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Africana Catalogue Q191 April 2006

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#14401 Department of Community Development. DISTRICT 6. THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN. Much has been written about District 6 and the displacement of the coloured community living there to the Cape flats. This contemporary government brochure highlights the poverty and slum conditions existing there that needed to be alleviated, but which was eventually done in a manner that came at a high social cost. 27pp stapled brochure illustrated b/w photos. VG.nd. c.1980.£8.00
#14088 Logie, Bartle. GOVERNOR'S TRAVELS. A Journey Along The Kouga/Tsitsikamma Coast. An informal historical tour of the area. Bibliography. 164pp p/b illustrated b/w photos, foldout map at rear. indexed. No inscrip. sl.crease f.wrap, VG+.Bluecliff. Port Elizabeth 1999.£10.00
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#14230 Ayliff, Rev. John. THE JOURNAL OF "HARRY HASTINGS", ALBANY SETTLER. Edited by L.A. Hewson & F.G. Van Der Riet. A narrative mostly in diary form of the experiences of a typical young British settler of 1820 covering the 4-month voyage from England, the trek to the settlement near to Bathurst and the difficult months that followed. "Harry Hastings" is regarded as the alter ego of author John Ayliff, but typifies the 'rooinek' transferred from Whitechapel to the Zuurveld. Map showing distribution of settler parties. Red cb. 106pp illustrated b/w plates, maps on eps. 8vo. name index. Ownership inscrip ffep else a near Fine copy in d/w (spine tanned and one small closed tear at lower rear cnr).Grocott & Sherry. Grahamstown 1963.£18.00
#14097 Boyce, William B. NOTES ON SOUTH AFRICAN AFFAIRS From 1834 To 1838. With Reference To The Civil, Political, and Religious Condition. Of The Colonists And Aborigines. Matters covered are: Causes Of The Kafir War. Sir Benjamin D'Urban's Extension Of British Jurisdiction Over The Border Kaffers. Captain Stockenstom's Border Policy. Hints For The Improvement Of The Present System Of Border Policy. Vagrancy And Its Remedies. Emigration Of Large Parties Of Colonists Beyond The Colonial Boundary. British Control Over Emigration Beyond The Colonial Boundary, Indispensible For The Security Of The Aborigines. Principles Of Colonisation Alike Beneficial To The Mother Country, The Colonists, And The Aborigines. Case And Claims Of The British Colonists Of Albany. Boyce was a Weslyan missionary. Includes eye-witness account by the Rev F. Owen of the murder of the boers by Dingaan. This is the original printing. Tan leather with raised bands and gilt on black title labels. xvi (contents) + xv11 (introduction) + 215pp + xxxvi + errate. Newly rebound. some ff damp stained, however a sound clean readable copy of this scarce item.Printed by Aldun & Harvey, Grahamstown 1838.£500.00
#14398 Burton, Clive M. SETTLERS TO THE CAPE OF GOOD HOPE. Organisation Of The Nottingham Party 1819-1820. Port Elizabeth Series No.5. Compiled from documents lodged in Nottingham. Contains the original agreement of the party, list of 158 members of Dr Carlton's party and a futher 27 persons in Lieut. T. White's party, sailing on the Albury and Stentor respectivlely. Orange wraps, 22pp stapled 8vo booklet. A Fine copy.Historical Society of Port Elizabeth. 1971.
Numbered copy No.485 of 500.
#14086 Butler, Guy. A LOCAL HABITATION. An Autobiography 1945-90. The third volume in the trilogy which covers his postwar academic and literary life. Gilt on brown cb. x + 310pp illustrated b/w. 8vo. Neat ownership inscrip ffep. VG in VG+ d/w.David Philip. Cape Town nd (1991).£20.00
#14359 Butler, Guy. A LOCAL HABITATION. An Autobiography (1945-90). The third volume in the trilogy which covers his postwar academic and literary life. Brown cb. x + 310pp illustrated b/w. 8vo. VG-F in d/w.David Philip. Cape Town nd. (1991).
Signed on title page by Author.
#14360 Butler, Guy. BURSTING WORLD. An Autobiography. (1936-45). In this second volume of his autobiographical trilogy Author bursts out of his sober small-town boyhood. He made zestful forays into the worlds of art, anglo-catholicism, atheistic communism and alcohol. He evokes the intellectual turmoil of campus life as the world lurched towards war, while in South Africa racial prejudices and customs were crystallising into political doctrines. Brown cb. illustrated b/w photos, dwgs. 300pp. 8vo. No inscrip. slight lean else VG-F in d/w.David Philip. Cape Town 1983.£18.00
#14085 Butler, Guy. KAROO MORNING. An Autobiography (1918-1935). First volume of this famous trilogy, wherein Author recounts his childhood and youth in the Karoo. 267pp p/b. illustrated b/w photos. No inscrip. a very good clean copy.David Philip. Cape Town 1983 AfricaSouth edition£15.00
#14358 Butler, Guy. KAROO MORNING. An Autobiography (1918-1935). First volume of this famous trilogy, wherein Author recounts his childhood and youth in the Karoo. Terracotta cb. 267pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. No inscrip. VG in d/wDavid Philip. Cape Town 1977 1st edn.
Signed by Author on title page.
#14114 Butterfield, P.H. (Ed). PEACE AND WAR ON THE FRONTIER 1828-1835. The Journal Of Major William Cox. Port Elizabeth Series No.7. Orange wraps, 32pp stapled 8vo booklet. A Fine copy.Historical Society of Port Elizabeth. 1982.£15.00
#14379 Deacon, Bill. (Ed). THE STORY OF THE BATHURST AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. A brief history of the Bathurst Show. White wraps. 14pp illustrated b/w photos. stapled 8vo. No inscrip. VG+.Self. Bathurst nd. (1977).£6.00
#14175 Dugmore, Rev. Henry Hare. THE REMINISCENCES OF AN ALBANY SETTLER. Together With His Recollections Of The Kaffir War Of 1835. Edited by F.G. Van Der Riet & Rev. L.A. Hewson. One of the most informative and readable accounts of the founding of the Albany Settlement in the Eastern Cape Province. Gilt on red cb. 92pp. photo frontis, map. 8vo. indexed. No inscrip. eps browned, else Fine in pc.d/w (spine tanned).Grocott & Sherry. Grahamstown 1958.£20.00
#14323 Foundation for Education, Science and Technology. LANTERN. Volume XXIX No.3 Sept. 1980. Journal For Knowledge, Art, And Culture. Special Edition. Partners In Progress. 1820-1980. An Account Of The Contribution Of British Immigrants To The Development Of South Africa. Well illustrated. Printed wraps. 120pp illustrated b/w photos. G+.Pretoria 1980.£8.00
#14223 Giffard, A. (Ed). THE REMINISCENCES OF JOHN MONTGOMERY. Grahamstown Series No 6. Montgomery was an 1820 Settler, a member of the party of Thomas Butler on board the 'Fanny' which sailed from Co. Wicklow. By his own admission a jack of all trades, he was a colourful and articulate man who took part in all the events of the colony during his life of 58 years here, including the Albany settlement, the expansion of the frontier, the Great Trek, wars with the Xhosa and Basuto. He fathered 14 children, travelled widely as a smous. The editors have pieced together his writings from a variety of sources including newspapers and fragments of the original manuscript and typescript. Gilt on chocolate cb. 202pp illustrated b/w. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. slight marking to rear board else a Fine copy, no d/w (as issued?)Balkema for Rhodes University. nd. c.1981.£28.00
#14222 Giffard, A. (Ed). THE REMINISCENCES OF JOHN MONTGOMERY. Grahamstown Series No 6. Montgomery was an 1820 Settler, a member of the party of Thomas Butler on board the 'Fanny' which sailed from Co. Wicklow. By his own admission a jack of all trades, he was a colourful and articulate man who took part in all the events of the colony during his life of 58 years here, including the Albany settlement, the expansion of the frontier, the Great Trek, wars with the Xhosa and Basuto. He fathered 14 children, travelled widely as a smous. The editors have pieced together his writings from a variety of sources including newspapers and fragments of the original manuscript and typescript. Gilt on chocolate cb. 202pp illustrated b/w. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. a Fine copy, no d/w (as issued?)Balkema for Rhodes University. nd. c.1981.£30.00
#14371 Gordon-Brown, Alfred. THE SETTLER'S PRESS. Seventy Years Of Printing In Grahamstown (1830-1900) Covering The Publication Of Books, Pamphlets, Directories, Almanacs, Newspapers With Historical Notes And Anecdotes And Contemporary Illustrations. Lists of material printed in Grahamstown, and appendices on printers and bookbinders. Green cb. x + 150pp illustrated b/w. A Fine unread copy in d/w (light damp stain to spine hence VG+ only).Balkema. Cape Town 1979.£25.00
#14226 Hammond-Tooke, W.D. (Ed). THE JOURNAL OF WILLIAM SHAW. Grahamstown Series No 2. The Weslyan missionary the Rev. William Shaw acted as the Settler's spiritual guide and advisor. The first part of his journal covers the period 1820-21 when he was at Salem laying the foundations of Methodism among the Settlers. The second, 1827-29, covers his work at Weslyville among the Gqunukhwebe, the first of a chain of mission stations stretching from the Eastern Cape to Natal. Gilt on brown cb, 220pp illustrated b/w. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. corners bumped else a Fine copy in VG d/w (spine tanned & soiled).Balkema for Rhodes University. Grahamstown 1972.£25.00
