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Africana Catalogue Q189 21st August 2005

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#13725 Bulpin, T.V. LOST TRAILS OF THE TRANSVAAL. The restless years of the Transvaal to the boom days of Barberton in 1884, described with a wealth of fascinating anecdotes. Illustrated by A.A. Telford & C.T.A. Maberly. This edition combines the material of the earlier (1956) edition of this title along with that from "Lost Trails Of The Lowveld", "The Golden Republic", and "Storm Over The Transvaal" plus newer material. Printed bds. 474pp. illustrated col.photos. b/w line dwgs. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. A Fine copy.Books of Africa. Cape Town 1983 4th edition. £22.00
#13699 Carruthers, Vincent. THE MAGALIESBERG. This natural area west of Pretoria is known for its beauty and loved as a getaway area for those in the Witwatersrand. Commences with the natural history of the area (geology, fauna & flora), then covers the cultural and general histories to date. Concludes with an appendix of place names, detailed bibliography. Green cb. 388pp illustrated colour plates and b/w sketches by Friedel Eloff & Rudolf Vosser. maps on eps. lg.8vo indexed. No inscrip. Fine in d/w.Southern. Johannesburg 1990. £50.00


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#13813 Burman, Jose. & Levin, Stephen. THE SALDANHA BAY STORY. The full history of this harbour, its naval affiliations, salvage of wrecks, Battle of Saldhana, fishing & whaling, etc. Bibliography. Red cb. 165pp illustrated col.b/w photos. plates. maps. lg.8vo indexed. No inscrip. edges fox, sl.bow hence G-VG in rubbed d/w.Human & Rousseau. Pretoria 1974. £18.00
#13779 Burman, Jose. EARLY RAILWAYS AT THE CAPE. Deals with the period from 1860 to 1910. A comprehensive review, (including details of the line from Port Alfred to Grahamstown). Well illustrated. Bibliography. Printed bds. 162pp illustrated col.b/w photos & dwgs, maps. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. Fine.Human & Rousseau. Cape Town 1984. £18.00

EASTERN CAPE (including all 1820 Settler related material)

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#13808 Berning, J.M. THE TOWER, CLOCK AND BELLS OF GRAHAMSTOWN CATHEDRAL. An Outline History. Cory Library Occasional Papers No.1. 29pp stapled booklet. Coloured ink annnots (and on f.wrap too) but o/w clean.Grahamstown 1987. £6.00
#13840 Bryer, Lynne. THE BRITISH SETTLERS OF 1820. A brief overview of how some 4000 British emmigrants landed in Algoa Bay in 1820 and the life they found here. Printed red wraps. 32pp illustrated b/w 4to. A little crinkled by damp, hence G only.Chameleon. Plumstead 1986. £5.00
#13802 Burton, A.E. THE HIGHLANDS OF KAFFRARIA. A Review Of Outstanding Incidents In Kafirland And British Kaffraria Leading Up To The Rise Of King William's Town, Keiskama Hoek And East London, With Special Reference To The History And Situation Of Fort Stokes. Extensive coverage of the various military posts and camps of the area, places of interest around KWT, etc. Brown wraps. 56pp illustrated b/w plates, maps, plans. Inscrip ffep. a clean sound copy.Self. KWT 1942. £24.00
#13790 Couch, Dr L.G. A SHORT MEDICAL HISTORY OF GRAHAMSTOWN. A brief review of the field from the early 19th, covering military medicine, early doctors, Albany General Hospital, Dr W.G. Atherstone, etc. Bibliography. White printed wraps. 60pp illustrated b/w photos. No inscrip, VG+.Grocott & Sherry. Grahamstown 1976. £8.00
#13837 Danziger, Christopher. LORD CHARLES SOMERSET Looking At South African History Series. A brief biography of this important figure in South African history. Somerset named Port Elizabeth after his wife who died before joining him here. His involvement with the 1820 Settlers and the Eastern Cape are clearly presented. Printed wraps. 24pp stapled booklet illustrated col.b/w. No inscrip. VG.Macdonald. Cape Town 1978. £3.00
#13838 Danziger, Christopher. LORD CHARLES SOMERSET Looking At South African History Series. A brief biography of this important figure in South African history. Somerset named Port Elizabeth after his wife who died before joining him here. His involvement with the 1820 Settlers and the Eastern Cape are clearly presented. Printed wraps. 24pp stapled booklet illustrated col.b/w. No inscrip. VG.Macdonald. Cape Town 1978. £3.00
#13839 Danziger, Christopher. LORD CHARLES SOMERSET Looking At South African History Series. A brief biography of this important figure in South African history. Somerset named Port Elizabeth after his wife who died before joining him here. His involvement with the 1820 Settlers and the Eastern Cape are clearly presented. Printed wraps. 24pp stapled booklet illustrated col.b/w. No inscrip. VG.Macdonald. Cape Town 1978. £3.00
#13836 Danziger, Christopher. THE RESTLESS FRONTIER. Looking At South African History Series. A brief overview covering the Eastern Cape frontier and its peoples, wars. Printed wraps. 24pp stapled booklet illustrated col.b/w. Worn, a G copy.Macdonald. Cape Town 1978. £3.00
#13841 Elliott, Aubrey. THE XHOSA And Their Traditional Way Of Life. A colourful view of the native Xhosa. Printed wraps. 24pp illustrated col.photos. lg.4to. Vg.Struik. Cape Town 1992. £8.00
#13847 Essex, Rabone & Co. THE RECORDS OF A PIONEER FAMILY. Transcribed and edited by Arthur Rabone from letters and diaries of both the Essex & Rabone families. Alfred Essex, then proprietor of the Graaff Reinet Herald, wrote inviting his father and sisters in England to join him to escape the depression there. Their ship was wrecked 4 miles from Port Elizabeth. William Rabone's diary of the voyage is here followed with the letters written by his wife Harriet (nee Essex) to her friend in London giving a vivid description of life in a small South African town at that time. Full brown leather binding. 158pp. portrait-frontis. illustrated b/w photos. No inscrip. A few small nicks, ff browned, else VG+.Struik. Cape Town 1966.
De Luxe edition.
#13807 Griffiths, Reginald. THE GRAHAMSTOWN CLUB 1886-1986. A history and record. Note, this institution still exists. Printed wraps. 161pp illustrated b/w. Inscrip inside f.wrap else VG.Grahamstown 1986. £15.00
#13804 Hewson, Leslie. THEY SEEK A CITY. Methodism In Grahamstown. From the first methodist settlers of 1820 to more recent times, a history of their social, religious, and educational endeavors in the area. Various appendices including details of all memorials in the Commemoration Methodist Church, list of names on the two war memorials. Illustrated by Dorothy Randell. Bibliography. Printed wraps. No inscrip. VG+.ISER Rhodes Univerity. Grahamstown 1981. £7.00
#13800 Hockly, Harold Edward. THE STORY OF THE BRITISH SETTLERS OF 1820 IN SOUTH AFRICA. Chronicles the arrival of the Settlers of 1820 on the shores of Southern Africa & their location on the Eastern Frontier of the old Cape Colony as a buffer against the increasing westwards pressure of the bantu tribes in the Colony. Includes list of settlers, Roll of Honour, extensive bibliography. Blue cb. b/w frontis. illustrated b/w photos/plates. maps. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. a G+ clean copy in worn d/w.Juta. Cape Town 1973 2nd & enlarged revised edition. £18.00
#13788 Hudson-Reed, Sydney. 1820 SETTLER STORIES. Selections from the writings of other authors that illustrate the daily life of the ordinary settler. Illustrated with sketches by"WILLY". Blue wraps. 126pp illustrated b/w dwgs. No inscrip. G+.S.A. Baptist Historical Society. Pietermaritzburg 1977 3rd edn. £10.00
#13799 Makin, A.E. THE 1820 SETTLERS OF SALEM. Hezekiah Sephton's Party. Bibliography. Red cb, 142pp, illustrated b/w photos, drawings, diagrams, fold-out map, 8vo, appendices, indexed. No inscrip, boards sl.bowed, spotty, G-VG in G repd.d/w.Juta, Cape Town 1971. £35.00
#13727 Nash, M.D. THE SETTLER HANDBOOK. A New List Of The 1820 Settlers. How to trace your settler roots. Index of settler names, alphabetical and by party. Printed wraps. 152pp. 8vo. illustrated b/w photos. No inscrip. a near Fine copy in VG+ d/w (a little browned, minimal wear).Chameleon Press. Cape Town. 1987. £38.00
#13805 Parkes, Margery. WHEATLANDS. The Story of a Family and a Farm. 1849-1979. The karoo farm, in the district of Graaff Reinet, has been the home of the Parkes family since 1849 when Thomas and Emma and their 4 sons and 2 daughters arrived from Argentina (although of British descent). Family tree until 1979. Printed brown wraps. vi + 109pp. illustrated b/w photos, dwgs. Tall 8vo. No inscrip. worm tracery on wraps, soiled, hence G. Cont VG.Self. Graaff Reinet 1979. £25.00
#13786 Slater, J.F. THE CARNARVON DALE PAPERS. 9. Frances. Edited by her granddaughter, Rosalind Slater. Being Letters And Diaries Preserved By Mrs. J.F. Slater (Sarah Ann Bland) At Carnarvon Dale On The Bushmen's River And Edited By Her Grandaughter Rosalind Slater. (1862-1947), Frances was the tenth child of John and Sarah. She wrote novels under the pen name of F. Bancroft. Wraps. illustrated b/w photos. VG.Self. Paterson nd.
