Park, Cuylerville, Kaffir Drift On Settlers Day 1957. Printed wraps. Preface + 41pp. Illus. b/w photos. Wraps a little spotted and handled but cont very clean and crisp. Wraps G+ with VG+ contents. Grahamstown 1957. £10.00
#11061 Slater, J.F. THE CARNARVON DALE PAPERS. 9. Frances. Edited by her granddaughter, Rosalind Slater. Being Letters And Diaries Preserved By Mrs. J.F. Slater (Sarah Ann Bland) At Carnarvon Dale On The Bushmen's River. Wraps. illustrated b/w photos, plates and genealogy charts. VG-F. Self. Paterson nd. £10.00
#11352 Thomson, D.H. A SHORT HISTORY OF GRAHAMSTOWN. Stapled booklet. Foreword + 34pp. Illus. plans. VG. Grahamstown nd. c.1945. £8.00
#11433 University of South Africa. CALENDAR OF THE RHODES UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, GRAHAMSTOWN. 1925. Printed wraps. 164pp. + 9pp b/w photos, ads etc. 12mo. No inscrips. sl frayed bottom of sp. wraps a little browned but contents very clean and crisp. Overall near VG. Grocott & Sherry. Grahamstown 1924 £25.00
#11347 Whibley, Pauline Megan. MERRIMAN OF GRAHAMSTOWN. Bishop Nathaniel Merriman, originally from Marlborough, arrived at the Cape in 1848 aged 40. This is the only biography of him. Known as the 'walking predikant' he visited every remote corner from Bathurst to Bloemfontein on foot (using his horse only to carry his belongings) & from Graaf-Reinet to the Great Kei river. His edited journals appear as Vol.37 of the Van Riebeeck Society 1st Series. He died in a freak accident near Grahamstown. Pink cb. xvi + 107pp. Illus. 51 b/w plates. Small 4to. No inscrip. Sl shelfwear o/w VG in VG d/w. Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1982. £15.00
#11048 Wiles, C.C. THE TALE OF A LIBRARY. 1827-1948. History of Grahamstown Library. Brown wraps. 39pp stapled. illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. Fine. Grocott & Sherry. Grahamstown 1948. £4.00


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#7743 Feilden, Eliza Whigham. MY AFRICAN HOME. Or, Bush Life In Natal When A Young Colony [1852-7]. facsimile reprint of the 1887 edition published by Sampson Low. Port Natal in the mid 19thC as seen by Author. Dark green cb. 364pp. illustrated b/w engravings. Owners inscrip (small) ffep. eps very sl fox. Near VG in repd. d/w. T.W. Griggs. Durban 1973.
No.215 of 1000.

SOUTHERN AFRICA GENERAL (unclassified by area)

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#6417 Auge. SOUTH AFRICA. Strength Through Diversity. The team of editors, writers, designers and photographers of Auge have been reporting for 30 years plus on ways of life in different countries around the world. Printed bds. 393pp. prof.illustrated col.photos. lg.4to. Bds VG. cont VG+. Bermuda 1982. £15.00
#7503 Barclays Bank. A BANKING CENTENARY. Barclays Bank (Dominion, Colonial And Overseas) 1836-1936. For Private Circulation. Much of the content concerns the bank's business in Africa as well as in other spheres of operation. Many illustrations. Gilt on red cb. 270pp. illustrated b/w plates, maps. Large patch of fad on rear bd. eps & edges fox. minimal fox here and there throughout o/w a tight, clean G+ copy. Barclays np. nd. £12.00
#11427 Bolton, Geoffrey. BRITAIN'S LEGACY OVERSEAS. A study of Britain's relationship with her colonies and former colonies, but with a departure from the usual Anglocentric approach. 168pp. p/b. Inscrip ffep. sp sl fad o/w VG. Oxford UP. 1973 £9.00
#11439 Boxer, C.R. THE DUTCH SEABORNE EMPIRE. 1600-1800. xxvi + 363pp. illustrated b/w plates, maps. No inscrip. VG+. Penguin. London 1988 £10.00
#11227 Callinicos, Luli. A PEOPLE'S HISTORY OF SOUTH AFRICA. Volume 1. Gold and Workers. 1886-1924. An alternative history challenging the Eurocentric view of events. 112pp 4to p/b. illustrated b/w photos etc. Inscrip fep, VG. Ravan. Johannesburg 1980 £10.00
#11432 Colonial Office. THE COLONIAL OFFICE LIST MAP SUPPLEMENT. Collection of maps intended to serve as a supplement to the Colonial Office List. Gilt titles on red cb. iv + 39 maps, mostly fold out. Sp and adjacent areas sl fad. eps foxed but maps in very nice, clean condition. HMSO. London 1948 £40.00
#11428 Drummond, Ian M. BRITISH ECONOMIC POLICY AND THE EMPIRE, 1919-1939. Historical Problems: Studies and Documents 17. Edited by Prof G.R.Elton. Blue cb. 241pp. graphs. No inscrip. VG+ in rubbed but G+, bright d/w. George Allen & Unwin. London 1972 £15.00
#11430 Feuchtwanger, E.J. DEMOCRACY AND EMPIRE. Britain 1865-1914. The New History of England Series. 408pp. lge 8vo p/b. Ownership inscrip ffep. edges sl browned o/w near VG. Arnold. London 1985 £10.00
#11451 Forster, Stig; Mommsen, Wolfgang J. & Robinson, Ronald (eds). BISMARCK, EUROPE AND AFRICA. The Berlin Africa Conference 1884-1885 and the Onset of Partition. Blue cb. xviii + 569pp. maps, figures and tables. 4to. Inscrips ffep o/w VG+ in VG d/w. German Historical Institute, London/Oxford University Press. 1988 £18.00
#11418 Kiernan, V.G. THE LORDS OF HUMAN KIND. Black Man, Yellow Man, and White Man in an Age of Empire. The Cresset Library. 336pp. illustrated b/w photos/plates. Tall 8vo p/b. No inscrip. A few creases on front cover o/w G/VG. London 1988 £7.00
#11436 Newton, A.P. & Benians, E.A. (eds) THE CAMBRIDGE HISTORY OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE. Volume VIII. South Africa, Rhodesia and The Protectorates. Blue cb. teg. xxv + 1005pp. maps. Bds grubby. eps and edges sl fox. minimal amounts of fox here and there throughout. A G sound copy. No d/w. Cambridge UP. 1936 £28.00
#11364 Oliver, Roland & Fage J.D. A SHORT HISTORY OF AFRICA. Penguin African Library AP2. 283pp. p/b. No inscrip. evenly lightly browned throughout o/w G+. Penguin. London 1966 2nd ed. £4.00
#11422 Porter, Bernard. THE LION'S SHARE. A Short History of British Imperialism 1850-1970. xiii + 408pp. lge 8vo p/b. No inscrip. top edge sl browned o/w near VG. Longman. London 1975 £9.00
#11429 Robinson, Ronald & Gallagher, John. AFRICA AND THE VICTORIANS. The Official Mind of Imperialism. With Alice Denny. xii + 491pp. map in text plus 3 fold out maps at rear. Ownership inscrip ffep o/w near VG, very clean. Macmillan. London 1974 £10.00
#11388 Segal, Ronald. THE BLACK DIASPORA. A history of black people south of the Sahara from pre-slavery to the present. xv + 477pp. lge 8vo p/b. Ex public library but with only minimal stamps ffeps, o/w VG+. Faber. London 1995 £8.00
#11373 Selby, John. A SHORT HISTORY OF SOUTH AFRICA. 255pp. maps.p/b. No inscrip. evenly browned throughout o/w G+. Nel. London 1975 £4.00
#11434 Williamson, James A. A NOTEBOOK OF COMMONWEALTH HISTORY. Intended for the convenience of writers, lecturers and teachers and is not just an analysis but gives explanations of the significance and connection of events. Brown cb. x + 307pp. Top edge dusty. sl shelfwear. stamp of Umtali Boys High School to ffep o/w VG. D/w G with small loss top of sp. and ch at edges. Macmillan. London 1960 2nd ed. £10.00