#14227 Hammond-Tooke, W.D. (Ed). THE JOURNAL OF WILLIAM SHAW. Grahamstown Series No 2. The Weslyan missionary the Rev. William Shaw acted as the Settler's spiritual guide and advisor. The first part of his journal covers the period 1820-21 when he was at Salem laying the foundations of Methodism among the Settlers. The second, 1827-29, covers his work at Weslyville among the Gqunukhwebe, the first of a chain of mission stations stretching from the Eastern Cape to Natal. Gilt on brown cb, 220pp illustrated b/w. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. a Fine copy in d/w (spine tanned).Balkema for Rhodes University. Grahamstown 1972.£30.00
#14225 Hinchliff, Peter. (Ed). THE JOURNAL OF JOHN AYLIFF. I: 1821-1830. Grahamstown Series No 1. The Rev. John Ayliffe, well known pioneer Methodist missionary, for the period covered by this extract from his journal was living in Settler country. Subsequently he moved to Butterworth. Documents dealing with the first decade of the Settlers are rare, and his journal tells clearly of the hard life faced by the Settlers at this time. Gilt on brown cb. 130pp 8vo indexed. No inscrip. damp stain through d/w to f.bd. but contents Fine in o/w G+ d/w (spine tanned).Balkema for Rhodes University. Grahamstown 1971.£20.00
#14082 Hudson-Reed, Sydney. 1820 SETTLER STORIES. Selections from the writings of other authors that illustrate the daily life of the ordinary settler. Illustrated with sketches by "WILLY". Blue wraps. 126pp illustrated b/w dwgs. No inscrip. VG.S.A. Baptist Historical Society. Pietermaritzburg 1977 3rd edn.£10.00
#14100 Hudson-Reed, Sydney. 1820 SETTLER STORIES. Selections from the writings of other authors that illustrate the daily life of the ordinary settler. Illustrated with sketches by"WILLY". Blue wraps. 126pp illustrated b/w dwgs. No inscrip. A sound tight copy, VG.S.A. Baptist Historical Society. Pietermaritzburg 1977 3rd edn.£10.00
#14400 Kirkby, Howard & Joyce, STILL UPON A FRONTIER. A History Of Kingswood College 1892-1993. Edited by Maxwell Leigh. The story of 100 years of this prestigious Methodist boarding school located in Grahamstown. Includes Roll of Honour, Register of Staff, etc. Red cb. xvii + 355pp illustrated 4to indexed. Fine in d/w (top front portion very slightly toned).Old Kingswoodian Club. Grahamstown 1994.£30.00
#14346 Lorimer, E.K. PANORAMA OF PORT ELIZABETH. A well researched and illustrated history of Port Elizabeth from the arrival of Bartholomew Dias in 1488 to the end of the 19thC. Bibliography & a chronology. Red buckram boards, 196pp illustrated b/w and cold.plates. 4to indexed. A mint unread copy in VG d/w (sans tipped on picture to front).Balkema. Cape Town 1971.£30.00
#14347 Lorimer, E.K. PANORAMA OF PORT ELIZABETH. A well researched and illustrated history of Port Elizabeth from the arrival of Bartholomew Dias in 1488 to the end of the 19thC. Bibliography & a chronology. Red buckram boards, 196pp illustrated b/w and cold.plates. 4to indexed. A mint unread copy in VG d/w (sans tipped on picture to front).Balkema. Cape Town 1971.£30.00
#14229 Maxwell, W.A. & McGeogh, R.T. (Eds). THE REMINISCENCES OF THOMAS STUBBS. Including "Men I Have Known". Grahamstown Series No 4. The reminiscences cover the whole period of Stubbs' life from the family's embarkation on the 'Northampton' to his struggle as a saddler to support his family at his brother's farm, Harrison, near Whittlesea. He was a volunteer in the war of 1834, founded the Mounted Rangers, and became the hero of Albany in the wars of 1846 & 1850. Gilt on chocolate cb. xvi + 302pp illustrated b/w, with genealogy chart, foldout map, etc. No inscrip. foredge fox else a Fine copy in VG-F d/w (spine tanned).Balkema for Rhodes University. Grahamstown 1978.£28.00
#14333 Milton, John. THE EDGES OF WAR. A History Of Frontier Wars (1702-1878). An account of the struggles between Europeans and Africans along the Eastern frontier of the Cape of Good Hope during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The Boers, and then the English settlers, came into conflict with the Xhosa tribes in the Eastern Cape, the struggle ending for the Xhosa with starvation and famine as a result of the Great Cattle Killing of 1857. Profusely illustrated with extensive notes and bibliography. Red cb. xvii + 304pp illustrated b/w. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. VG in G-VG d/w.Juta. Cape Town 1983.£20.00
#14355 Nash, M.D. BAILIE'S PARTY OF 1820 SETTLERS. A Collective Experience In Emigration. A new view of Settler society and politics with a detailed biographical section. Bibliography. Gilt on blue cb. 174pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo indexed. A near Fine copy in VG d/w (no loss or tears, but spine both darkened and damp stained).A.A. Balkema. Cape Town 1982.
Signed by Author on title page.
#14373 Palmer, Eve. THE PLAINS OF CAMDEBOO. The classic text of the Karoo district where Author's family have lived for four generations. The fauna and flora of this semi-desert region (well known as the source of South Africa's premier lamb chops), fossils and relics of early man are all described in a manner not history, not botanical, not biographical, yet all at once together. Extensive references and well illustrated. Printed wraps. 319pp illustrated b/w photos. Wraps a mite browned else a sound clean VG copy.Lowry. Johannesburg 1986.£8.00
#14368 Parkes, Margery. WHEATLANDS. The Story of a Family and a Farm. 1849-1979. The karoo farm, in the district of Graaff Reinet, has been the home of the Parkes family since 1849 when Thomas and Emma and their 4 sons and 2 daughters arrived (from Argentina although of British descent). Printed brown wraps. vi + 109pp illustrated b/w photos, dwgs, family trees. Tall 8vo. No inscrip. wraps tanned as usual, name on foredge, else a VG+ copy.Self. Graaff Reinet 1979.£26.00
#14234 Peires, J.B. THE HOUSE OF PHALO. A History Of The Xhosa People In The Days Of Their Independence. New History Of Southern Africa Series. The standard work on the subject, draws fully on both oral and written sources. Printed wraps. x + 281pp p/b. Ownership ticket affixed inside f.wrap. G-VG.Ravan Press. Johannesburg 1981.£18.00
#14236 Pringle, John. & Hudson-Reed, Sydney. 1820 SETTLER SAILS AND TALES. A collection of small stories linking the settlers to the sea. Contains details of 17 chartered ships that brought the Settlers from Britain. Printed wraps. 123pp. VG.SA Baptist Historical Society. 1997.£25.00
#14380 Publicity Association. GRAHAMSTOWN. Small illustrated publicity brochure. 24pp stapled booklet. VG.Grahamstown nd c.1970£4.00
#14228 Rainier, Margaret. (Ed). THE JOURNALS OF SOPHIA PIGOT. Grahamstown Series No 3. A daughter of an 1820 Settler leader spent her childhood in comfortable circumstances in England, but she shared the experiences of the pioneer community of the Settlers, married and bore 14 children, and lived variously in Kowie, Grahamstown, Graaff Reinet, Cape Town, and Natal. Includes genealogy, extensive notes, bibliography. Gilt on chocolate cb. xviii + 172pp illustrated b/w plates. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. a Fine copy in VG+ d/w (some sello marks to front, no tears).Balkema for Rhodes University. Grahamstown 1974.£28.00
#14322 Randell, Dorothy. GRAHAMSTOWN MAGIC. Exploring With A Sketchbook. Neat pencil sketches, mainly of older houses and buildings - many of settler vintage - to be seen around the city. Printed wraps. oblong 8vo. illustrated b/w sketches and accompanying text. G-VG.Grahamstown 1980.£10.00
#14153 Rivett-Carnac, Dorothy. THUS CAME THE ENGLISH. An introductory book to the background of the 1820 Settlers and their early history in the Eastern Cape. The book is restricted mainly to the Albany District being that area between the Fish and Bushman's Rivers, from Port St.Francis (now Port Alfred) inland past Salem and Bathurst to Grahamstown and surrounding areas. Distinctively illustrated by Ernest Ullman. Select bibliography. Green cb. 147pp illustrated b/w dwgs. indexed. No inscrip. G-VG, no d/w.Timmins. Cape Town 1974 4th edn.£12.00
#14083 Sadler, Celia. NEVER A YOUNG MAN. Extracts From The Letters And Journals Of The Rev. William Shaw. A Methodist, Shaw was an 1820 Settler having been chaplain to the Sephton party on the Aurora. In his own words this account tells a vivid first-hand account of the conditions in which the settlers found themselves. It tells of his meeting with the Dutch trekkers, African tribesmen, government officials, slaves, Hottentots, and others in the course of his work here. Green cb. 187pp illustrated b/w plates. 8vo. Ffep excised, d/w browned, but o/w a fairly clean sound copy.Haum. Cape Town 1967.£10.00
#14369 Slater, L. THE STORY OF SIDBURY. 1820-1920. The authors truthful account of the events and way of life in and near Sidbury during its first 100 years. A local and personal account not concerned with the wider issues of South African history. Useful appendices including memorials and tombstones at St. Peter's & the Methodist church. Also notes on the Sidbury Mounted Rangers raised in 1877 with a list of 32 medals awarded for the Gaika / Gcaleka War 1877-1879. Printed wraps. 76pp illustrated b/w photos, dwgs, maps. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. VG. Self. Port Elizabeth 1982.