Signed title page by R.M. Slater.
#13791 Slater, J.F. THE CARNARVON DALE PAPERS. 5. Schooldays. Edited by her granddaughter, Rosalind Slater. Being Letters And Diaries Preserved By Mrs. J.F. Slater (Sarah Ann Bland) At Carnarvon Dale On The Bushmen's River. Contains a selection of letters written home from school and in later years by the children of John & Sarah from 1863 through 1900 Blue printed wraps. illustrated b/w photos. Ex library with stamp to f.wrap and inside, pocket at rear, o/w VG++ unread as ticket shows no use.Self. Paterson nd. £12.00
#13793 Slater, J.F. THE CARNARVON DALE PAPERS. 4. Old Aunt. Edited by her granddaughter, Rosalind Slater. Being Letters And Diaries Preserved By Mrs. J.F. Slater (Sarah Ann Bland) At Carnarvon Dale On The Bushmen's River. This volume reprints the surviving letters form Miss Sarah Slater, the Settler Thomas Slater's eldest daughter, known in the family as 'Old Aunt'. She left no record of her two voyages to the Cape, her homes in England, Salem, and Grahamstown, nor any account of her schools. Family tree showing all known descendants of Thomas & Sophia Slater. Records of children born to Matthew Slater, grandfather of Sarah. Will of Thomas Slater. Blue printed wraps. illustrated col.b/w photos, plates and genealogy chart. Ex library with stamp to f.wrap and inside, pocket at rear, o/w VG++ unread as ticket shows no use.Self. Paterson nd. £12.00
#13792 Slater, J.F. THE CARNARVON DALE PAPERS. 4. Old Aunt. Edited by her granddaughter, Rosalind Slater. Being Letters And Diaries Preserved By Mrs. J.F. Slater (Sarah Ann Bland) At Carnarvon Dale On The Bushmen's River. This volume reprints the surviving letters form Miss Sarah Slater, the Settler Thomas Slater's eldest daughter, known in the family as 'Old Aunt'. She left no record of her two voyages to the Cape, her homes in England, Salem, and Grahamstown, nor any account of her schools. Family tree showing all known descendants of Thomas & Sophia Slater. Records of children born to Matthew Slater, grandfather of Sarah. Will of Thomas Slater. Blue printed wraps. illustrated col.b/w photos, plates and genealogy chart. Ex library with stamp to f.wrap and inside, pocket at rear, o/w VG++ unread as ticket shows no use.Self. Paterson nd. £12.00
#13797 Slater, J.F. THE CARNARVON DALE PAPERS. 10. The Boer War. Edited by her granddaughter, Rosalind Slater. Being Letters And Diaries Preserved By Mrs. J.F. Slater (Sarah Ann Bland) At Carnarvon Dale On The Bushmen's River And Edited By Her Grandaughter Rosalind Slater. Contains a selection of letters written home before and during the Anglo-Boer War, 1899-12. Wraps. illustrated b/w photos. F.wrap a little worn else VG.Self. Paterson nd.
Signed title page by R.M. Slater.
#13835 Snook, John. EASTERN PROVINCE. Pride Of South Africa No.18. Popular topographic and historic overview. Printed bds. 24pp illustrated col.b/w photos. maps. 8vo. No inscrip. VG.Purnell 1975. £5.00
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#13778 AA, The. SECRET SOUTHERN AFRICA. Wonderul Places You've Probably Never Seen. A profusely illustrated guide to some of the less obvious places and things within South African borders. Arranged geographically and covering South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, & Mozambique. A good resource to plan a trip with, still very valid. Printed bds. 319pp illustrated col.photos. 4to indexed. No inscrip. unused, Mint condition.The AA. Cape Town 1994. £18.00
#13751 Allen, Charles. & Fry, Helen. (Eds). TALES FROM THE DARK CONTINENT. Images of British colonial Africa in the 20thC. Based on recordings made for the BBC, this records the experiences of some 50 British men and women who lived and worked in Africa in the days of colonial rule. Well illustrated. Glossary of anglo african terms and list of contributors. Brown cb. xvii + 166pp illustrated b/w photos, dwgs. 8vo. No inscrip. a Fine copy in VG+ d/w (fad around spine, no tears).Andre Deutsch / BBC. London 1979. £14.00
#13855 Bryant, Margot. AS WE WERE. South Africa 1939-1941. A nostalgic look at the 'good old days'. Red cb. 123pp illustrated b/w. No inscrip. VG+ in worn d/w.Keartland. Johannesburg 1974. £7.00
#13738 Cubitt, Gerald. & Joyce, Peter. JOURNEY THROUGH SOUTH AFRICA. A well illustrated picture review of the country. Grey cb. 203pp illustrated col.photos. map. 4to indexed. No inscrip. VG-F in VG d/w.Struik. Cape Town 1986. £15.00
#13717 Johnson, R.W. SOUTH AFRICA. The First Man, The Last Nation. A history of the country, concluding that current African Nationalism increasingly resembles the Afrikaner Nationalism it reviled and fought, and that this country still awaits a government which will recognise South Africa as one nation and govern it as such. Printed wraps. xxiii + 2445pp illustrated maps. 8vo indexed. Considerable ink u/l, hence G only, but o/w a very clean copy.Jonathan Ball. Johannesburg 2004. £8.00
#13784 Readers Digest. ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF SOUTH AFRICA. The Real Story. Expanded second edition, completely updated. A large and profusely illustrated history, the first to locally publish a popularly oriented view at odds with the official apartheid histories. Photo.printed bds. 4to. 512pp. prof.illustrated Sm.ownership inscrip ffep o/w VG+.RDA. Cape Town 1992. £16.00
#13795 Storrar, Patricia. & Komnick, Gunther. A COLOSSUS OF ROADS. Thomas Bain. Bain (son of Andrew Geddes Bain) constructed 23 major mountain roads, many of them still used more than a century later. This biography of Bain pays particular attention to his achievements as a road builder. Well illustrated with contemporary and recent photographs. Bibliography. Gilt on brown cb. 108pp illustrated b/w.col.photos. dwgs. maps. oblong 4to indexed. Ownership inscrip ffep. sl shelfwear o/w VG in G bright d/w (covered in contact film).Cape Town 1984. £20.00
#13702 Webber, H. O'Kelly. THE GRIP OF GOLD. A Story Of A Dominion. Early personal history of South Africa. Author emigrated to the Cape Colony when 21. Has some interesting early photographs. Chapter titles include: The Boer Republics, Farrar The Man, The Jameson Raid, Chinese Labour, The Jews In Africa, and more. An interesting appendix is entitled Stories Of Lost Treasure. Gilt on plum cb. 287pp. portrait frontis. illustrated b/w plates. 8vo indexed. Newly rebound. no inscrip. prelims fox else an attractive copy.Hutchinson. London 1936. £20.00
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#13758 Jolly, Alison. LORDS AND LEMURS. Mad Scientists, Kings With Spears, And The Survival Of Diversity In Madagascar. A tale of Berenty, in the south of Madagascar, and the Tandroy tribesman living there. Author has visited the area for 40 years, originally to study lemurs, but through continued contact over the years were favoured as the first outsiders to be invited to visit a Tandroy funeral. vi + 298pp p/b 8vo. Mint. unread.Advance Uncorrected Proof Copy. Houghton Mifflin. New York 2004. £20.00
#13732 Pavard, Claude. SEYCHELLES. From One Island To Another. Provides a lot of information on this location, not just a coffee table book. Brown cb. 176pp illustrated col/b/w photos, dwgs, maps. 4to. No inscrip. A fine copy in VG d/w (some sm.tears & wear at top and around head of spine).Editions Delroisse. Boulogne nd. £15.00
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#13716 Hadfield, Jack. VEGETABLE GARDENING IN SOUTH AFRICA. A step-by-step guide for gardeners who want to grow more and better vegetables. Covers a huge variety of vegetables in detail, with additional information on diseases and pest control. Green cb. 228pp illustrated b/w plates. 8vo indexed. VG in d/w.Purnell. Cape Town 1976 4th imp revised edition. £12.00
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#13707 Sanlam. ART COLLECTION. SANLAM. KUNSVERSAMELING. Reproductions of art collection items held by SA insurance giant. 80pp full-page cold.illustrated followed by thumbnails with descriptive text. Published to commemorate the company's 75th anniversary. Blue cb in matching slipcase. oblong 4to. Mint in slipcase.Tafelberg. Cape Town 1993.