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#5428 Dart, Prof. Raymond. BEYOND ANTIQUITY. A series of 9 radio lectures on the origin of man produced for the SABC. Wraps.119pp. Photo frontis of author. No inscrip. eps sl fox o/w G+. SABC nd. c. early 60's. £7.00
#5570 De Villiers, Hertha. THE SKULL OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN NEGRO. A Biometrical And Morphological Study. Her series comprises male & female examples of Cape Nguni, Natal Nguni, and Sotho, plus a male sample of Shangana-Tonga. Brown cb. xvii + 342pp. Illus. b/w plates, dgms. 4to. VG+ in rubbed, ch G d/w. Witwatersrand Uni. Press. Jhb. 1968. £40.00
#11391 Fortes, M. & Evans-Pritchard, E.E. (eds). AFRICAN POLITICAL SYSTEMS. The result of field studies carried out in eight widely separated areas of Africa, describes the types of social organization found among a number of African peoples, inc Zulu, Ngwato, Bemba, Ankole, Kede, Bantu, Tallensi and Nuer. xxiii + 302pp. p/b. Ex public library but with only stamp on ffep. owners inscrip on ffep o/w G+. Oxford UP. London 1970 £6.00
#11411 Mair, Lucy. PRIMITIVE GOVERNMENT. A study in how government has evolved to suit the needs of family, tribe, nation and even empire. Fieldwork carried out in East Africa. 288pp. p/b. No inscrip. Library "paid" stamp on ffep. evenly browned throughout. G+. Penguin (Pelican Anthropology Library). London 1970 £4.00
#11412 Radcliffe-Brown, A.R. & Forde, Daryll (eds). AFRICAN SYSTEMS OF KINSHIP AND MARRIAGE. 399pp. illustrated dgms and fold outs. Very small ownership inscrip ffep. minor notations and underlinings. covers rubbed. G+. Oxford UP. 1964 £6.00
#11405 Turnbull, Colin. THE FOREST PEOPLE. Celebrated portrayal of life among the pygmies (Ituri Forest). 256pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps. p/b. Inscrip ffep o/w G+. Paladin. London 1984 £5.00


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#11396 Armour, Jean. YOUR SOUTH AFRICAN HOME. Architecture, interior decoration and furnishing. Yellow cb. 165pp. illustrated col plate, b/w photo, dwgs and plans etc. 4to. No inscrip. eps sl browned o/w VG in G+ d/w ( few closed tears). Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1964 £12.00
#7263 Marc, Alexandre. (Ed). AFRICAN ART. The World Bank Collection. Various articles illustrated with colour plates of selected items from the collection, and a full listing of the collection - each of 167 items described and illustrated. Bibliography. 92pp 4to p/b. illustrated col.b/w photos, map. No inscrips.A few marks, VG+. The World Bank. Washington 1998. £15.00


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#11343 Codd L.E.W. TREES AND SHRUBS OF THE KRUGER NATIONAL PARK. Dept. Of Agriculture Botanical Survey Memoir No.26. P/b. 192pp. Errata slip. Illus. b/w photos. dwgs. plus cold. plates by Cythna Letty and M.E.Connell. tall 8vo. Sm.loss and closed tear bott.sp. o/w wraps G, clean. contents & plates VG. Pretoria 1951. £8.00
#6285 Leather Industries Research Institute. WATTLE TANNIN AND MIMOSA EXTRACT. Being A Report Drawn Up To Provide Information For Tanners And Tannery Chemists. Red bds. 205pp illustrated 4to. Sp a little crinkled. eps browned o/w near VG. Grahamstown c.1955. £30.00
#11400 Logeman, Willem S. & Stoneman, Bertha. GLOSSARY OF BOTANICAL TERMS. Dutch - English and English - Dutch. Wraps. ff unnumbered. 4to booklet. G. cont clean.rear blank ff loose. Maskew Miller. Cape Town nd. £20.00
#6404 Pearse, R.O. MOUNTAIN SPLENDOUR. The Wild flowers Of The Drakensberg. Profusely illustrated. Brown cb. 239pp. Illus. col.photos. 4to. Shelfwear,old sello marks eps, sl browning to eps o/w VG. Small nick and small repd closed tear to G+ d/w. Timmins. Cape Town 1978. £25.00
#11346 Van Der Spuy, Una. SOUTH AFRICAN SHRUBS AND TREES FOR THE GARDEN. Concerned with indigenous flora only, well laid out for quick reference. White titles on brown cb. 215pp + index. Illus. col.photos. 4to. No inscrip. Shelfwear. eps sl fox o/w near VG in G bright d/w, ch around edges. Hugh Keartland. Johannesburg 1976. £12.00


