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Africana Catalogue Q190 23 November 2005

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#3249 Rosenthal, Eric. MEET ME AT THE CARLTON. The Story Of Johannesburg's Old Carlton Hotel. Buff buckram. 157pp illustrated b/w photos. oblong 4to. No inscrip but sm.ownership ticket ffep. VG-F in worn rubbed d/w.Cape Town 1972.£10.00
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#7888 A Lady. LIFE AT THE CAPE A HUNDRED YEARS AGO. With Contemporary Illustrations Selected From The Work Of Thomas Bowler. The text of this volume is a series of letters, dated 1861 & 1862, originally published in the Cape Monthly Magazine from 1870 to 1879. They vividly describe life in the Cape Town of those years. The name of the author of the letters is unknown for certain, but has been the subject of much speculation. Gilt on blue cb. 119pp. illustrated b/w. Inscrip. ffep, lightly fox. throughout, sello marks. o/w VG in d/w (browned, but very clean with no tears or loss).Struik. Cape Town 1963 rpt.£10.00
#4502 Jeffreys, Kathleen M. KAAPSE ARCHIEFSTUKKEN Lopende Over Het Jaar 1778. Afgeschreven Emn Met Een Register Voorzien. Registers of Perzoonsnamen, Plaatsnamen, Scheepsnamen, Zaak-register. First volume in series of 7 covering the years from 1778-1793. The following items are included in this volume: Maroon cb. iv + 556pp. 8vo. Ex-library with usual paraphernalia. including number on spine & label on rear board. Sound, clean.Cape Times. Cape Town 1926.£20.00
#13973 Louw, Jan H. IN THE SHADOW OF TABLE MOUNTAIN. A History of Cape Town Medical School And Its Associated Teaching Hospitals Up To 1950, With Glimpses Into The Future. Includes list of Bachelors of Medicine / Surgery from UCT, Bibliography. Gilt on green skivertex. xxi + 498pp illustrated b/w photos. 4to indexed. Inscrip title.p , edges & eps sl.foxed hence VG+ in VG d/w (a bit chipped).Struik. Cape Town 1969£30.00
#13984 Papas, William. & Sussens, Aubrey. UNDER THE TABLECLOTH. Papas Looks At The Peninsula. Blue cb. 72pp illustrated line dwgs. No inscrip. There is slight damp stain at f.edge of ff, noticeable only on later pages, o/w VG in d/w (a little browned, spine & edges only, but no chips or tears at all). Despite listed faults this is a more attractive copy than normally found.Maskew Miller. Cape Town 1961 2nd edition£8.00
#7397 Simon van der Stel Foundation. THE WHITE-WALLED BEAUTY OF THE CAPE. A Selection Of Photographs Exhibited By The Simon Van Der Stel Foundation In Cape Town And Pretoria, October 1963. With A Foreword By Dr W.H.J. Punt. 31 b/w photographs with description on facing page. Large inscrip. ffep tippexed out, o/w G-VG in rubbed G+ pc.d/w. 4to.Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1964.£10.00
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#13979 Ayliff, Rev. John. THE JOURNAL OF "HARRY HASTINGS", ALBANY SETTLER. A narrative mostly in diary form of the experiences of a typical young British settler of 1820 covering the 4-month voyage from England, the trek to the settlement near Bathurst, and the difficult months that followed. "Harry Hastings" regarded as the alter ego of author John Ayliff, but typifies the 'rooinek' transferred from Whitechapel to the zuurveld. Map showing distribution of settler parties. Red cb. 106pp illustrated b/w plates, maps on eps. 8vo. name index. Fine unread copy in d/w.Grocott & Sherry. Grahamstown 1963.£25.00
#13980 Ayliff, Rev. John. THE JOURNAL OF "HARRY HASTINGS", ALBANY SETTLER. A narrative mostly in diary form of the experiences of a typical young British settler of 1820 covering the 4-month voyage from England, the trek to the settlement near to Bathurst and the difficult months that followed. "Harry Hastings" regarded as the alter ego of author John Ayliff, but typifies the 'rooinek' transferred from Whitechapel to the Zuurveld. Map showing distribution of settler parties. Red cb. 106pp illustrated b/w plates, maps on eps. 8vo. name index. A near Fine unread copy in d/w (slightly marked and one small closed tear on lower front edge).Grocott & Sherry. Grahamstown 1963.£18.00
#13974 Burton, A. SPARKS FROM THE BORDER ANVIL. A Record Of Remarkable And Inspiring Events And Of Progressive Enterprise On The Long-Contested Cape Frontier, Now The Border Districts Of The Cape Province. With 85 illustrations. Tales of pioneers in the areas east of the Great Fish River. Much on witchcraft, Nongquase and the great cattle killing. Red cb. xviii + 293pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. No inscrip. VG in G+ d/w (very clean, a bit creased and chipped).Provincial. King Williams Town. no date (1950).£14.00
#13304 Genealogical CD. 1820 SETTLER FAMILY TREES And Eastern Cape Families 1800-1900. Includes over 78000 individuals, 48600 direct 1820 descendants, and 1220 photographs. Based upon the Cumberland Family Tree genealogy computer software programme, this is a work in progress, and allows searches on the database with a viewer-only edition. (The full shareware programme is also distributed on the CD). All sources are listed. A good starting point for investigating families in this area. (The latest edition always supplied). CD in jewel case. New.2005 6th edition.£12.00
#13972 Grey High School. THE GREY. Magazine Of The Grey High School, Port Elizabeth. 1986. Printed wraps. 179pp. White wraps a little soiled o.w VG+.GHS. 1986.£5.00
#8926 Grocott & Sherry. GROCOTT & SHERRY'S ALBUM OF GRAHAMSTOWN. Preface by Hon. A. Wilmot. 50 monochrome full page photographs of Grahamstown and surrounding areas including Port Alfred. Gilt title on red cb variant with blind stamped design, edges chamfered. Sm.oblong 4to. A little foxing to eps & prelims else mint. Exceptional condition.Grocott & Sherry. Grahamstown 1898.£185.00
#13975 Jones. E. Morse. THE LOWER ALBANY CHRONICLE. Four vols. Part One. 1806-1825. Part Two. 1826-1840. Part Three 1841-1850. Part Four 1851-1855. Provides a chronological survey of happenings in the areas around Bathurst and Port Alfred. Culled from books, letters, diaries, notebooks, periodicals, ms. etc. with notes, index, list of sources. Events such as births, deaths, marriages, christenings, sales, military and commercial activity, and much more. Gives a detailed picture of the happenings in these areas on a day by day basis. Cyclostyled 13" x 8"stapled. 118pp. 163pp. 116pp. 81pp. A very clean set.Lower Albany Historical Society. 1968 revd, 1970 revd., 1966, 1967. Port Alfred.
Includes the 1970 Addenda, Errata and Revised Index to The Lower Albany Chronicle Part Two 1826-1840.