No.1348 of 5000.
#13801 Wentzel, John. A VIEW FROM THE RIDGE. Johannesburg Retrospect. A rather personal retrospective of the old houses in Parktown on the ridge north of Johannesburg and the life of the times early in the 20thC. Illustrated with photographs of interiors and exteriors of the houses owned by the mining magnates, some created by Herbert Baker. Author also covers other aspects of Johannesburg history such as the 1922 Revolt and the men's Clubs. South African Yesterdays Number 6. Grey cb. 112pp illustrated b/w photos. sm.4to. No inscrip. G-VG in worn repd.d/w.David Philip. Cape Town 1975.
Signed by Author on title page.
#13731 Worrall, Anita. & Lorimer, William. HIGHVELD. The Story Of A House. The Residence Of The South African Ambassador To The United Kingdom. 'New House', as it was originally known, is situated in Kensington and has been the official residence since 1946. Illustrations cover both the interior and exterior, and some of the furniture and artworks in the house. Green 'leather' bds. 52pp illustrated col.photos. 4to. Except unsightly inscrip fep a fine copy in d/w.South African Embassy. London 1986. £12.00
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#13733 Clarke, Mary. NYANGA FLOWERS. A month-by month coverage of the flora of Nyanga, Zimbabwe. Bibliography. Index to family names etc. Most of the plants illustrated grow elsewhere in the Eastern Highlands and many also grow on the highveld of Zimbabwe. Gilt on brown cb. 184pp illustrated cold,dwgs. Ownership inscrip ffep o/w a fine copy in VG+ d/w (a few closed tears only).Baobab Books, Harare 1991.
Inscribed on title page thus. "With best wishes from Mary Clarke".
#13755 Drummond, R.B. & Palgrave, Keith Coates. COMMON TREES OF THE HIGHVELD. Describes in detail 54 trees commonly found in the woodlands of the Rhodesian highveld with lovely illustrations by Olive Palgrave. Printed linen wraps. 99pp illustrated cold.dwgs & b/w photos. sm.8vo indexed. Sm.ownership inscrip inside f.wrap. sl.water marks top edge hence VG.Longman Rhodesia. Salisbury 1973. £6.00
#13752 Hargreaves, Dorothy & Bob. AFRICAN TREES. Covers tropical and Southern Africa, Madagascar, and Mauritius. An introductory text, with pictures and descriptions of over over 110 species. 64pp stapled colour production. sm.8vo. No inscrip. VG+.Hargreaves. Hawaii (1972). £6.00
#13723 Jeppe, Barbara. SOUTH AFRICAN ALOES. Illustrated by Author. 139 species described and illustrated. List of natural hybrids, index of common and scientific names, hints on cultivation etc. This is the revised and enlarged edition. Green cb. xxvii + 144pp illustrated cold.b/w plates, dwgs. No inscrip. sello stains to eps and d/w foldins (also to title page, with ballpoint price) hence a VG copy only in d/w. The outside appearance and the main text are excellent. A very attractive copy despite the faults.Purnell. Cape Town 1969. £40.00
#13696 Margaret Roberts. GROWING HERBS WITH MARGARET ROBERTS. A Guide To Growing Herbs In South Africa. The preferred title on this matter. Instructs on how to design a herb garden, details of 100 different herbs and their propagation and uses. Sections on other related matters such as medicinal uses, plants in astrology, insect-repellant varieties, and more. Illustrated by Joan van Gogh. Bibliography. Cream cb, 209pp, illustrated full-page cold.dwgs. 4to indexed. No inscrip, a Fine copy in matching d/w with sello remnants inside that do faintly show through. Text tight and clean as new.Jonathan Ball. Cape Town 1986. £35.00
#13753 Pooley, Elsa. TREES. Southern African Green Guide. Allows formal identification of well over 300 species of trees found south of the Cunene & Zambesi rivers. Each clearly illustrated in colour to show tree, leaf, fruit. Printed wraps. 56pp illustrated cold.dwgs. sm.8vo indexed. Mint. £9.00
#13736 Van Der Spuy, Una. WILD FLOWERS OF SOUTH AFRICA For The Garden. Even after 30 years this is still the essential reference book for anyone establishing an indigenous garden in South Africa. Printed green bds. 276pp illustrated col.photos, tables & charts. 4to indexed. No inscrip. eps marked with sello else a near Fine copy in d/w.Hugh Keartland. Johannesburg. 1976 edn. £15.00
#13711 Vanderplank, Helen Joyce. COLOUR PRINTS OF THE WILDFLOWERS OF THE PORT ELIZABETH AREA. Six prints. Fynbos 1, Fynbos 2, Dry Northern Area, Succulents, Roadside Flowers, Fruits And Seeds. Full set as published. Each 12"h x 9"w in folder Mint.Grahamstown Foundation £15.00
#13852 Vogts, Marie Murray. PROTEAS. KNOW THEM AND GROW THEM. On The Cultivation Of The South African Protaceae. Bibliography. Green cb. 206pp. cold.frontis. illustrated col.b/w photos. 4to indexed. Booksellers stamp ffep else VG, no d/w.Afrikaans Pers-Boekhandel. Johannesburg nd (c.1958). £28.00
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#13775 Caine, Linda. & Royston, Robin. OUT OF THE DARK. Linda and her psychologist probe the secrets of her depression. A psychological detective story unfolds a tale of childhood abuse. 445pp p/b illustrated cold.photos. No inscrip. VG+.Corgi 2004. £6.00
#13722 Couzens, Tim. TRAMP ROYAL. The True Story Of Trader Horn With Such Of His Philosophy As Is The Gift Of Age And Experience Learned In His Quest From Joss House To Doss House And In Which Appear Severally Cannibals And Pyrates, Gorillas And Lynchings With A Guest Appearance By Greta Garbo As Well As Numerous Other Adventures Of A Remarkable Nature. Author restores the myth-like figure of Trader Horn, as originally chronicled by Ethelreda Lewis, to the mainstream of biographical history. Printed wraps. xii + 623pp No inscrip. A near Fine copy.Ravan & Witwatersrand University Press. Johannesburg 1992. £15.00
#13783 de Kock, Eugene. A LONG NIGHT'S DAMAGE. Working For The Apartheid State. De Kock, labelled as the apartheid assassin-in-chief as head of the notorious Section C1 at Vlakplaas, tells his side of the story. Printed wraps. 330pp illustrated b/w. No inscrip. VG.Contra. Saxonwold 1998. £35.00
#13769 Jabavu, Noni. DRAWN IN COLOUR. African Contrasts. A picture of Bantu life in South Africa as written by a black South African. A personal story about the Author's family, giving an absorbing view of how the western 20thC then looked through African eyes Ochre cb. xii + 208pp. map. VG in G clean d/w.Murray. London 1960. £15.00
#13718 Klarer, Elizabeth. BEYOND THE LIGHT BARRIER. Author saw her first spaceship on her family farm in Natal at the age of seven. She claims to have met and married Akon, an astrophysicist living on Meton, a planet of Proxima Centauri 4.2 light-years from earth. This is her story, of her son David by Akon and her stay on Meton. Originally published in German. Blue cb. 191pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. VG-F in d/w.Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1980 1st edition. £75.00
#13739 Lee, John. A SOLDIER'S LIFE. General Sir Ian Hamilton 1853-1947. A chapter covers his participation in the Boer War. Black cb. xxviii + 292pp illustrated b/w plates. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. a Fine copy in d/w.Macmillan. London 2000. 1st printing. £20.00
#13774 Plomer, William. THE SOUTH AFRICAN AUTOBIOGRAPHY. This is the unabridged first part of "The Autobiography Of William Plomer" (originally published by Jonathan Cape in 1975) and covers his years in South Africa between 1903 and 1926. Introduction by Geoffrey Haresnape. 181pp p/b indexed. No inscrip. VG++.David Philip. Claremont 1984. £7.00
#13703 Smith, G.C. Moore. (Ed). THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF LIEUTENANT-GENERAL SIR HARRY SMITH. Consists of an autobiography ("Various Anecdotes And Events Of My Life") for the years 1787-1846 with the addition of supplementary chapters by the Editor covering the years 1846-1860. Numerous appendices. Bibliography. This is the later one-volume edition. Gilt on plum cb. xxx + 815pp. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. newly rebound, a nice clean copy.John Murray. London 1903. £55.00