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#11250 Butler, Guy. KAROO MORNING. An Autobiography 1918-35. The first volume of Author's autobiographical trilogy recalls his small-town boyhood. Gilt on orange cb.xi + 267pp. illustrated b/w photos. Sl mothed top and bottom edges. gift inscrip ffep. eps very sl fox. VG in near VG d/w ( rubbed at edges and hinges). David Philip. Cape Town 1978 2nd imp (with corrections). £15.00
#6326 Carr, Barbara. SPY IN THE SUN. The Story Of Yuriy Loginov. The subject of this biography was a Russian spy arrested in South Africa in 1967 Pale yellow cb. xix. + 224pp illustrated b/w photos 8vo. Large inscrip ffep. G+ in complete but rubbed and ch d/w. Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1969. £8.00
#11403 Dahl, Roald. GOING SOLO. Following on from the first part of author's autobiography (Boy), this part begins with Dahl off to East Africa and proceeds to his signing up with the RAF after war is declared, etc. Blue cb. 208pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps. No inscrips. F in VG+ d/w. Jonathan Cape. London 1986 1st ed. £20.00
#11378 Hayes, Harold. THE DARK ROMANCE OF DIAN FOSSEY. "...draws us into the heart of Africa and the mind of an extraordinary woman". 383pp. illustrated b/w photos. lge 8vo p/b. No inscrip. Near VG. Corgi. London 1992 £5.00
#11443 Hayward, Rosemary & Stratten, Nancy. A FOUNDATION FOR THE FUTURE. The Darling and Hodgson Story, 1934-1984. The development of a one-man contracting business to a major South African industrial organization. Peach cb. 306pp. illustrated col and b/w photos. lge 4to. VG+ in VG+ d/w. Jonathan Ball. Jhb. 1984 £12.00
#11249 Malherbe, E.G. NEVER A DULL MOMENT. Reminiscences of his distinguished career as an educationalist, Director of Census & Statistics, as well as Director of Military Intelligence for SA during WW2. Reveals some intimate views of Generals Smuts, Dan Pienaar, Alexander, Evered Poole, and Klopper etc. Red cb. ix + 419pp. Illus. b/w photos. lg.8vo. Owners inscrip ffep. shelfwear o/w VG+ in VG bright d/w. Timmins. Cape Town 1981. £8.00
#6539 Meer, Fatima. HIGHER THAN HOPE. A Biography Of Nelson Mandela. Black cb.xix + 426pp. Mandela family tree. F in sp fad VG d/w. Hamish Hamilton. London 1990. £15.00
#11376 Mowat, Farley. WOMAN IN THE MISTS. The Story of Dian Fossey and the Mountain Gorillas of Africa. 380pp. illustrated col photos, maps. lge p/b. No inscrip. eps and edges browned o/w G+. Futura. London 1989 £5.00
#7268 Sampson, Victor. MY REMINSCENCES. Autobiography by Judge of the Supreme Court of the Union of South Afica. Author was also Attorney General in the Jameson Cabinet. Red cb. 163pp. tissue-guarded photo-frontis. illustrated b/w plates. Sp.fad. foxed throughout, good sound copy. Longmans, Green. London 1926 1st edn. £16.00
#11333 Sharp, Capt. P.S. PILOT. Authors life at sea. Also his experiences in the South African Harbour Service from 1950 onwards. Printed bds. 270pp. Illus. by Penny Miller. Cnr cut from ffep. inscrip ffep o/w VG. Bulpin. Cape Town 1972. £7.00
#11345 Solomon, Frank H. AND THE YEARS ROLL BY. Autobiog. of pioneer SA aviator who fought in WW1. Red cb. 274pp. Illus. b/w photos. Areas of fad top and bottom of sp. eps and edges fox/browned. G+ in worn, tatty d/w. Howard Timmins. Cape Town nd. c.1953. £7.00
#11421 Soyinka, Wole. IBADAN. The Penkelemes Years. A Memoir 1946-65. xv + 382pp. p/b. No inscrip. F. Methuen. London 2001 £6.00
#11423 Stanley, Sir Robert. KING GEORGE'S KEYS. A Record of Experiences in the Overseas Service of the Crown. Author served in Africa, the Mediterranean and West Indies before going to the Western Pacific in 1952 as High Commissioner. Black cb. xv + 248pp. illustrated b/w photos. Ownership inscrip, neatly, on front pastedown o/w VG+ in sp sl fad, near VG d/w. Johnson. London 1975 £20.00
#11402 Watson, Lyall. WARRIORS, WARTHOGS AND WISDOM. Growing Up in Africa. Story of author's childhood in Africa, written for children. Printed bds. 80pp. illustrated lovely b/w dwgs by Keith West. Lge 8vo. As new. Kingfisher. London 1997 £8.00
#11379 Woods, Donald. BIKO. Story of Steve Biko, founder of the Black Consciousness Movement. xiii + 418pp. illustrated b/w photos. lge 8vo p/b. No inscrip. G+. Penguin. London 1987 revised and updated ed. £6.00


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#6498 Brink, Andr? P. BRANDY IN SOUTH AFRICA. The historic origins of brandy plus an account of the whole process of distillation, maturation, and blending. Beige buckram bds. 176pp. Illus. col.b/w. Lge 4to. VG in G, bright d/w. Buren for KWV. Cape Town 1973. £18.00
#11442 Calpin, G.H. SHERRY IN SOUTH AFRICA. All about sherry in general, and about South African sherry in particular, made and matured in the KWV's cellars at Paarl. Beige buckram bds. 114pp. illustrated col & b/w photos by Chris Jansen plus col and b/w plates, dwgs etc. lge 4to. No inscrip. small brown stain top of front bd o/w VG+ in complete G d/w ( rubbed at edges and chipped). Tafelberg. Cape Town 1979 £15.00
#6353 Gerber, Hilda. WITH LOVE AND A LADLE. Lots of recipes with the new bride in mind. Blue cb. 163pp. Illus. b/w dwgs. Sl shelfwear. top edge dusty o/w VG in edge worn G+ d/w ( sl rubbed and small stain on rear). Timmins. Cape Town 1968 £8.00
#4798 Heard, Vida. LET'S WIN THE COOKING GAME. With Millionaire Meals At A Few Cents A Serving. Printed bds. 154pp. Illus. b/w dwgs. No inscrip. sp fad. sl.shelfwear o/w near VG. Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1981 rpt. £5.00
#11446 Klinzman, Marty & Guy, Shirley. THE A-Z OF MICROWAVE COOKING IN SOUTH AFRICA. More than 1,000 entries and recipes. Printed bds. 227pp plus index. illustrated col photos, b/w dwgs. lge 4to. Ownership inscrip ffep o/w near VG. Struik. Cape Town 1988 4th imp. £12.00
#11445 Knox, Graham. ESTATE WINES OF SOUTH AFRICA. A comprehensive description of 64 wine Estates. Green cb. 240pp. illustrated col & b/w photos, maps etc. 4to. No inscrip. VG+ in sl rubbed VG d/w. David Philip. Cape Town 1982 2nd ed. revised and enlarged. £12.00


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#11341 Brown, A. Samler & Brown, G. Gordon. (Eds). THE SOUTH AND EAST AFRICAN YEAR BOOK AND GUIDE. 1928 Edition. With Atlas And Diagrams. 34th issue. For The Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company. Dec.grey cb. lv + 923pp + 64pp maps + 129pp advts. 12mo. Bds a bit spotty and handled. top and bottom of sp soft and frayed.eps and edges browned. G, sound & contents clean. London 1928 £9.00
#11389 Hall, Roy. UNDER THE MANGO TREE. Author trained teachers for disabled children in Tanzania and Uganda. A glimpse into how people in Third World countries really live, customs, cultures and struggles etc. 188pp. Tall 8vo p/b. VG+. Minerva. London 1998
Inscribed by author on ffep.

