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Africana Catalogue Q197 December 2007

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#15963 Diocesan College. DIOCESAN COLLEGE MAGAZINE. 1889-2006. Bound non-uniformly in 69 volumes. Varying condition, later issues of course Fine, early issues mainly VG but some of the early issues are 'as is' although all bindings are at least VG+. Cape Town. Familiarly known as 'Bishops', Diocesan College is the third oldest school in South Africa. This is a very representative collection with noted exceptions in the early years, of the quarterly school magazine. Includes the following issues with omissions in runs noted [thus]. The numbering system was subject to the whims of the printer for many years and for instance it will be noted that at the start of a new year volume and issue number both were sometimes incremented simultaneously thus creating apparent gaps in the run which do not in effect exist as the dates show.
Volume 1. 3.25 (1889), 5.41 (1891), 8.67 8.68 8.69 8.70 (1894), 9.94 (1897), 4.4 (1901), 501 502 (1902).
Volume 2. Special Jubilee issue 1849-1899.
Volume 3. marks the start of the main run from 6.5 (Mar 1904) 6.6 [6.7] 6.8 (Dec 1904).
Volume 4. 7.1 (Mar 1905) [7.2] 7.3 to 7.7 (Sep 1906).
Volume 5. 8.1 (Mar 1907) [8.6] [8.7] to 8.8 (Dec 1908).
Volume 6. 9.1 (Apr 1909) to 9.8 (Dec 1910).
Volume 7. 10.9 (Apr 1911) to 10.11 (Sep 1911).
Volume 8. 11.1 (Dec 1911) [11.3] [11.4] [11.13] to 11.11 (Jun 1914).
Volume 9. 12.14 (Mar 1915) to 12.21 (Dec 1916).
Volume 10. 12.22 (Mar 1917) [12.23] to 12.29 (Dec 1918).
Thereafter a full run thus:
Volume 11. 12.30 (Mar 1919) to 13.37 (Dec 1920).
to 2006 all issues as issued. We calculate 414 issues total. e&oe.

EASTERN CAPE (including all 1820 Settler related material)

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#15783 Metrowich, F.C. FRONTIER FLAMES. Yellow cb. 286pp illustrated col.b/w plates. 8vo indexed. A VG+ copy in d/w. Books of Africa. Cape Town 1968 Stories of the 1820 Settlers in the Eastern Cape, illustrated by Penny Miller.£16.00
#15872 Reynolds, Rex & Barbara. GRAHAMSTOWN FROM COTTAGE TO VILLA. South African Yesterday's Number 5. Gilt on brown cb. 109pp illustrated b/w photos. plans. etc. lg.8vo. Recased brown cb. original backstrip laid down. VG. David Philip. Cape Town 1974. ISBN 0949968293 A look at early domestic settler architecture in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape.£14.00
#15919 Southey, Joan. FOOTPRINTS IN THE KAROO. A Story Of Farming Life. Blue boards. 275pp illustrated col.b/w photos. sm.4to. No inscrip. VG in d/w. Jonathan Ball. Johannesburg 1990 1st edn. ISBN 0947464255 A look at daily life in the arid Karoo region of South Africa. Well illustrated, this looks at many farms in the area and the personages involved with them both historical and contemporary.£30.00


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#15831 Burrows, John R. THE POPULATION AND LABOUR RESOURCES OF NATAL. Natal Town And Regional Planning Reports. Volume 6. Grey cb. 210pp illustrated tables & graphs. 4to. VG in worn d/w. Pietermaritzburg 1959. A study by the Department of Economics, University of Natal.£12.00
#15921 Wylie, Dan. MYTH OF IRON. Shaka In History. Printed boards. 615pp illustrated maps. indexed. A Fine unread copy. University KZN Press. Scottsville 2006. ISBN 1869140478. An in-depth study detailing available evidence including Zulu oral testimonies that reveal a different Shaka to the conventional stereotyped myths of a blood-thirsty tyrant. We do not know when Shaka was born, when or why he was assassinated, nor even what he looked like. Nevertheless utilising oral history and reading between the lines in the sketchy and biased records available, Dan Wylie has pieced together a more likely picture of this giant in South African history from 20 years of historical research.£25.00

SOUTHERN AFRICA, GENERAL. (unclassified by area)

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#15952 Alhadeff, Vic. A NEWSPAPER HISTORY OF SOUTH AFRICA. Orange cb. 136pp illustrated b/w photos. lg.4to. No inscrip. VG. no d/w. Cape Town 1985 2nd edn. ISBN 186806008X A selection of events both large and small that captured the news headlines in South Africa from 1852 to 1981. Actual newspaper pages are reproduced alongside reprinted excerpts. Includes such articles as originally appeared on the Sand River Convention, Delville Wood, the Jameson Raid, Sharpeville, the Rivonia treason trial, the information scandal, independance for Zimbabwe, and much more.£12.00
#15799 Benyon, J.A., Cook, C.W., Davenport, T.R.H., & Hunt, K.S. (Eds). STUDIES IN LOCAL HISTORY. Essays In Honour Of Professor Winifred Maxwell. Blue cb. 107pp. photo.frontis. 8vo. G-VG in sordid d/w (insect-eaten and coffee stained). Oxford University Press. Cape Town 1976. ISBN 0195700902 Contributions include:
"Alsace and the French Nation, 1789-1871: A View from the Archives" by Geoffrey Ellis.
"A Manchester Parable" by V.A.C. Gatrell.
"Lloyd George and the Land: The issue of Site Value Rating" by Bruce K. Murray.
"Locality and Metropolis in the British Empire: A Note on some connections between the British North America Act (1867) and Gladstone's First Irish Home Rule Bill (1886)" by Deryk M. Schreuder.
"West Indian Anglican Communities seen through the eyes of two Victorian Ladies" by June Williams.
"Siting the Capital of the Central African Federation" by Richard Wood.
"The Long Arm of Small-Town Enterprise: Wood, Francis and Chapman - Grahamstown Concessionaires In The Interior, 1887-91" by Paul Maylam.
"The Glen Gray Act: Local Origins of an Abortive 'Bill for Africa'" by Ruth Edgecome.
"Uitlanders in Politics" by Andrew Duminy.
#15805 Callinicos, Luli. A PEOPLE'S HISTORY OF SOUTH AFRICA. Volume 1. Gold and Workers. 1886-1924. 112pp 4to p/b. illustrated b/w photos etc. VG. Ravan. Johannesburg 1985. ISBN 08697511190 An alternative history challenging the Eurocentric view of events, viewing the rise of the gold mining industry from a worker's perspective.£9.00
#15902 Hrbek, I. (Ed). GENERAL HISTORY OF AFRICA. III. Africa From The Seventh To The Eleventh Century. Softcover 396pp illustrated b/w maps. photos. etc. Bookplate f.pastedown else Fine in secured protective plastic cover. Abridged edition. James Currey / Unesco. California 1992. Unesco ISBN 9231025856 ISBN 0852550936 Chapters contributed by individual academic specialists in their fields form a unified history.£25.00
#15794 Lourdes, J. Garcia. (Emilio G. Lourdes. & Michael J. Philips. Editors). SOUTH AFRICA. Strength Through Diversity. Printed bds. 393pp illustrated col.photos. folio. VG+. Auge International. No.204. Bermuda 1982. A profusely illustrated and positive review of the country in the middle of the apartheid era covering all aspects of the South African economy, administrative services, and its diversity in people and geography. Similar to this publishers material on other countries, a glossy overview.£20.00


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#15877 Rosenthal, Eric. SHELTER FROM THE SPRAY. Being The True And Suprising Story Of The Brothers Frederick And Gustav Stoltenhoff, Lately Of Cape Town, Their Various Adventures On A Desert Island And Elsewhere, Their Love Affairs And Subsequent Fate. Set Down By Eric Rosenthal. Blue cb. 212pp illustrated b/w. maps on eps. indexed 8vo. G-VG in frail d/w with loss. Timmins. Cape Town 1952 1st edition. Inscribed by Author on half-title thus: "With best wishes from the author, Eric Rosenthal". The brothers were stranded on Inaccessible Island in the Southern Ocean. Nearby Stoltenhoff Island was named after them.£20.00