#13704 Smith, G.C. Moore. (Ed). THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF LIEUTENANT-GENERAL SIR HARRY SMITH. Consists of an autobiography (originally entitled "Various Anecdotes And Events Of My Life") for the years 1787-1846 with the addition of supplementary chapters by the Editor covering the years 1846-1860. Numerous appendices. Bibliography. This is the earlier two-volume edition. Gilt on plum cb. 2 vols. ix + 434, xiii + 382pp. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. newly rebound, nice clean copies.John Murray. London 1902. £65.00
#13772 Smith, Ian. THE GREAT BETRAYAL. The Memoirs Of Ian Douglas Smith. Author tells the story of his historic Declaration of Independance in 1965 and updates with the excesses of the marxist dictator Robert Mugabe installed by the British government. x + 422pp p/b illustrated b/w photos, maps. indexed. VG-F.Blake. London 1997. £12.00
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#13782 Crwys-Williams, Jennifer. (Comp). FOOD FOR THOUGHT. The Great 702land Feast. Illustrated by Esther Boshoff. Recipes contributed by famous local personalities, ranging from soups to blow-out dinner parties. Contributors include Marike de Klerk (past wife of ex president F.W. de Klerk, deceased, sadly murdered in a burglary several years past), Patricia de Lille, Deborah Patta, and many 702 radio personalities. Printed wraps. 160pp sm.4to indexed. No inscrip. VG++ (has not been a kitchen book).Ibis. Johannesburg 1994. £12.00
#13773 de Villiers, S.J.A. COOK & ENJOY IT. South African Cookery Manual. Revised & enlarged edition. A compendium of favourite recipes with special emphasis on traditional dishes. A very practical book full of working recipes. Printed bds. 370pp illustrated col.b/w photos. 4to indexed. No inscrip. bds VG+ (sl.rubbed to rear), contents Fine.Human & Rousseau. Cape Town 1981 6th edition. £25.00
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#13851 Bennett, Benjamin. MURDER WILL SPEAK. Covers nine famous South African murder trials including the cause celebre of Duncan Moodie, condemned to death twice for the same murder. Other cases include those of Margaret Rheeder, Gordon van Buuren, Alfred Wanka, Roland Roberts, Colin Patterson, "Buck Jones" Thompson, and Frederick Deeming who was hanged in Australia. Red cb. 284pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. G in tatty d/w.Timmins. Cape Town 1962. £15.00
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#13767 Askwith, Tom. FROM MAU MAU TO HARAMBEE. Memoirs And Memoranda Of Colonial Kenya. Edited by Joanna Lewis. Cambridge African Monographs 17. Contains both representation and primary source data on colonial Kenya. Author spent a 25 year career in administration, starting out as a district officer in 1936. viii + 221pp p/b. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. Fine.African Studies Centre. Cambridge 1995. £12.00
#13720 East African Publishing House. WILDLIFE SAFARI IN KENYA. A Comprehensive Book For Travellers. Contributing authors cover all aspects of the country. Well illustrated with maps, and numerous interesting period advertisements. White cb. 384pp illustrated col.b/w photos. maps, advts. Inscrip. title.p else VG+ in near VG d/w.East African Publishing House. Nairobi (1967). £12.00
#13734 Willock, Colin. AFRICA'S RIFT VALLEY. The World's Wild Places series. Photographs by Goetz D. Plage. Bibliography. Printed bds. 184pp. illustrated col & b/w. maps etc. 4to indexed. No inscrip. a crisp fine copy.Time-Life Books. Amsterdam 1975. £15.00
#13735 Willock, Colin. AFRICA'S RIFT VALLEY. The World's Wild Places series. Photographs by Goetz D. Plage. Bibliography. Printed bds. 184pp. illustrated col & b/w. maps etc. 4to indexed. No inscrip. edges a little browned else a near fine copy.Time-Life Books. Amsterdam 1975. £12.00
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#13798 Butler, Guy. & Opland, Jeff. (Eds). THE MAGIC TREE. South African Stories In Verse. A selection of narrative poems ordered by the stories that they tell. Headings such as `heroes', `culture contact', `song and dance', and more. Printed wraps. 243pp 8vo. VG.MML. Cape Town 1989.
Signed on title page by Guy Butler.
#13849 Butler, Guy. CAPE CHARADE. or Kaatjie Kekkelbek. A play around Andrew Geddes Bain that takes place during the construction of Bain's Kloof Pass during 1853. First performed in Grahamstown at the University Theatre on 4th September 1967. The Albany Series. Wraps. ix + 94pp illustrated b/w. G+.Balkema. Cape Town 1968. £20.00
#13843 Butler, Guy. SELECTED POEMS. Contains new unpublished poems as well as selections from 'Stranger To Europe' (1960) and 'South Of The Zambesi' (1966). Orange cb. 103pp sm.8vo. No inscrip. VG+ in d/w (no tears, a little faded at bottom).Donker. Johannesburg 1975. £12.00
#13787 Butler, Guy. TAKE ROOT OR DIE. A play in five acts. First performed at the opening of Rhodes University Theatre in 1966. Includes photos of actors, scene design drawings, musical score, reviews, and reproduction of the original programme. Printed wraps. xiii + 130pp. No inscrip. wraps a little soiled, hence G+.Balkema. Cape Town 1970. £15.00
#13842 Butler, Guy. THE DAM. A Play In Three Acts.First performed at the Little Theatre, Cape Town, March 1952. Red cb. 69pp 8vo. A sound clean copy.Cape Town. 1953 1st edn. £10.00
#13834 Cartwright, Justin. HALF IN LOVE. Author was born and educated in South Africa, lives in London, had one novel ('In Every Face I Meet') shortlisted for the Booker prize, and won the 1998 Whitbread prize with 'Leading The Cheers'. 309pp lg.p/b. No inscrip. Fine.QPD. London 2000. £8.00
#13806 Cope, Jack. (Ed). GUY BUTLER / PATRICK CULLINAN. Mantis Poets series. Biographical notes, and introduction to each of the two poets. Plain wraps with green d/w. v + 58pp. No inscrip. VG in G+ d/wDavid Philip. Cape Town 1978. £6.00
#13719 Davis, John Gordon. TALLER THAN TREES. Author's 5th title? Story of an epic struggle to the death between the elephant Dhlolamiti and the hunter Jumbo McGuire. Black cb 186pp 8vo. No inscrip. VG in pc.d/w (lamination lost at very top edge of spine, else a nice clean d/w with no tears).Michael Joseph. London 1975 first edition. £12.00
#13770 Emecheta, Buchi. THE NEW TRIBE. Tells the story of a black child in a white family as he searches for his own identity. Author is Nigerian woman living in England. 154pp p/b. Library barcode ffep and library sticker, otherwise as new.Heinemann African Writers Series. London 2000. £5.00
#13708 Fanshawe, David. AFRICAN SANCTUS. Vocal Score. For Soprano Solo, Mixed Chorus, Instrumental Ensemble And Prerecorded Tape. Printed wraps. 107pp 4to. Fine.International Music Publications. £15.00
#13812 Fitzpatrick, Sir Percy. JOCK OF THE BUSHVELD Illustrated by E. Caldwell. The famous South African classic in the popular edition that almost every South African read as a child. This is not the sanitised and politically correct version that others deem we should now read, but the full story in Fitzpatrick's own words. Gilt title on plum cb. 474pp illustrated cold.frontis & b/w plates, marginal drawings, maps on eps. 8vo. Newly rebound, very attractive, tight, as new.Longmans Green. London 1954. £20.00
#13713 Gledhill, Dick. ONE COMMANDO. A novel, based upon actual events, about the Rhodesian Light Infantry. Foreword by Lt. Col. Ron Reid-Daly. Printed wraps. 218pp sm.8vo. Near Fine.Covos Day. Weltevredenpark 1997. £12.00
#13764 Gordimer, Nadine. OCCASION FOR LOVING. Author's third novel originally published in 1963. 288pp p/b. No inscrip. VG++.Penguin 1994. £6.00
#13844 Gordimer, Nadine. THE CONSERVATIONIST. Joint winner of the Booker prize. 264pp p/b. No inscrip. VG++.Penguin 1978. £7.00
#13815 Griffiths, Reginald. THIS DAY'S MADNESS. A novel about a white man caught in Dingaan's kraal. This is the same author that wrote "First City", the history of that military unit situate in the Eastern Cape. Gilt dec black cb. 223pp 8vo. No inscrip. eps v.sl.brown else a crisp very Fine copy in VG-F d/w.Jarrolds. London 1960 1st edn.