#11409 Maathai, Wangari. THE GREEN BELT MOVEMENT. Sharing the Approach and the Experience.(An internationally acclaimed tree planting movement founded and run by Kenyans). Printed wraps. vii + 69pp. illustrated b/w photos. Some pages have sections highlighted by yellow marker o/w a very clean, G/VG copy. Environment Liaison Centre International. Nairobi 1988. £7.00
#11448 Myers, Norman. THE LONG AFRICAN DAY. Organised into 4 major divisions ( Early Day, Middle Day, Late Day and Into The Night) the book covers in rich detail the daily lives of dozens of species of East African animals. Green cb. 404pp. profusely illustrated col & b/w photos, maps. 4to. No inscrip. Near VG in clean d/w with loss around edges. Macmillan. NY 1972 £15.00


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#11420 Bennett, Ronan. THE CATASTROPHIST. Novel set in late 1950s Congo. 313pp. p/b. No inscrips. Near F. Review. London 1999 £5.00
#11398 Cambridge, S.T. THE TENTH LEPER. And Other Stories. Black cb. vii + 133pp. Sl bump front edge of bds o/w VG+ in VG+ d/w. Vantage Press. NY 1992 £15.00
#11416 Coetzee, J.M. DISGRACE. Novel , winner of the 1999 Booker Prize. Set in 1980/90s SA. 219pp. p/b. No inscrip. VG+. Vintage. London 2000 £6.00
#6366 Cragg, June. (Producer). THE DIARY OF IRIS VAUGHAN. Clifton Park High School Presents..... dramatised and produced by June Cragg. Theatre programme with message by Iris Vaughan. Performed at Clifton Park HS, Kaffrarian Girl's HS, The Theatre Stutterheim. Brown wraps, 11pp. G, but ¬ of last ff (adverts) excised). 24 Feb. 1973. £5.00
#11366 Emecheta, Buchi. SECOND-CLASS CITIZEN. Novel. Young Nigerian librarian dreams of working in London...but the reality does not live up to her dreams. 192pp. p/b. Covers a little creased. top edge and eps sl browned/fox o/w G+. Flamingo. London 1989 3rd imp. £3.00
#11387 Gellhorn, Martha. THE WEATHER IN AFRICA. Three Novellas. All set in Kenya. 236pp. Tall 8vo p/b. Inscrip title page o/w VG+. Eland. London 1984 £6.00
#11414 Gordimer, Nadine. THE ESSENTIAL GESTURE. Writing, Politics & Places. Edited and Introduced by Stephen Clingman. vii 356pp. p/b. No inscrip. sl rubbed covers. G+. Penguin. London 1989 £6.00
#11381 GRANTA. Magazine of New Writing 22. Including stories by Hanif Kureishi, Doris Lessing, Wycliffe Kato etc. 255pp. illustrated b/w photos, map. p/b. VG+. Penguin. London 1987 £5.00
#11372 Haggard, Sir H. Rider. NADA THE LILY. Novel set in 19th century SA. Black titles on red cb. Sp darkened. bds a bit grubby. inscrip ffep. eps and edges browned/fox. closed tear on last page. A G, sound copy. Harrap. London 1927 rpt. £10.00
#11384 Jacobson, Dan. HER STORY. Novel. 141pp. p/b. No inscrip. VG+. Flamingo. London 1988 £4.00
#11383 Kohler, Sheila. CRACKS. Novel set in SA. A girl's boarding school reunion, 40 years on, rekindles memories of a tragedy and a dark secret that occurred during their school days. 165pp. p/b. No inscrip. VG. Bloomsbury. London 2000 Uncorrected Proof Copy. £10.00
#8641 Mahlasela, B.E.N. SOME XHOSA IDIOMS AND EXPRESSIONS. Occasional Paper Number Twenty-Two. Institute Of Social And Economic Research, Rhodes University. Originally "Working Paper Number One" by the Department Of African Languages at Rhodes University. A simplified collection of Xhosa idioms and expressions with a keyword index. Suitable for less advanced speakers of the language. Printed wraps. stapled 48pp booklet. 8vo. Torn at staples o/w unused. VG+. ISER. Grahamstown 1982. £8.00
#11407 Marciano, Francesca. RULES OF THE WILD. Novel set in modern day Kenya. 306pp. p/b. No inscrip. VG+. Vintage. London 1999 £6.00
#9280 Ngcobo, Lauretta. AND THEY DIDN'T DIE. Afterword by M.J. Daymond. Set in rural KwaZula-Natal, this novel tells the story of rural women caring for their children and their homes while the men are away working in the mines and cities as they are caught between custom, law, and the migrant labour system. Printed wraps. 292pp 8vo. Fine. UNP. Pietermaritzburg 1999. £8.00
#5427 Nuttall, Neville. THE SILVER PLUME. A Selection From The Writings Of Olive Schreiner. Green cb. x + 147pp. Portrait frontis. 8vo. Shelfwear. eps sl browned o/w G+, no d/w. APB. Pietermaritzburg 1957. £5.00
#9946 Nyezwa, Mxolisi. SONG TRIALS. Verse. Printed wraps. 88pp 8vo. Mint. Gecko Poetry. Durban 2000. £6.00
#11371 Packer, Joy. THE MAN IN THE MEWS. Novel, set in London and SA. Blue cb. 256pp. Sl bump top of bds. top edge fox o/w very clean, near VG in G+ clean d/w. The Book Club. London 1964 £7.00
#11339 Poland, Marguerite. TRAIN TO DORINGBULT. Author's first adult fiction novel. Blue cb. 244pp + glossary.. No inscrip. Shelfwear. eps and edges sl fox/browned o/w G+ in G/VG d/w (sl fad on rear). Bodley Head. London 1987 1st edn. £7.00
#11380 Schoeman, Karel. ANOTHER COUNTRY. Novel set in Bloemfontein in the 1870s. 311pp. p/b. No inscrip. VG+. Picador. London 1994 £5.00
#7172 Slater, Francis Carey.(ed). THE CENTENARY BOOK OF SOUTH AFRICAN VERSE Chosen And Arranged By... Teg. gilt title on three-quarter leather, blue cb. 238pp. Foxed, generally G+, clean. Longmans Green. London 1925 1st edn. £30.00
#11382 Stratford, George. IN THE LONG RUN. Novel centred around SA's Comrades Marathon (a 55 mile road race, run over massive hills). 226pp. lge 8vo p/b. No inscrip. VG+. Citron Press. London 1999 £5.00
#7380 Van Heerden, Etienne. LEAP YEAR. This humorous and thought provoking novel is set in the Eastern Cape around Grahamstown. Trans. from the Afrikaans by M. Hacksley. 369pp p/b. VG+. Penguin. 1st English edition. £12.00
#11377 Wilentz, Gay. BINDING CULTURES. Black Women Writers in Africa and the Diaspora. xxxiii + 141pp. lge 8vo p/b. No inscrip. VG. Indiana UP. 1992 £7.00


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#6497 Schwager, Dirk & Colleen. LESOTHO. Silver titles on dark blue cb. 141pp. prof illustrated col photos. map. 4to. Inscrip ffep o/w VG+ in VG d/w.(rear top edge a bit crinkled). Schwager. Lesotho 1986 £12.00