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#15935 Keetch, D.P. REPORT ON AN OFFICIAL VISIT TO THE PRINCIPAL PINEAPPLE PRODUCING AREAS OF AUSTRALIA AND HAWAII. 22nd July to 20th August 1977. Orange wraps. 170pp roneo production with many original photographs tipped in. tall 4to. Sound, some insect damage to wraps only. Agricultural Research Station, East London. Set in a question and answer format, to make specific information more accessible, this seems to cover all aspects of the pineapple industry. The stated object of the visit was to make contact with top pineapple growing and research organisations in Queensland and Hawaii, and to obtain information and opinions from overseas on those aspects of pineapple production being investigated in South Africa.£30.00
#15936 Van Niekerk, O.T. THE CITRUS INDUSTRY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Orange wraps. 203pp roneo production. tall 4to. VG. South African Cooperative Citrus Exchange Ltd. Pretoria 1960. Reports on a 1958 visit to the USA and makes recommendations for the local industry in the light of knowledge gained.£25.00


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#15787 Gordon-Brown, A. CHRISOPHER WEBB SMITH. An Artist At The Cape Of Good Hope 1837-1839. Gilt on maroon skivertex. xii + 102pp illustrated col.b/w plates. folio. indexed. Ownership inscrip ffep. VG in lesser d/w which shows damp stains to and around spine. Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1965. The artist produced many beautiful studies of the Cape, not only of its bird and flora life but also interesting contemporary views of the Cape. Lists paintings by the artist held in the Library of Cape Town. Reproduces some of his bird illustrations from his album of watercolour paintings in the Newton Library at Cambridge University. Author provides a biography, including details of his sojourn at the Cape from India, and a chapter on the Behar School of Athens founded by Sir Charles D'Oyly and Smith when together in Patna, Bengal.£12.00
#15751 Le Roux, Marius. THE CAPE COPPER-SMITH. A Survey Of The Copper-Smiths Who Worked At The Cape Of Good Hope From 1662 Onwards, With Particular Reference To The Materials, Tools, and Techniques They Employed. Brown cb. 160pp illustrated col.b/w 8vo. Fine in d/w. Stellenbosch Museum. 1st edition 1981. ISBN 0620042575 Illustrated with 180+ photographs this is a detailed review of the subject and includes a listing of all known copper-smiths working in the Cape by name with biographical details.£24.00
#15879 Lewcock, Ronald. EARLY NINETEENTH CENTURY ARCHITECTURE IN SOUTH AFRICA. A Study Of The Interaction Of Two Cultures 1795-1837. Gilt on blue cb. 451pp illustrated col.b/w photos & plates. 4to indexed. Bookplate ffep. The d/w is slightly worn and the protecting film has been secured to the front and rear boards with magic tape. Nevertheless, a well cared for example which has seen little use. Balkema. Cape Town 1963. Heavily illustrated, this is a detailed study of English & Dutch architecture as it evolved in South Africa. references and bibliography.£100.00
#15770 Mutloatse, Mothobi. & Masiza, Jacqui. TAUZA. BOB GOSANI'S PEOPLE. Grey cb. 116pp illustrated b/w photographs. oblong 4to. Mint. Struik. 2005. ISBN 1770071776 Bob Gosani was the celebrated DRUM photographer in the 1950s. A striking selection of published photographs with the original captions, excellent reproduction.£14.00
#15880 Pearse, G.E. EIGHTEENTH CENTURY ARCHITECTURE IN SOUTH AFRICA. Blue buckram. xi + 48pp text with 36 figs. plus 113 plates. folio. The boards and spine appear dusty, the four corners are all square but rear lower is rubbed to board in small patch. bookplate ffep. some white labels have been used to cover library stamps on front pastedown, ffep, verso, and rear ep. The contents are otherwise Fine and this is a clean copy that has seen little use. Balkema. Cape Town 1968 3rd edition. Author was A.R.I.B.A. and Professor Emeritus in Architecture at the University of the Witwatersrand. Originally published in 1933, the scholarship and the detailed plans and elevations drawn to scale distinguish this book as the definitive text on the subject.£150.00
#15867 Van Onselen, L.E. CAPE ANTIQUE FURNITURE. White cb. 83pp illustrated b/w photos. sm.4to. No inscrip, VG in G only d/w (complete, no major loss, but well rubbed, chipped, generally worn). Timmins. Cape Town 1959. No.974 of 1000. A good introductory text on the subject, many illustrations.£22.00
#15791 Welz, Stephan. AFRICAN ART AND BOOKS. Property Of Various Owners. 120pp softcover illustrated colour. VG+. Johannesburg 19 March 2003. Over 700 lots with descriptions and photographs of many fine pieces.£30.00


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#15964 Humphreys, A.J.B. & Thackeray, Anne I. GHAAP & GARIEP. Later Stone Age Studies In The Northern Cape. The South African Archaeological Series No.2. Bound with original wraps green vynide. 328pp illustrated Bookplate else Fine. South African Archaeological Society. ISBN 0620072202 £30.00
#15967 South African Archaelogical Society THE SOUTH AFRICAN ARCHAEOLOGICAL BULLETIN. 1995-2002. Bound 4 volumes, some green and some blue vynide. Fine. Volumes 50 to 57.£160.00
#15966 South African Archaelogical Society. THE DIGGING STICK. Bound 2 volumes green vynide. Fine. SAAS. 1995-2002. This was the membership magazine issued by the society as part of paid membership.
Vols 12.1 to 19.3 - a full run except Vol.15 - 21 issues.
#15965 South African Archaeological Society. GOODWIN SERIES. Volumes 1-3 and 5-8. Bound 2 volumes green vynide. Bookplate else Fine. SACS. 1972-2000. No.1. The Interpretation Of Archaeological Evidence.
No.2. Progress In Later Cenozoic Studies In South Africa.
No.3. Iron Age Studies In Southern Africa.
No.5. Prehistoric Pasturalism In Southern Africa.
No.6. Goodwin's Legacy.
No.7. Historic Archaeology In The Western Cape.
No.8. African Naissance: The Limpopo Valley 1000 Years Ago.