No. 281 of a limited edition of 600 copies.
#14365 Smith, Kenneth Wyndham. FROM FRONTIER TO MIDLANDS. A History Of The Graaff-Reinet District, 1786-1910. Institute of Social and Economic Research Occasional Paper Number Twenty. 406pp pb. illustrated b/w photos, maps. 8vo indexed. Wraps spotty, eps fox, tear at top of f.wrap. sound but not particularly attractive.ISER. Rhodes University, Grahamstown 1976.£20.00
#14370 Stirk, Doris. SOUTHWELL SETTLERS A compendium of information on Southwell, the area, and the early people there. Covers the Founders of Southwell, Frontier Wars, erection of St. James Church, Farms of the District, Public Bodies of Southwell, and much more. Genealogical Tables. Printed wraps. xii + 121pp illustrated b/w photos, drws, maps. 8vo indexed. A near Fine copy.Self published 1982. 3rd edn.
Signed by Author on title page. No. 56.
#14320 Wilmot, Robert. A CAPE TRAVELLER'S DIARY With His Own Illustrations And Sketches. Roger Wilmot arrived at the Cape in 1855. This is the second of two diaries, the earlier apparently lost. This second diary records his visit to the Eastern Frontier between the end of the Eighth Frontier (Kaffir) War in 1853 and the tragedy of the Xhosa cattle-killing. Illustrated with Wilmot's own drawings. Wilmot was a keen naturalist, botanist, and observer of whatever he saw. University of the Witwatersrand, Friends of the Library, Publication Series No.2. Cream cb. 174pp illustrated b/w dwgs. tall 8vo. indexed. No inscrip. Fine in VG-F d/w (sp.faded, lightly rubbed, no tears or loss).Donker. Craighall 1984.£35.00
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#14112 Bulpin, T.V. NATAL AND THE ZULU COUNTRY. This book adds new material to that included from Author's previous titles `Shaka's Country' and `To The Shores Of Natal'. Illustrated by Penny Miller. Bibliography. Printed bds. 456pp illustrated col.photos, dwgs, maps on eps. indexed. Small ownership inscrip f.pastedown, spine faded, else a clean G+ copy.Books of Africa. Cape Town 1977 2nd edn.£12.00
#14394 Fey, Venn. VALLEY OF THE ELAND. Illustrated by Keith Fey. A naturalist, the author recounts eight years living in the Valley of Garden Castle which is in the Underberg district of Natal. Brown cb. 183pp illustrated pencil drawings. 4to. A Fine copy in d/w.Timmins. Cape Town (1984).£15.00
#14337 Liebenberg, Doyle P. THE DRAKENSBERG OF NATAL. The history, mountaineering, and natural history of the region. Chapters on flora, mammals, birds, trout, snakes, accomodation, recorded climbs, and more. A complete reference for the area. 6 detailed foldout sketch-maps of the escarpment. Printed bds. x + 178pp illustrated col.b/w photos, maps, tables etc. lg.8vo. indexed. Ownership stamps. name & address on spine hence G only, but o/w a clean sound copy.T.V. Bulpin. Cape Town 1972.£10.00
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#14327 Alhadeff, Vic. A NEWSPAPER HISTORY OF SOUTH AFRICA. A selection of events both large and small that captured the news headlines in South Africa from 1852 to 1981. Actual newspaper pages are reproduced alongside reprinted excerpts. Includes such articles as originally appeared on the Sand River Convention, Delville Wood, the Jameson Raid, Sharpeville, the Rivonia treason trial, the information scandal, independance for Zimbabwe, and much more. Orange cb. 136pp illustrated b/w photos. lg.4to. No inscrip. VG+ in d/w.Cape Town 1985 2nd edn.£16.00
#14332 Aronson, Theo. ROYAL AMBASSADORS. British Royalties in Southern Africa 1860-1947. Bibliography. Gilt on pink cb. 144pp. 8vo. illustrated b/w photos. indexed. No inscrip. VG in d/w.David Philip. Cape Town 1975.£10.00
#14238 Crwys-Williams, Jennifer. SOUTH AFRICAN DESPATCHES. Two Centuries Of The Best In South African Journalism. Selected writings on all major historical topics from 1879. Covers War of the Axe, Zulu, Boer, battles of Isandhlwana, Majuba, and WW1 & WW2 as well as political and daily happenings. Super collection. Maroon cb. xvi + 495pp illustrated b/w. Fine in VG+ d/w.Ashanti. Johannesburg 1989.£20.00
#14317 Gordon, Ruth E. & Talbot, Clive J. (Eds). FROM DIAS TO VORSTER. Source Material On South African History 1488-1975. Bibliography. Printed boards. 464pp lg.8vo indexed, No inscrip. VG-F.Nasou. Goodwood 1983.£10.00
#14149 Readers Digest. ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF SOUTH AFRICA. The Real Story. A large and profusely illustrated history, the first to locally publish a popularly oriented view at odds with the official apartheid histories. Photo.printed bds. 4to. 509pp. prof.illustrated No inscrip. VG.RDA. Cape Town 1988 1st edn.£16.00
#14336 Schach, Leonard. THE FLAG IS FLYING. A Very Personal History Of Theatre In The Old South Africa. Author participated in every stage of the development of a theatre in South Africa between 1925 & 1994, and directed more than 300 productions in South Africa, Israel, America, England, Belgium, and Italy. Profusely illustrated. Black cb. 191pp illustrated b/w photos. 4to indexed. No inscrip. a Fine copy in VG-F d/w (rubbed).Human & Rousseau. Cape Town 1996.£20.00
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#14353 Dart, Prof. Raymond. BEYOND ANTIQUITY. A series of 9 radio lectures on the origin of man produced for the SABC. Wraps. 119pp. photo frontis of author. No inscrip. G+. indexed.SABC nd. c. early 60's.£6.00
#14178 Monnig H.O. THE PEDI. A full and accurate ethnography of the Pedi. Extensive bibliography. Printed wraps. xiii + 365pp, indexed 8vo. No inscrip. VG-F.Van Schaik. Pretoria 1988.£15.00
#14107 Mutwa, Credo Vusamazulu. INDABA, MY CHILDREN. Mythology, legend, custom and history of the Bantu peoples according to author, who renounced Christianity and underwent trainng as a witchdoctor. Blue bds. xix + 562pp. illustrated b/w photos, dwgs. maps on eps. 4to. Boards G, spine faded, contents VG. A clean, sound, but dusty looking copy.Blue Crane. Johannesburg 1965 3rd edition.£17.00
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#14326 Jansen, Chris. PARTNERHSIP. Text by Jane Barnstable. Photo essay on a self-help scheme, BABS (Build A Better Society) that created a 50 unit housing complex in the Coloured commumity of Kewtown, Cape. With the help of Mobil and Anglo American Corporation in 1982 this was designed to provide a quality living environment. The simplex / duplex units were from 74 to 79 sq.m. on plots of from 90 to 180 sq.m., all three-bedroomed with living room, kitchen, bathroom & toilet. The houses were let at affordable rents with the option to purchase. Printed wraps. illustrated b/w photos. plans. unnum. 4to. VG.Mobil 1982.£15.00
#14325 Kuhn, Joy. TWELVE SHADES OF BLACK. Photographs by Sylvie Van Lerberghe. Interviews with residents of the townships around Johannesburg, Samson Katake, Bernadette Mosala, Wally Serote, Yolande Malgas, Durant Sihlale, Ephraim Tshabalala, Sarah Mashele, Ophen Chapi, Harriet Matiwane, Gibson Kente, Miriam Mathebula. Black cb. 119pp illustrated b/w photos. 4to. G+ in worn G d/w.Cape Town 1974.£15.00
#14345 Lastovica, Ethleen & Al. BOTTLES AND BYGONES. A Guide For South African Collectors. A guide to glass bottles and other containers used in South Africa until about 1820. Includes chapters on other items commonly found in dumps such as dolls & pipes. Bibliography. Blue cb. 104pp illustrated col.b/w photos, dwgs. 4to. Bookplate on half-title else a Fine copy.Don Nelson. Cape Town 1990 2nd edn.