#14030 Keppel-Jones, Arthur. PHILIPPS, 1820 SETTLER. His Letters, Edited By Author In Consultation With Philipps' Great-Granddaughter, E.K. Heathcote. Letters from 1820 through to 1830. Genealogical table. Black cb. 371pp. b/w photo frontis. maps on eps. No inscrip, top edge dusty else a Fine copy in VG-F d/w.Shuter & Shooter. Pietermaritzburg 1960.£20.00
#13943 MacLennan, Ben. A PROPER DEGREE OF TERROR. John Graham And The Cape's Eastern Frontier. A readable account of Grahamstown's namesake and of the events in the Eastern Cape in the early years of the 19thC prior to the arrival of the 1820 settlers. 252pp p/b illustrated b/w plates. indexed. Neat inscrip half.title. a Good copy.Ravan Press. Johannesburg 1986.£10.00
#14007 Metrowich, F.C. THE VALIANT BUT ONCE. Informal history of the Eastern Cape. Bibliography Red cb. 230pp illustrated b/w plates. 8vo indexed. Good, clean, in remnants of d/w which has thereby caused selective fading. ff browned as always.Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1956 1st edn.£9.00
#14004 Shephard, J.B. LAND OF THE TIKOLOSHE. The Transkei, that part of South Africa lying between the Kei River and KwaZulu Natal, was at the time of this book an incredibly rural african area hardly touched by the white man. Blue cb. xii + 171pp. excludes illustrations. No inscrip. Good copy in tatty d/w with lossLongmans Green. London nd. (1955).£12.00


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#10749 Bulpin, T.V. TO THE SHORES OF NATAL. A readable and entertaining history of Natal. Green cb. 340pp illustrated b/w dwgs by Barbara Tyrrell. 8vo indexed. Ownership stamps on ffep & lower edge, f.bd shaken, hence a G+ clean copy in d/w.Howard Timmins. Cape Town nd.£12.00

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#13964 Aldridge, Brian. THE PICTORIAL HISTORY OF SOUTH AFRICA. Profusely illustrated to provide pictorial history of the development of South Africa from the early Portuguese explorers to the first quarter of the 20th century. Gilt on grey buckram. 183pp illustrated 300+ cold.b/w dwgs, maps, photos. 4to indexed. No inscrip. VG+ in G+ d/w. eps show evidence of sello removal, o/w contents are fine.Struik. Cape Town 1973.£15.00
#14060 Beinart, William. TWENTIETH CENTURY SOUTH AFRICA. An updated edition to reflect the most recent changes. Numerous appendices, extensive bibliography. xvii + 414pp p/b. indexed. No inscrip. rather soiled and used but sound.Oxford University Press. 2001 2nd edn.£7.00
#14036 Davenport, T.R.H. SOUTH AFRICA. A Modern History. Covering from the late stone age through to 1977, with the emphasis on the 20th century. Printed wraps. xv + 432pp illustrated b/w photos, cartoons, maps. 8vo indexed. Ownership inscrips ffep, top edge shows stain, else a very clean sound copyMacmillan. Johannesburg 1980 2nd edn.£8.00
#14028 Davidson, Basil. (Ed). THE AFRICAN PAST. Chronicles From Antiquity To Modern Times. Collects selected excerpts from contemorary writings to create a continuous narrative. Penguin African Library AP20. A clean sound copy.Penguin 1964.£5.00
#14032 Delius, Peter. THE LAND BELONGS TO US. The Pedi Polity, The Boers And The British In The Nineteenth-Century Transvaal. Focussing on the history of the Polity, it covers the decades spanning the upheavals of the difaqane in the 1820s and the agressive British imperialism of the 1870s. Bibliography. xii + 278pp p/b. indexed. Neat ownership inscrip ffep else a Fine copy.Ravan Press. Johannesburg 1983.£12.00
#14034 Elphick, Richard. & Gilliomee, Hermann. THE SHAPING OF SOUTH AFRICAN SOCIETY 1652-1840. Contributions by Richard Elphick (The Khoisan To c.1770), (with Robert Shell, Intergroup Relations: Khoikhoi, Settlers, Slaves And Free Blacks), Leonard Guelke (The White Settlers, 1652-1780), James Armstrong (The Slaves, 1652-1795), Gerrit Schutte (Company And Colonists At The Cape), William Freund (The Cape Under Transitional Governments, 1795-1814), Martin Legassick (The Northern Frontier To 1820: The Emergence Of The Griqua People), Hermann Giliomee (The Eastern Frontier, 1770-1812), (The Burgher Rebellions On The Eastern Frontier, 1795-1815), (with Richard Elphick, The Structure Of European Domination At The Cape, 1652-1820). Printed wraps. xv1 + 415pp. 8vo. Neat ownership inscrip ffep else VG+.Longman. Cape Town 1980 2nd imp.£12.00
#14035 Elphick, Richard. KHOIKHOI AND THE FOUNDING OF WHITE SOUTH AFRICA. A systematic account of the decline of the Khoikhoi from precolonial times to 1720. Using anthropological & historical techniques Author finds that certain characteristics of pre-colonial society and economy left the Khoikhoi vulnerable to the colony's expansion even though the Dutch settlers were few in number and rarely had recourse to arms. printed wraps. xxii + 266pp. 8vo indexed. Neat inscrip ffep. sm.closed tear top edge f.wrap else VG.Ravan Press. Johannesburg 1985.£12.00
#14015 Kruger, D.W. THE MAKING OF A NATION. A History Of The Union Of South Africa, 1910-1961. Covers the eras of Botha, Smuts, Hertzog, Strydom. Deals with history more from the point of view of the Afrikaner than is usual, covering the rise of nationalsim through the theories and establishment of apartheid. Yellow cb. 348pp illustrated b/w photos, maps eps. 8vo indexed. A Fine copy in VG+ d/w (not tears, not chipped, sl.rubbed, and faded to spine).Macmillan. London 1977.£15.00
#14033 Marks, Shula. & Atmore, Anthony. (Eds). ECONOMY AND SOCIETY IN PRE-INDUSTRIAL SOUTH AFRICA. Contributions by Martin Legassick (The Frontier Tradition In South African Historiography), Philip Bonner (Classes, The Mode Of Production And The State In Pre-Colonial Swaziland), Jeff Guy (Ecological Factors In The Rise Of Shaka And the Zulu Kingsom), William Beinart (Production And The Material Basis Of Chieftainship: Pondoland c.1830-80), Henry Slater (The Changing Patterns Of Economic Relationships In Rural Natal, 1838-1914), Susan Newton-King (The Labour Market Of The Cape Colony, 1807-1828), Colin Bundy (Peasants In Herschel: A Case Study Of A South African Frontier District), Tony Kirk (The Cape Economy And The Expropriation Of The Kat River Settlement, 1846-53), Stanley Trapido ('The Friends Of The Natives': Merchants, Peasants And The Political And Ideological Structure Of Liberalism In The Cape, 1854-1910),Neville Hogan (The Posthumous Vindication Of Zachariah Gqishela: Reflections On The Politics Of Dependence At The Cape In The Nineteenth Century), Peter Delius (Migrant Labour And The Pedi, 1840-1880), Roger Wagner (Zoutpansberg: The Dynamics Of A Hunting Frontier, 1848-67), Stanley Trapido (Reflections On Land, Office And Wealth In The South African Republic, 1850-1900). Printed wraps. 385pp 8vo indexed. Neat ownership inscrip ffep else VG-F.Longmans. 1980.£15.00
#13945 Oliver, Roland. & Atmore, Anthony. AFRICA SINCE 1800. This second edition continues to mid-1971. Printed wraps. 343pp illustrated maps. No inscrip. VG.CUP. London 1974 rpt.£15.00
#14031 Oliver, Roland. & Atmore, Anthony. AFRICA SINCE 1800. Final volume of trilogy by Roland Oliver firstly describes the precolonial history of Africa in the first three-quarters of the 19thC, followed by partition and colonial rule, finally looking at the roads taken to independance and thereafter. This updated edition covers up to 1979. Printed wraps. xii + 372pp illustrated maps. 8vo indexed. Neat ownership inscrip ffep. text block sl.cockled but a clean sound copy.CUP. Cambridge 1981 rpt.£10.00
#14029 Phillipson, D.W. THE LATER PREHISTORY OF EASTERN AND SOUTHERN AFRICA. Sources used are primarily archaeological although much use is made of linguistic and ethnographic data, oral traditions and written records. Summarises present knowledge of the area during the last 20,000 years up to the time when recorded history takes over. Extensive references. Printed wraps. xii + 323pp illustrated b/w. 8vo indexed. Neat ownership inscrip else VG.Heinemann. London 1977.£15.00
#14037 Rosenthal, Eric. YOU HAVE BEEN LISTENING... The Early History Of Radio In South Africa. Published to mark the 50th anniversary of SABC.. Blue skiverted bds. vi + 165pp illustrated b/w photos. lg.8vo indexed. Ex-library. stamps & labels etc. d/w permanently affixed to pastedowns. A clean, sound copy.Cape Town 1974.£8.00

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#14043 Lionnet, Guy. THE SEYCHELLES. The Islands Series. Covers the discovery, colonial government, people, fauna & flora, geology & geography, etc. Bibliography Blue cb. 200pp, illustrated b/w photos, maps. 8vo. Ex-library, but an attractive, sound, clean copy.David & Charles. Newton Abbot 1972.£8.00
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#13959 Alexander, Norman. (Comp). THE FARMERS HANDY BOOK. 1954 Edition. Covers such matters as irrigation, field husbandry, animal husbandry, veterinary, entomology, farm implements, farm improvement. Also includes a farmers' directory and a homestead section (for the farmer's wife). Well illustrated with many period advertisements. Gilt on green cb. 512pp illustrated 8vo. Bds a bit spotty hence G+, but contents fine.Pan African Publications. Johannesburg 1954.£15.00
#13962 Eliovsen, N. & B. (Eds). SOUTH AFRICAN STOCKBREEDER AND FARMER. Reference Book 1954. A collection of specialist articles by contributors covering areas of interest to the progressive farmer of the day. Well illustrated, extensive advertisements by stud farms. Black cb. 320pp illustrated b/w. 8vo. Bds a bit spotty hence G+, contents fine.Seal. (1954).£15.00
#13960 Fisher, John. FARMING. Practical And Scientific. This text discusses the grass veld and its soil, and how to manage this when livestock graze and deplete the soil. Green cb. 561pp illustrated b/w plates, dwgs. etc. 8vo indexed. G-VG, clean and sound but in tatty d/w.Juta & Fisons. Durban nd. c.1950s.£14.00
#13961 S.A. Stud Book Association. THE SOUTH AFRICAN JERSEY HERD BOOK. Vol.1. Containing The Pedigrees Of Jersey Cattle Admitted For Registration From 1906 To 31st December, 1927. Bulls: 1-385. Cows: 1-690. Gilt on green cb. 302pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. Bds unattractive, insect damaged, but contents fine.Jersey Cattle Breeders Soc. of SA. (1928).£20.00
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#14065 Ardrey, Robert. AFRICAN GENESIS. A Personal Investigation Into The Animal Origins And Nature Of Man. Illustrated by Berdine Ardrey. Black cb. 380pp illustrated b/w dwgs. No inscrip. VG+ in VG d/w.RU. London 1963.£8.00
#13942 Hammond-Tooke, David. RITUALS AND MEDICINES. Indigenous Healing In South Africa. Explains the assumptions underlying the African ideas of sickness and misfortune, the theories of causation, and the nature of therapeutic rituals and medicine. 166pp p/b. No inscrip. VG.Donker. Johannesburg 1989. £25.00
#13985 Schapera, I. (Ed). THE BANTU-SPEAKING TRIBES OF SOUTH AFRICA. An Ethnographical Survey. Edited For The (South African) Inter-University Committee for African Studies. (Formed the basis for Hammond-Tookes 'The Bantu-Speaking Peoples of Southern Africa'). Chapters by Dart, Hoernle, Krige, Kirby, Doke, Hunter, and others. Bibliography. Plum cb. xv + 453pp. illustrated b/w photos, foldout map at rear, indexed. No inscrip. A very clean tight copy, little used & generally VG, with a dib to lower part of both front and rear boards.Maskew Miller. Cape Town 1966 8th imp.£20.00
#13988 Schapera, I. THE TSWANA. Ethnographic Survey Of Africa. Edited by Daryll Ford. Southern Africa. Part III. Map "The Distribution Of The Principle Tswana Tribes". Extensive bibliography (also a supplemental bibliography in this later edition). Green printed wraps. 81pp illustrated tables. foldout map at rear. indexed. Dymo name tag f.wrap else G+, contents fine.International African Institute. London 1973.£8.00
#13989 Schapera, I. THE TSWANA. Ethnographic Survey Of Africa. Edited by Daryll Ford. Southern Africa. Part III. Map "The Distribution Of The Principle Tswana Tribes". Extensive bibliography. Green printed wraps. 80pp illustrated tables. foldout map at rear. indexed. A good clean copy overall. map complete but small closed tear, eps & map a bit foxed.International African Institute. London 1953.£8.00
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#14027 Berman, Esme. ART AND ARTISTS OF SOUTH AFRICA. An Illustrated Biographical Dictionary And Historical Survey Of Painters & Graphic Artists Since 1875. Extensive bibliography. Olive cb. xvi + 368pp. 4to indexed. No inscrip. a sound and clean copy, but gilt spray has been used to gild the bottom edge and this has marked the lower edge of the r.board and similarly the rear of the d/w. several insect holes. Contents are fine.Balkema£33.00
#13996 Bradlow, Edna & Frank. THOMAS BOWLER OF THE CAPE OF GOOD HOPE. His Life And Works With A Catalogue Of Extant Paintings. With A Commentary On The Bowler Prints By A. Gordon-Brown. Gilt on marbled boards. quarter leather. 248pp illustrated col.b/w plates. A worn copy that has seen better days, but sound and complete. the contents are fine.Balkema. Cape Town 1955.