Signed on title page thus: "Signed by the Author, Reginald Griffiths".
#13762 Haggard, H. Rider. KING SOLOMON'S MINES. A sanitised, spell-corrected, and metricated version. 255pp p/b. VG++.Donker. Craighall 1985. £6.00
#13831 Jenkins, Geoffrey. THE UNRIPE GOLD. Author was born in Port Elizabeth in 1920. Black cb. 288pp 8vo. No inscrip. Fine in d/w (the very slight fading of the spine is not apparent until opened out), an exceptional copy, probably unread.Collins. London 1983 1st edition. £20.00
#13740 Jooste, Pamela. DANCE WITH A POOR MAN'S DAUGHTER. A novel of the coloured people in the Cape at the time of apartheid as seen through the eyes of eleven year old Lily Daniels. Author is well known for her radio and film scripts. This was her first novel. Blue cb. 349pp 8vo. No inscrip. a Fine copy in d/w.Doubleday. London 1998. £15.00
#13833 Mapanje, Jack. SKIPPING WITHOUT ROPES. This radical poet was imprisoned by Hastings Banda for nearly four years. This is his third collection and includes poems on his incarceration, exile, and return to Africa. Printed wraps. 80pp. 1 each barcode and library sticker, else Fine, appears unused.Bloodaxe. Newcastle 1998. £5.00
#13761 Matthee, Dalene. FIELA'S CHILD. Author's sixth novel, set in and around the Knysna forest, concerns a lost white child found living with a coloured family. He is taken away unwillingly and has to grow up before he can go in search of the truth. Translated from the Afrikaans by Matthee. 358pp p/b. No inscrip. VG++.Penguin. London 1987. £6.00
#13854 Millin, Sarah Gertrude. KING OF THE BASTARDS. A novel of a small coloured community in the Nothern Transvaal, descendants of Coenraad Buys and his harem of native women. Foreword by Jan Smuts. Brown cb. vii + 336pp 8vo. No inscrip. no d/w, VG.Heinemann. London 1951 rpt. £10.00
#13848 Naidoo, Beverley. OUT OF BOUNDS. Stories Of Conflict And Hope. A story for every decade from the 1948 to 2000 about young peoples choices. Foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. ix + 141pp p/b. No inscrip. Fine.Puffin. London 2001. £5.00
#13780 Paton, Alan. SONGS OF AFRICA. Collected Poems. Many of Alan Paton's poems were discovered after his death in 1988. They are collected here together with others and also with those originally published in 1975 in "Knocking At The Door" by David Philip. Printed wraps. xxxiii + 318pp. indexed. No inscrip. Fine.Gecko. Durban 1995. £15.00
#13768 Van Der Post, Laurens. THE SEED AND THE SOWER. A story of captives and captors in a Japanese POW camp. Filmed as "Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence" starring David Bowie. p/b 223pp. VG.Penguin. London 1987. £5.00
#13715 Van Straten, Cicely. HUBERTA'S JOURNEY. Illustrated by Cora Coetzee. In 1928 a hippo captivated the nation as it wandered down the coast from Natal, sadly meeting her fate on an Eastern Cape farm. This is a fictionally romanticised version of the events but covers what is known accurately. 148pp p/b illustrated line dwgs. map. G+Tafelberg. Cape Town 1993 3rd imp. £12.00
#13810 Watt, Duncan. THE SANDS OF THE SKELETON COAST. An Adventure Of The Wallace Boys. An exciting story for younger people where Jimmy & Barry sail on MY St Valery from St Helena to Cape Town. However, a side trip to the Skeleton Coast finds the boys searching for a wreck containing a cache of diamonds. 215pp p/b. No inscrip. VG+.Tynron Press. Lutterworth 1993. £5.00

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#13814 Green, Lawrence G. A GIANT IN HIDING. The Life Story of Frank Armstrong Wightman - Cable Operator, Sailor, Naturalist, Author, Archaeologist and Hermit. Wightman built and sailed his 34-foot yawl Wylo from the US to South Africa which he finally anchored in Saldahana Bay and lived for more than 20 years. In his youth he sailed on the barque Birkdale. Printed bds. 220pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps on eps. No inscrip. Near VG in G clean bright d/w.Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1970. 1st edition.
Signed by Lawrence Green on half-title.
#13819 Green, Lawrence G. A TASTE OF SOUTH-EASTER. Memories Of Unusual Cape Town Characters, Queer Shops And Shows, Old Bars, Hotels And Cafes, And The Panorama Of The Streets. Drawings by Francois Lategan. Author's fourth book dealing with the Cape Peninsula. Blue cb. 211pp illustrated dwgs. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. top edge dusty, VG in pc.d/w.Cape Town 1971. 1st edition. £10.00
#13829 Green, Lawrence G. ALMOST FORGOTTEN, NEVER TOLD. A Book Of People And Places, Dramas And Adventures Along The South African Coast, With A Few Voyages Into Deeper Waters. Mainly relates to the Cape of Good Hope coast. Brown cb. 292pp. cold.frontis. illustrated b/w photos, plates. indexed. No inscrip. VG in G d/w (minor loss & fishmothed through folds)Howard Timmins, Cape Town. 1965 1st edn. £8.00
#13818 Green, Lawrence G. BEYOND THE CITY LIGHTS. The Story Of The Western Province - The Towns And The Farms, The Life And The People, The Folklore And The Legends. Chapter 'Antjie Somers' covers ghost stories of the area and other chapters deal with typical Green trivia from 50 years ago. Red cb. 240pp. cold.frontis. illustrated b/w photos. 8vo indexed. Name on lower edge & ownership stamp ffep. o/w sound and clean in G+ d/w.Cape Town 1957 1st edn. £7.00
#13817 Green, Lawrence G. EIGHT BELLS AT SALAMANDER. The Unwritten Story Of Ships And Men In South African Waters, And Some Of The Forgotten Adventures And Mysteries Of The Wide Oceans That Wash The Shores Of Africa And Break On The Lonely Isles. Southern Ocean and Indian Ocean islands including Bouvet Island, Tristan Da Cunha, Seychelles, Gough, Madagascar, and the Falklands form the backdrop for a mix of nautical tales. Blue cb. 271pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. VG in d/w.Timmins. Cape Town 1960 1st edn. £12.00
#13828 Green, Lawrence G. GREAT NORTH ROAD. A Journey By Land And Water, On And Off The Highway, In search Of Lonely Places And Cities, Strange Tales And The Odd Character Of Tropical Africa. Covers Rhodesia, Tanganyika, Zanzibar. Our intrepid hero follows the road north as far as Kenya. Green cb. 240pp. cold.frontis. illustrated b/w.photos. 8vo indexed. G-VG in G d/w (some loss head of spine, and to rear).Cape Town 1961 1st edn. £12.00
#13823 Green, Lawrence G. KAROO. The Story of the Karoos of South Africa - the Great Karoo, the Little Karoo and the far corners of the North West Cape and Namaqualand. Contains (amongst many) the story of the baboon Jack who acted as a railway signalman at Uitenhage and also general assistant to his legless master, aiding him at home and work. Brown cb. 248pp. illustrated b/w dwgs. 8vo. maps on eps. indexed. Sm.inscrip ffep. ff browned, a clean VG+ copy in pc.d/w.Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1955 1st edn. £12.00
#13826 Green, Lawrence G. SOUTH AFRICAN BEACHCOMBER. Memories Of The People Of The Shore And The Stories They Told; Sand And Dunes And Treasure, Seabirds And Creatures Of The Sea; And Personal Impressions Of Certain Islands In African Waters. Contains interesting chapters on shipwrecks including the historic Great Gale of 1865 in which 18 ships were lost. Five chapters deal with the islands of St Helena, Ascension, the Canaries, and Madeira. Blue cb. 244pp. cold.frontis. illustrated b/w photos. 8vo indexed. G+, ff browned, in d/w with some loss at head of spine.Cape Town 1958 1st edn. £8.00