Signed by Authors on title page.
#14180 Picton-Seymour, Desiree. HISTORICAL BUILDINGS IN SOUTH AFRICA. Covers a selection of some 300 buildings erected from the 17thC through to pre-WW2, each described and photographed (mostly by Janek Szymanowski). Bibliography. Printed bds. 192pp. illustrated col.photos, map. 4to. indexed. Ownership inscrip ffep else a near Fine copy.Struikhof. Cape Town 1989.£30.00
#14405 Picton-Seymour, Desiree. VICTORIAN BUILDINGS IN SOUTH AFRICA. Including Edwardian & Transvaal Republican Styles 1850-1910. A Survey Of Houses, Churches, Schools, Public And Commercial Buildings, With Notes On The Materials Used, The Architects Concerned, The Use Of Prefabricated Ironmongery, And The Influence Of European Styles. The standard work on this subject, Bibliography. Maroon cb or. xii + 412pp illustrated b/w photos. dwgs. 4to. indexed. Ownership inscrip ffep else Fine in VG d/w (sound, no loss, rubbed).Balkema. Cape Town 1977.£35.00
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#14393 Hall, Doug. & Black, & Don. THE SOUTH AFRICAN BONSAI BOOK. An instructional book illustrating many styles of bonsai. Bibliography. Red cb. 93pp illustrated col.b/w photos, line dwgs. sm.4to. Inscrip ffep. sl.shelfwear else VG+ in rubbed d/w Timmins. Cape Town 1979 2nd imp.£20.00
#14174 Palmer, Eve. A FIELD GUIDE TO THE TREES OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Includes a key-grouping identification guide. With 32 cold.plates and 700 line dwgs by Rhona Collett. Bibliography, index, etc. Printed bds. 393pp. col & b/w illustrated No inscrip. spine faded else a very good copy.Collins. London 1981 revd.£15.00
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#14109 Duff, Diana. LEAVES FROM THE FIG TREE. From Ireland To Africa. Born in Ireland, Author married in Kenya aged 18 in the 50s, moving to Johannesburg via Dar es Salaam in the 60s. A personal memoir. Printed wraps. 304pp. Prize lable ffep else a fine copy.Double Storey, Cape Town 2003£8.00
#14344 Edwardes, Michael. BACK FROM THE BRINK. An Apocolyptic Experience. In 1977 with 26 years at the helm of the Chloride Group he was asked to take on the task of turning around the ailing British Leyland. The inside story of a South African at the helm of British Leyland. Includes some newpaper clippings relating to his appointment. Green cb. 301pp illustrated b/w line dwgs. Bookplate ffep, slight lean hence VG in d/w.London 1985£14.00
#14231 Fiasconaro, Gregorio, I'D DO IT AGAIN. Born in Sicily, Author came to South Africa as a POW. His life was noted for his success as a producer and performer of opera in South Africa. Paper covered bds. 164pp illustrated b/w photos. list of over 50 operas produced and list of roles sung, lg.8vo indexed. No inscrip. eps browned, overall VG+ in clean VG d/w.Books of Africa. Cape Town 1982.£12.00
#14363 Forbes, Gordon. TOO SOON TO PANIC. Sequel to Author's well-known `Handful of Summers', Forbes tells humorously of travel and adventure in the world of top tennis competition. vi + 353pp p/b. Ownership inscrip ffep G+.Penguin. London 1996.£6.00
#14383 Friedman, Graeme. THE PIANO WAR. A true story of love and survival in World War II. The South African born pianist Olda Mehr was visiting Eastern Europe in 1939 when Germany invaded Poland. Her boyfriend fighting with South African forces was captured at Tobruk. Via the Red Cross they kept in contact. Then, both fleeing, they literally bumped into one another in a busy Cairo square. Bibliography. Printed wraps. xi + 287pp illustrated b/w. 8vo. A Fine copy.David Philip / Life Story Project. Cape Town 2003.£12.00
#14181 Mandela, Nelson. LONG WALK TO FREEDOM. The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela. 768pp p/b illustrated b/w photos. indexed. No inscrip. VG+.Abacus. London 1995.£10.00
#14108 Millar, Anthony Kendal. PLANTAGENET IN SOUTH AFRICA. Lord Charles Somerset. Original research enables the author to throw new light on his governorship during a formative period of British rule at the Cape. First biography written of Somerset. Bibliography. Printed bds. ix + 293pp illustrated b/w, map. indexed. Small ownership inscrip f.pastedown o/w VG in d/w.OUP Cape Town 1965.£15.00
#14331 Millin, Sarah Gertrude. THE MEASURE OF MY DAYS. Author's husband died suddenly during the writing of this book so that it becomes an intimate, personal story with a picture of the world as seen by two intelligent people whose position gave them a special point of vantage. Millin was a gifted writer whose work included biogs of Smuts and Rhodes, her husband was a leading judge of South Africa's Supreme Court. Blue cb. 394pp. Ownership inscrip f.pastedown. eps tanned & sello stained, hence VG in VG+ d/w.Faber. London 1955.£15.00
#14176 Palmer, Geoffrey Palmer. MY BARGAIN. An Autobiography. The Palmer family have been part of the Grahamstown farming community since 1848 when Author's great grandfather bought the farm Strowan. Recently deceased, Geoff was stricken with polio at an early age yet was a successful farmer, and an accomplished woodworker. 171pp p/b illustrated b/w photos. Mint.Self. Grahamstown 2003.£15.00
#14179 Paterson, Ken. TURN OVER THE EMPTY GLASS. An Autobiography Of Insolvency And Other Stories. Author was an accountant specialising in insolvency and this collection of 78 stories span 40 years from 1950 of life in East London. From his annual diary and a good memory come humorous observations of life beyond the bare facts. Printed wraps. 155pp. No inscrip. rear wrap very rubbed, hence VG+.Self. George East 2000.£15.00
#14321 Picard, Hymen W.J. LORDS OF STALPLEIN Biographical Miniatures Of The British Governors Of The Cape Of Good Hope. 26 Governors and their involvement here. The Earl of Macartney. Sir George Yonge, Sir David Baird, James Du Pre Alexander Earl of Caledon, Sir John Cradock, Lord Charles Somerset, Sir Rufane Shawe Donkin, Sir Richard Bourke, Sir Galbraith Lowry Cole, Sir Benjamin D'Urban, Sir George Napier, Sir Peregrine Maitland, Sir Henry Pottinger, Sir Harry Smith, Sir George Cathcart, Charles Henry Darling, Sir George Gray, Sir Philip Edmond Wodehouse, Sir Henry Barkly, Sir Henry Bartle Frere, Sir Hercules George Robert Robinson, Sir Henry Brougham Loch, Alfred Lord Milner, Sir Walter Francis Hely-Hutchinson. Bibliography. Brown cb. 176pp illustrated b/w plates. lg.8vo indexed. No inscrip. edges & prelims sl.fox hence VG-F in d/w.HAUM. Cape Town 1974.£20.00
#14152 Pottinger, Brian. THE IMPERIAL PRESIDENCY. P.W. Botha, The First 10 Years. Covers these years from the drama of his accession to power in 1978, his reform phase, the rise of the "securocrat" class and the last years of a turbulent decade. Bibliography. Cerise cb. xiv + 481pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. edges fox else VG in d/w.Southern. Johannesburg (1988).£12.00
#14237 Robinson, Dr A.M. Lewin. (Ed). THE LETTERS OF LADY ANNE BARNARD TO HENRY DUNDAS. From The Cape And Elsewhere 1793-1803. Together With Her Journal Of A Tour Into The Interior And Certain Other Letters. Newly edited with an introduction and notes. Gilt on terracotta boards, half rexine. xv + 303pp illustrated b/w plates etc. lg.8vo indexed. No inscrip. VG+ in poor d/w (complete but most unattractive).Balkema. Cape Town 1973.£25.00
#14386 Sheers, Owen. THE DUST DIARIES. A novelised biography of Arthur Shearly Cripps, Independant Missionary to Southern Rhodesia in early 20thC. 320pp p/b. A Fine copy.Faber. London 2005.£10.00
#14232 Strangwayes-Booth, Joanna. A CRICKET IN THE THORN TREE. Helen Suzman And The Progressive Party. From 1961 to 1974 Helen Suzman was the sole representative of the opposition Progressive Party in the House of Assembly. Bibliography. Black cb. 320pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo indexed. Neat ownership inscrip ffep, VG in d/w.Hutchinson. Johannesburg 1976£15.00
#14361 Thomas, Antony. RHODES. The Race for Africa. A critical biography of one of the nineteenth century's major historical figures. xxiii + 420pp. maps. lge p/b. No inscrip. VG.Jonathan Ball. Johannesburg 1996.£10.00
#14391 Turkington, Kate. DOING IT WITH DORIS. Humorous and thoughtfull autobiographical reminiscences by well-known radio and tv host. 254pp p/b. Fine.Penguin. Johannesburg 2004.£10.00
#14338 Vincent, Jack. WEB OF EXPERIENCE. An Autobiography. Born in the UK early in the 20thC, Author moved to farming in South Africa. Always interested in wildlife (especially the avian fauna) and conservation, he spent 14 years firstly as secretary and then as Director with the Natal Parks Board attending many conferences on their behalf. Original printed buff wraps bound in brown rexine boards. errata slip. 365pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo indexed. Except bookplate ffep, a fine unread copy.Self. Mooi River 1989.£25.00
#14339 Watson, Patrick Campbell MacDougall. I REMEMBER IT WELL. Being The Memoirs Of The Late ... Schooled at St Ninians in Dumfriesshire, and then at Fette. Came to East Africa in 1914 & was later enlisted in the Kenya African Rifles. Retired to George in South Africa in 1947 until his death aged 98 in 1983. Interesting tales from the lighter side of an interesting life. Gilt on blue cb. xi + 317pp 8vo. Covered with plastic secured with magic tape. bookplate ffep else a Mint unread copy.H,G. Watson. Somerset West. 1985.