Copy No.28 of 100. Signed by Authors.
#14011 Emslie, Anne. A JOURNEY THROUGH THE OWL HOUSE. An illustrated history of Helen Martin's Owl House in Nieu Bethesda. Helen Martin decorated her house inside with crushed glass, and filled the garden with concrete sculptures. 148pp p/b illustrated b/w photos. sm.sq.4to. Near Fine.Penguin 1997.£12.00
#5366 Godfrey, Denis. ANTIQUES & BYGONES. Notes For South African Collectors. Covers all areas of collectible material from VOC glass through silver and furniture to discurses on folk remedies and horse brasses. Yellow cb. 257pp illustrated b/w photos. plates. 8vo indexed. VG-F in VG d/wHoward Timmins. Cape Town 1967.
Inscribed by Author ffep thus: For xxx with love and great affection. Denis Godfrey. (who cares about shillelaghs!). Jhb. December 1967.
#13999 Oberholster J.J. THE HISTORICAL MONUMENTS OF SOUTH AFRICA. A comprehensive and richly illustrated picture of the more than 370 historical monuments throughout the Republic. Standard work on South African historical architecture. Buff buckram bds. xxii + 354pp. 12 colour and 260 sepia illustrated 4to indexed. Ownership inscrip ffep. Near Fine in VG+ d/w (a little rubbed, slightly chipped on top edge).Rembrandt van Rijn Foundation, for the Historical Monuments Commission. Cape Town 1972.£22.00
#13995 Philander, P.J. & Langdown, A.A. DIE BRUIN KOKON. Gilt on red imit.leather. Neat ownership inscrip o/w a near Fine copy in tatty repd d/w (complete, no loss).Kosmo-Uitgewery. Stellenbosch 1965.
Copy No.410 of 1000. Signed on title page by both authors, 7/5/65.
#14000 Walton, James. WATER-MILLS, WINDMILLS, AND HORSE-MILLS OF SOUTH AFRICA. A comprehensive account based on research of nearly 200 mills throughout the country it traces the history of mill machinery from mid-17th century to today. Well illustrated. Brown cb. xx + 204pp illustrated b/w phots, dwgs. 4to indexed. No inscrip. G+, some shelfwear & insect damage, in G rubbed d/w. sound and clean, just not excitingly crisp and new. Struik. Cape Town 1974.£19.00
#13954 Williamson, Sue. & Jamal, Ashraf. ART IN SOUTH AFRICA. The Future Present. Successor to Sue Williamson's 'Resistance Art In South Africa' (1989) this documents innovative and exciting developments in contemporary South African art since 1990. Printed wraps. 150pp 4to. Inscrip ffep, VG+.David Philip. Cape Town 1996.£25.00
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#14001 Bird, Alan. MORE CAPE FLOWERS BY A LADY. The Paintings Of Arabella Roupell. These paintings were originally published in 1849 in "Cape Flowers By A Lady". Visiting the Cape in 1842 she produced these outstanding works over the next two years "solely for the amusement of the leisure hours". With biographical details of Arabella Roupell and the story of the location of the originals, this reproduces 12 paintings full-page with botanical details on facing page. (In 1975 this was republished in a limited edition as "Arabella Roupell" by the same author and with 2 additional plates). Gilt on white cb. 12 full page cold.plates. No inscrip. white bds spotted. ff lightly tanned, some foxing particularly to eps, plates mostly unaffected - only two showing this within the picture area. serious insect damage to d/w.South African Natural History Publication. Johannesburg 1964.£25.00
#7822 Gledhill, Eily. EASTERN CAPE VELD FLOWERS. An authoritative source for 544 species of 125 families, now long out of print. White printed bds. 271pp. illustrated cold.plates, b/w dwgs. maps on eps. Bds. sl.soiled hence VG only, however cont. F, no inscrip.CPA. Cape Town 1981 2nd edn.£18.00
#13986 Van Der Spuy, Kenneth Reid. OLD NECTAR AND ROSES. Situated in the Jonkershoek Valley, Old Nectar, a gabled Cape Dutch homestead with a rose garden, is a national monument. This tells the story not only of the house, but of the valley, its occupants, and its roses. Printed blue cb. 170pp illustrated col.b/w photos. indexed 4vo. Top edge spotted else near Fine in d/w (no tears, chips, or rubbing), a most attractive copy.Books of Africa. Cape Town 1969.£15.00
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#13947 Benjamin, Anne. (Ed). WINNIE MANDELA. PART OF MY SOUL WENT WITH HIM. In interviews and letters she tells the story of her life and political development. Printed wraps. 163pp illustrated b/w photos. Ownership stamp ffep. VG.Norton. New York 1985.£8.00
#13997 Cape Times. SPORTS AND SPORTSMEN. South Africa. Covers horse racing & breeding, history of The Wanderers' Club, Cricket, university sport, rugby, the 1920 Springbok tour of New Zealand, soccer. These chapters are followed by over 300pp devoted to 120 prominent 'sportsmen' of the period. Many famous names are to be found amongs these, chiefly from business and political circles. This publication covered other countries of the British Empire, and acted in the manner of a paid Who's Who. Purchasing a premium copy entitled one to a hagiographic entry with photograph Gilt titles & dec. on full red morocco with raised bands. the gilt extends to returns of leather on pastedowns. aeg. marbled eps. xiii + 526pp large folio. Very attractive copy. slight wear at head & tail of spine, and corners. rear board has a scrape, but apart from this there are no defects. contents as new.Atkinson & Partners (SA). Cape Town nd.
Copy No.32 of 500.