#13697 Green, Lawrence G. STRANGE AFRICA. Covers such diverse material as Bushmen of the Kalahari, diamonds along the Vaal, Zanzibar, lighthouses of the Southern African coast, and more. One of the relatively scarce prewar editions Red cb. 288pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. At least a VG sound and clean copy, only the spine is a little dull.Stanley Paul. London 1938 true first edition. £85.00
#13825 Green, Lawrence G. THUNDER ON THE BLAAUWBERG. A Book Of Rare, Strange And Curious Episodes Inspired By A Storm; Personal Experiences, Encounters With Unusual Characters, Mysteries And Legends. Notable characters mentioned include J.W. Dunne & Scotty Smith. Yellow cb. 269pp. cold.frontis. illustrated b/w photos. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. VG in VG- d/w (worn at front joint, o/w no loss).Timmins. Cape Town 1966 1st edition. £8.00
#13827 Green, Lawrence G. TO THE RIVER'S END. [Tales Of Kalahari Solitude And Lonely Stretches Of The Orange River]. Author covers the adjacent South West African diamond areas ("sperrgebiet"). Green cb. 208pp cold.frontis. illustrated b/w photos. maps on eps. 8vo indexed. Ownership stamps & inscrip else a G+ clean copy in pc.d/w (loss at head and tail of spine).Cape Town (1948). 1st edn. £10.00
#13820 Green, Lawrence G. WHEN THE JOURNEY'S OVER. An Incorrigible Old Wanderer's Memories Of Travel In The Cape And Far Beyond The Cape; Life In Cities And Solitudes; Rare, Strange And Curious Experiences. Interesting chapter on Paarl wagon industry, Illustrated Francois Lategan. Author's last title. Green cb. errata slip. 256pp illustrated b/w dwgs. indexed. No inscrip. top edge dusty, hence VG+ in d/w.Timmins. Cape Town 1972 1st edition. £12.00
#13821 Green, Lawrence G. WHEN THE JOURNEY'S OVER. An Incorrigible Old Wanderer's Memories Of Travel In The Cape And Far Beyond The Cape; Life In Cities And Solitudes; Rare, Strange And Curious Experiences. Interesting chapter on Paarl wagon industry, Illustrated Francois Lategan. Author's last title. Green cb. errata slip. 256pp illustrated b/w dwgs. indexed. No inscrip. top edge fox else VG+ in d/w.Timmins. Cape Town 1972 1st edition. £12.00
#13824 Wightman, Frank. THE WIND IS FREE. Wightman's own story of Wylo, St Helena, Ascension, Brazil, Georgetown, Trinidad, Port of Spain. Introduction by Lawrence Green (author of 'A Giant In Hiding' which was about Wightman). Grey cb. 231pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo indexed. Inscrip ffep which has also been clipped, G-VG, no d/w. clean and sound.Allen & Unwin. London nd. £12.00
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#13691 Ellenberger, D. Fred. (Comp). HISTORY OF THE BASUTO. Ancient & Modern. And Written In English By J.C. Macgregor Under The Auspices Of The Basutoland Government. Facsimile Reprint Of The 1912 Edition. Brown vynide bds. 55pp + xxii + 393pp + 37pp. illustrated b/w maps etc. map in pocket at rear. 8vo. indexed. d/w rubbed, hence fine.Morija 1997 rpt. £24.00
#13695 Mohapeloa, J.M. TENTATIVE BRITISH IMPERIALISM IN LESOTHO, 1884-1910. A Study In Basotho-Colonial Office Interaction And South Africa's Influence On It. Bibliography. Brown vynide boards. xix + 437pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps, tables etc. 8vo. indexed. Mint in d/w.Morija 2002. £29.00
#13694 Smith, Edwin W. THE MABILLES OF BASUTOLAND. Facsimile Reprint Of The 1939 Edition. The author spent a year as the guest and pupil of the French missionaries, Adolphe & Adele Mabille, in Lesotho in 1898. Deals with the early life of these missionaries and their years in Lesotho spanning the 1865-1868 and Gun Wars. Bibliography. Blue cb. 382pp. illustrated b/w. 12mo. indexed. Mint in d/w.Morija 1996. £20.00
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#13816 Rosenthal, Eric. OTHER MENS MILLIONS. Sundry stories of fortunes made and lost in the early days of gold and diamond discovery in South Africa. Blue cb. 224pp. frontis. illustrated b/w photos. 8vo indexed. No inscrip, a clean G+ copy, no d/w.Cape Town nd. c.1953. £15.00
#13822 Rosenthal, Eric. SHOVEL AND SIEVE. Story of the old-time prospectors of the Rand, Rhodesia, and Kimberley diggings etc. Blue cb. 199pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. with sl.offset to spine, else a G clean copy in tatty d/w.Timmins. Cape Town nd. 1st edition. £10.00
#13794 Van Zyl, Diko. THE DISCOVERY OF WEALTH Heritage Series: 19th Century. The discovery of gold and diamonds attracted fortune hunters to South Africa from the late 1860s onwards, and from every corner of the globe. They unleashed revolutionary changes with social, economic, and political consequences that shaped the country. An overview of this era, covering the diamond fields in Kimberley and elsewhere and the subsequent discovery of the Witwaterand gold fields. Well illustrated. Terra cotta cb. 104pp illustrated b/w col. 4to indexed. No inscrip. VG in d/w.Nelson. Cape Town 1985. £12.00
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#13765 Burnett, John S. WHERE SOLDIERS FEAR TO TREAD. A Relief Worker's Tale Of Survival. From child soldiers, armed civilians, warlords, to colleagues he would never see again. This memoir delves into humanitarian missions and people who risk their lives in places too dangerous to send soldiers. Author was a relief worker in Somalia during the flood relief operations of 1997/8. Extensive notes. Bibliography. Afterword is severely critical of the safety and security of aid workers in various theatres, even those working directly with the UN. vii + 350pp p/b 8vo. No inscrip. Fine.Bantam Dell. New York 2005. Advance Reading Copy. £18.00
#13777 Moorehead, Alan. THE BLUE NILE. The main stream of the Nile descends through Ethiopia, the Sudan, and Egypt, on its way to the Mediterranean. The expansion of western civilisation into territories forgotton or unknown since Roman times led to the French invasion of Egypt in 1798, the Turkish conquest of the Sudan in 1821 and the British expedition to Ethiopia in 1868. Magenta cb. xii + 308pp illustrated b/w photos, foldout maps. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. G+ in d/w.Hamish Hamilton. London 1962 imp. £12.00
#13756 Ward, Philip. TOURING LIBYA. The Western Provinces. Red cb. 102pp illustrated col.b/w photos. sm 8vo. indexed. No inscrip. but library stamp ffep o/w VG in d/w.Faber & Faber, London 1967. £10.00
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#13760 Ginn, Peter. BIRDS OF THE HIGHVELD. Bundu Series. An introductory field guide covering the more common birds and grouping them by habitat for easier identification. Printed linen wraps. 124pp illustrated col.b/w photos. dwgs. sm.8vo indexed. No inscrip. VG+.Longman Rhodesia. Salisbury 1972. £6.00
#13712 Longman Rhodesia. THE BUNDU BOOK. Of Birds, Insects And Snakes. Bundu Book 2. Originally aimed for younger readers this Bundu book is regarded as a good introduction and useful small field guide. Printed card wraps. 121pp illustrated col.b/w photos and dwgs. sm.8vo indexed. VG+.Longman Rhodesia. Salisbury 1978 4th imp. £8.00
#13846 Newman, Kenneth. NEWMAN'S BIRDS OF BOTSWANA. Field guide covers more than 550 species illustrated in colour with distribution maps and photographs of typical habitats. Printed wraps. 344pp illustrated cold.dwgs, maps, photos. 8vo indexed. A VG-F copy, very clean.Southern. np. 1989.