One of 15 copies only.
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#14110 Platter. John & Erica. AFRICA UNCORKED. Travels In Extreme Wine Terrirory. Well known South African wine gurus travel the length and breadth of Africa exploring 13 wine-growing countries from Angola to Morocco and Egypt, the Indian Ocean islands, Kenya, and other unexpected places. Well illustrated. Glossy maroon boards, 288pp illustrated col.photos. sm.4to. Fine in d/w.Double Storey Books. Cape Town 2002.£18.00
#14348 Richfield, Leslie. THE COMPLETE BOOK OF SOUTH AFRICAN CHEESES. Includes an A-Z section on the cheeses as well as a cooking section. Although tastes change, the greater part of the cheeses herein are still available albeit with a different coloured label. Printed wraps. 80pp illustrated col.photos. 4to. Bookplate inside f.wrap. covered clear film secured inside wrap hence a VG-F copyStruik. Cape Town 1991.£18.00
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#14116 Blixen, Karen. OUT OF AFRICA. Author records in middle age her life managing a coffee plantation near Nairobi in the 1920s and 1930s, the day to day events, the settlers, and the African peoples. Printed bds with colour inset portrait of author on front. 288pp. beautifully and profusely illustrated with b/w photos, col plates, dwgs etc. 4to. No inscrip. a lovely, clean VG+ copy.Century Pub. London 1985.£15.00
#14098 Kaniki, M.H.Y. TANZANIA UNDER COLONIAL RULE. For The Historical Association Of Tanzania. A collection of relevant essays. Contributors include: Abdul M.H. Sheriff, David Arnold, A. J. Temu, Walter Rodney, B.D. Bowles, Karim F. Hirji, Marjorie J. Mbilinyi, John Iliffe, D.E. Ferguson, and M.H.Y. Kaniki. Printed wraps. 391pp. Some pencil u/l, small neat ownership inscrip ffep else VG.Longman. London 1980.£16.00
#14403 Markham, Beryl. WEST WITH THE NIGHT. The spellbinding story of Beryl Markham, aviator, racehorse trainer, & fascinating beauty, in the Kenya of the 20s & 30s. 293pp p/b. Bookplate o/w VG+.Virago 1984.£5.00
#14103 Shivji, Issa G. CLASS STRUGGLES IN TANZANIA. Traces the history of class struggles since independance using the method of historical materialism to integrate recent radical and Marxist writings on underdevelopment. Printed wraps. 182pp illustrated tables etc. indexed. Ffep excised, hence a good clean copy only.Heinemann. London 1978 rpt.£6.00
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#14319 Adey, D., Beeton, Ridley., Chapman, Michael., & Pereira, Ernest. COMPANION TO SOUTH AFRICAN LITERATURE. Covering a period of almost 200 years from 1795 to 1986. An alphabetical reference to anyone and anything literary in South Africa. Red cb. 220pp. illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. No inscrip. Fine in VG-F d/w.Donker. Johannesburg 1989.£33.00
#14354 Blackburn, Douglas. PRINSLOO OF PRINSLOOSDORP. A Tale Of Transvaal Officialdom. Being Incidents In The Life Of A Transvaal Official As Told By His Son-In-Law, Sarel Erasmus, Late Public Prosecutor Of Prinsloodorp, Market-Master Of Kaalkop, Small-Pox Tax Collector Of Schoonspruit, Etc. Etc. A humourous look at the rural Boer, anticipating the writings of Herman Charles Bosman in style and concept. Originally published before the turn of the 19thC this is a facsimile edition of the 1908 Alston Rivers reprint edn. White cb. forewords & glossary + 134pp sm.8vo. Fine in near Fine d/w.Melville 1989.£20.00
#14224 Bosman, Herman Charles. UNTO DUST. Published posthumously, this is a (second) collection of 24 short stories of the Marico district, all except four 'narrated' by Schalk Lourens. Edited by Lionel Abrahams who translated two stories direct from the Afrikaans. Foreword by William Plomer. 152pp. Small ownership inscription f.pastedown else a Fine copy in near Fine d/w.Human & Rousseau. Cape Town 1983. 2nd edn.£12.00
#14385 Brink, Andre. IMAGININGS OF SAND. Novel. Set in SA in 1994. 353pp p/b. No inscrip. VG+.Minerva. London 1997.£8.00
#14375 Butler, David & Guy. (Eds). OUT OF THE AFRICAN ARK. With Zoological Descriptions By Carmen Welz. An anthology of writings from well-known poets is complimented by traditional pieces from the Bushman, Shona, Sotho, & Zulu. Arranged in A-Z order, the animals of Africa are rendered in verse. Printed wraps. 281pp 8vo. No inscrip. VG-F.Donker. Craighall 1988.£10.00
#14404 Jooste, Pamela. FRIEDA AND MIN. 347pp p/b. G+.Black Swan£4.00
#14382 Lambkin, David. NIGHT JASMINE MAN. Author's third novel, a thriller set in East Africa. Printed wraps. 382pp 8vo. Mint.Penguin. South Africa 2002.£50.00
#14384 Lambkin, David. PLAIN OF DARKNESS. Author's first novel which won the 1992 CNA Literary Award for best debut work. The action moves from the raw Atlantic sea coast ot the African wilderness. 242pp p/b. A very attractive copy marred by small stain lower bottom latter ff, hence only VG.Penguin. South Africa 2003.£6.00
#14372 Markham, Beryl. THE SPLENDID OUTCAST. The African Stories Of Beryl Markham. Compiled and introduced by Mary S. Lowell. Dec. navy cb with cold.label (Beryl wearing flying hat and goggles) affixed on front. xv + 139pp 8vo. Bookplate f.pastedown. bds a mite dusty, contents untouched, an attractive Fine copy.Hutchinson. London 1987.£12.00
#14377 Mutloase, Mothobi. (Ed). FORCED LANDING. Africa South: Contemporary Writings. Staffrider Series Number 3. Features writings by Chicks Nkosi, Xolile Guma, Mbulelo Vizikhungo Mzamane, James Matthews, Moteane Melamu, Kaizer Ngwenya, Bereng Setuke, Mathatha Tsedu, Bessie Head, Sipho Sepamla, Ahmed Essop, Mafika Pascal, Mtutuzeli Matshoba, Bob Leshoai, Miriam Tlali, Mothobi Mutloase, Mango Tshabangu, Achmed Dangor, Mongane Wally Serote, Charles Rukuni, Obed Musi, Jacky Heyns, Black Stan Motjuwadi, Toivo Herman ja Toivo, Desmond Tutu. 208pp p/b. VG+.Ravan. Johannesburg 1988 imp.£6.00
#14316 Pereira, Ernest, & Chapman, Michael. (Eds). AFRICAN POEMS OF THOMAS PRINGLE. This volume reproduces "Poems Illustrative Of South Africa" originally published in 1834 reflecting Pringle's residence in the Cape for six years from 1820. Extensive notes, appendixof additional poems, prose, letters. Bibliography. Printed wraps. xxiv + 177pp. No inscrip. only a slight crease to f.wrap (not sharp) else VG.Killie Campbell Africana Library & University of Natal Press. Durban & Pietermaritzburg 1989.£15.00
#14376 Sanlam. FIRETALK 2. Selected Short Stories From The Entries To The 1992 Sanlam Literary Award. Authors featured in this collection: Marion Baxter, Shaun de Waal, Peter Wilhelm, Julia Martin, Ivan Vladislavic, Jane Fox, Jane Powrie, M.J. Marchand, Willem van der Walt, Faheem Fredericks, Dermod Judge. Printed wraps. 120pp 8vo. No inscrip. VG+.Sanlam. Cape Town 1993.£8.00
#14117 Schreiner, Olive. WOMAN AND LABOUR. 1975 International Year Of The Woman Commemorative Edition. Edited by Adelmarie & Adriaan Van Der Spuy. Illustrated by Jean Leonard. Gilt on red rexine boards. ix + 132pp. 8vo. Bds a bit scuffed, lengthy inscrip ffep, a clean sound copy.Cosmos. Johannesburg 1975.£10.00
#14147 Shephard, Rupert. CAPE SCAPES. "This omnibus in print and rhyme, of the ridiculous to the sublime". Illustrated scraperboard (?) views of Cape Town scenes by Author. Printed yellow card covers. 44pp illustrated 4to. No inscrip. VG+Cannon. Cape Town 1954.£14.00
#14381 Smith, Alexander McCall. IN THE COMPANY OF CHEERFUL LADIES. Precious Ramotswe of the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency in Botswana solves another crime. Plum cb. 231pp 8vo, Fine in d/w.Polygon. Edinburg 2004 1st edn.£20.00
#14378 Smith, Alexander McCall. THE NO.1 LADIES DETECTIVE AGENCY. Precious Ramotswe, lady detective, operates her agency in Gaberone, Botswana. A cross between Kinsey Millhone and Miss Marple, this unlikely heroine specialises in missing husbands and wayward daughters but when she sets out on the trail of a missing child she tumbles headlong into danger. First novel in this successful series. 226pp p/b. No inscrip. VG+.Anchor Books. 2002.£5.00
#14328 Smith, M. Van Wyk. GROUNDS OF CONTEST. A Survey Of South African Literature. Taking the dialectics of appropriation and renunciation of the land itself as both the ruling theme and metaphor of this body of literature, Author sketches the development of a set of South African voices from the earliest European visitors up to the contemporary literature of emergency and resistance. Bibliography and suggestions for further reading. Printed wraps. 153pp. indexed. Ownership inscrip title page, o/w VG.Juta. Kenwyn 1990 1st edn.£4.00
#14350 Uys, Ian. THE COMRADES A thriller based upon the famous ultra marathon run between Pietermaritzburg and Durban each year. Set in the early 1990s top-running Comrades duel with political Comrades to achieve their goals as the Kremlin plots to use the media coverage as a fuse to ignite a revolutionary struggle. 271pp p/b. Bookplate inside f.wrap else a near Fine copy.Uys Publishers. Germiston 1987.