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#15938 Backer, A.P., Killick, D.J.B. & Edwards, D. A PLANT ECOLOGICAL BIBLIOGRAPHY AND THESAURUS FOR SOUTHERN AFRICA UP TO 1975. Memoirs Of The Botanical Survey Of South Africa No.52. Printed wraps. 216pp tall 4to. VG. Botanical Research Institute 1986. ISBN 0621088714 £20.00
#15939 Backer, A.P., Killick, D.J.B. & Edwards, D. A PLANT ECOLOGICAL BIBLIOGRAPHY AND THESAURUS FOR SOUTHERN AFRICA UP TO 1975. Memoirs Of The Botanical Survey Of South Africa No.52. Printed wraps. 216pp tall 4to. VG. Botanical Research Institute 1986. ISBN 0621088714 £20.00
#15968 Botanical Society. VELD & FLORA. Bound 4 volumes brown vynide. Bookplate else Fine. Botanical Society of South Africa. The quarterly membership magazine. Volumes 76.1 (1990) to 87.4 (2001). Vols. 88.1 88.2 88.3 (2002) supplied loose. 51 issues total e&oe.£195.00
#15756 Breitenbach, F. von. SOUTHERN CAPE FORESTS AND TREES. A Guide. Green cb. 328pp illustrated b/w dwgs, photos. etc. lg.4to. Covered in protective film else VG+. The Government Printer. Pretoria 1974. ISBN 0621005967 A detailed survey of the forests covering of course the forests per se, the trees forming them, and also looking at the plants & animals inhabiting them including birds, snakes, mammals, ferns, grasses, herbs, shrubs, lianes, & epiphytes. Prepared by the Forestry Department. Includes a tree-list, a leaf-key, as well as detailed descriptions of all species.£30.00
#15766 Eliovsen, Sima. PROTEAS FOR PLEASURE. How To Grow And Identify Them. Green cb. 228pp illustrated col.photos In general appearance and content VG+ but the d/w is sealed down to the boards with adhesive protective film. Contents as new. Cape Town 1965. 5th edn 1979. ISBN 0869540068 A revised and updated edition with excellent photographs and definitive information for the horticulturist.£12.00
#15767 Fox, Francis William. & Young, Marion Emma Norwood. FOOD FROM THE VELD. Edible Wild Plants Of Southern Africa Botanically Identified And Described. Terracotta boards. 400pp illustrated b/w photos & line dwgs. 4to. VG in d/w. Delta. Johannesburg 1982. ISBN 0908387202 Sponsored by the South African Medical Research Institute this describes over a thousand plants known to be eaten in Southern Africa from fruits to herbs to roots. Each plant is botanically identified and described, but further there is information on which parts of the plant are eaten with the basic method of preparation. The definitive work on this subject.£40.00
#15832 Galpin, Ernest E. BOTANICAL SURVEY OF THE SPRINGBOK FLATS. Transvaal. Botanical Survey Of South Africa Memoir No.12. Grey printed wraps. stapled production, 100pp illustrated b/w. VG. Department of Agriculture. Pretoria 1926. This surveys an area to the east and south of Warmbaths, Nylstroom, and Naboomspruit.£12.00
#15833 Heldberg, Inga & Olov. CONSERVATION OF VEGETATION IN AFRICA SOUTH OF THE SAHARA. Acta Phytogeographica Suecica 54. Green wraps. 320pp illustrated b/w. Ex university library with some stamps, generally near VG. Uppsala 1968. Proceedings Of A Symposium Held At The 6th Plenary Meeting Of The "Association Pour l'Etude Taxanomique De La Flora d'Afrique Tropicale" (A.E.T.F.A.T.) In Uppsala, Sept. 12th-16th, 1966. Includes a substantial number of papers on South and Southern Africa within the sub-saharan region and inclusive of Madagascar.£20.00
#15834 Leuschner, K. & Manthe, C.S. DROUGHT-TOLERANT CROPS FOR SOUTHERN AFRICA. Proceedings Of The SADC/ICRISAT Regional Sorghum And Pearl Millet Workshop, 25-29 July 1994, Gaberone, Botswana. Printed wraps. 358pp. Ex university library with some stamps, still VG-F. International Crops Research Institute For The Semi-Arid Tropics. Patancheru 1996. ISBN 9290663103 Contributions from individual academic researchers in this field.£20.00
#15755 Lucas, Annabelle. & Pike, Barbara. WILD FLOWERS OF THE WITWATERSRAND. Printed white cb. 111pp illustrated b/w.cold.dwgs. 4to. Ownership inscrip top title page else VG in G+ d/w (worn but no loss). Purnell. Cape Town 1971. ISBN 036000122X Deals with the more common species of the smaller flowers of the Witwatersrand in the families Monocotyledonae and Dicotyledonae, mostly illustrated life size. £15.00
#15763 Mason, Hilda. & Du Plessis, Enid. WESTERN CAPE SANDVELD FLOWERS. Terracotta cb. 203pp with 85 full-page cold.plates VG+ in lesser d/w (entire, clean, no loss, but rubbed and with faded spine). Struik. Cape Town 1st edition 1972. ISBN 0869770152 The sandveld is that strip of Western Cape coast running from Blouberg to Elands Bay, thus encompassing both Saldhana Bay and St Helena Bay, and these flowers carpet the veld especially during spring and early summer.£30.00
#15752 Palmer, Eve. & Pitman, Norah. TREES OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Covering All Known Indigenous Species In The Republic Of South Africa, South-West Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, & Swaziland in 3 volumes. Maroon cb or. 2235pp illustrated col.b/w photos. dwgs. etc. 4t0. indexed. No inscrip. The dustwrappers are all complete, sello from protecting plastic has marked the boards. text unmarked and excellent. notwithstanding faults a VG+ set, each volume in original G+ d/w (some slight tears as usual due to the soft paper used). Balkema. Cape Town 1972/1973. ISBN 0869610333 3 volume standard work from which other lesser works are derived.£195.00
#15860 Rennie, John V.L. ON THE FLORA OF A HIGH MOUNTAIN IN SOUTH-WEST AFRICA. Reprint From The Transactions Of The Royal Society Of South Africa. Vol.XXIII Part III. 6pp & 1 plate in card wraps. Cape Town 1935. Refers to the Auas mountains in Damaraland, where traces of Cape flora remain at certain altitudes and rainfall levels.£13.00
#15759 Rice, Elsie Garrett. & Compton, Robert Harold. WILD FLOWERS OF THE CAPE OF GOOD HOPE. 24pp + 250 full page cold.plates + vi. 4to. Except sello stains to pastedowns a VG+ copy in VG d/w. The Botanical Society Of South Africa. Newlands. nd. c.1950. Includes the 1976 addendum on specific name changes for this book, as prepared by the Compton Herbarium, affixed ffep. A particularly nice clean example of this text.£25.00
#15768 Rousseau, Frank. THE PROTEACEAE OF SOUTH AFRICA. Yellow cb. xvi + 110pp illustrated col.photos. 4to indexed. Ownership stamp, sello stains to eps else VG in d/w. Purnell. Cape Town 1976. ISBN 0360001068 A well-illustrated standard work on the subject. Includes many species normally found only in remote locations and not cultivated domestically. Compared to the book by Sima Eliovson, which features mostly photographs of obviously cut-flower arrangements and which delineate the flower heads in detail, the great majority of photographs in this volume are taken of protea in their natural habitat and mostly show a fuller view of the whole plant.£15.00
#15764 Schelpe, E.A.C.L.E. INTRODUCTION TO THE SOUTH AFRICAN ORCHIDS. Black cb. 109pp illustrated col.photos & b/w line drawings. 4to. Title page spotty, sello marks to pastedowns and d/w foldins, hence G+. Macdonald. London 1966. Publication commemorates the centenary of the Bolus Herbarium at UCT. A concise volume that illustrates at least one specie of over 80% of the 54 orchid genera recorded in South Africa with an included key to all genera enabling identification by the amatuer botanist to at least genera level.£25.00
#15765 Smith, Christo Albertyn. COMMON NAMES OF SOUTH AFRICAN PLANTS. Botanical Survey Memoir No.35. Green imit. leather, 642pp 8vo. A Very Good copy, user has added on alphabetical tabs to foredge for handy access. Department Of Agricultural Technical Services. Botanical Research Institute Pretoria 1966. A listing by common name of South African plants, especially with relation to historical useage, linking them to correct scientific names. Includes index linking scientific names to the vernacular, addenda etc.£38.00
#15753 Vogts, Marie. SOUTH AFRICA'S PROTEACEAE. Know Them And Grow Them. Grey cb. 240pp illustrated col.photos. 4to. Some shelfwear, VG+ in d/w (protected with plastic film). Struik. Cape Town 1982 1st edition thus. ISBN 0869771167. Profusely illustrated this edition should not be confused with the earlier 1958 edition. This one is the preferred edition by far with photographs by Colin Paterson-Jones.£40.00