#7902 Cartwright A.P. THE FIRST SOUTH AFRICAN. The Life And Times Of Sir Percy Fitzpatrick. Blue cb. 256pp illustrated b/w photos. sm.4to. No inscrip. bds spotted else G, contents fine.Purnell. Cape Town 1972, 2nd imp.£10.00
#13981 de Villiers, Les. SOUTH AFRICA DRAWN IN COLOUR. The Smuts Years 1945-1946. Candidly examines the beginnings of South Africa's battle for survival. The United Nations, which Smuts helped to found, became a tool to be used against him as the concept of human rights swept the world. The rise and fall of South Africa's reputation in the eyes of the world closely paralleled the career of Jan Christian Smuts. As he rose from the obscurity of the veld, from Boer guerilla leader to world fame, so South Africa rose from the ashes of the Anglo Boer war to a position of international esteem. Black & white cb. 143pp. Illus.b/w photos. A Fine copy in VG-F d/w.Johannesburg 1980.£10.00
#13983 Fitzpatrick, Sir Percy. SOUTH AFRICAN MEMORIES. Prepared For The Press From The Manuscript Of The Author By G.H. Wilson. Blue cb. 320pp b/w photos. 8vo indexed. Inscrip ffep. cloth on f.bd bubbled, edges & some ff foxed, a G clean sound copyCassell 1932 1st edn.£22.00
#13951 Halle, Gustave. MAYFAIR TO MARITZBURG. Reminiscences Of Eighty Years. Born the son of Sir Charles Halle the composer, he came to South Africa on medical advice in 1880. This autobiography covers the many notable events from his arrival to Union, including the First Boer War, his life in the Free State & the Trasvaal, Swaziland, the concession scandal and the near annexation of Swaziland to the Transvaal, the Jameson Raid, Milner, and Union. A chapter on Musical and Theatrical celebrities on the Rand is included. Buff cb. xiv + 320pp 8vo. No inscrip. edges & eps fox else a good soind clean copy.John Murray. London 1933.£9.00
#13965 Hayes, S.V. (Ed). WHO'S WHO OF SOUTHERN AFRICA 1990-91. Including Mauritius. An Illustrated Biographical Record Of The Prominent Personalities In The Republic Of South Africa, Botswana, Mauritius, Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe And Neighbouring Countries In Southern Africa. Listings for SA government, universities and embassies, etc. Red skivertex bds. 679pp illustrated photos. ads. VG-Fine.Cape Town 1990.£15.00
#10443 Kaplan, Jonathan. THE DRESSING STATION. A Surgeon's Odyssey. Author was born in South Africa and qualified as a doctor in Cape Town. He has since been a hospital surgeon, a flying doctor, a ship's medical officer, and a battlefield surgeon. Working in places as diverse as Burma. Kurdistan, America, Mozambique, England, and Eritrea, he presents a vivid account of the varied faces of medicine that he has encountered. Winner of the 2002 Alan Paton prize and the 2002 South African Booksellers Choice award. 407pp p/b. No inscrip. edges browned. VG-F.Picador. London 2002.£6.00
#13963 Kotze, Sir John. BIOGRAPHICAL MEMOIRS AND REMINISCENCES. This is the first volume of Kotze's memoirs, covering life in Cape Town during the 1850s & 1870s. The greater portion of this volume includes the events during the Presidency of Mr Burgers, the plot for the annexation of the Transvaal, the siege of Pretoria during the Boer War of 1880-1, and resulatant events. Blue cb. vi + 827pp illustrated b/w photos. indexed. No inscrip. worn at head of spine and small split adjacent joint else VG.Maskew Miller. Cape Town nd.£20.00
#14064 Lessing, Doris. UNDER MY SKIN. Volume One Of My Autobiography, To 1949. This volume deals with her childhood in Africa up to her arrival in London in 1949. 419pp p/b illustrated b/w photos. Large stamp titlepage else good, clean and sound.Flamingo. London 1995.£6.00
#14059 Lindner, Dr. William. ANDREW MURRAY. A semi-fictionalised & laudatory biography of the missionary. 144pp p/b. Fine.Bethany House. (1996).£5.00
#13956 Meiring, Piet. SMUTS THE PATRIOT. A look at Smuts from the point of view of the Afrikaner written 25 years after his death. Olive cb. 215pp 8vo illustrated b/w. Inscrip. ffep. eps fox else G+ in d/w.Tafelberg. Cape Town 1975.£14.00
#14055 Metelerkamp, Sanni. GEORGE REX OF KNYSNA. The Authentic Story. Son of George III & Hannah Lightfoot? 303pp illustrated b/w photos. plates. No injscrip. bds heavily foxed, unattractive, but a sound copy, no d/w.Timmins. Cape Town (1963).£15.00
#14051 Murray-Brown, Jeremy. KENYATTA. Unauthorised biography of Kikuyu herdboy into the first President of Kenya. 381pp p/b illustrated b/w photos, maps. No inscrip. G, sound & clean, has been opened flat.Fontana. London 1974£5.00
#13944 Patta, Debora. & Steyn, Rory. ONE STEP BEHIND MANDELA. The Story Of Rory Steyn, Nelson Mandela's Chief Bodyguard As Told To Debora Patta. 208pp softcover. lg.8vo. Large gift inscrip. half-title hence VG+.Zebra. Rivonia 2000 1st edn.£8.00
#14048 Suzman, Helen. IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS. Memoirs. Intro by Nelson Mandela. Author was M.P. for Houghton (Johannesburg) from 1953 until 1989 and used the forum of Parliament to speak out on behalf of equal justice for all. viii + 310pp p/b illustrated b/w photos. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. VG.Sinclair-Stevenson. London 1993.£6.00
#14006 Wilmot, e. Cronje. OKAVANGO ADVENTURE. Illustrated And Edited By C.T. Astley Maberly. Memories of a game ranger. This is an autobiography of a man who spent a lifetime in the wilds of Botswana. Red cb. 254pp illustrated b/w dwgs. 8vo. Ownership inscrip ffep, top edge spotty, G-VG in d/w. fairly bright and attractive.Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1971.£15.00
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#13958 Dickson, Jean. MAKE YOUR OWN LIQUERS. A guide to manufacturing your own liquers using the many fruits available in Southern Africa and elsewhere with 110 discrete recipes. Printed bds. 80pp illustrated col.photos & dwgs. 4to. No inscrip. bds VG+ (lightly rubbed, few marks), contents Fine.Delos. Cape Town 1991.£18.00
#13940 Duckitt, Hidagonda J. HILDA'S "WHERE IS IT" OF RECIPES. Containing, Amongst Other Practical And Tried Recipes, Many Old Cape, Indian, And Malay Dishes And Preserves: Also Directions For Polishing Furniture, Cleaning Silk, etc. And A Collection Of Home Remedies In Case Of Sickness. Arranged in an alphabetical ordering. Sympathetically rebound plum cb. 265pp. sm.8vo. No inscrip. ff fox but an attractive copy.Chapman & Hall. London 1925 31st thousand.£50.00
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#13987 Gordon-Brown, A. (Ed). THE YEAR BOOK AND GUIDE TO EAST AFRICA 1957. (including Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Somaliland, Kenya, Tanganyika, Zanzibar, Portuguese East Africa, the Congo, Mauritius, Madagascar, Reunion, Seychelles, etc., etc.) with Atlas, Folding Map, Town Plans, and Route Maps. For The Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company Limited. These guides were the definitive source of information of the day, giving details of travel, towns, industry, etc. Interesting period advertisements. The front-pocket map, as new, is the "Union Castle Map Of Africa". Orig. red cb. Map in f.pocket. A-Z advts. + 384pp + 16pp cold.maps + 71pp advts. col. photo.frontis. illustrated tables, maps. Ownership stamp ffep. VG+ in d/w (browned, worn along top edge).Hale. London 1957.£15.00
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#14038 Biko, Steve. I WRITE WHAT I LIKE. This is a compilation of his columns published in the journal of The South African Student Organisation under the pseudonym of Frank Talk. It also contains other journal articles, interviews, and letters written by Steve Biko at the time. Preface by Desmond Tutu, memoir by Father Stubbs, friend, priest, and confidant of Steve Biko. Printed wraps. xvii + 244pp 8vo. Fine.Picador 2004 rpt.£8.00
#14018 Brink, Andre P. MISKIEN NOOT. 175pp p/b. Near Fine.Human & Rousseau 1982.£8.00
#14066 Brink, Andre. A CHAIN OF VOICES. Author's famous novel about slavery. Black cb. 525pp p/b. No inscrip. VG+ in VG d/w.Faber. London 1982 1st edn.£7.00
#14058 Brink, Andre. AN ACT OF TERROR. An apartheid thriller. 834pp p/b. No inscrip. G+.Minerva. London 1993.£5.00
#14068 Cartwright, Justin. HALF IN LOVE. Author was born and educated in South Africa, lives in London, had one novel ('In Every Face I Meet') shortlisted for the Booker prize, and won the 1998 Whitbread prize with 'Leading The Cheers'. 309pp p/b. No inscrip. Fine.Sceptre. London 2002.£6.00
#14016 Cartwright, Justin. HALF IN LOVE. Author's 6th novel. The main protagonist in the story, a cabinet minister, comes to South Africa to write a book about the horses used in the Boer War, but is recalled to England when his affair with a married actress becomes a public scandal. Green cb. 309pp 8vo. Fine in matching d/w.Sceptre. London 2001. 1st printing.£17.00
#14052 Cartwright, Justin. INTERIOR. A novel set somewhere in darkest Africa. 255pp p/b. G+.Minerva. London 1989.£6.00
#14045 Cartwright, Justin. LEADING THE CHEERS. A portrayal of small-town life and an exploration of contemporary American and European values by South African born author. Yellow cb. 246pp 8vo. No inscrip. except very minor bump to top rear corner, Fine in d/w.Hodder & Stoughton (Sceptre) 1988 1st edn. 1st prtg.£14.00
#14012 Cartwright, Justin. THE PROMISE OF HAPPINESS. Latest work by well-known South African author. 307pp p/b. Fine.Bloomsbury. London 2005£6.00
#13952 Colborne, Merle. BREAKFAST WITH BEETHOVEN. Author, columnist for the Cape Times, her first published novel. Her short stories have been widely published. Printed wraps. 111pp. Fine.Tin Mug Books. Mayville 1994.£6.00
#13938 Conygham, John. THE ARROWING OF THE CANE. This novel was joint winner of the 1985 AA Mutual/Ad. Donker Literary Award. Set in Natal this chronicles a stage in the life of a sugar planter who is a pragmatic liberal faced with the dissolution of his world. 154pp p/b. Inscrip ffep o/w VG+.Donker. Craighall 1986 1st edn.£5.00
#14010 De Klerk, W.A. THE THIRSTLAND. A historical novel told in the first person by Will Jordan, a Cape Coloured, it tells of his part in the Afrikaner trek from the Transvaal to Northern Namibia and Southern Angola in search of the final elusive utopia in the late 1880s. Author claims that this is based upon actual events of the trek to Upingtonia. 465pp p/b illustrated map. FineBok Books. Swaziland/Durban 1988.£8.00
#14050 Galgut. Damon. THE QUARRY. A murder on a lonely road leads to bizarre events as the murderer takes on the identity of his victim. 193pp p/b. Crease to rear wrap adjacent to spine else Fine.Atlantic. London 2005£6.00