Signed by author on title page.
#13709 Pinhey, E.C.G. MOTHS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Descriptions And Colour Illustrations Of 1183 Species. A detailed and readable text accessible at once both to the specialist and dilletante alike. Buff buckram bds. 273pp illustrated cold.plates. 4to indexed. No inscrip. Mint in d/w (spine a little browned hence Fine only).Tafelberg. Cape Town 1978. £190.00
#13710 Scholtz, Clarke H. & Holm, Erik. (Eds). INSECTS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Comprehensive work on the classification of insect fauna prepared with contributions from nearly 50 specialist entomologists. Hundreds of drawings including twelve coloured plates. Bibliography. Printed brown cb. 502pp illustrated b/w line dwgs. cold.plates. 4to indexed. No inscrip. A Fine copy in d/w.Butterworths. Durban 1986 revd. rpt. £70.00
#13845 Stuart, Chris & Tilde. GUIDE TO SOUTHERN AFRICAN GAME & NATURE RESERVES. Covers South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, & Zambia. Information on more than 400 reserves. Although an older edition, much of the information is as valid as ever. Tarrifs and telephone numbers may change, but the reserves remain, even increase in size. Printed wraps. 352pp illustrated col.photos, maps. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. VG+.Struik. Cape Town 1989. £8.00
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#13771 Brittain, Victoria. & Simmons, Michael. (Eds). THE GUARDIAN THIRD WORLD REVIEW. Voices From The South. Contributions grouped into Africa, Asia, Latin America & The Caribbean, Middle East. Contributors include Wole Soyinka, Fidel Castro. xii + 269pp p/b. Ex library with barcode and other paraphernalia, stamp top edge. generally VG.Hodder & Stoughton. London 1987. £6.00
#13803 Davenport, T.R.H. BLACK GRAHAMSTOWN. The Agony Of A Community. An account of race relations in the shadow of the Group Areas Act. As an academic at Rhodes University, and a town councillor, author had immediate experience of the problems created by the rigid application of the Group Areas Act which precipitated a violent response in 1980. Wraps. 65pp illustrated b/w photos. maps. No inscrip. VG+.SA Institute Of Race Relations. Jhb 1980. £11.00
#13853 Denoon, Donald. SOUTHERN AFRICA SINCE 1800 With Balem Nyeko And The Advice Of J.B. Webster. Places Southern Africa within the framework of African history, seeking to explain why and how events have moved in a direction opposite to that of the rest of the continent. Printed wraps. vi + 242pp illustrated b/w. indexed. A Good copy only.Longman. London 1975 3rd imp. £7.00
#13741 Edelston, Keith. AIDS. COUNTDOWN TO DOOMSDAY Financial & political consequences. A fairly detailed analysis of aids, the disease proper, transmission, followed by analysis of various scenarios which are then applied to geographical areas such as Africa. Author then discusses the impact on society, politics and management of an aids crisis, and effects on the world balance of power, etc. An abbreviation of an original thesis by Author. Printed wraps. 254pp illustrated maps, charts, tables. 8vo. No inscrip. VG+.Media House. Johannesburg 1988. £15.00
#13737 Hope, Christopher. BROTHER'S UNDER THE SKIN. Travels In Tyranny. Author poetically analyses the traits of tyranny with especial reference to Africa. Leaders like Verwoerd & Mugabe range alongside operatives such as Dirk Coetzee & Hunzvi. Black cb. 279pp 8vo. No inscrip. a Fine copy in VG-F d/w (no tears)Macmillan. London 2003. £18.00
#13789 Lapping, Brian. APARTHEID. A History. Traces the gradual accretion over 300 years of habits, institutions, laws, and culminating in the formal application of apartheid by the 1948 Nationalist government. 256pp p/b illustrated b/w photos. indexed. No inscrip. A G+ clean copy.Paladin. London 1987. £6.00
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#13759 Hattle, Jack. WAYWARD WINDS. Bundu Series. Explains the weather hows and whys. Printed linen wraps. 138pp illustrated col.b/w photos. dwgs. sm.8vo indexed. Ownership inscrip title.p. else VG+.Longman Rhodesia. Salisbury 1972. £6.00
#13750 Warner, Lionel. STARS AND PLANETS OF THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE. A comprehensive introduction to the southern skies, well illustrated. Printed wraps. vii + 64pp illustrated col.b/w photos. 4to. No inscrip. VG-F.Reed. Wellington 1979 rpt. £10.00
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#13776 Bate, H. Maclear. REPORT FROM THE RHODESIAS. An overview of most aspects from C.J. Rhodes to copper, witchcraft and cannibalism, the federation. Black cb. 288pp illustrated two double page cold.plates and b/w photos, plates. A Good copy.Melrose. London 1953
Inscribed half-title thus: "To my friends Bill and Peter Pooley". Roy Welensky, Sept 14 1953".
#13729 Chan, Stephen. ROBERT MUGABE. A Life Of Power And Violence. A detailed analysis of the man, his policies, his objectives. Printed wraps. xvi + 240pp. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. VG+.I.B. Tauris. London 2003. £16.00
#13728 Davison, Ted. WANKIE. The Story Of A Great Game Reserve. Author was the warden for 33 years from its proclamation in 1928 until his retirement in 1961. Brown dec cb. 211pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo indexed. Inscrips ffep. G+ in clean d/w (just a bit frayed along the top & around head of spine).Books of Africa. Cape Town 1967 1st edition. £12.00
#13714 Martin, David. & Johnson, Phyllis. THE STRUGGLE FOR ZIMBABWE. The Chimurenga War. A detailed and comprehensive account of the struggle from the guerilla point of view. Forward by Robert Mugabe. xvii + 378pp p/b. illustrated maps, b/w photos. indexed. No inscrip. a G+ sound clean copy.Ravan. Johannesburg 1981. £10.00
#13730 Tabex. ENCYCLOPEDIA ZIMBABWE. A comprehensive reference work to all things Zimbabwean from Aardwolf to Zivobgo. Covers topography, biography, botany and zoology, history, military, political, and more. A very comprehensive resource. Printed blue wraps. xv + 431pp illustrated col.photos, maps, dwgs. No inscrip. Rear wrap quite rubbed, front partly creased, contents VG.Quest. Harare 1987. £30.00
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#13746 Jacoby, Charles. IN SEARCH OF WILL CARLING. An Epic Journey Through Africa To The World Cup. Pair of intrepid Brits set off from England in a Land Rover retrieved from a scrapheap to travel 16000 miles through Africa to watch South Africa beat England at Newlands in the 1995 Rugby World Cup. Black cb. 343pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. No inscrip. a Fine copy in d/w.Simon & Schuster. London 1996. £12.00
#13747 Levy, Jaynee. EVERYONE'S GUIDE TO TRAILING AND MOUNTAINEERING IN SOUTHERN AFRICA. Includes a directory of trails by habitat as well as an introduction to the subject and useful `how to' hints. Although this is now a few years old, and there was an updated edition, this is a prime reference work for trails that still exist. Useful appendices (scientific names, and others). Printed bds. 392pp illustrated col.b/w photos, maps, dwgs, etc. indexed. No inscrip. spine sl.faded o/w a fine copy.Struik. Cape Town 1982 1st edition. £12.00
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#13785 Milton, Giles. NATHANIEL'S NUTMEG. How One Man's Courage Changed The Course Of History. Ostensibly the story of Nathaniel Courthope and his voyage to the nutmeg spice island of Rum in the East Indies. It does contain comments on a stop at the Cape in the early 17thC made by one Patrick Copland. 388pp p/b. Fine.Sceptre. (c.2000) £7.00
#13809 Shipman, Pat. TO THE HEART OF THE NILE. Florence Baker's Extraordinary Life From The Harem To The Heart Of Africa. Florence, (nee Szasz) was auctioned in Viddin in 1859 but her future husband Samuel secured her escape. Together they made two expeditions. In 1861 they arrived in Cairo to explore the Nile tributaries of Abyssinia, this expedition finishing in 1865. From 1869 to 1873 Samuel was Pasha of Equitoria, charged with eradicating the slave trade on the White Nile. 542pp p/b. illustrated b/w. No inscrip. prelims crinkled hence VG only.Corgi. London 2005. £7.00
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#13766 Maslen, James. BEATING ABOUT THE NIGERIAN BUSH. Author devoted his working life to commerce in and with West Africa, beginning in 1933 in Nigeria. Many tales from his life in the "white man's grave". With pen and ink illustrated by Sally Pinhey. Green printed wraps. 175pp p/b illustrated dwgs. foldout map. lg 8vo. Mint.Navigator Books. Ringwood nd (c1994). £15.00
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#13701 Burleigh, Bennet. THE NATAL CAMPAIGN. The Author was Special War Correspondent of the Daily Telegraph, and the chapters are mostly as originally published in that paper. Includes an epilogue as well as an account by McHugh, a fellow correspondent trapped in Ladysmith, of the Boer assault on Ladysmith. Gilt on plum cb. vii + 418pp. portrait frontis. illustrated maps & b/w photos. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. newly rebound. some ff foxed but an attractive clean copy.George Bell. London 1900. Bell's Indian & Colonial Library edition. £45.00
#13700 Doyle, A. Conan. THE GREAT BOER WAR. Appendix of official casualty list for w/e 8th September 1900. Gilt on plum cb. x + 551pp + advts. illustrated foldout maps. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. newly rebound. a very attractive clean copy.Smith Elder. London 1900. 8th imp. £60.00
#13832 Gluckstein, S.M. QUEEN OR PRESIDENT? An Indictment Of Paul Kruger. Black dec brown cb. xi + 178pp +19pp advts. frontis. 8vo. Ownership inscrip f.pastedown, pp.1 to 10 a little fox, else VG.Grant Richards. London 1900. £20.00
#13811 Griffiths, Reginald. FIRST CITY. A Saga of Service. A regimental history that includes the eight Kaffir wars that raged from 1835 to 1853 and includes service through World War II. The regiment is housed in Grahamstown, being the successor to the original Graham's Town Volunteers. List of Southern Rhodesian personnel attached (in WW2), Roll of Honour. Blue cb. xvi + 292pp. illustrated b/w photos/plates, maps. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. VG in VG d/w (rubbed, but no tears)Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1970.