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#15925 Accone, Darryl. ALL UNDER HEAVEN. 283pp softcover illustrated b/w photos. No inscrip, Fine. David Philip. Claremont 2004. ISBN 0864866488 The story of a Chinese family in South Africa from the early 20thC when they came to work up to the very present. Once classified "non-white", then "honorary white", the black majority government now discriminates against them as "not previously disadvantaged"! Author is in fact Chinese, writing under his acquired european name, possibly given to the family on immigration.£10.00
#15891 Dixon, Glen. (as told to Anthony Mockler). HOSTAGE. Grey cb. 189pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. Bookplate ffep else fine in secured protected d/w. Galago. Alberton 1986 1st edn thus. ISBN 0947020209 The epic 1000km march of Glen Dixon ... hostage of UNITA. Firsthand account by mining engineer Glen Dixon who was taken hostage along with his Filipino crew, including two other Britons and three Americans, during a UNITA attack on the mining town of Cafunfo in Angola. They were finally released to South Africa 75 days later£15.00
#15892 D'Oliveira, John. VORSTER - THE MAN. Green boards. 292pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. Bookplate ffep else near Fine in secured protected d/w. Stanton. Johannesburg 1977. ISBN 094999734X Signed by Author on dedication page. A biography compiled from much original source material, and with the biographee's cooperation.£20.00
#15933 Forbes, David. (Captain). MY LIFE IN SOUTH AFRICA. A Narrative Of 70 Year's Pioneering In Mid-East Africa. Blue cb. 251pp. cold.frontis. illustrated 16 b/w plates. A sound copy but boards soiled and unattractive. No inscrip. Witherby. London 1938. Personal experiences of hunting, the Zulu War, the Boer War of 1880, the Mapoch War, the Boer War 1899-1902. Author was farming in Swaziland.£55.00
#15773 Kuttel, M. QUADRILLES AND KONFYT. The Life And Journal Of Hildagonda Duckitt. Grey cb. iv + 112pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo indexed. Good in d/w. Maskew Miller. Cape Town 1954. Otherwise regarded as the South African Mrs Beeton, her story covers Victorian years at the Cape. Interesting chapter on life on the diamond fields. Genealogy table.£6.00
#15750 Maartens, Maretha. MARIKE. A Journey Through Summer And Winter. 216pp p/b. Xmas gift inscrip ffep else Fine. Carpe Diem. Vanderbijl Park 1998. ISBN 1919719342 The biography of Marike de Klerk, wife of former president of South Africa W. De Klerk, who was later divorced by him and subsequently tragically murdered by a security guard at the town-house complex where she lived.£6.00
#15830 Malan, Rian. MY TRAITOR'S HEART Blood And Bad Dreams: A South African Explores The Madness In His Country, His Tribe, And Himself. 425pp p/b. G-VG. Vintage. London 1991. ISBN 0099749009 Author was a son of D.F. Malan, former prime minister of South Africa and creator of the ideology of apartheid. Returning home from exile he has to face his Malan-ness and reconcile his family history with his conscience.£6.00
#15930 M.N. UNTO CHILDREN'S CHILDREN. Lives And Letters Of The Parents Of The Home At Graaff Reinet, With Short Sketches Of The Life Of Each Of The Children And A Register. For Private Circulation Only. Maroon cb. 140pp 8vo illustrated b/w plates. Good only, unattractive, one plate loose. Self. A history of the Murray family. Rev. Andrew Murray from Aberdeenshire came to the Cape with the London Missionary Society in 1822 aboard the 'Arethusa' and was appointed minister of Graaff Reinet.£60.00
#15896 Ndereyimana, Joseph. (as told to Carolyn Neville). WALK THIS WAY. The Story Of A Rwandan Refugee. Printed wraps. 133pp. Bookplate f.pastedown. VG-F. Neville. Cape Town 1999. ISBN 0620236051 The journey of the author aged nineteen fleeing from the Rwandan genocide to Zaire, across Lake Tanganyika into Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, and finally South Africa.£14.00
#15932 Pama, C. BRITISH FAMILIES IN SOUTH AFRICA. Their Surnames And Origins. Printed bds. 192pp illustrated line dwgs. Boards lightly rubbed hence VG-F. Human & Rousseau. Cape Town 1992. ISBN 0798129573 Listing of more than 1100 surnames linking them to the first immigrants that bore them, also many coats of arms, bibliography.£15.00
#15931 Ralls, Alice M. & Gordon, Ruth. DAUGHTER OF YESTERDAY. A Pioneer Child Looks Back At Early Johannesburg. Orange cb. 69pp illustrated b/w dwgs. No inscrip. VG in G-VG d/w (no loss, faded around spine). Timmins. Cape Town 1975 ISBN 0869781030 Author was descended from Henry Ulyate, 1820 Settler. The first two chapters cover early childhood in the Eastern Cape and Karoo.£12.00
#15782 Rosenthal, Eric. MEMORIES & SKETCHES. The Autobiography Of Eric Rosenthal. 218pp. illustrated b/w photos + dwgs. No inscrip. VG+ in VG d/w. Johannesburg. 1979 1st edn. ISBN 0949937614 One of the SABC's favourite radio personalities and a prolific author on local historical matters. Originally qualified as an attorney he soon launched into journalism. The book is illustrated with his sketches.£15.00
#15802 Steinberg, Jonny. THE NUMBER. One Man's Search For Identity In The Cape Underworld And Prison Gangs. Printed wraps. 427pp 8vo. Fine. Jonathan Ball. Johannesburg 2004. ISBN 1868422504 The story of Magadien Wentzel, a 43-year old member of the 28s, South Africa's oldest and most reviled prison gang. Not just the story of one man but a whole look inside the prison and gang systems.£20.00
#15837 Westwater, Judy. STREET KID. One Child's Desperate Fight For Survival. 265pp p/b 8vo/ Near Fine. Harper Element. London 2006. ISBN 0007222009 Her own father kidnapped her and brought her to South Africa. His extreme cruelty led her to run away and join Wilkie's circus. In later life she founded the Pegasus Children's Trust which is dedicated to helping abused children learn basic reading and writing skills and thus to learn self-respect and become whole again.£6.00


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#15824 Beazley, Mitchell. (Ed). JOHN PLATTER'S SOUTH AFRICAN WINE GUIDE 96. Black vynide boards. 315pp. Fine in d/w. Reed. London 1995. ISBN 0857328159 South Africa's definitive wine guide.£20.00
#15863 Kirstein, Christa. BEST SOUTH AFRICAN BRAAI RECIPES. 96pp softcover 4to. No inscrip. no stains, G-VG. Struik. Cape Town 1987. ISBN 0869773488 Complete guide to 'barbeques' the South African way.£8.00
#15828 Platter, Erica. (Ed). JOHN PLATTER'S SOUTH AFRICAN WINE GUIDE. 1990. Maroon vynide boards. 300pp. VG. Platter. Somerset West 1990. ISBN 0620140046 South Africa's definitive wine guide.£20.00
#15826 Platter, Erica. (Ed). JOHN PLATTER. SOUTH AFRICAN WINES. 1997. Cellars. Vineyards, Winemakers, Restaurants. Terracotta boards. 308pp. Fine. Platter. Stellenbosch 1997. ISBN 0958389837 South Africa's definitive wine guide.£20.00
#15825 Platter, Erica. (Ed). JOHN PLATTER'S SOUTH AFRICAN WINE GUIDE. 1986. Blue vynide boards. 215pp. VG+. John Platter. Stellenbosch 1986. ISBN 0620089946 South Africa's definitive wine guide.£20.00
#15866 Rootschtain, Gloria. COOKING WITH A CONNOISSEUR. Terracotta cb. 401pp illustrated col,photos. 4to. d/w attached pastedowns else VG+ in d/w (covered in protective film, creased along top front edge, repaired tear top rear, still no loss). despite listed faults an attractive copy. Jonathan Ball. Johannesburg 1981. ISBN 0868500267 Inscribed by author ffep thus: "Inscribed by the author for Beryl Dowdle. With warmest best wishes for every success - every time! Affectionately, Gloria Rootschtain. Johannesburg, September 1983".£20.00
#15861 Rosen, Myrna. COOKING WITH MYRNA ROSEN. Printed bds. 192pp illustrated col.photos. 4to. indexed. No inscrip. G-VG in d/w. clean, not a kitchen copy, but showing wear. Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1982. ISBN 086978157X Family recipes from 3 generations, plus international cuisine, from a South African Jewish housewife.£16.00
#15862 Rosen, Myrna. THE NEW MYRNA ROSEN COOKBOOK. Glossy printed boards. 184pp 4to. No inscrip. VG, very clean, a little rubbed but not a kitchen copy. Don Nelson. Cape Town 1986. ISBN 1868060187 A collection of over 300 recipes. Now living in the USA the author updates her book to reflect new styles and new ingredients.£20.00
#15754 Van Wyk, Magdaleen. THE COMPLETE SOUTH AFRICAN COOKBOOK. Printed bds 367pp h/b. illustrated col.b/w lg.8vo. near VG. CNA 1990. ISBN 0620043563 A standard South African cookery book with some 650 recipes to suit local tastes and a simple to follow format, this title has remained in print for over 20 years.£6.00
#15827 Van Zyl, Philip. (Ed). JOHN PLATTER. SOUTH AFRICAN WINES. 2003. The Guide To Cellars, Vineyards, Winemakers, Restaurants And Accomodation. Silver boards. 520pp. One spot top edge else Fine. Andrew McDowall. Hermanus 2003. ISBN 0958450617 South Africa's definitive wine guide.£20.00
#15878 Van Zyl, Philip. (Ed). JOHN PLATTER. SOUTH AFRICAN WINES. 2003. The Guide To Cellars, Vineyards, Winemakers, Restaurants And Accomodation. Peach boards. 508pp. Fine. Andrew McDowall. Hermanus 2003. ISBN 0958389896 South Africa's definitive wine guide.£20.00