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#8696 Branch, G.M., Griffiths, C.L., Branch, M.L., & Beckley, L.E. TWO OCEANS. A Guide To The Marine Life Of Southern Africa. Profusely illustrated. This guide allows the identification of over 1400 species, from sponges to whales, and from seaweeds to mangroves. Focuses on the most frequently encountered species that live in the intertidal zone and in shallow subtidal waters that can readily be explored by scuba-divers. The emphasis falls on groups that are diverse, most often encountered, and poorly covered in other field guides, particularly the life of open coast, beaches and rocky shores. Glossary & references. Printed wraps. 359pp. illustrated col.photos, dwgs, distribution maps. lg.8vo. indexed. Mint. David Philip. Cape Town 1999 4th imp. £20.00
#11395 Broekhuysen, G.J. FIELD-GUIDE TO THE BIRDS OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN SEA-SHORE. Blue cb. 116pp. illustrated b/w photos. line dwgs by John Perry. errata slip. lge 8vo. No inscrip. eps sl browned o/w VG+ in complete G, ch d/w. Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1969 £7.00
#11367 Carwardine, Mark. ON THE TRAIL OF THE WHALE. Foreword by Paul McCartney. Author spent a year criss-crossing the globe in search of whales. 10 chapters covering whale watching sites in New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Japan, Canary Islands, Canada, America, Scotland, Hawaii and South Africa. Printed wraps with fold-ins. 158pp. illustrated col and b/w photos, maps. No inscrip. VG+. Thunder Bay. Guildford 1994 £7.00
#6627 Kennelly, D.H. MARINE SHELLS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Printed bds. 92pp. Illus. cold.plates and b/w dwgs. Plus 30pp. b/w plates Sl browning to eps o/w VG+ in VG d/w. Nelson. Jhb. 1964. £10.00
#11390 Longman. THE BUNDU BOOK OF MAMMALS, REPTILES AND BEES. Printed stiff wraps. 126pp. illustrated col and b/w photos, b/w dwgs etc. 12mo. Dwg of a rondavel in pen on last plain ep o/w VG+. Longman Rhodesia. Salisbury 1972 £8.00
#11340 Mackworth-Praed, C. W. / Grant, Capt. C. H. B. BIRDS OF EASTERN AND NORTH EASTERN AFRICA. African Handbook Of Birds. Series 1. Volumes 1 and 2. Gilt dec grey cbs. Vol.1: xxv + 806pp + index. Illus. col. plates. b/w dwgs. distribution maps etc. Vol 2: viii +1099pp + index. illustrated col plates. b/w dwgs. distribution maps etc. Spines sl fad. bds a bit handled. eps and edges sl fox. very small ownership inscrip ffeps. contents very clean, a little light foxing here and there. Overall a G+ set. Longmans Green.London (Vol 1:1957 2nd ed. Vol 2: 1955 1st ed). £40.00
#5608 Michel, Claude. BIRDS OF MAURITIUS. Wraps, 54pp + index. Illus. col.photos. b/w dwgs. No inscrips. Near VG. Editions de L'Ocean Indien. Mauritius 1986. £8.00
#6485 Ross, Karen. OKAVANGO. Jewel Of The Kalahari. Brown cb. 256pp. prof.illustrated col.photos, maps. sm.4to. VG+ in rubbed VG d/w. BBC. London 1987. £10.00
#11393 Ryan, Brendan & Isom, John. GO BIRDING IN THE TRANSVAAL. The essential handbook to prime birding sites including the Kruger National Park. 160pp. illustrated b/w dwgs, maps. p/b. No inscrip. Near VG. Struik. Cape Town 1990 £5.00
#9215 Smith, Margaret M. J.L.B. SMITH. His Life, Work, Bibliography And List Of New Species. Department of Icthyology Occasional Paper No.16. Lists over 600 publications by J.L.B. Smith. Printed wraps. 41pp stapled brochure. Wraps spotted, VG. Rhodes University. Grahamstown 1969. £20.00
#11344 Walker, Clive. / Richards, Don. WALK THROUGH THE WILDERNESS. A practical & basic guide to the environment of South Africa. Pink/brown cb. xxii + 146pp. Illus. col.b/w photos. dwgs. 4to. Light shelfwear. inscrip ffep o/w near VG. No d/w. Purnell. Johannesburg nd. £8.00


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#11350 Berger, Peter & Godsell, Bobby. (Eds). A FUTURE SOUTH AFRICA. Visions, Strategies And Realities. Provides a comprehensive contemporary description of the major players, their goals and strategies, etc. Printed bds. 344pp. indexed. No inscrip. VG-F in sl rubbed, VG+ d/w. H&R. Tafelberg 1988. 1st ed. 3rd imp. £10.00
#11392 Commonwealth Group Of Eminent Persons, The. MISSION TO SOUTH AFRICA. The Commonwealth Report. The findings of ... Includes biographical details of members of the group. 176pp p/b. illustrated b/w photos. No inscrip. evenly lightly browned throughout o/w G+. Penguin. London 1986. £5.00
#11363 Goodfield, June. THE PLANNED MIRACLE. The story of the forming of the Task Force for Child Survival, whose aim was to bring protective immunisation to a large proportion of the world's children. Also of the enormous problems and disagreements surrounding international co-operation. xviii + 318pp. illustrated b/w photos. p/b. No inscrips. VG+. Cardinal. London 1991 £7.00
#7547 Hochschild, Adam. THE MIRROR AT MIDNIGHT. A Journey To The Heart Of South Africa. The Author's "stunning blend of reportage, travelogue..... deftly illuminates the struggle for democracy in South Africa today by focussing on the legacy of the Great Trek of 1836-8". 309pp p/b. indexed. Edges spotted/lightly browned o/w VG. Fontana. London 1992. £5.00
#11426 Horwitz, Ralph. EXPAND OR EXPLODE. Apartheid's Threat To South African Industry. Red cb. 66pp. 8vo. No inscrip. Fine in sl ch near VG d/w. Business Bookman. Cape Town nd. (1957). £12.00


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#11440 ATLAS DE MOCAMBIQUE. 43pp. 33 maps (10 fold-out) Col frontis and title page. Newly rebound. Gilt spine titles on maroon skivertex, new endpapers. Folio. A Fine copy. Empresa Moderna. Lourenco Marques 1962 2nd prtg.
No. 5223 of 5250 copies, with official stamp as issued.