No.931 of 1000. Signed by author.
#13850 Little, Eric H. LIBERTY MEN, FALL IN! A Thrilling Sea Story Of The War In The Far East. The story of three South Africans who joined the RNVR and were drafted to the Royal Navy to serve in WW2. Uncommon item. Grey cb. 130pp illustrated b/w photos. sm.8vo. Spine blotched else a G sound copy.Unie Volkspers. Cape Town 1945. £24.00
#13796 Uys, Ian. DELVILLE WOOD. The definitive analysis of the engagement. Preliminary chapters discuss the First South African Infantry Brigade, Flanders & the Somme, Bernafay Wood & Trones Wood. This is followed by a day by day account of the action. Roll of Honour, Nominal Roll of Officers, List of Decorations, Recommendations in Despatches. Bibliography. Well illustrated. xi + 298pp illustrated b/w. 8vo indexed. Interesting gift inscrip ffep. edges sl.fox o/w a VG+ copy in d/w.Uys. Johannesburg 1983.
Signed & dated by Author on title page (21.7.53).
#13698 Wilmot, A. HISTORY OF THE ZULU WAR. Appendix of articles originally published in the PE Telegraph including the despatch from Pietermaritzburg by Bartle Frere of February 12th. Gilt title on red labels, brown half leather with green bds. raised bands & reproduction marbled eps. vii + 249pp + advts. tissue-guarded frontis, foldout map Newly rebound. ff a little browned else an attractive copy.Richardson & Best, London, and A. White, Cape Town, 1880. £350.00
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#13748 Capstick, Peter Hathaway. DEATH IN THE LONG GRASS. Author's most famous title about African hunting. This local edition was printed by St Martin's Press and appears identical to that edition except for the name of the publisher on tp. verso and spine. Yellow cb. xv + 297pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. No inscrip. Mint in Fine d/w (only spine sl.fad from green to blue).Centaur. Cape Town 1977 1st thus. £20.00
#13763 Capstick, Peter Hathaway. MANEATERS. "Don't wrap it, I'll eat it here!" The world's best-known professional hunter explores that terrifying world where man is prey. 253pp p/b. No inscrip. VG+.St Martins. New York 1990. £10.00
#13745 Capstick, Peter Hathaway. SAFARI. THE LAST ADVENTURE. Author's 'how to' book for African game hunting covers guns, individual game species, fishing, clothing, costs, etc. Black cb. xviii + 291pp illustrated b/w photos. tables. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. Mint in Fine d/w.St Martins. New York (1984) 4th printing. £20.00
#13706 Foran, Major W. Robert. KILL OR BE KILLED. The Rambling Reminiscences Of An Amateur Hunter. Peter Capstick Library facsimile reprint edition of the 1933 original. Brown cb. xix + 291pp illustrated b/w dwgs & photos. No inscrip. a Fine copy in d/w.St Martins Press. New York 1988. Third Printing. £60.00
#13757 Gordon, Nicholas. IVORY KNIGHTS. Man, Magic And Elephants. Author deals with the problems of elephant poaching on the Tanzanian ivory trail. Black cb. 206pp illustrated col.photos. map. 8vo. Ex library (stamp top edge and barcode & magnetic device attached ffep. hence VG+ in d/w.Chapmans. London 1991. £10.00
#13721 Grobler, Hans., Hall-Martin, Anthony., Walker, Clive. PREDATORS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. A Guide To The Carnivores. A well illustrated field guide. Printed green boards. 134pp illustrated col.b/w photos. line dwgs. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. sp.fad else a Fine copy.Southern. Johannesburg 1988. £18.00
#13742 Hedren, Tippi. & Taylor, Theodore. THE CATS OF SHAMBALA. Tippi Hedren (star of Hitchcock's 'The Birds') recounts her life with the big cats on a farm in the California desert. Author's fascination started when filming in then Rhodesia using a trained lion. Many unique illustrations of human-cat interaction. Red cb. 288pp illustrated b/w photos. No inscrip. mark on top edge and rear pastedown, hence a VG-F copy in d/w (lightly browned around spine & top edge, slight damp-stain inside lower spine).Century. London 1986. £12.00
#13705 Pease, Sir Alfred E. THE BOOK OF THE LION. Peter Capstick Library facsimile reprint edition of the 1913 original. Brown cb. xix + 291pp illustrated b/w dwgs & photos. No inscrip. a Fine copy in d/w.St Martins Press. New York 1987. First Printing. £40.00
#13830 Reader's Digest. READER'S DIGEST ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO THE GAME PARKS AND NATURE RESERVES OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Profusely illustrated, and although years have passed this is still an all-encompassing review of every aspect of the subject. With guides to identification of flora and fauna, maps, historical illustrations, and providing coverage of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland, and Namibia, little is left uncovered. Printed bds. 447pp illustrated col.b/w photos, dwgs, etc. 4to indexed. No inscrip. some red u/l to the Natal section which preclude us rating it as in Fine condition, whilst the initial appearance is that it is so. It is also complete with the original clear plastic protector _and_ the dustwrapper. Even with the stated fault a most attractive copy.Reader's Digest Association. Cape Town 1983 1st edn. £22.00
#13749 Stiff, Peter. TOMMY GOES HOME. A family's overland journey from West Germany to Rhodesia accompanied by their pet lion! Manfred Forster and his family from East Germany travelled overland from Europe across Africa just as Portugal erupted into military and civil rebellion and Angola into open civil war. A fascinating tale that starts with the 16 year old Manfred as a commander of a Leopard tank in the German frontline at the end of World War 2. Plum cb. 232pp illustrated col.b/w photos. maps on eps. sm.4to. No inscrip. VG+ in VG d/w.Jacaranda Press. Salisbury 1977 3rd imp. £15.00


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M. Mint. F. Fine.
VG. Very Good. G. Good.
annots. annotations. bds. boards.
col. cold. colour(ed). d/w dust-wrapper.
eps endpapers. ff. leaves.
f(f)eps front (free) endpapers. fox. foxed.
illus. illustrated. o/w otherwise.
pp. pages. sl. slight.
sm. small. sp. spine
u/l underlining v. very.


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