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#15836 Holland, Heidi. THE COLOUR OF MURDER. One Family's Horror Exposes A Nation's Anguish. Printed wraps. 227pp illustrated b/w photos. VG+. Penguin. Rosebank 2006. ISBN 0143025120 On 22nd March 2002 Beverley Van Schoor was murdered by an assassin hired by her 22-year old daughter Sabrina. Sabrina was the daughter of Louis & Beverley Van Schoor. Louis Van Schoor ran a private security firm in Port Elizabeth. He boasted of shooting more than a hundred people. Suspected of killing 39 he was eventually convicted and imprisoned. Author investigates the family and the nation, asking the question "Where does racism reside now that the language used to signpost it has changed?".£10.00
#15829 Pistorius. Micki. FATAL FEMALES. Women Who Kill. Printed wraps. 298pp illustrated b/w photos. VG+. Penguin. Rosebank 2004. ISBN 014302440X Investigative psychologist and former police profiler examines the minds and motives of women who kill. Illustrated with cases from South African records including Daisy de Melker, Marlene Lehnberg, Sonjia Swanepoel, Louisa Chatburn, Maria Lee, Maria Groesbeek, Margaret Rheeder, Nina Olivier, Charlene Philips, and many more.£8.00


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#15818 Anderson, M.C., Kossick, S.G., & Pereira, E. (Eds). A NEW UNIVERSITY ANTHOLOGY OF ENGLISH POETRY. Printed wraps. 290pp 8vo. VG-F. Oxford University Press. Cape Town 2001. ISBN 0195708733 Although a general anthology from Chaucer to date, there is a large selection from 20th century african poets.£12.00
#15814 Butler, Guy. CAPE CHARADE. Or Kaatjie Kekkelbek. Wraps. ix + 94pp illustrated b/w. Ownership inscrip o/w G-VG. Balkema. Cape Town 1968. A play around Andrew Geddes Bain (South Africa's famed road-builder) that takes place during the construction of Bain's Kloof Pass during 1853. First performed in Grahamstown at the Rhodes University Theatre on 4th September 1967. The Albany Series. Signed by Guy Butler on title page.£25.00
#15820 Butler, Guy. DEMEA. A Play. Printed wraps. 85pp 8vo. VG+. David Philip. Claremont 1990. ISBN 0864861699 First performed at the 1990 Grahamstown Festival this is an allegory of the South African political situation during the Verwoerd years£5.00
#15865 Cope, Jack. ALBINO. Terracotta cb. 309pp 8vo. Erased pencil inscrip ffep only, VG in d/w (a little worn at head and tail of spine, no tears, chips or loss). If lacking the crispness of a higher condition rating, an attractive copy all the same. Heinemann. London 1964 1st edition. Author's fourth novel.£15.00
#15823 Dasgupta, Probal (Ed). LANGUAGE PROBLEMS & LANGUAGE PLANNING. Volume 22. No.3. Printed wraps. VG+. John Benjamins. Amsterdam. This issues contains an article "Language Policy In The SANDF" (South African National Defence Force) by Vivien de Klerk & Gary Barkhuizen of Rhodes University, Grahamstown, and another "Linguistic Cohabitation: Frenglish In The Mauritius Press" by William F.S. Miles.£12.00
#15950 Downie, Doug. CAT CAME BACK And Other Stories. 229pp p/b. Fine. Self. 2007. Author spent most of his life in the US, a hobo working at various times as gardener, taxi driver, carpenter, and general itinerant worker. Finally turning this around he now resides in cloistered academia. His stories, rooted in his past experiences, are in the genre of a man-on-the-road. Tragic-comic tales of futility, hope, and survival. Some stories in this collection were previously published in the USA.£12.00
#15745 Greenberg, Louis. THE BEGGARS' SIGNWRITERS. 184pp p/b. No inscrip. complimentary review copy with label from publisher to ffep else Fine. Umuzi. 2006. ISBN 1415200114 Set in the cosmopolitan suburb of Melville in modern Johannesburg, the author recounts intertwined lives lived jointly and singly.£10.00
#15781 Joubert, Elsa. DIE VERSTE REIS. Green cb. 159pp illustrated line dwgs. 8vo. VG-F in VG+ d/w. an exceptionally clean attractive copy of this unusual item. Dagbreek. Johannesburg 1959. The author writes of a trip in Europe through Spain, France, Switzerland, and Italy. Author's second published book, difficult to find, likely impossible in this near-Fine condition.£40.00
#15951 Reader's Digest. THE BEST OF SOUTH AFRICAN SHORT STORIES. Over Seventy Illustrated Stories Of Our Land And Its People. Printed bds. 480pp. illustrated photos and dwgs. 200w x 300h. indexed. VG+. RDA. Cape Town 1991. ISBN 09470008764 £15.00
#15822 Turkington, Kate. THERE'S MORE TO LIFE THAN SURFACE. 277pp p/b. Inscrip ffep else VG. Penguin. Parktown 1998. ISBN 0140267549 Author, a confessed cynic and non believer, shares the the experiences of her spiritual journey that lead to acknowledging "the interconnectedness of all things."£6.00
#15934 Vaughan, Iris. THE DIARY OF IRIS VAUGHAN. Plum cb. 62pp. illustrated b/w dwgs. 8vo. An attractive copy, the d/w however has stuck to the lower front board due to damp - although this defect is not apparent on first inspection. sadly classified as G only. Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1984 rpt. ISBN 0869781278 The humorous diary of a young girl living in the Eastern Cape in the early years of the 20th century. Originally printed in serial form in "The Outspan" this is a staunch South African favourite.£8.00
#15940 Vaughan, Iris. THE DIARY OF IRIS VAUGHAN. Blue cb. 62pp. illustrated b/w dwgs. 8vo. G-VG in d/w. Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1973 rpt. ISBN 0869781278 The humorous diary of a young girl living in the Eastern Cape in the early years of the 20th century. Originally printed in serial form in "The Outspan" this is a staunch South African favourite.£8.00
#15742 Gilbert, Zoe. THE SOUTH AFRICAN GARDEN MONTH BY MONTH. Printed bds. 127pp. beautifully illustrated col.photos and dwgs. map. lg.4to. No inscrip. F. As new. CNA. Jhb 1987 3rd imp. Month by month guidance for the gardener, based on the weather conditions that prevail in different parts of the country.£12.00


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#15740 Reader's Digest. YOUR GARDENING QUESTIONS ANSWERED. A Practical Guide For The South African Gardener. Printed boards, 384pp illustrated colour photos etc. sm.4to. No inscrip. Fine. Reader's Digest. 1st edition Cape Town 1995. ISBN 0947008543 An easy guide tailored for local conditions.£20.00
#15741 Reader's Digest. YOUR GARDENING QUESTIONS ANSWERED. A Practical Guide For The South African Gardener. Printed boards, 384pp illustrated colour photos etc. sm.4to. No inscrip. VG+. Reader's Digest. 1st edition Cape Town 1989. ISBN 0947008543 An easy guide tailored for local conditions.£15.00


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#15876 Du Toit, Alex L. GEOLOGY OF SOUTH AFRICA. (S.H. Haughton. Ed). With 41 Plates, 73 Text-Figures, And A Geological Map. Maroon cb. xiv + 611pp. 8vo. New eps. VG+. Oliver & Boyd. London 1954. 3rd edition revised and enlarged. Originally published in 1926 this classic text was the standard work for many years, and Du Toit is regarded as the father of modern South African geology.£25.00