#11437 Bureau of Statistics. STATISTICAL YEAR BOOK 1966. Republic of South Africa. Third volume in the series containing information for the period 1956-1965. Green cb. 42pp + unnumbered ff statistics and charts. lge 4to. No inscrip. Bds sl spotted. Cont very clean, overall near VG. Pretoria 1966 £30.00


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#11338 Berlyn, Phillippa. THE QUIET MAN. A Biography Of The Hon. Ian Douglas Smith, Prime Minister Of Rhodesia. With An Appendix On The Constitutional History Of Rhodesia By J.R. Rowland. Blue rexine bds. 256pp. Portrait frontis. Illus. b/w photos. maps. Inscrip ffep. o/w VG in rubbed, worn d/w. Collins. Salisbury 1978. £12.00
#11362 Davis, Alexander. THE DIRECTORY OF BULAWAYO AND HANDBOOK TO MATABELELAND 1895-1896. Facsimile reproduction of the 1896 edition with new Publishers' Introduction and illustrated Printed wraps. xx + 220pp. illustrated b/w photos, ads, fold-out maps. No inscrip. wraps sl mothed but overall near VG. Books of Zimbabwe. Bulawayo 1981 £10.00
#11356 Dupont, Clifford. THE RELUCTANT PRESIDENT. The Memoirs of the Hon. Clifford Dupont, GCLM., ID. With an Epilogue by M.W.Bassett. Men Of Our Time Series. Green cb. 246pp. illustrated b/w photos. No inscrip. sl shelfwear o/w VG+ in rubbed near VG d/w. Books of Rhodesia. Bulawayo 1978 £16.00
#11349 Graham Publishing Company. BENEATH A RHODESIAN SKY. Evocative verse and photos, as it was. White paper-covered bds with black cloth sp. 64pp. illustrated col.photos, maps.folio. No inscrip. Sl shelfwear and small area of abrasion to paper of front bd o/w VG in complete but worn, ch d/w. Salisbury 1979. 5th imp. £10.00
#11357 Greenfield, J.M. TESTIMONY OF A RHODESIAN FEDERAL. Foreword by Prof. Edwin S. Munger. Men Of Our Time Series. Dark blue cb. xix + 259pp. illustrated b/w photos. No inscrip. VG+ in rubbed G+ d/w. Books of Rhodesia. Bulawayo 1978 £15.00
#11354 Hardy, Alan. SOME FAMOUS RHODESIAN TRIALS. Down Memory Lane Series. 151pp. illustrated b/w photos. p/b. No inscrip. Evenly lightly browned throughout o/w VG. Books of Zimbabwe. Bulawayo 1981 £12.00
#11394 Maclean, Joy. THE GUARDIANS. A Story of Rhodesia's Outposts - and of the Men and Women Who Served in Them. Green cb. 305pp. illustrated b/w photos/plates, line dwgs, map. 4to. No inscrip. sl shelfwear o/w VG in G+ d/w. Books of Rhodesia. Bulawayo 1974 £15.00
#11355 McLaughlin, Peter. RAGTIME SOLDIERS. The Rhodesian Experience in the First World War. Prelims + 159pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps. p/b. No inscrip. Evenly lightly browned throughout o/w near VG. Books of Zimbabwe. Bulawayo 1980 £15.00
#11359 Pitman, Dick. WILD PLACES OF ZIMBABWE. Pale grey cb. intro + 192pp. illustrated col frontis, b/w photos, maps. No inscrip. VG+ in rubbed G+ d/w. Books of Zimbabwe. Bulawayo 1980 £30.00
#11335 Pitman, Dick. YOU MUST BE NEW AROUND HERE. Journalist author arrived in Salisbury in 1977. Eyewitness accounts of events of national importance mingle with personal experiences in many corners of the country. In particular he records the reactions of Rhodesians from the beginning of 'The Talks' late in 1977 to the Referendum in early 1979. Printed wraps with fold-ins. 214pp. illustrated b/w photos. Wraps rubbed at hinges and fold-ins. evenly lightly browned throughout o/w G++. Books of Rhodesia. Bulawayo 1979. £12.00
#11358 Richards, Hylda. FALSE DAWN. The Story of Dan Judson, Pioneer. Gilt titles on red cb. 230pp + footnote and index. illustrated b/w photos. No inscrip. VG+ in VG d/w. Books of Rhodesia. Bulawayo 1974 £12.00
#11360 Sayce, Katherine. A TOWN CALLED VICTORIA. Or The Rise and Fall of the Thatched House Hotel. Brown cb. xxiii + 127pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps and foldout map. portrait frontis sketch of Queen Victoria. No inscrip. VG+ in VG d/w. Books of Rhodesia. Bulawayo 1978 £17.00
#11397 Smith, R. Cherer. AVONDALE TO ZIMBABWE. A Collection of Cameos of Rhodesian Towns and Villages. Printed card bds. 314pp. illustrated b/w dwgs. maps on eps. Browned sello removal marks on pastedowns o/w bds G+. Contents VG. R. Cherer Smith. Borrowdale nd. £15.00
#11336 Stumbles, The Hon. A.R.W. SOME RECOLLECTIONS OF A RHODESIAN SPEAKER. A frank appraisal of the politics of Rhodesia during the years 1945-1972. Men Of Our Time Series Vol.3. Purple cb. 203pp. Illus. b/w photos. Sl shelfwear o/w VG+ in rubbed near VG d/w. Bulawayo 1980. £10.00
#11449 The British South Africa Company. THE STORY OF RHODESIA. Told in a Series of Historical Pictures. Exhibited at The Empire Exhibition Johannesburg - 1936-1937. Descriptive Souvenir and Catalogue. Colour printed wraps. 72pp. illustrated b/w photos/plates. lge 8vo. Wraps , probably once oversized, have been trimmed. some light browning and foxing throughout. stain affecting the bottom part of last ff and inside the rear cover. Sound but G only. Jhb 1936 £40.00
#11361 Thompson, John. CRIME SCIENTIST. Author became the first Director of the British South Africa Police Forensic Laboratory in Salisbury in 1963. Men Of Our Time Series. Printed wraps. xi + 184pp. illustrated b/w photos/plates. No inscrip. wraps a little grubby but overall near VG. Books of Zimbabwe. Bulawayo 1980 £10.00
#5132 Wilson, Vivian J. ORPHANS OF THE WILD. The Story Behind Chipangali. Brown cb. preface + 254pp illustrated b/w photos. dwgs. Inscrip front pastedown o/w VG. D/w sp. sl.fad. o/w G+ bright. Books of Rhodesia. Bulawayo 1977.
Signed by the Author on title page thus: "Viv Wilson. Chipangali".