#14062 Gordimer, Nadine. A SPORT OF NATURE. 396pp p/b. Small ownership inscrip else VG.Penguin 1988.£5.00
#14019 Gordimer, Nadine. JULY'S PEOPLE. 159pp p/b. No inscrip. VG.Penguin 1982.£4.50
#14014 Gordimer, Nadine. SOMETHING OUT THERE. 10 short stories (one the novella of the title). 203pp p/b. Near Fine.Penguin 1985.£5.00
#7790 Grant, David. CHANGING COLOURS. Set in early 1994 as the first South African multi-racial election gathers pace, forces behind the scene plot to derail the inevitable outcome. Author's first novel. 284pp. h/b. Fine in d/w.The Book Guild. Lewes 1997 1st edn.£15.00
#13982 Gray, Stephen. (Ed). MODERN SOUTH AFRICAN STORIES. A Revised And Expanded Edition Of "On The Edge Of The World", edited by Stephen Gray (1974). Short stories by: Lionel Abrahams (The Messiah), Jillian Becker (The Stench), Yvonne Burgess (If You Swallow You're Dead), Cherry Clayton (In Times Corridor), Jack Cope (Harry's Kid), Leon de Kock (Something Great), C.J. Driver (The Cry), Ahmed Essop (Gerty's Brother), Sheila Fugard (The Angel Of Death), Nadine Gordimer (You Name It), Stephen Gray (The Largest Dam In The World), Bessie Head (The Prisoner Who Wore Glasses), Christopher Hope (The Problem With Staff), Bob Leshoai (Masilo's Adventures), James Matthews (11.41 To Simonstown), Es'kia Mphahlele (A Ballad Of Oyo), Mothobi Mutloase (Don't Lock Up Our Sweethearts), Mbulelo Mzamane (My Cousin And The Law), Alan Paton (The Hero Of Currie Road), Richard Rive (Riva), Sheila Roberts (Coming In), Sipho Sepamla (MaPuleng), Mongane Serote (Let's Wander Together), Barney Simon (Our War), Adam Small (Klaas), Pieter-Dirk Uys (God Will See You Now), Christopher van Wyk (Twenty Years Experience), Pieter Wilhelm (Lion). Printed wraps. 256pp 8vo. No inscrip. damp stain top edge (only on edge, no penetration), hence G+.Donker. Johannesburg 1983.£8.00
#13939 Gray, Stephen. (Ed). THE PENGUIN BOOK OF CONTEMPORARY SOUTH AFRICAN SHORT STORIES. A follow-up to the original 'Penguin Book Of Southern African Stories'. Features 27 stories by David Basckin. Ivan Vladislavic, Deena Padayachee, Farida Karodia, Zoe Wicomb, Ahmed Essop, Tony Peake, Anthony Akerman, Agnes Sam, Sheila Roberts, James Whyle, Damon Galgut, Matthew Krouse, Mothobi Mutloase, Nomavenda Mathiane, Miriam Tlali, Njabulo S. Ndebele, Sipho Sepamla, Chris Van Wyk, Kaizer Nyatsumba, Rose Moss, Peter Wilhelm, Andries Walter Oliphant, Elleke Boehmer, Rian Malan, Maureen Isaacson, and of course Stephen Gray. 305pp p/b. No inscrip. VG+.Pengion. London 1993.£10.00
#13941 Harries, Ann. MANLY PURSUITS. A novel around Cecil Rhodes set in Cape Town in 1899. 339pp p/b. Sl.crease (very slight) f.wrap else Fine.Bloomsbury. London 1999.£6.00
#14049 Hope, Christopher. KRUGER'S ALP. Winner of the 1985 Whitbread Prize for Fiction. 279 pp p/b. No inscrip. VG+.Minerva. London 1995.£6.00
#7413 Lohann, Carl. THE LADY OF L'AGULHAS. Illustrations By Elly Holm. Children's book about a sailing ship's figurehead. Blue cb. unnum. 4to. Fine in VG d/w (very clean and bright, some brown spots and some closed tears), an attractive copy.John Malherbe. Cape Town 1972.£12.00
#7619 Macphail, E.M. PHOEBE & NIO. Author's first novel. Born in South Africa she is well known for her short stories published in Contrast, Staffrider, and elsewhere. A collection of these was published by Jonathan Ball in 1982. Pink cb. 350pp 8vo. Top edge fox o/w VG+. d/w sp. sl.fad. hence VG (no tears or chips).Hippogriff. Johannesburg 1987 1st edn.£12.00
#14044 McClure, James. THE BLOOD OF AN ENGLISHMAN. A Kramer & Zondi Novel. Detective novel set in Trekkersburg featuring the famous duo. Black cb. 278pp 8vo. No inscrip. G+ in d/w (impressed with previous owners writings).BCA. London 1980.£10.00
#13946 Miljak, Ante. EYES OF THE OWL. A journey of the spirit in Africa. Author, born in Croatia, now lives in Johannesburg. This inspirational novel starts when an aircraft crashes into the Okavongo swamp. and father and son have to fall upon their own resources to survive. Author, born in Croatia, lives in Johannesburg. Plum cb. 182pp 8vo. Near Fine in d/w.Sterling House. Pittsburg 1998.£8.00
#10284 Paton, Alan. AH, BUT YOUR LAND IS BEAUTIFUL. Set in South Africa in the 1950s. 271pp 8vo. Top edge fox o/w F in near F d/w.David Philip. Cape Town 1982 2nd imp.
Inscribed title page thus: "Signed for Julia & Chris. Alan Paton 30/3/82".
#7175 Paton, Alan. AH, BUT YOUR LAND IS BEAUTIFUL. Set in South Africa in the 1950s. 271pp 8vo. Top edge fox o/w F in VG+ d/w (small closed tear top rear joint).David Philip. Cape Town 1981 1st edn.
Together with bookmark inscribed (Best Wishes for Christmas) ". . . and the New Year from Anne & Alan Paton Dec: 1981. T. Your piece on the police was VG".
#13955 Racster, Olga. & Grove, Jessica. THE JOURNAL OF DR. JAMES BARRY. A fictional journal of the life of Dr. James Barry, the military doctor who served at the Cape, and Malta, who was said to have been the grand-daughter of a Scottish earl, whose gender was discovered only on her death in 1865 and so reported to the Horse Guards. Interestingly, the book is dedicated by the Authors to Sybil Thorndike for her impersonation of Dr James Barry. Red cb. 183pp 8vo. No inscrip. a G clean copy (d/w split in two).Howard Timmins. Cape Town nd.£12.00
#13872 Reid, Mark. NAMIB. A novel set in a uranium mining town in the Namib desert. Author was born in South Africa with his childhood spent on a black mission station. Brown cb. 293pp. 8vo. Fine in d/w (gloss slightly rubbed).Vantage. NY (1992) 1st edition.£12.00
#14061 Sher, Anthony. MIDDLEPOST. With Five Illustrations By The Author. Set in the Cape of Good Hope at the turn of the century, this is the first novel by acclaimed (SA born) actor, known for his performances with the Royal shakespeare Company. 445pp p/b. VG.Sceptre 1989.£5.00
#13937 Smith, Alexander McCall. THE NO.1 LADIES DETECTIVE AGENCY. Precious Ramotswe, lady detective, operates her agency in Gaberone, Botswana. A cross between Kinsey Millhone and Miss Marple, this unlikely heroine specialises in missing husbands and wayward daughters but when she sets out on the trail of a missing child she tumbles headlong into danger. 226pp p/b. Fine.David Philip. Cape Town 2004.£7.00
#13969 Stokes, C.S. AND THE LAITY LAUGHED. A Harvest Of Humour From Pulpit And Parish. Printed paper-covered boards. 173pp sm.8vo. G, sound, worn but clean, stain all ff lower corner adjacent to spine.Esson. Johannesburg 1929.£15.00
#14009 Van Zyl, Dine. SLAGOFFERS. Concerns the exploitation of women in war and their ability to rise above it all. Won the newcomer award in the Groot Romanwedstryd. Printed wraps. 164pp. Mint.Tafelberg. Cape Town 2001.£6.00
#13968 Van Wyk, Jacques. & Anderson, Frances. LABOUR LAW IN ACTION. A Hands-On Guide To The LRA. Covers individual labour law, strikes and lockouts, dismissals, dispute resolution, conciliation and arbitration at the CCNMA. Also includes complete text of the Labour Relations Act No.66 of 1995. Printed wraps. 233pp. 8vo. Fine.Maskew Miller Longman. Cape Town 2002
ISBN 0636041859
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#14070 Gill, Stephen J. THE STORY OF MORIJA MUSEUM & ARCHIVES. Pioneers In Heritage Management & Education In Lesotho. Author is Curator of the museum. Published to celebrate 50 years of Sercvice, 1956-2006. Printed wraps. 102pp illustrated col.b/w. Fine.Morija 2005.£12.00
#13957 Makoa, Thabo. SHEPHERD BOY OF THE MALOTI. As recorded & arranged by Anne-Laure Zwilling. Tells the story of Thabo, a young boy growing up as a shepherd in the Kingdom of Lesotho, in his own words. A fascinating look at rural life in Africa. Printed Wraps. 157pp illustrated col.photos. Fine.Morija 2005£12.00
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#8760 Japha, D., Japha, V., le Grange, L., Todeschini, F. MISSION SETTLEMENTS IN SOUTH AFRICA. A Report On Their Historical Background And Prospects For Conservation. Printed wraps. 97pp. 8vo. illustrated b/w photo's and maps. indexed. No inscrip. F in VG d/w.The Department of Environment Affairs. March 1993.£30.00
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#14067 Barnard, K.H. A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO SOUTH AFRICAN SHELLS. This is a more detailed introduction than suggested by the title. 215pp illustrated b/w dwgs. cold.plates. Bookplate tipped in ffep. A sound but flawed copy in rather frail d/w.Cape Town nd.£10.00
#13998 Clancey, P.A. GAMEBIRDS OF SOUTH AFRICA. Being A Guide To All The Major Sporting Birds Of Africa South Of The Cunene, Okavango And Zambesi Rivers. Gilt on blue leather bds. xvii + 224pp illustrated cold.plates, b/w dwgs. distibution maps. sm.4to indexed. Ex library with various stamps to prelims and foredge. inside on f.pastedown there are two large brown stains adjacent to the edge. however, the book was little used so o/w VG+, with a matching d/w (decimal no label on spine). attractive despite faults.American Elsevier. New York 1967.£19.00
#13993 Clancey, P.A. THE RARE BIRDS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Written And Illustrated By Dr P.A. Clancey. 94 species of rare and endangerd species. Extensive references by species. Blue cb. 512 pp illustrated col.b/w drawings. Standard Edition. 4to indexed. On first inspection appears to be a near fine copy but the lower corner of rear board damp-damaged which has transferred to the inside of the d/w). Contents and shelf-appearance Fine.Winchester Press. Johannesburg 1985.£25.00
#13978 Cyrus, Digby. & Robson, Nigel. BIRD ATLAS OF NATAL. Illustrated by Tony Clarkson. The distinctive feature of this is that recordings by the authors over a 10-year period from January 1970 have been plotted onto maps to give a precise record of the distribution of 530 species. There is a short description of each species world distribution and local habitat. The occurences are shown with seasonal variation and will guide bird watchers to positive identification. Includes also a discussion of the project background and methods used to assemble the data. The environmental factors affecting the distributions such as altitude, vegetation, temperature, rainfall, etc are depicted in a further series of maps with an account of the main vegetation types found in Natal. The distributions of 100 rarer species are outlined. A checklist of birds recorded in Natal along with full scientific and english name indexes complete this work. Includes the vegetation transparency for the maps which is often missing. A Fine copy in d/w (a little folded over along top front edge, wear at head of spine, hence VG+).University of Natal Press. Pietermaritzburg 1980.