ISBN 0620106743
#14352 Uys, Pieter-Dirk. THE ESSENTIAL EVITA BEZUIDENHOUT. An A to Z in eccentric alphabetical order of the inimitable Evita's opinions about almost everything. Plum cb. illustrated b/w. 92pp 12mo. Bookplate ffep else Fine.David Philip. Cape Town 1997.£5.00
#14106 Van Der Post, Laurens. A STORY LIKE THE WIND. 370pp h/b. 8vo, Ownership stamp top and bottom edge, ffep. A clean sound copy, d/w in protector but folding edges secured to pastedowns with adhesive.William Morrow. New York 1972. 1st US edn.£10.00
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#14241 Anderson, Frances. & Van Wyk, Jacques. LABOUR LAW IN ACTION. A HANDS-ON GUIDE TO THE LABOURS RELATIONS ACT. Includes complete text of the LRA. Printed wraps. 233pp. 8vo. VG used academic text.Maskew Miller Longman. 1997.
ISBN 0636041859
#14255 Basson, Annali., Christianson, Marylyn., Garbers, Christopher., Le Roux, P.A.K., Mischke, Carl. & Strydom, E.M.L. ESSENTIAL LABOUR LAW. Printed wraps. 8vo. xviii + 226pp. Indexed. 3rd edn. A Fine copy.Labour Law Publications. 2002.
ISBN 06020284005
#14246 Bennett, T.W. CUSTOMARY LAW IN SOUTH AFRICA. Printed wraps. lv + 462. 8vo indexed. VG used academic text. Sold with all faults.Juta. 2004.
ISBN 0702163619
#14249 Beuthin, R.C. & Luiz, S.M. BEUTHIN'S BASIC COMPANY LAW. Printed wraps. xxv + 388pp. 8vo indexed. 3rd edn. VG used academic text. Sold with all faults.Butterworths Durban. 2000.
ISBN 0409012564
#14286 Christie, R.H. THE LAW OF CONTRACT IN SOUTH AFRICA. Bibliography, Table of Cases. Printed wraps. xiv + 793pp lg.8vo indexed. VG academic text. Sold with all faults.Butterworths. Durban 4th edition 2001.£40.00
#14258 Cronje, D.S.P. & Heaton, J. SOUTH AFRICAN FAMILY LAW. Printed wraps. xv + 287pp 8vo indexed. Used academice text. Sold with all faults.Buttrworths Durben. 1999.
ISBN 0409020869
#14243 Cronje, D.S.P, & Heaton, J. CASEBOOK ON SOUTH AFRICAN FAMILY LAW. Bibliography, Table of cases. Printed wraps. xii + 553pp. 8vo. VG used academic text. Sold with all faults.Butterworths. Durban. 1999.
ISBN 0409020850
#14242 Cronje, D.S.P. & Heaton, J. SOUTH AFRICAN FAMILY LAW. Printed wraps. xvii + 347.8vo indexed. 2nd edn. VG used academic text. Sold with all faults.Butterworths. Durban. 1999.
ISBN 0409021784
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ISBN 0702158127
#14254 Glazewski, Jan. ENVIRONMENTAL LAW IN SOUTH AFRICA. Printed wraps. 8vo. xii + 903pp. Indexed. A Fine copy.Butterworths Durban. 2000.
ISBN 040902936X
#14247 Havenga, Peter., Havenga, Michele., Kelibrick. Roshana., McGregor, Marie., Schulze, W.G., Van Der Linde, Kathleen. & Van Der Merwe, Trix. GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF COMMERCIAL LAW. Printed wraps. vii + 461 8vo indexed. VG used academic text. Sold with all faults. 5th edn.Juta. 2003.
ISBN 0702166650
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ISBN 0702155861
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ISBN 0409033669
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ISBN 0409033529
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ISBN 0409037273
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ISBN 070215587X
#14257 Malan, F.R., Pretorius, J.T. & Du Toit, S.F. MALAN ON BILLS OF EXCHANGE, CHEQUES AND PROMISSORY NOTES IN SOUTH AFRICAN LAW. Printed wraps. 8vo. xiii + 593. Indexed. 4th edn. A Fine copy.Butterworths Durban. 2002.
ISBN 0409041076
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ISBN 0627025617
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ISBN 0702151424
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ISBN 070215914X
#14253 Van Der Walt, A.J. LAW OF PROPERTY CASEBOOK FOR STUDENTS. Printed wraps. 8vo. xl + 524pp. VG used academic text. top corner title page torn away. Sold with all faults.Juta. 2002.