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#15885 Arkin, Marcus. ONE PEOPLE, ONE DESTINY. Some Explorations In Jewish Affairs. Printed boards. 363pp. Bookplate ffep. VG+ with secured protected d/w. Owen Burgess. Hillcrest 1989. ISBN 0947446133 Author was previously Director-General of the South African Zionist Federation and his book espouses a zionist view of history and matters Jewish in the South African context.£45.00
#15913 Casper, B.M. A GUIDE TO ROSH HASHANA & YOM KIPPUR. Yellow 84pp stapled booklet illustrated b/w photos. Bookplate, VG. 2nd enlarged edition nd. Bernard Casper was formerly Chief Rabbi of South Africa.£6.00
#15884 Feldman, Leibl. OUDTSHOORN. JERUSALEM OF AFRICA. Edited By Joseph Sherman. Translated By Lilian Dubb And Sheila Barkusky. Historical Notes And Commentary By John Simon. Gilt dec green simulated leather. 206pp 8vo. Bookplate hence Fine only. Friends Of The Library. Univerity of The Witwatersrand, Johannesburg 1989. ISBN 1868141292 Translated from the original Yiddish manuscript this describes a unique immigrant community which flourished in the Little Karoo town as long as the ostrich feather industry prospered. Most of these immigrants were from Kelm and Shavel in Lithuania. Numbered copy No.86 of 250.£125.00
#15898 Goldman, Arthur. (Ed). MORE THAN FUN AND GAMES. A Maccabi Miscellany. Blue cb. 159pp 8vo. Bookplate title page (which appears to serve as the ffep also) else VG+ in secured protected d/w (lighly rubbed but no tears, no chips, no loss). S.A. Maccabi Council. Johannesburg (1972). Jewish writings past and present with a sporting theme. Part 2 of the book lists ten South African maccabi 'greats' including Syd Nomis (rugby), Ali Bacher (cricket), and Abe Segal (tennis).£10.00
#15886 Sachs, Bernard. THE FORDSBURG-MAYFAIR HEBREW CONGREGATION 1893-1964. Blue cb. 273pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. Bookplate ffep. VG+ in G d/w (clean, small triangular loss lower front, spine faded, in secured protected d/w). Fordsburg-Mayfair Hebrew Congregation. Elul 5731. A record over 71 years of one of the earliest South African Jewish congregations in Johannesburg.£20.00
#15882 Saron, Gustav. & Hotz, Louis. THE JEWS IN SOUTH AFRICA. A History. xvii + 422pp illustrated b/w, foldout map at rear. 8vo. Bookplate ffep. exceptionally clean and sound copy in protected d/w (spine sunned, no loss or tears or chips). Oxford University Press. London 1955. The growth and development of South African Jewry from the earliest days until about 1910 including the contributions made in both the political and economic spheres.£25.00
#15881 Sherman, Joseph. (Ed). FROM A LAND FAR OFF. South African Yiddish Stories In English Translation. Green cb. 209pp 8vo. Bookplate ffep else VG-F in secured protected d/w. Jewish Publications. Cape Town 1987. ISBN 0799210803 Twenty seven stories by 14 authors. There is a brief biography of each author.£20.00


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#15798 Green, Lawrence G. A GIANT IN HIDING. The Life Story of Frank Armstrong Wightman - Cable Operator, Sailor, Naturalist, Author, Archaeologist and Hermit. Printed bds. 220pp illustrated b/w photos, maps on eps. 8vo. G in d/w. clean but used. Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1970. 1st edition. Wightman built and sailed his 34-foot yawl Wylo from the US to South Africa which he finally anchored in Saldahana Bay and lived for more than 20 years. In his youth he sailed on the barque Birkdale. Green was enamoured of this man who was in effect a lone soul preferring to stay away from the company of others, and wrote this rather hagiographic biography glamourising the lone, a view which was not shared by others close to him.£10.00
#15819 Green, Lawrence G. WHERE MEN STILL DREAM. The Life And Memories, Travels And Encounters Of A South African Writer. Brown boards. 228pp illustrated b/w photos. maps on eps. 8vo indexed. VG in d/w (lightly rubbed & worn but no loss or tears). Timmins. Cape Town 1975 rpt. ISBN 0869781162 An autobiographical account of the Authors life to age 40. Covers time spent in Tristan da Cunha, Madagascar, Kalahari desert, Belgian Congo, other travels and his service in the SAAF.£12.00


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#15775 Levy, Andrew. UNFAIR DISMISSAL. A Guide For South African Management. Softcover 139pp 8vo. VG. Divaris Steyn. Johannesburg 1984. ISBN 0620072849 Uses flow charts and case studies to guide the reader around the pitfalls of this thorny issue.£15.00


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#15776 Ilusorio, Mariel. A LIVE CONCERT. PAL format DVD. Mint. Renowned Filipina pianist Mariel Ilusorio's concert at the Guy Butler Auditorium, 1820 Settlers Monument, Grahamstown, May 7th 2007. The following works were performed. Schubert - Sonata in A major, Op.post. 120, D664.: Chopin - Ballade No.3 in A-flat major, Op.47.: Buencamino - Mayon Fantasia de Concierto: Walwyn - Rumba Caliente: Schumann - Fantasy in C major, Op.17.£15.00
#15779 Ilusorio, Mariel. MARIEL ILUSORIO. Piano. Music CD. Mint, sealed. Hannover 2003. Internationally renowned Filipino concert pianist performs a selection of 21 works from J.S. Bach, F. Schubert, & C. Debussy.£10.00


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#15856 Anglo American Corporation Of South Africa. OPTIMA. Bound nineteen volumes total, red vynide with last 7 issues loose. Fine. AACSA. Anglo's glossy 'quarterly' as issued free to shareholders. Gives details of Anglo's mining activities worldwide as well as its more human face as reflected in its personnel and areas of corporate social responsibility.
Believed a full run of OPTIMA proper from Vol.25 (1975) to Vol.53.1. With varying numbers of issues per year and an idiosyncratic numbering system this is difficult to assess, but we count 82 issues, excluding the special editions noted, as follows. Vols.25-32 4 issues each, Vol.38 3 issues, Vols.39-43 2 issues each, Vol.44 3 issues, Vol.45 2 issues, Vol.46 1 issue, Vol.47 2 issues, Vols.48-49 1 issue each. 50-1 to 53-1 7 loose issues. Also 3 special editions on AACSA & De Beers Chairman's fund and AACSA Corporate Social Investment In SA, (June 1963, September 1971, July 1997), bound one volume.