Signed on title page by both Authors.
#13994 Eisenberg, Jerome M. A COLLECTOR'S GUIDE TO SEASHELLS OF THE WORLD. Comprehensive guide to worldwide seashells including nearly 4000 specimens representing over 2600 species. Full page colour plates. Guide to identification of Families. Although not organised geographically, many of the examples are from African shores. Black cb. 237pp illustrated col.photos & b/w dwgs. Fine in d/w (lightly rubbed only).McGraw-Hill. New York 1981.£30.00
#13970 Maclean, Gordon Lindsay. ROBERTS BIRD'S OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Illustrated by Kenneth Newman & Geoff Lockwood. This newest edition include all plates together, identification key, 13 indices in various languages including German, Xhosa, & Zulu. The definitive book on South African birds.. Silver on blue skivertex. lxxx + 77 cold.plates + 871pp. Mint in d/w.Cape Town. 6th edition 2001 imp.£30.00
#7901 Roberts, Dr A. THE BIRDS OF SOUTH AFRICA. Illustrated By Norman C.K. Lighton. Blue cb. xxxvi + 463pp illustrated cold.plates. 8vo. No inscrip. G-VG in tatty d/w with some loss.Witherby. London 1948 6th imp 1st edition.
Includes scarce "In Memorium" slip inserted into this edition by the South African Bird Book Fund on the death of Dr Austin Roberts.
#13953 Scholtz, Clarke H. & Holm, Erik. (Eds). INSECTS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Comprehensive work on the classification of insect fauna prepared with contributions from nearly 50 specialist entomologists. Hundreds of drawings including twelve coloured plates. Bibliography. Printed brown cb. 502pp illustrated b/w line dwgs. cold.plates. 4to indexed. No inscrip. well used, contents VG+, bds G only, all in poor d/w.University of Pretoria 4th imp 1996.£35.00
#13992 Skaife, S H. AFRICAN INSECT LIFE New edition revised by Dr. John Ledger. Introduces the reader to more than 100,000 insect species. Revised text incorporates the findings of modern research. New chapters contribute background information on the near relatives of African insects, plus an intro to insect collecting, study and photography. Profusely illustrated with stunning colour photographs by Anthony Bannister. Black cb. 278pp illustrated col.b/w photos. etc. 4to indexed. Mint in Fine d/w.Cape Town 1979.£30.00
#14040 Skelton, Paul H. A COMPLETE GUIDE TO THE FRESHWATER FISHES OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Illustrated by Dave Voorvelt & Elizabeth Tarr. Each species illustrated, with distribution map. Lots of ancillary information. Printed wraps. xiii + 388pp. 8vo. indexed. Near Fine.Southern. Halfway House 1993.£10.00
#14041 van der Elst, Rudy. A GUIDE TO THE COMMON SEA FISHES OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. More than 300 of the species most likely to be caught in the coastal regions of Southern Africa are each described with colour photograph (mostly by the author), notes, distribution maps of both local and world ranges, etc. Section 1 covers sharks and rays, Section 2 covers bony fishes. Glossary, Bibliography. Suitable for the angler or biologist. Printed wraps. 398pp illustrated col.photos. maps. lg.8vo. No inscrip. a G+ sound copy for field use, sello to inside of wraps.Struik. Cape Town 1981 1st edn£12.00
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#14022 Cassidy, Michael. A WITNESS FOR EVER. The Dawning Of Democracy In South Africa. Stories Behind The Story from a Christian perspective. xix + 236pp p/b. indexed. VG.H&S. London 1995.£6.00
#13528 Herbst, T. THE BISHO LETTERS. Author exposes the corruption within the Eastern Cape government by publishing extensive tongue-in-cheek correspondence with them revealing the same arrogance, incompetence, nepotism and racism in the public service that he challenged under apartheid rule. A4 photocopy production, unnum. Ownership inscrip. Wraps sl.soiled else VG.Self. c.1998.£15.00
#14039 Lodge, Tom. BLACK POLITICS IN SOUTH AFRICA SINCE 1945. Comprehensive history of development of mass protest movements among black South Africans. Printed wraps. 389pp 8vo. No inscrip. ownership inscrip ffep with label over, G-VG. sound and clean.Johannesburg 1987 3rd imp.£10.00
#13950 Murray, Christina. & O'Regan, Catherine. (Eds). NO PLACE TO REST. Forced Removals And The Law In South Africa - Contemporary South African Debates. Contributions by Colin Bundy, Gilbert Marcus, Aninka Claasens, Geoff Budlender, Michael Sutcliffe, Alison Todes, Norah Walker, Nicholas Haysom, Michael Robertson, Alan Dodson, Catherine O'Regan, Raylene Keightley, Moray Hathorn, dale Hutchison, Clive Plasket, David Unterhalter, Laurel Angus, Kathy Eales, Susan Ogterop. Printed wraps. vii + 248pp illustrated b/w photos. indexed. Fine.OUP. Cape Town 1990.£12.00
#13948 Schrire, Robert. (Ed). CRITICAL CHOICES FOR SOUTH AFRICA. An Agenda For The 1990s - Contemporary South African Debates. Distils the findings of the research of the Institute For the Study of Public Policy at the University of Cape Town which involved more than 50 scholars from around the world. 24 individual papers. Printed wraps. xiv + 464pp. No inscrip. VG+.OUP. Cape Town 1990.£12.00
#13949 South African Research Service. (Eds). SOUTH AFRICAN REVIEW I. Same Foundations, New Facades? Examines the topics of South Africa and Southern Africa, Politics, The Economy, Labour, Health, Housing and Education, Women. Contributors include Georgina Jaffe, Susan Cullinan, Michael Evans, Tom Lodge, Helen Zille, Alan Hirsch, Gerhard Mare, Laurine Platzky, Cherryl Walker, Doug Hindson, Marion Lacey, Heather Hughes, Jeremy Grest, Craig Charney, Peter Hudson, David Kaplan, Duncan Innes, Jeremy Keenan, Charles Meth, Eddie Webster, Carole Cooper, Rob & Lynne Lambert, Linda Chisholme, Pamela Christie, Cedric De Beer, Susan Myrdal, Elizabeth Thompson, Anthony Zwi, David Webster Peter Wilkinson., Jacklyn Cock, Merle Favis, Avril Joffe, Shirley Miller, Kathy Satchwell, Jenny Schreiner, Ginny Volbrecht, & Joanne Yawitch. Printed wraps. 299pp. No inscrip. VG.Ravan. Johannesburg 1983.£15.00
#14069 Van Onselen, Charles. STUDIES IN THE SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC HISTORY OF THE WITWATERSRAND 1886-1914. Vol.1 New babylon. Vol.2 New Nineveh. This history deals with human consequences of the political and economic changes of this period and with the struggles of people seeking dignity and security within a capitalist world over which they had no control. The first volume deals mainly with the liquor sellers, the prostitutes and the cab drivers, while the second is concerned with the domestic servants who serviced the needs of the white middle class. Bibliography. Printed wraps. xvii + 213pp, x + 220pp. 8vo indexed. Neat ownership inscrip to both vols. VG+.Ravan Press. Johannesburg 1982.£22.00
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#14023 Bosman, D.B., Van Der Merwe, J.W., Hiemstra, L.W. TWEETALIGE WORDEBOEK. BILINGUAL DICTIONARY. English - Afrikaans. Revised by P.A. Joubert & J.J. Spies. Only the one volume. pp 674-1351. No inscrip. VG+.Tafelberg. 1988 8th edn.£10.00
#14056 Cullingworth's Zulu Publications. ZULU VOCABULARY AND PHRASE BOOK For The Use Of Immigrants And Settlers In The Province Of Natal And Zululand. Buff card wraps. 51pp stapled booklet 12mo. Wraps soiled, but sound.Collingworth's. Pietermaritzburg 16th edn. nd.£6.00
#14053 Rosenthal, Eric. ENCYLOPAEDIA OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. A one-volume compendium of facts about people, places, things, and happenings. Very useful Green cb. ix + 662pp illustrated b/w. sm.8vo. Ownership inscrip. & stamp ffep, edge, o/w G-VG in rubbed d/w. A sound reference copy.Frederick Warne. London 1973 6th edn.£11.00
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#14024 Royston Lamond International. THE SOUTH AFRICAN SPORTS YEAR 1996. A pictorial review of the year's sports highlights. Includes useful list of all sports bodies, relevant government & NGOs etc. Black rexine. 157pp illustrated col.photos. 4to. Fine in d/w.Royston Lamont.£8.00
#14042 Whibley, Ivor. THE SOUTH AFRICAN FISHERMAN. The complete angler's guide to tackle, bait, fish species, conservation, saltwater fly-fishing, and over 100 coastal fishing resorts, including mozambique and namibia. Bibliography. Printed wraps. 264pp illustrated col.photos. dwgs. maps. 8vo indexed. Mint.Struik. 2003 3rd edn.£10.00
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#14047 Alexander, Caroline. ONE DRY SEASON. In The Footsteps Of Mary Kingsley. Nearly one-hundred years later the author closely followed Mary Kingsley's original journey as she wrote in her 1895 classic "Travels In West Africa". 290pp p/b. Biblography. ff browned at edges, else VG.Phoenix. London 1993.£6.00
#2749 Baws, Y. (Comp). INDEX TO "TRAVELS IN THE INTERIOR" BY JAMES CHAPMAN. A comprehensive index to this early work. Roneo reproduced production, stapled, 155pp sm.8vo. Good, has no wraps, last ff loose.Johannesburg Public Library 1964.£10.00
#14054 Bradnum, Frederick. THE LONG WALKS. Journeys To The Source Of The Nile. Richard Burton & John Speke (1857-1859), John Speke & James Grant 1860-1863), Samuel & Florence Baker (1863-1865). Brown cb. 271pp illustrated b/w plates, maps on eps. 8vo indexed. G-VG in G d/w.RU. London 1970.£15.00
#14046 Campbell, Ffyona. ON FOOT THROUGH AFRICA. Walking an average of over 30 miles per day for 2 years Author traversed the continent from Cape Town to Morocco. Several interesting appendices including daily travel log. Red cb. x + 349pp illustrated col.photos. No inscrip. a Fine copy.Orion. London 1994 rpt.£14.00