ISBN 0702159190
#14245 Van Der Walt, J.C. & Midgley, J.R. PRINCIPLES OF DELICT. Table of cases. Printed wraps. 8vo. xvi + 300. 3rd edn. VG used academic text. Sold with all faults.Butterworths. Durban. 1979
ISBN 0409060151
#14096 Rosenthal, Eric. AFRICAN SWITZERLAND. Basutoland Of To-Day. An account of the country and people of Basutoland. 245pp. illustrated b/w photos. dwgs. map. Ex library, ffep excised o/w G clean copy in reinforced d/w.Juta. Cape Town 1948.£8.00
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#14351 Anderson, Peter S. WEAPONS OF PEACE. The Story Of William And Johanna Anderson. Willian Anderson was one of the earliest missionaries sent out by the London Missionary Society. This fictionalised biography written by his great great great grandson tells of his missionary labours in South Africa from 1800 to 1852. 197pp p/b. Bookplate ffep else VG-F.Self. 1995.£8.00
#14340 Congregate of the Mariannhill Missionaries. MARIANNHILL AND ITS APOSTOLATE. Origin And Growth Of The Congregation Of The Mariannhill Missionaries. Provides a history and review of current activities of the mission in the dioceses of Marianhill, Umtata, Bulawayo / Rhodesia, & New Guinea. Also looks at expansion into Europe and the USA. Grey cb. 272pp illustrated b/w photos, maps. Bookplate ffep else a fine copy.St Joseph Mission Press 1964.£15.00
#14402 Edwards, Rev. John. REMINISCENCES OF THE EARLY LIFE AND MISSIONARY LABOURS OF THE REV. JOHN EDWARDS. Fifty Years A Weslyan Missionary In South Africa. 1832 - 1882. Facsimile of the Woolmer 1886 2nd edn. (first published by Grocott & Sherry, Grahamstown 1883). Foreword by Arthur Attwell (1988). Red cb. Prelims + 242pp + 16pp advts. portrait frontis. 12mo. Bookplate ffep. Transparent film covered, affixed to pastedowns with magic tape, else a Fine copy,Memorial Committee. Graaff-Reinet 1988.£35.00
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#14115 Jubb, R.A. ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO THE FRESHWATER FISHES Of The Zambezi River, Lake Kariba, Pungwe, Sabi, Lundi, And Limpopo Rivers. Illustrated by Hilda Jubb. Gilt dec. green cb. 171pp illustrated b/w photos, line dwgs, cold.plates, maps. 8vo indexed. Small inked-out price ffep else a near Fine copy in G+ d/w.Stuart Manning. Bulawayo 1961.£25.00
#14150 Smith, J.L.B. THE SEA FISHES OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. A comprehensive work representing a lifetime of study by the author. Gilt dec green cb. 4to. xvi + 550pp illustrated b/w / cold. dwgs. uindexed. No inscrip. f.bd shaken, spine faded, no d/w. a good clean reference copy.CNA. Cape Town 1950 1st edn.£30.00
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#14330 African National Congress. CONSTITUTIONAL GUIDELINES FOR A DEMOCRATIC SOUTH AFRICA. African National Congress Proposals - 1955 & 1988. Foreword by Dr Van Zyl Slabbert & Introduction by Dr Ian Philips. Includes The Freedom Charter. Blue wraps. 12pp stapled, tall 8vo. VG+.Institute for a Democratic Alternative for South Africa (IDASA). February 1989£10.00
#14318 Bekker, Simon. & Humphries, Richard. FROM CONTROL TO CONFUSION. The Changing Role Of Administration Boards In South Africa, 1971-1983. 22 administration boards were created during 1972/3 to administer the urban black townships implementing influx control and providing and allocating housing, taking over these functions from existing municipalities. The authors, attached to the Institute of Social & Economic Research at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, made a detailed study of these boards. 258pp softcover. ff tanned else VG+.Shuter & Shooter Pietermaritzburg & ISER Grahamstown. 1985. £19.00
#14399 Giliomee, Hermann. & Simkins, Charles. (Eds). THE AWKWARD EMBRACE. One-Party Domination And Democracy. Contributions from Yun-Han Chu, Steven Friedman, James V. Jesudason, Robert R. Kaufman, Pierre du Toit, Ruth Berins Collier, Maria Lorena Cook, Heribert Adam, Lawrence Schlemmer, Shelley Rigger, Donald B. Cruise O'Brien, and Authors. Printed wraps. xxi + 368pp. Near Fine.Tafelberg. Cape Town 1999.£25.00
#13528 Herbst, T. THE BISHO LETTERS. Author exposes the corruption within the Eastern Cape government by publishing extensive tongue-in-cheek correspondence with them revealing the same arrogance, incompetence, nepotism and racism in the public service that he challenged under apartheid rule. A4 photocopy production, unnum. Ownership inscrip. Wraps sl.soiled else VG.Self. c.1998.£15.00
#14145 Peron, Jim. DIE, THE BELOVED COUNTRY. Shows how the ANC has launched an assault on civil society and is consolidating power into the hands of the party faithful to ensure that they are not interfered with by opposition parties. 190pp p/b. No inscrip. G-VG.Amagi Books. Johannesburg (1999).£10.00
#14182 Rees, Mervyn. & Day, Chris. MULDERGATE. The Story Of The Info Scandal. This scandal exposed the secretly funded propaganda war, and in the end caused the fall of prime minister John Vorster and heir apparent Connie Mulder. Gilt on orange cb. xiv + 222pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. VG in d/w.Macmillan. Johannesburg 1980.£12.00
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#14364 Bredekamp, Henry C. & Van Den Berg, Owen. A NEW HISTORY ATLAS FOR SOUTH AFRICA. 76 different line-drawn maps, 22 of which are of direct interest vis a vis Africa especially Southern Africa. Intended for school use, nevertheless a useful tool for anyone studying local history. Printed wraps. sm.4to. VG.Edward Arnold. Cape Town 1986.£8.00
#14144 Burger, Delian, (Ed). SOUTH AFRICAN YEARBOOK 1996. Originally published as the 'South African Official Yearbook', this covers all aspects of the country in 22 chapters. Printed wraps. 542pp illustrated col.photos, maps, tables. Ex library, Near VG.£40.00
#14329 Pansegrouw, L. (Comp). SOUTH AFRICAN CROSSWORD COMPANION. The original edition of this publication which is still in publication. Softcover 342pp 8vo. Except ff toned, Fine.Unibook 1988.£10.00
#14343 South African Library. MAPS OF AFRICA. General Series No 14. Proceedings Of The Symposium On Maps Held At The South African Library, Cape Town, on 24-26 November 1988. Contributions include: Dr I.O. Norwich (Maps of Africa since 1486, & Chinese maps of Africa in the 14th & 15th centuries), C.G.C Martin (Cartograpnic communication and the epoch of the plane chart), C.D. Storrar (Fourcade's map of Devil's Peak), E. Garson (Cartophily at Wits: some additions and discoveries), D.J. Buckley (Official maps of South Africa), M.F. Cartwright (Sources of information about maps), J.C.N. Maree (The storage and preservation of maps). Printed wraps. 174pp illustrated b/w. Bookplate ffep else a near Fine copy.South African Library. Cape Town 1989.£20.00
#14315 Stewart, James. XHOSA PHRASE BOOK. (Formerly known as the "Kafir Phrase Book"). Revised & transposed into the standard Xhosa spelling by B.B. Mdledle. Buff wraps. 64pp. Wraps sound, slight insect damage.Lovedale Press. 1967.£10.00
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#14081 Berlyn, Phillippa. THE QUIET MAN. A Biography Of The Hon. Ian Douglas Smith, Prime Minister Of Rhodesia. With An Appendix On The Constitutional History Of Rhodesia By J.R. Rowland. Blue rexine bds. 256pp. portrait frontis. illustrated b/w photos. maps. VG in d/w.Collins. Salisbury 1978.£15.00
#14357 Bond, Geoffrey. REMEMBER MAZOE. The Reconstruction Of An Incident. The 1896 Mashona Rebellion, the events that led to it, and the Mazoe Patrol. Illustrated by Don Johnson. Green cb. 164pp illustrated b/w photos. dwgs. maps on eps. 8vo. Inscrip. f.pastedown. VG+ in decent d/w (spine browned, chipped top of spine, 1" tear top of front foldin).Salisbury 1973.£20.00
#14118 Cole, Barbara. THE ELITE. The Story Of The Rhodesian Special Air Service. Covers the history of the Rhodesian SAS from early days in the Western Desert during World War 2 until the decolonisation by the British in 1980. Roll of Honour. Blue cb. 449pp illustrated col.b/w photos, maps. lg.8vo. indexed. No inscrip. Spine faded, contents VG, no d/w.Three Knights. Amanzimtoti 1984.£20.00
#14151 Daly, Lt.Col. Ron Reid. SELOUS SCOUTS TOP SECRET WAR. As Told To Peter Stiff. The Scouts were the top unit in the bush war, but never received official recognition before being disbanded. Bibliography. Brown c/b 432pp. illustrated col.b/w photos. indexed. No inscrip. edges sl.foxed hence VG-F in d/w (sl.toned).Galago. Alberton 1982.£25.00
#14111 Edwards, John Steven. ZAMBEZI ODYSSEY. A Record Of Adventure On A Great River Of Africa. Author traversed 1600k of this river in a canadian canoe from the tributary Umfuli to the port of Chinde on the Indian Ocean. The history of the river, the places along its length, expand the story of an exciting expedition. Bibliography. Printed boards. 238pp illustrated col.photos, maps, etc. lg.8vo, No inscrip. Edges and feps fox else VG+.T.V. Bulpin. Cape Town (1974).£20.00
#14101 Lan, David. GUNS AND RAIN. Guerillas & Spirit Mediums In Zimbabwe. Shows how the religious leaders expanded the war of liberation to include the ancestors. This study in one key operational zone in the Zambezi valley shows that to understand the meaning of war and independance have for the people of Zimbabwe we must take into account not only the guerillas and politicians but also the mediums of the spirits of the Shona royal ancestors - the bringers of rain. xix + 244pp p/b. Small neat ownership inscrip ffep, sdp. browned, hence VG+.James Currey. London 1987.£12.00
#14102 Martin, David. & Johnson, Phyllis. THE STRUGGLE FOR ZIMBABWE. The Chimurenga War. A detailed and comprehensive account of the struggle from the guerilla point of view. Forward by Robert Mugabe. xvii + 378pp p/b. illustrated maps, b/w photos. indexed. Small neat ownership inscrip ffep, a VG copy.Ravan. Johannesburg 1981.£10.00
#14148 Ranger, Terence. PEASANT CONSCIOUSNESS AND GUERILLA WAR IN ZIMBABWE. A Comparative Study. Text is a revised version of 8 Smuts Commonwealth Lectures given at Cambridge University by Author. The book examines in detail the combined peasant guerilla ideology which grew in rural Zimbabwe and discusses the changing relations of the peasantry and the new Zimbabwean state, since the 1980 elections. Printed wraps. 377pp illustrated maps etc. Small ownership inscrip ffep else VG-F.James Currey. London 1985.£15.00
#14356 Wright, Alan. GREY GHOSTS OF BUFFALO BEND. With Illustrations By Len Curling. 35 wild life vignettes originally published in the Rhodesian 'Sunday Mail' under the pseudonym of Hodi between 1968 & 1972. Printed wraps. 136pp 8vo. Ownership inscrip inside f.wrap hence VG-F.Galaxie Press. Salisbury 1976.£30.00
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#14349 Fordyce, Bruce. COMRADES. Famous Comrades Marathon runner covers matters such as diet, gym and road training. 119pp p/b illustrated b/w photos. Bookplate inside f.wrap, covered protective plastic, VG.Flower Press. Hillbrow 1985.£7.00
#14313 Levy, Jaynee. THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO WALKS AND TRAILS IN SOUTHERN AFRICA. Covers South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, with an introduction to the subject and many useful appendices. This is the revised and updated edition. Printed bds. 352pp illustrated col.b/w photos, maps, dwgs, etc. 4to indexed. No inscrip. a VG-F copy.Struik. Cape Town 1991 2nd edition.£15.00
#14113 Thompson, J. De L. THE STORY OF RHODESIAN SPORT. Vol.I. 1889-1935. Facsimile reprint of the 1935 edition of "A History Of Sport In Southern Rhodesia 1889-1935". Contains relevant sections on cricket, soccer, rugby, athletics, cycling, tennis, squash, badminton, rifle-shooting, hockey, swimming, yachting, rowing fishing, boxing, bowls, golf, horse racing, and polo. Black cb. 423pp illustrated b/w photos. indexed. No inscrip. VG in G- d/w (rubbed & worn, 2" tear on rear).Books Of Rhodesia. Bulawayo 1976.£30.00
#14350 Uys, Ian. THE COMRADES. see Fiction listing.