#15853 Anglo American Corporation. (Harry & Nicholas Oppenheimer, Gavin Relly, Julian Ogilvie Thompson). ANGLO AMERICAN CHAIRMANS ADDRESSES. 1979-1990. 16 booklets bound one small volume red vynide. Fine. 1. Harry Oppenheimer. Opening address to the 50th anniversary conference of The South African Institute Of Race Relations. "Towards A More Just Racial Order In South Africa". Johannesburg 1979.
2. Nicholas Oppenheimer. Address to the Financial Mail conference 'Investment in 1980'. "Investment In South Africa Today And Tomorrow". Johannesburg 1979.
3. Gavin Relly. Address to the South Africa Club. "Reform And Reaction In South Africa". London 1981.
4. Julian Ogilvie Thompson. Address to the 12th congress of The Council Of Mining And Metallurgical Institutions. "The International Diamond Industry". Johannesburg 1982.
5. Harry Oppenheimer. Address to the Chicago Council On Foreign Relations. "Political And Economic Change In South Africa". 1983.
6. Gavin Relly. Address to the Free Market Foundation. "Influx Control And Economic Growth". Cape Town 1983.
7. Harry Oppenheimer. An address to the governors of The Foreign Policy Association. "Apartheid Under Pressure". New York 1984.
8. Gavin Relly. An address by Mr Gavin W.H. Relly, chairman of Anglo American Corporation Of South Africa, on the occasion of the graduation ceremony of the University of Cape Town. June 1985.
9. Gavin Relly. An address given in Canberra. "Light On A Dark Continent". 1985.
10. An address given to The South Africa - British Trade Association. (SABRITA). "The Perversity Of Sanctions". Johannesburg 1986.
11. Julian Ogilvie Thompson. Address given by the chairman of De Beers at the graduation ceremony of the University of Cape Town's faculties of commerce and engineering. "Free Enterprise Opportunity For All". December 1980.
12. Gavin Relly. Address by the chairman of the Anglo American Corporation of South Africa at The Hague, Netherlands. "Towards A Non-Racial Democracy In South Africa". 1987.
13. Nicholas Oppenheimer. Address by the chairman of the Central Selling Organisation at the 24th World Diamond Congress. "The Rise Of The Pacific Basin In The Diamond World". Singapore 1988.
14. Gavin Relly. Address by the chairman of the Anglo American Corporation of South Africa to The German Institute Of International Affairs. "The Poverty Of Sanctions". Bonn 1988.
15. Harry Oppenheimer. Speech by the former chairman of the Anglo American Corporation of South Africa and De Beers Consolidated Mines at the World Economic Forum conference. "Four Steps To Democracy". Davos, Switzerland 1989.
16. Harry Oppenheimer. Speech by Mr H.F. Oppenheimer at the Chamber of Mines annual dinner. "Learn From The Mistakes Of The Past". Windhoek 1990.
#15908 Chamber Of Mines Of South Africa. CHAMBER OF MINES NEWSLETTER. 4 Issues: 5/1995, 1/1996, 2/1996, 1/1997. Stapled 24pp booklet. Fine. Chamber Of Mines. Johannesburg. A biannual trade review of industry performance and basic statistics.£20.00
#15909 Chamber Of Mines Of South Africa. STATISTICAL TABLES. 8 issues: 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000. Stapled oblong booklets. Fine. Chamber of Mines, Johannesburg. Gold, diamonds, silver, uranium, coal, annual local and world statistics for the industry, tables, charts, graphs.£40.00
#15854 Chamber Of Mines Of South Africa. THE CHAMBER OF MINES OF SOUTH AFRICA. Ninety Years of Achievement. & 'CENTENNIAL' - A Leadership Corporate Profile. Bound one volume red vynide. Fine. Andrew Clare, supplement to the Mining & Engineering Journal, 1979, and Leadership Publications, 1989. Publications to mark 90 and 100 year anniversaries. Review of the activities of the Chamber Of Mines, past and present, both in the mining field and in areas of corporate social responsibility.£28.00
#15855 Chamber Of Mines Of South Africa. ANNUAL REPORTS. 1992-2001. Bound one volume red vynide except 2000/2001 loose. Fine. Johannesburg. A review of the COMSA activities through each year.£30.00
#15850 Chamber Of Mines. THE MINING SURVEY. 30+ issues. Bound red vynide 6 volumes. Fine. Originally published by the Transvaal Chamber Of Mines, then the Transvaal and Orange Free State Chamber Of Mines, and latterly the Chamber Of Mines Of South Africa. The following issues. 3.7 1952, 6.4 1955, 7.1 1956. No.2 1980, 1-2 & 3-4 1980. 3-4 1982. 1-2 & 3-4 1983. 1-2 & 3-4 1984. 1-2 1985. 1-4, 2-4, 3-4, 4-4 1986. 1-3, 2-3, 3-3 1987. 1-3 & 2-3 1988. 1,2,3, 1989. 1 & 2 1990. 1 & 2 1991. 1 & 2 1992. Not a full run but nearly so with the bonus of three very early issues. The eclectic numbering system does not always indicate the range of issues. Issues from 1980 were generally two-in-one, and from 1986 they are numbered as issue-of-total in that year, while from 1989 issues are numbered consecutively.
Deals with South African mining, and in later years placed an increasing emphasis on matters of social conscience to the mining industry - workers, environmental issues, etc.
#15926 Hocking, Anthony. KAIAS AND COCOPANS. The Story Of Mining In South Africa's Northern Cape. Blue cb. 185pp illustrated b/w sm.4to. No inscrip. A Fine copy in VG+ d/w (rubbed edges, no loss or tears). Hollards. Johannesburg (1982). ISBN 062064420 Diamonds, asbestos, manganese, iron, limestone, copper, are among the minerals found in the Northern Cape. Specularite was mined here perhaps as far back as 2000 BC.£15.00
#15748 S.A. Manganese Amcor Ltd. KALAHARI WEALTH. The Story Of Manganese. (1926-1976). Tan cb. xii + 174pp illustrated col.b/w photos. dwgs. Good in tacky repaired d/w. Cape Town 1977. ISBN 0360002730 Inscribed by F. Bamford, Chairman of S.A.M. 10/5/77 to a Mrs White. History of one of South Africa's mining operations.£10.00
#15772 Wilson, A.N. INTERNATIONAL DIAMONDS. Number 2. Blue cb. 288pp illustrated col.b/w. 4to. VG+ in d/w. Diamond Annual. Johannesburg 1972. Volume 2 of this annual publication, the first of which was titled "International Diamond Annual. Volume 1. 1971.", surveys the trade worldwide.£39.00
#15771 Wilson, A.N. INTERNATIONAL DIAMOND ANNUAL. A Review Of The World's Diamond Industry And Trade. Volume 1, 1971. Dark blue vynide boards. 279pp illustrated col.b/w. 4to. No inscrip, VG, no d/w. Diamond Annual. Johannesburg 1971. A review of the various facets of the diamond industry interspersed with trade advertisements.£29.00