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#11325 Arlott, John. GONE WITH THE CRICKETERS. Author accompanied the MCC to SA for the 1948/49 Test Match, then covered the NZ tour of England. Green cb. ix + 160pp. illustrated b/w photos. Sp sl fad. neat inscrip to ffep o/w VG in G++ d/w ( sl rubbed). Longmans Green. London 1950 £7.00
#6594 Bassano, Brian. SOUTH AFRICA IN INTERNATIONAL CRICKET. 1888-1970. Green cb. 208pp. illustrated b/w photos. 4to. Sl.shelfwear o/w VG in G, rubbed d/w. Chameleon Books. East London 1979. £8.00
#11318 Cheetham, Jack. CAUGHT BY THE SPRINGBOKS. Yellow cb. 248pp. illustrated b/w photos. Small area of brown at bottom of sp. top and bottom of sp sl soft. evenly lightly browned throughout. neat owners inscrip ffep o/w extremely clean VG in d/w with loss at top and bottom of sp (2 inches). Howard Timmins. Cape Town nd. £10.00
#11315 Cheetham, Jack. I DECLARE. Green cb. xi + 227pp. illustrated b/w photos. sp and parts of rear bd faded. eps sl browned. inscrip ffep o/w G+, clean. No d/w. Howard Timmins. Cape Town nd. £7.00
#11317 Chettle, Geoffrey A. (ed). SOUTH AFRICAN CRICKET ANNUAL. 75TH Anniversary 1890-1965 Jubilee Issue. Printed wraps. 188pp. illustrated b/w photos, ads etc. Some pages (17-32) bound in upside down, o/w a very clean VG copy ( sl rubbed at hinges). Durban 1965 for the SA Cricket Assoc. £9.00
#6604 Crowley, Brian. CRICKET EXILES. The Saga Of South African Cricket. Green cb. 160pp illustrated col.b/w photos. 4to. Sl.shelfwear/mothing bottom edge & inscrip. ffep o/w VG in VG d/w. Don Nelson. Cape Town 1983. £12.00
#11321 Cutler, Norman. BEHIND THE SOUTH AFRICAN TESTS. Blue cb. ix + 222pp. illustrated b/w photos. Inscrip ffep o/w VG+ in G+ d/w ( with ring of abrasion where a circular sticker has probably been removed). Putnam. London 1955 £10.00
#11314 Duffus, Louis. SPRINGBOK GLORY. Green cb. 206pp. illustrated b/w photos. Sp sl darkened. eps sl browned. neat owners inscrip ffep o/w very clean G++. No d/w. Longmans Green. London 1955 £7.00
#11370 Forbes, Gordon. A HANDFUL OF SUMMERS. Foreword by Peter Ustinov. xiv + 330pp. p/b. VG+. Harper Collins. London 1997 £6.00
#11322 Fortune, Charles. CRICKET OVERTHROWN. 1960 Springbok visit to Britain. Grey cb. x + 167pp. illustrated b/w photos. Neat owners inscrip ffep o/w VG+ in near VG d/w. Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1960 £15.00
#11323 Goldman, Arthur. CRICKET CAPERS. Black dec tan cb. 192pp. illustrated b/w dwgs by Leyden. Inscrip ffep. evenly lightly browned throughout o/w G/VG in G++ clean d/w ( small loss top of sp). APB. Jhb 1964 £12.00
#11375 Gooch, Graham. OUT OF THE WILDERNESS. With Alan Lee. 205pp. illustrated b/w photos. p/b. No inscrip. Near VG. Grafton. London 1986 £3.00
#11331 Hartman, Rodney. A YEAR ON ... HANSIE & THE BOYS. Pakistan 1997. Australia 1997-98. Pakistan & Sri Lanka 1998. England 1998. The 1999 Season. Printed bds. vi + 168pp. illustrated col photos. Lge 4to. Near F. Zebra. Halfway House 1998 £13.00
#11330 Jonathan Ball Publishers. A CENTURY OF SOUTH AFRICA IN TEST & INTERNATIONAL CRICKET. 1889-1989. A Tribute in Words and Pictures. 89pp. illustrated col and b/w. Lge 4to p/b. VG+. Jhb 1989. £7.00
#11320 McLean, Roy. PITCH AND TOSS. Black titles on green cb. xiv + 170pp. illustrated b/w photos. Neat owners inscrip ffep o/w VG+ in near VG d/w ( sp fad. rubbed at fold-ins). Howard Timmins. Cape Town nd. £10.00
#11324 McLean, Roy. SACKCLOTH WITHOUT ASHES. Green cb. ix + 179pp. illustrated b/w photos. Neat owners inscrip ffep. evenly lightly browned throughout o/w near VG in G+ clean d/w (sp sl browned, ch.) Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1958 £15.00
#11326 Miller, Keith & Whitington, R.S. CATCH! An Account of Two Cricket Tours. (1949/50 SA v Aus, and 1950/51 Aus v England). Green cb. 301pp. illustrated b/w photos. Sl worn top and bottom of sp. neat inscrip ffep o/w very clean, near VG in G d/w (edges a bit frayed, small loss bottom of sp). Latimer House. London 1951 £7.00
#11319 Moyes, A.G. THE SOUTH AFRICANS IN AUSTRALIA. 1952-1953. Green cb. xix + 236pp. illustrated b/w photos. Patch of fad at bottom of sp. neat owners inscrip ffep o/w VG+ in G, clean d/w with one inch loss bottom of sp. Harrap. London 1953 £10.00
#11417 Player, Gary. GARY PLAYER'S GOLF CLASS. The first 100 lessons from the Sunday Express world-famous instructional strip cartoon. 84pp. illustrated b/w photos and dwgs. oblong 8vo p/b. No inscrip. G/VG. London 1967 £6.00
#11316 Pollock, Peter. CLEAN BOWLED. So Simple the Truth. Author's committment to his Christian faith. 107pp. illustrated b/w photos, dwgs. tall 8vo paperback. Sp sl faded. VG. Vision Media. East London 1986 4th imp. £5.00
#11327 South African Cricket Union. AUSSIES IN SOUTH AFRICA. Official Tour Brochure. SA Tour 1985-7. 72pp. illustrated col & b/w. Lge 4to p/b. Sl rubbed. VG. SACU. 1985 £7.00
#11329 The Argus. HOW'S THAT! On Tour with South Africa in India, the World Cup and the West Indies.The Argus Souvenir. 64pp. illustrated col & b/w photos, maps. Lge 4to p/b. VG+. Struik. Cape Town 1992 £5.00
#11328 United Cricket Board of South Africa. INDIA TOUR OF SOUTH AFRICA. 1992. Official Tour Brochure. 64pp. illustrated col & b/w. Lge 4to p/b. VG+. UCBSA. 1992 £6.00
#6602 Van Der Bijl, Vintcent. & Bishop, John. CRICKET IN THE SHADOWS. Tells of the turbulent and difficult years in SA cricket that followed the country's isolation. Green imit.leather bds. 224pp. prof.illustrated b/w photos. lg.8vo. Inscrip ffep. top front cnr sl bump o/w VG in G+ d/w.(rubbed, esp at fold-ins). Shuter & Shooter. Pietermaritzburg 1984. £9.00
#6678 Vice, Telford. IN THE NICK OF TIME. Peter Kirsten's Life In Cricket. Grey cb. xii + 226pp. illustrated col.b/w photos. 4to. No inscrips. Sl shelfwear o/w VG+ in VG+ d/w. Viking. London 1996 £12.00
#11424 Waite, John. PERCHANCE TO BOWL. Test Cricket Today. Edited and with chapters by R.S.Whitington. Red cb. 176pp. illustrated b/w photos. No inscrip. Edges and eps lightly fox o/w G+. No d/w. Kaye. London 1961 £7.00