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#14099 Katjavivi, Peter, H. A HISTORY OF RESISTANCE IN NAMIBIA. Author was leading SWAPO activist and academic. This book analyses the history of this territory and the political processes leading to the (then) current impasse. Handy 2-page list of acronyms. 152pp p/b illustrated b/w photos, maps. VG+.James Currey for UNESCO. London 1989.£12.00
#14324 Levinson, Olga. DIAMONDS IN THE DESERT. The Story Of August Stauch And His Times. A history of Stauch, diamonds, and South West Africa. Bibliography. Blue cb. 172pp illustrated col.b/w photos, map. etc. indexed. Inscrip ffep. a little shelfwear VG in d/w, a nice clean copy.Tafelberg. Cape Town 1983.£95.00
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#14084 Burton, Captain Sir Richard F. FIRST FOOTSTEPS IN EAST AFRICA. Facsimile reprint of the 1894 Memorial edition published by Tylston & Edwards. 2 volumes, red and gilt on brown leather, marbled eps, aeg. Mint copies, with original descriptive insert and (unused) bookplate.Time Life 1984.£35.00
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#14314 Blommaert, Prof. Dr. W., & Wiid, Professor Dr. J.A. (Eds). DIE JOERNAAL VAN DIRK GYSBERT VAN REENEN 1803. Met 'n Engelse Vertaling Deur Prof. Dr. J.L.M. Franken En Ian M. Murray. Journal of a journey to the interior of Africa, situated to the East of the Cape of Good Hope, undertaken in the year 1803 by His Honour the Governor and Commander-In-Chief J.W. Janssens, accompanied by his Aide-De-Camp, Capt. Paravicini de Capelli, the 1st Surgeon of the Squadron Light Dragoons, Passet, Mr Dirk & Van Reenen and his son Daniel Van Reenen. The full English translation is on the facing page to the Dutch. Large foldout map of route taken by Van Reenen. He trekked as far east as Fort Beaufort and as far north as Colesburg. Grey cb. vii + 322pp. illustrated foldout map. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. A VG copy.Van Riebeeck Society. First Series No.18. Cape Town 1937.£35.00
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#14342 Allen, Geoffrey & David. CLIVE'S LOST TREASURE. The salvage of the Doddington which went down off Bird Island near to Port Elizabeth in 1755. Aboard were 200 soldiers, Robert Clive's wealth of £3000 in gold coin, 36000 oz of silver in pieces of eight, and cannon sent by George II for the defence of India. This was the first British East Indiaman to have been salvaged. Tan cb. 103pp illustrated col.b/w. sm.4to. Bookplate ffep else a Fine copy in d/w.Robin Garton. London 1978.£20.00
#14341 Allen, Geoffrey & David. THE GUNS OF SACRAMENTO. The story of the tracing and salvaging of this Portuguese galleon which was driven on to the rocks off Port Elizabeth in 1647, where she broke up. Research also brought to light the astonishing account of the surviving crew members who trekked 1000 miles up the African coast to safety. Almost 40 bronze guns cast by Bocarro in Macao were recovered. Blue cb. 81pp. illustrated col & b/w photos, dwgs, map. No inscrip. bookplate ffep. o/w a Fine copy in d/w.Robin Garton. London 1978.£16.00
#14235 Bevan, David. DRUMS OF THE BIRKENHEAD. Details of the men, the ship, and the disaster of 26th February 1852. 445 people perished with the sinking of the ship off the southern coast of South Africa. Roll of Honour, etc. Red cb. xiii + 190pp illustrated b/w. 8vo. VG in d/w.Purnell. Cape Town (1972).£25.00
#14177 Edwards, Dennis. THE ANGLO-BOER WAR, 1899-1900. An Album Of Upwards Of Three Hundred Photographic Engravings. A Picture Record Of The Movements Of The British, Colonial and Boer Forces Engaged In The Conflict. Chronological summary. Gilt on pebbled maroon rexine boards. 192pp of plates + 22pp text. oblong 4to. Rebacked, a few plates show light foxing, else a very good copy.Dennis Edwards. Cape Town nd.£500.00
#14233 Labande, J.P.C., Thompson, P.S., & Henderson, Sheila. THE BUFFALO BORDER 1879. The Anglo-Zulu War In Northern Natal. Research Monograph No 6. The book provides a comprehensive account of the military operations in northern Natal in 1879. The British invasion of Zululand. The aftermath of Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift and the raids along the border are all described. Various appendices. Bibliography. Printed buff wraps. ii + 127 + xii. illustrated b/w maps, photos. indexed. VG.University of Natal. Durban 1983.
Signed by all three authors on title page.
#14392 Roberts, Brian. THOSE BLOODY WOMEN. Three Heroines Of The Boer War. Lady Sarah Wilson, Hansie Van Warmelo, & Emily Hobhouse were all involved in the Boer War, and their stories throw fresh light on the bitter colonial struggle. Bibliography. Black cb. x + 292pp. illustrated 21 b/w photos. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. prelims sl.spotty as is inside of d/w. VG+.John Murray. London 1991.£22.00
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#14367 Fossey, Dian. GORILLAS IN THE MIST. Fossey spent 13 years in a remote African rain forest with the greatest of the great apes. Extensive appendices and bibliography. Green cb. xviii + 326pp illustrated col.b/w photos, dwgs. 8vo indexed. Ownership inscrip f.pastedown else a near Fine copy in sl.rubbed d/w.Hodder & Stoughton. London 1983 1st edn.£14.00
#14362 Owens, Mark & Delia. CRY OF THE KALAHARI. Two young American graduates camp in the Kalahari Desert and spend 7 years studying the larger carnivores. Black cb. viii + 341pp. illustrated col.photos, map. Ownership inscrip f.pastedown. VG in d/w.Collins. London 1985.£18.00
#14366 Player, Ian. THE WHITE RHINO SAGA. From 1958 to 1964, the author and his team worked alongside a Zulu game guard force in the Umfolozi Game Reserve in Zululand in the protection of the white rhino. The object was to eventually translocate some of these animals to other parts of the world in order to ensure the survival of the species. Green cb. 254pp. illustrated b/w photos. No inscrip. VG+ in pc.d/w.Collins. London 1972 1st edn.£12.00
#14390 Watson, Lyall. ELEPHANTOMS. Tracking The Elephant. Part memoir, part lament, the author draws from scientific research and personal experience to document the animals wide ranging capabilities. He reminds us of its origins, its evolution and its devastation in recent history. 253pp p/b. Mint.Penguin. Johannesburg 2004.£10.00
#14375 Winchester-Gould, Dennis. CITIZENS OF THE WILDERNESS. A collection of animal stories, one each about a baboon, a buffalo, a crocodile, a leopard, a mamba snake, a giraffe, and a guinea-fowl. Illustrated by Jill Adams & Kevin Rowley. Orange cb. 253pp. Ownership inscrip f.pastedown else a near Fine copy in VG-F d/w.Ridgeback. Johannesburg 1984.£25.00
#14374 Winchester-Gould, Dennis. MUKOBA. WHERE LIONS ROARED. A Week In A Wilderness Game Lodge. Illustrated by Ginger Gray. Author gives humorous account of a week relieving the manager and running his own game lodge on the edge of the Okavango Delta in Botswana (later incorporated into the Moremi Wild Life Reserve). Includes list of species and birds. Green cb. 100pp illustrated dwgs. 8vo. Ownership inscrip f.pastedown else near Fine in d/wRidgeback. Johannesburg 1985 1st edition.£25.00


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M. Mint. F. Fine.
VG. Very Good. G. Good.
annots. annotations. bds. boards.
col. cold. colour(ed). d/w dust-wrapper.
eps endpapers. ff. leaves.
f(f)eps front (free) endpapers. fox. foxed.
illus. illustrated. o/w otherwise.
pp. pages. sl. slight.
sm. small. sp. spine
u/l underlining v. very.


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