#14017 Moorehead, Alan. THE WHITE NILE. A half century of thrilling adventures as the mainly British explorers sought to find the source of the great White Nile. Author starts his epic story in 1856, when Burton and Speke vanished from human sight for 2 years, and ends it in 1900 when the river had become an open highway from Central Africa to the Mediterranean. Blue cb. 385pp. illustrated b/w photos, plates, dwgs, maps, foldout map. Small inked-out price ffep else VG+ in G-VG d/w (chipped to head & tail of spine, else clean & bright).Hamish Hamilton. London 1962.£12.00
#14063 O'Hanlon, Redmond. CONGO JOURNEY. Expedition into the equatorial swamp-forests of the Congo. 472pp p/b. G-VG.Penguin 14997.£5.00
#7088 The Directors Collection. OUT OF AFRICA. A Traveller's Journal. Welcome To Africa. This handbound book is designed to be filled in with the owner-traveller's information on his trip to Africa. Categories available include itinerary/foods and wine/people and places/wildlife sightings/expenses/names etc. Also includes plastic photograph and business card holders. Many reproductions of original artwork. Handbound in leather with black spine, maroon boards, and gilt title. A handsome and unusual collector's item. Oblong 8vo. Few small marks top edge r.bd. o/w fine. No entries made.Johannesburg 1991.£20.00
#8477 Tunstall, John. VANISHING KINGDOMS. "an account of an enthralling journey and a record of archaeological treasures threatened by the flood waters of the Aswan dam. 206pp illustrated col.b/w photos. 4to. VG in G bright d/w (some loss top rear).Purnell. Cape Town 1966.£7.00


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#13966 Badcock, Peter. FACES OF WAR. Drawings in pencil on Zanders board, with small verse by Chas Lotter on facing page. Authors drawings of the Rhodesian security forces are well detailed, almost photographic. Moving records of the war and memories for those involved and now scattered across the globe. Brown imit.leather bds. 40 full-page illustrations. folio. No inscrip. VG+ in decrepit d/w (chipped, damp-stained, worn).Galaxie Press. Salisbury 1980.£28.00
#14026 Haythornthwaite, Philip J. THE COLONIAL WARS SOURCEBOOK. A popular and well illustrated review of all of Britain's colonial wars, mainly in the 19th century, Nearly 80pp of coverage to wars on the African continent. Additionally includes brief biographies of major figures, such as Buller, Cronje, Joubert, etc. Red cb. 384pp illustrated b/w. 4to indexed. Fine in d/w.BCA. London 1995.£20.00
#14005 Uys, Ian. FOR VALOUR. The History Of Southern Africa's Victoria Cross Heroes. The story surrounding every Victoria Cross is told, not only for those serving in South African units but also for those who served in other Commonwealth forces. Additionaly describes the campaigns in which the awards were won, and the later lives of the recipients detailed. Various appendices, bibliography. White cb. xvii + 398pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo indexed. A sound clean copy but the cover has been covered with clear contact film which is also attached to the pastedown. with the d/w permanently affixed to the book the book can only be described as Good, but the general appearance is reasonable, and the contents are fine.Ian S. Uys. Johannesburg 1973.
Signed by Author on title page, 2.4.83. Author has also made a small signed gift inscription on the ffep.
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African Hunting Series
#14071 Cumming, R.G. A HUNTERS LIFE IN SOUTH AFRICA. Volume 1 in the 12-volume African Hunting Series. Volume 1 of 2 of this work. A particularly fine example of Victorian sporting literature, this work was markedly successfull and ran into many editions. Gordon Cummings writes of his hunting expedition which started from Grahamstown in October 1943 and which took him through countryside teeming with game - "... 'one vast herd' of springboks; as far as the eye could strain ..." - to the Orange river and the Griqualand West where he met Oswell, and, at Kurumanj, Robert Moffat and, soon after, David Livingstone. A facsimile reprint. all vols. uniform size. De-Luxe edition. [the set] bound in buffalo (black) with matching slipcase. 8vo. Mint. only a few of the volumes have been removed from the publisher's brown paper wrapping for verification purposes. Sold unopened as is w.a.f.Bulawayo. The price is for the full set of 12 books.£435.00
#14072 Cumming, R.G. A HUNTERS LIFE IN SOUTH AFRICA. Volume 2 in the 12-volume African Hunting Series. Volume 2 of 2 of this work. A particularly fine example of Victorian sporting literature, this work was markedly successfull and ran into many editions. Gordon Cummings writes of his hunting expedition which started from Grahamstown in October 1943 and which took him through countryside teeming with game - "... 'one vast herd' of springboks; as far as the eye could strain ..." - to the Orange river and the Griqualand West where he met Oswell, and, at Kurumanj, Robert Moffat and, soon after, David Livingstone. A facsimile reprint. all vols. uniform size. De-Luxe edition. [the set] bound in buffalo (black) with matching slipcase. 8vo. Mint. only a few of the volumes have been removed from the publisher's brown paper wrapping for verification purposes. Sold unopened as is w.a.f.Bulawayo. The price is for the full set of 12 books.£435.00
#14073 Finaughty, W. THE RECOLLECTIONS OF AN ELEPHANT HUNTER. Volume 3 in the 12-volume African Hunting Series. When William Finaughty, a member of an 1820 Settler family from Grahamstown, made the first of his hunting trips to Mzilikazi's Matabeleland in 1864 at the age of twenty-one, the land teemed with wild life. In the winter of 1866 he began hunting for ivory in Mashonaland and during the next five years is credited with killing over 500 elephant. By 1871 the herds had withdrawn to the safet tsetse fly areas into which men such as Finaughty, who preferred to hunt on horseback, were less likely to penetrate. For eleven years covered by his 'Recollections' he traded and shot for ivory, mainly in the south-west of Rhodesia and in Botswana. A facsimile reprint. all vols. uniform size. De-Luxe edition. [the set] bound in buffalo (black) with matching slipcase. 8vo. Mint. only a few of the volumes have been removed from the publisher's brown paper wrapping for verification purposes. Sold unopened as is w.a.f.Bulawayo. The price is for the full set of 12 books.£435.00
#14074 Baldwin, W.C. AFRICAN HUNTING. Volume 4 in the 12-volume African Hunting Series. Baldwin has an honoured place in the gallery of Africa's white hunters of the nineteenth century. Arriving in Durban in 1851 he became one of this continent's great travellers, journeying between 12000 and 15000 miles with his wagons during the last three years of his wanderings. In 1860 he earned the distinction of becoming the second known European to reach the Victoria Falls on the Zambezi river. A facsimile reprint. all vols. uniform size. De-Luxe edition. [the set] bound in buffalo (black) with matching slipcase. 8vo. Mint. only a few of the volumes have been removed from the publisher's brown paper wrapping for verification purposes. Sold unopened as is w.a.f.Bulawayo. The price is for the full set of 12 books.£435.00
#14075 Selous, F.C. A HUNTER'S WANDERINGS IN AFRICA. Volume 5 in the 12-volume African Hunting Series. Frederick Courtney Selous was born in London in 1851 of intellectuals whose wide interests included natural history. After completing his formal education at Rugby and on the Conbtinent, he sailed for Africa at the age of nineteen to become an elephant hunter. An acknowledged classic on wildlife and hunting on both sides of the Atlantic, 'A hunter's Wanderings In Africa' spans nine fascinationg years (1871-1880) in the life of Selous, a legendary 'great' of the decade prior to formal occupation of the country which became known as Rhodesia. A facsimile reprint. all vols. uniform size. De-Luxe edition. [the set] bound in buffalo (black) with matching slipcase. 8vo. Mint. only a few of the volumes have been removed from the publisher's brown paper wrapping for verification purposes. Sold unopened as is w.a.f.Bulawayo. The price is for the full set of 12 books.£435.00
#14076 Neumann, A.H. ELEPHANT HUNTING IN EAST EQUATORIAL AFRICA. Volume 6 in the 12-volume African Hunting Series. Of the books in this collection, this work by Alfred Neumann is now perhaps the most rare in the original. As stated in its subtitle, it is an account of three years' ivory-hunting udner Mount Kenya and among the Ndorobo savages of the Lorogi Mountains, including a trip to the north end of Lake Rudolph. At the time of which he wrote, these parts were unvisited by hunters. A facsimile reprint. all vols. uniform size. De-Luxe edition. [the set] bound in buffalo (black) with matching slipcase. 8vo. Mint. only a few of the volumes have been removed from the publisher's brown paper wrapping for verification purposes. Sold unopened as is w.a.f.Bulawayo. The price is for the full set of 12 books.£435.00