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#11374 Campbell, Ffyona. ON FOOT THROUGH AFRICA. Her amazing 10,000 mile walk from Cape Town to Morocco! x + 404pp. illustrated col photos. p/b. No inscrip. VG+. Orion. London 1995 £4.00
#11415 De Nerval, Gerard. THE WOMEN OF CAIRO. Scenes of Life in the Orient. Volume 2 only. Intro by Conrad Elphinstone. Red cb. viii + 402pp. No inscrips. eps and edges browned/fox. top edge dusty. minimal fox here and there throughout o/w a G+, clean copy in a tatty d/w, with loss. George Routledge. London 1929 1st ed. £25.00
#11431 Deakin, Ralph. SOUTHWARD HO! With the Prince in Africa and South America. With a Preface by H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. Author, correspondent of The Times, accompanied the Prince on his trip. Blue cb. xxi + 302pp. illustrated b/w photos. Small split top of sp. bds a bit handled. top edge dusty. edges sl foxed. A G+, sound copy. No d/w. Methuen. London 1926 2nd ed. £25.00
#11125 Dodwell, Christina. TRAVELS WITH PEGASUS. A Microlight Journey Across West Africa. Blue cb. 208pp. illustrated col photos, dgm, map. Large triangular portion of plain ffep excised o/w VG in VG bright d/w. Hodder & Stoughton. London 1989 £8.00
#11406 Guadalupi, Gianni & Shugaar, Antony. LATITUDE ZERO. Tales of the Equator. "...thirty centuries of adventure on the sea and in the lush tropical lands crossed by the Equator." xv + 251pp. p/b. F. Carroll & Graf. NY 2001. Uncorrected Proof Copy. £10.00
#11404 Hope, Christopher. MOSCOW! MOSCOW! Author finds Moscow not unlike his own country of origin, South Africa, a world on the edge, with familiar tensions.. 190pp. p/b. No inscrip. edges sl browned o/w VG. Minerva. London 1990. £5.00
#11413 Hudson, Mark. OUR GRANDMOTHERS' DRUMS. Author spent a year in the village of Dulaba in the Gambia, where people scratch a living out of rice, groundnuts and millet. Where women still undergo circumcision, their lives bounded by Islam and to obeying their husbands. 321pp. map. p/b. No inscrip. Near VG. Minerva. London 1989 £6.00
#11386 Hudson, Peter. TRAVELS IN MAURITANIA. 250pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps. p/b. No inscrip. VG+. Flamingo. London 1991 £8.00
#11419 Huxley, Elspeth. FOUR GUINEAS. A Journey through West Africa. Black cb. 320pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps. No inscrip. eps sl fox o/w VG. No d/w. Reprint Soc. London 1955 £5.00
#11444 Kench, John. SOUTH AFRICA. The Landscape Below. Photographs by Neil Sutherland. An aerial journey around South Africa. Printed bds. 128pp. illustrated col photos. Folio. Inscrip ffep. An indentation roughly the size of a pencil end from front pastedown to approx pg 20. Front bd not affected. O/w VG+ in VG d/w. CNA. Jhb 1990 £15.00
#11425 Landau, Rom. PORTRAIT OF TANGIER. His fifth book on Morocco, a country on which he is generally acknowledged as a leading authority. Maroon cb. xviii + 246pp. illustrated b/w photos. No inscrip. shelfwear. eps and edges browned/foxed. G+, tight and sound in tatty d/w. Robert Hale. London 1952 1st ed. £13.00
#11408 Lessing, Doris. AFRICAN LAUGHTER. Four Visits to Zimbabwe. Memory and reportage from author who was banned from Zimbabwe for 25 years for her opposition to the government of what was then white Southern Rhodesia. xii + 442pp. maps. p/b. Covers a little creased. No inscrip. G+. Flamingo. London 1993 £5.00
#11438 Mason, Michael H. DESERTS IDLE. Author's travels in Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and Tanganyika. Gilt dec blue cb. xii + 211pp. illustrated b/w photos. map in rear pocket. Very attractive unmarked bds. edges and some eps browned/foxed. minimal amounts of fox here and there throughout. Bds VG+, cont G/VG in complete d/w ( sp darkened and chipped around edges). Hodder & Stoughton. London nd (late 1920s). £58.00
#11410 Merfield, Fred G. GORILLAS WERE MY NEIGHBOURS. With Harry Miller. (West Africa). Green cb. 288pp. illustrated b/w photos, map. No inscrip. G+, clean. No d/w. Companion Book Club. London 1957 £5.00
#11368 O'Hanlon, Redmond. CONGO JOURNEY. Author's adventure into the equatorial swamp forests of the Congo. 472pp. illustrated col photos, maps. p/b. No inscrip. G+. Penguin. London 1997 £5.00
#7638 Robbins, David. DRIVING SOUTH. Account of Author's journey from the Limpopo to Cape Agulhas, and the people he met along the way. Grey cb. 259pp. maps on eps. No inscrips. shelfwear o/w VG in sl rubbed G++ d/w. Southern. Jhb. 1993 1st edn. 1st imp. £12.00
#11435 Seabrook, William. AIR ADVENTURE. Paris - Sahara- Timbuktu. Blue cb. 227pp. illustrated b/w photos, map. Spine faded. eps and edges foxed, and some foxing throughout. owners inscrip ffep. A G sound copy. Harrap. London 1933 1st ed. £25.00
#11365 Thesiger, Wilfred. ARABIAN SANDS. A record of his many journeys through the parched "Empty Quarter" of Arabia. 347pp. illustrated b/w photos. p/b. No inscrip. evenly lightly browned throughout o/w G+. Penguin. London 1976 £4.00


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#11348 Moorcraft, Paul L. AFRICA'S SUPER POWER. Gilt dec mustard cb. 191pp. Illus.b/w photos, maps etc. Lge 4to. No inscrip. Sl.shelfwear o/w VG in G+ d/w ( few closed tears). Sygma/Collins 1981. £20.00


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#11342 Carr, Norman. RETURN TO THE WILD. A Story of Two Lions. The story of the upbringing and escapades of Big Boy and Little Boy, two lion cubs raised by author and eventually returned to the wild.(Author was Chief Ranger in the Northern Rhodesian Game Dept.) Green cb.127pp. illustrated col & b/w photos. Small tippex mark on ffep, sl brown eps and edges. near VG. No d/w. Collins. London 1962 1st ed.
Inscribed by author on title page.

#6341 Miller, Penny. & Maberly, C.T.A. THE WORLD OF BIG GAME. The Story of Africa Series. Printed bds. illustrated col and b/w dwgs. 4to. No inscrips. shelfwear o/w VG. Books of Africa. Cape Town 1968 £6.00
#11385 Moorehead, Alan. NO ROOM IN THE ARK. Travels through Eastern and Southern Africa. 218pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps. p/b. No inscrip. evenly lightly browned throughout o/w G+. Penguin. London 1963 £3.00


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M. Mint. F. Fine.
VG. Very Good. G. Good.
annots. annotations. bds. boards.
col. cold. colour(ed). d/w dust-wrapper.
eps endpapers. ff. leaves.
f(f)eps front (free) endpapers. fox. foxed.
illus. illustrated. o/w otherwise.
pp. pages. sl. slight.
sm. small. sp. spine
u/l underlining v. very.


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