#14077 Hodson, Lieut. A.W. TREKKING THE GREAT THIRST. Volume 7 in the 12-volume African Hunting Series. 'Trekking The Great Thirst' was first published in book form in 19125, much of it having originated as contemporary articles written for sporting and other popular magazines. It deals mainly with journeys and hunting expeditions of the author in Bechuanaland Protectorate (Botswana) in the years 1904-1919. His duties as a policeman and magistrate took him into the most remote parts of the territory., one the his missions being the Damaraland frontier at the time of the Herero and Nama wars in German South West Africa. A facsimile reprint. all vols. uniform size. De-Luxe edition. [the set] bound in buffalo (black) with matching slipcase. 8vo. Mint. only a few of the volumes have been removed from the publisher's brown paper wrapping for verification purposes. Sold unopened as is w.a.f.Bulawayo. The price is for the full set of 12 books.£435.00
#14078 Stigand, Capt. C.H. HUNTING THE ELEPHANT IN AFRICA AND OTHER RECOLLECTIONS OF THIRTEEN YEAR'S WANDERINGS. Volume 8 in the 12-volume African Hunting Series. Chauncey Hugh Stigand was born in France in 1877 while his father was the British Consul there. He demonstrated early academic talents and was exposed to the maturing benefits of foreign travel at a youthful age. His cultured family background and meetings with many intellectuals and dignitaries influenced the shaping of his career. He opted for the Army and obtained a commission with the Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment with a posting fo Burma. In 1900 he moved to Aden and from this position acquired a good knowledge of the East African coast. A facsimile reprint. all vols. uniform size. De-Luxe edition. [the set] bound in buffalo (black) with matching slipcase. 8vo. Mint. only a few of the volumes have been removed from the publisher's brown paper wrapping for verification purposes. Sold unopened as is w.a.f.Bulawayo. The price is for the full set of 12 books.£435.00
#14079 Harris, Capt. W.C. THE WILD SPORTS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Volume 9 in the 12-volume African Hunting Series. This eipic hunting expedition of Capt. Cornwallis Harris, an officer of the Indian Army, Bombay, and his companion William Richardson, who travelled from Graaff Reinet in the Cape to the Tropic of Capricorn, more specifically to the capital of Moselekatse (Mzilikazi), king of the Matabele, near present-day Rustenberg, in 1836, resulted in two outstanding literary and artistic works of Africana: 'The Wild Sports Of Southern Africa', here described, and 'Portraits Of The Game And Wild Animals Of Southern Africa' - the most highly prized large folio of coloured engravings of South African fauna and scenery. A facsimile reprint. all vols. uniform size. De-Luxe edition. [the set] bound in buffalo (black) with matching slipcase. 8vo. Mint. only a few of the volumes have been removed from the publisher's brown paper wrapping for verification purposes. Sold unopened as is w.a.f.Bulawayo. The price is for the full set of 12 books.£435.00
#14080 Lyell, D.D. THE AFRICAN ELEPHANT AND ITS HUNTERS. Volume 10 in the 12-volume African Hunting Series. This is the fourth book on hunting from the pen of Denis Lyell, a hunter with a long and practical experience of his subject gained in Nyasaland, North Eastern Rhodesia and Portuguese East Africa from 1898. It is chatty in its style and is rich in information on elephants and their habits, hints on hunting them, their ivory, and the dangers generally of hunting elephant and other game. This sage advice with its fascinating facts is threaded with anecdote in which many authors in this Series, and other remowned hunters, are mentioned. A facsimile reprint. all vols. uniform size. De-Luxe edition. [the set] bound in buffalo (black) with matching slipcase. 8vo. Mint. only a few of the volumes have been removed from the publisher's brown paper wrapping for verification purposes. Sold unopened as is w.a.f.Bulawayo. The price is for the full set of 12 books.£435.00
#14081 Sutherland, J. THE ADVENTURES OF AN ELEPHANT HUNTER. Volume 11 in the 12-volume African Hunting Series. James Sutherland, born in Scotland, is remembered among the greats of Africa's professional hunters, and as the author of one of the finest of the the continent's hunting classics, his one and only venture into authorship. His stamping grounds were the territories of south-east Africa stretching between Mozambique and southern Sudan. He came to South Africa aged twenty four without any fixed ideas of a career. For a while he thought of becoming a professional boxer; instead he ran African trading stores and later took on a job as a labour overseer on the construction of the Beira-Masonaland railway. On the outbreak of the Anglo-Boer war in 1899 he moved into the African hinterland to hunt elephant professionaly. A facsimile reprint. all vols. uniform size. De-Luxe edition. [the set] bound in buffalo (black) with matching slipcase. 8vo. Mint. only a few of the volumes have been removed from the publisher's brown paper wrapping for verification purposes. Sold unopened as is w.a.f.Bulawayo. The price is for the full set of 12 books.£435.00
#14082 Letcher, O. THE BONDS OF AFRICA. Volume 12 in the 12-volume African Hunting Series. Owen Letcher was among the vanguard of a new breed of 'tourist' trophy sportsmen who made their appearance with the arrival of the railway at the Zambezi. A trip to the railhead at Broken Hill (today's Kabwe in Zambia) in 1907, prompted Letcher to undertake his firs shooting safari into the little patronised but incredibly rich wildlife region of North-Eastern Rhodesia, famed for its scenically beautiful Luangwa valley. Moving through North-Eastern Rhodesia to its boundaries with Nyasaland and Mozambique, he built up his collection of antelope trophy heads, some of them now rarities. In Awamba territory towards the Muehinga, he bagged his first elephant. In the lake Bangweolo region, sittutunga, lechwe and tsessebe were hunted, also pooloo, reed-buck, hartebeest, and a Crawshay's variety (Cobus defassa crawshai) of waterbuck. In the Tumbwa swamps there were the handsom black lechwe. A facsimile reprint. all vols. uniform size. De-Luxe edition. [the set] bound in buffalo (black) with matching slipcase. 8vo. Mint. only a few of the volumes have been removed from the publisher's brown paper wrapping for verification purposes. Sold unopened as is w.a.f.Bulawayo. The price is for the full set of 12 books.£435.00
#14025 Brander, Michael. THE BIG GAME HUNTERS. A survey of the men who hunted in Asia, Africa, & North America. Covers Cornwallis Harris, R. Gordon Cummings, William Oswell, Samuel Baker, Arthur Neumann, Frederick Selous, John Millais, Theodore Roosevelt, Chauncey Stigand, James Sutherland, and many more. Large bibliography. Plum cb. 192pp illustrated b/w. 4to. Ex-library, date sheet ffep, several stamps, a little damp marking to some ff, but generally a sound clean copy.The Sportsman's Press. London 1988.£10.00
#14057 Cattrick, Alan. (A.P. Cartwright). SPOOR OF BLOOD. The story of the destruction of the herds that once roamed Africa and the early hunters and naturalists that sought them. Burchell, Harris, Gordon Cumming, Petrus Jacobs, Selous, Pretorius. Also told is the story of Stevenson-Hamilton who created the Kruger National Park. Bibliography. Green cb. 223pp illustrated b/w plates, photos. 8vo. A good only copy. no d/w.Timmins. Cape Town 1959 1st edition.£8.00
#13990 Cullen, Anthony. DOWNEY'S AFRICA. The story of Syd Downey, East African white hunter. Red cb. 168pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. No inscrip. G in tatty d/w with loss.Cassell. London 1959.£55.00
#14002 Douglas-Hamilton, Iain & Oria. AMONG THE ELEPHANTS. Foreword by Niko Tinbergen. In 1965, Iain Douglas-Hamilton accepted the challenge to solve the problem of 450 African elephants confined in the small Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania. He lived among them for 5 years and with other scientists pioneered the radio-tracking of their movements. He also learned to recognise the individual elephants and he and his wife made the first systematic study of their behaviour in the wild. Bibliography. Blue cb. 285pp illustrated col & b/w photos, dwgs, maps and dgms. lg.8vo indexed.. No inscrip. eps fox o/w near VG in d/w (fox inside).Collins. London 1975.£12.00
#14003 Steele, Nick. BUSHLIFE OF A GAME WARDEN. A detailed portrayal of life in the bush, portraying poachers, villains, as well as the animals. Author was at that time working in the Natal reserves of Umfolozi and Hluhuwe. Printed yellow boards. 230pp illustrated b/w photos, dwgs. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. top edge spotty and showing sl.damp stain, hence VG- in nice d/w (no tears or chip). despite stated faults a very attractive copy.T.V. Bulpin. Cape Town 1979.£12.00
#14008 Steele, Nick. GAME RANGER ON HORSEBACK. A book about the game reserves of Zululand, animals, rangers, poachers etc. Green cb. 142pp illustrated b/w photos, line dwgs. maps on eps. No inscrip. top edge spotted G+ in d/w (a bit rubbed, but not chipped, with no loss). a clean copy.Cape Town 1968.£10.00
#13991 Taylor, John. MANEATERS AND MARAUDERS. Author recounts his adventures hunting down man-eating lions, and crocodiles in East & Central Africa. Green cb. 200pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. Large bookplate ffep. a good clean copy (sello stains to bds), but in a very attractive VG d/w.Muller. London 1959.£75.00


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M. Mint. F. Fine.
VG. Very Good. G. Good.
annots. annotations. bds. boards.
col. cold. colour(ed). d/w dust-wrapper.
eps endpapers. ff. leaves.
f(f)eps front (free) endpapers. fox. foxed.
illus. illustrated. o/w otherwise.
pp. pages. sl. slight.
sm. small. sp. spine
u/l underlining v. very.


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