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#15807 Cave, Henry W. CEYLON ALONG THE RAIL TRACK. Originally "The Ceylon Government Railway". Reprint of the original edition published in 1910. Not a facsimile edition. Printed card wraps with d/w. 240pp illustrated foldout maps and over 200 original sepia photographs. ffep excised, hence VG only. Visidunu. Sri Lanka 2003. ISBN 9559170465 Although not africana in any way this is of sufficient interest and scarcity to warrant inclusion here as a record of colonial times. Includes an essay on the author. His excellent photographs document Ceylon as seen at the turn of the 19thC£30.00


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#15817 Berruti. A. & Sinclair, (Ian) J.C. WHERE TO WATCH BIRDS IN SOUTHERN AFRICA. Printed boards. 302pp illustrated dwg. col.photos. maps. etc. Ownership inscrip ffep else VG+. Struik. Cape Town 1983 1st edition. ISBN 0869771655 More than 120 birding sites described with full details of which species, where, and when. A particularly useful guide for visitors to Southern Africa.£12.00
#15937 Botswana Society. PROCEEDINGS OF THE SYMPOSIUM ON THE OKAVANGO DELTA AND ITS FUTURE UTILISATION. Printed wraps. 349pp illustrated charts, diagrams, etc. Wraps worn else VG. nd. Held at the National Museum, Gaberone, Botswana, August 30th to September 2nd, 1976. Includes papers presented at the symposium.£13.00
#15943 Carruthers, Vincent. (Ed). THE SANDTON FIELD BOOK. A Guide To The Natural History Of The Northern Witwatersrand. Softcover 230pp illustrated col.b/w lg.8vo. No inscrip, VG+. Sandton Nature Conservation Society. 1982. ISBN 0620055154 Covers mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs, fish, insects, moths & butterflies, spiders and other arachnids, trees & shrubs. Sandton is a suburban area north of Johannesburg, well vegetated in the main with larger gardens than average. Well illustrated guide to the fauna of this suburb.£13.00
#15762 Claassens, A.J.M. & Dickson, C.G.C. THE BUTTERFLIES OF THE TABLE MOUNTAIN RANGE. With Comprehensive Observations On Their Habits, Times Of Appearance, And Life Histories. Green cb. 160pp illustrated col.b/w photos. dwgs. 8vo. Very slight foxing to prelims hence VG+ in VG d/w (top & bottom edges lightly worn, but still attractive with no loss). Struik. Capr Town 1980. ISBN 0869771310 No.689 of 1000. A definitive guide to the 53 species of butterfly that inhabit this range.£38.00
#15873 Garbutt, Nick. MAMMALS OF MADAGASCAR. Green cb. 320pp illustrated col.b/w photos, maps, dwgs. etc. Recased, original backstrip laid down. library stamp title.p. VG. Yale University Press 1999. ISBN 1300077513 Detailed survey of the island's mammal wildlife.£60.00
#15788 Gordon, Nick. TARANTULAS AND MARMOSETS. An Amazon Diary. 238pp p/b. VG. Metro. London 1997. ISBN 1900512378 Not strictly africana, but Inscribed by Author thus: "For Lyn, With Best Wishes, Nick Gordon, Diego, Madagascar, 27th August 1999".£15.00
#15864 Hart, Sue. IN THE WILD. Illustrated by Leigh Voigt. Terracotta cb. 186pp illustrated dwgs. 4to. Ownership inscrip ffep else VG-F in d/w. Africana Book Society. Johannesburg 1974. ISBN 0949973068 57 articles originally published as a weekly feature in the Rand Daily Mail 1973-1974.£13.00
#15777 Henkel, Friedrich-Wilhelm. & Schmidt, Wolfgang. et al. AMPHIBIANS AND REPTILES OF MADAGASCAR And The Mascarene, Seychelles, And Comoro Islands. Yellow printed boards. 316pp illustrated 269 col.photos. lg.8vo. Except large ownership name to title page & stamps, VG+. Krieger. Florida 2000. ISBN 1575240149 Descriptions of 240 species of frogs, turtles, tortoises, chameleons, geckos, iguanas, skinks, and snakes, are provided with fullest information on distribution, habitat, etc. Includes descriptions of some national parks and information on vivarium care. Checklist, bibliography, index.£30.00
#15858 Huntley, B.J. THE KUISEB ENVIRONMENT: THE DEVELOPING OF A MONITORING BASELINE. South African National Scientific Programmes Report No.106. 138pp softcover tall 4to. VG+. FRD 1985. ISBN 0798833971 The development of the world's largest open-cast uranium mine in the Namib Desert introduced rapidly increasing demands for water to the area in the 1970s. In the abscence of scientifically based information on the likely impact of water extraction from the fragile desert ecosystem, various government departments and universities established a cooperative research project to investigate the problem. This report outlines the research project, the nature of the regional development, the types of changes expected to occur in the area with water extraction from the Kuiseb river, and provides details of features of the geomorphology and hydrology that might be used as baselines against which to measure changes within the system.£30.00
#15806 Huntly, Jeff. JEFF HUNTLY'S WILDLIFE SKETCHES. Printed boards. ix + 157pp illustrated line dwgs. 4to. A Fine copy. Ashanti. Gibraltar 1990. ISBN 0874800057 Similar to his earlier "Veld Sketchbook", author's delightful drawings and observations on wildlife evoke the african veld. A special item for the african diaspora.£14.00
#15760 Immelman, W.F.E., Wicht, C.L. & Ackerman, D.P. (Eds). OUR GREEN HERITAGE. A Book About Indigenous And Exotic Trees In South Africa, About Trees And Timber In Our Cultural History And About Our Extensive Silvicultural, Forestry And Timber Industries. Green cb. 332pp illustrated col.b/w dwgs. photos etc. 4to. Neat ownership inscrip, VG in d/w (no tears, loss, or chips).. Tafelberg. Cape Town 1973. ISBN 0062400372 Includes contribution entitled 'Two hundred selected indigenous and exotic species: How to recognise and grow them' which is almost half of the book.£22.00
#15778 Langrand, Olivier. & Bretagnolle, Vincent. (Tr. Willem Daniels). GUIDE TO THE BIRDS OF MADAGASCAR Red cb. xi + 364pp illustrated cold.plates & b/w line dwgs. maps. etc. 8vo. Small ownership inscrip ffep. head & tail of spine soft. some ink u/l & annots to preliminary text and distribution maps, else a VG copy in G-VG d/w (no loss or tears). Yale UP. New Haven 1990. alkaline paper edition. ISBN 0300041304 40 watercolour plates illustrate all the species. £30.00
#15790 Lawick-Goodall, Jane Van. IN THE SHADOW OF MAN. Photographs by Hugo van Lawick. Green cb. 256pp illustrated b/w photos. Edges & eps foxed, a G+ clean copy in d/w. Collins. London 1971 1st edition. ISBN 0002113570 Author's famous story of her close relationship with chimpanzees in Tanganyika.£12.00
#15761 Migdoll, Ivor. FIELD GUIDE TO THE BUTTERFLIES OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Softcover 256pp illustrated col.b/w photos etc. Mint, unmarked. Struik. Cape Town 2nd edition 1994. ISBN 1868256243 Profusely illustrated for the identification of more than 230 of the most common species, including distribution maps and other information of interest to the neophyte.£22.00
#15786 Mittermeier, Russel. et al. LEMURS OF MADAGASCAR. Tropical Field Guide Series. 356pp softcover illustrated col.b/w. Small amount of highlighting in the text hence Good only. Conservation International. Washington 1994. ISBN 1881173089 Illustrated by Stephen D. Nash. With extensive illustrations and maps this detailed field guide covers all lemurs on the island of Madagascar.£10.00
#15875 Morris, Pete. & Hawkins, Frank. BIRDS OF MADAGASCAR. A Photographic Guide. 316pp illustrated col.photos. maps etc. New end papers, a very sound field copy. Yale University Press 1998. ISBN 0300077556 Details of 265 species.£15.00
#15838 Newman, Kenneth., Johnston-Stewart, Nigel., & Medland, Bob. BIRDS OF MALAWI. A Supplement To "Newman's Birds Of Southern Africa". Printed wraps. 110pp. Fine. Southern. Halfway House 1992. ISBN 1868124185 Together with the main title this forms a comprehensive guide to the more than 600 bird species know to occur in Malawi.£16.00
#15942 Pohl, Victor. BUSHVELD ADVENTURES. Red cb. 157pp. No inscrip. ff browned. G+ clean copy but spine faded and spotted. APB. Johannesburg 1952. Classic tales of wildlife in the veld.£7.00
#15757 Richmond, Matthew D. (Ed). A GUIDE TO THE SEASHORES OF EASTERN AFRICA And The Western Indian Ocean Islands. Softcover 448pp illustrated col.dwgs. maps. lg.8vo. VG. Sida. 1997. ISBN 916304594X A detailed guide to all flora and fauna found in the area from Durban to Mogadishu. Illustrated by Ann Alexander.£28.00
#15970 Tyson, Peter. THE EIGHTH CONTINENT. Life, Death, And Discovery In The Lost World Of Madagascar. 375pp softcover illustrated b/w photos. G-VG. Harper. 2001. ISBN 0380794659 Part field report, part travelogue and part ecological history, author describes the world's fourth largest island which contains an astonishing biodiversity.£15.00
#15924 Visser, J. & Chapman, D.S. SNAKES AND SNAKEBITE. Venomous Snakes And Management Of Snakebite In Southern Africa. Terracotta cb. 152pp. illustrated col.b/w photos, line dwgs, etc. No inscrip. VG-F in lesser d/w (rubbed but no tears or loss). Purnell. Cape Town 1978. Detailed standard work on the clinicopathological aspects and management of snakebite with illustrative cases. Also covers identification of snakes. Well illustrated.£16.00
#15821 Walker, Clive. SIGNS OF THE WILD. Field Guide To The Spoor And Signs Of The Mammals Of Southern Africa. Printed wraps. 231pp illustrated col.b/w photos, maps, dwgs. etc. No inscrip. VG+. Struik. Cape Town 4th (new enlarged) edition 1992. ISBN 0869778250 Usefully enables identification of species from animal spoor and droppings.£13.00
#15749 Winterbottom, J.M. THE FARMER'S BIRDS. Printed bds. 186pp. illustrated 2 cold.plates and many line dwgs. sm.4to. indexed. Bds sl.browned, some foxing to plates, hence VG-, sound and clean. Maskew Miller. Cape Town 1967 1st edition. The original material was published in the Farmer's Weekly during 1963-64, since updated and expanded. The birds are either common, or conspicuous, or of agricultural importance, and are covered in their groups. Illustrated by T. Campbell.£12.00


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#15839 Black Eagle Publications. AFRICA ENVIRONMENT AND WILDLIFE. (AFRICA GEOGRAPHIC). Periodical, glossy format. Loose issues stored in publishers custom slipcase for each year except last 5 issues bound with original wraps in matching maroon vynide. Fine. A continuous run from Volume 1 No.1 1993 to Volume 11 No.5 2003. The first year comprised 4 issues, then each year from 1994 to 1998 there were 6 issues, the next year 7, and 11 thereafter. In addition there were 3 additional "Photo-Focus" issues, one each for 1995, 1996, & 1997. Publication of The National Parks Board magazine 'Custos' ceased at this time as did 'Our Living World' published by the Southern African Nature Foundation, both as casualties of the change of government within the 'New South Africa'. This privately published magazine took over the gap left with their tacit support and the intent of creating a magazine devoted to African wildlife of the quality of National Geographic but dealing exclusively with Africa. In 2001 the name was changed to 'AFRICA GEOGRAPHIC'. £395.00
#15969 Department of Environmental Affairs & Tourism. CONSERVA. Bound one volume red vynide. Fine. An environmentally centred publication issued quarterly. A run of 13 bound issues Volumes 9.5 (1994) to 12.4 (1997) plus 2.4 (1987) loose.£65.00
#15911 Department of Environmental Affairs & Tourism. ON TRACK / KEEPING TRACK. Bound 3 volumes red vynide. Bookplate else Fine. Penta. Johannesburg. South African environmental magazine, probably a full run of 6 issues per annum, Summer 1994 to April/May 1998£130.00
#15793 Department of Information. SOUTH AFRICAN PANORAMA. Later "African Panorama". Partial collection, but a full run from Volume 14.1 to 43.1 inclusive, 269 copies bound into 28 volumes, gilt title on blue vynide. Fine, unread. 1969 to 1998. Originally published monthly by the Department of Information this was a prestigious periodical concentrating on communicating a modern and progressive view of South Africa to its readership. It covered developments in all areas portraying people, places, and all aspects of contemporary South African life and heritage. Distributed at a heavily subsidised cost, not only within South Africa but externally through embassies and missions overseas, even to individuals on application for a year's free subscription. The interest of this publication looking back is now to see how much was done to maintain the image of South Africa as the African equivalent of a modern European country - as it then saw itself. The message was one of continuity of development in the European tradition, and as with other eurocentric publications this was effectively terminated with the rise to power of the present government. From 1994 it was rebranded as "African Panorama" and published privately without a government subsidy, finally dying in 1998. Although not a complete collection this does cover a substantial period of almost 30 years and this again is probably unique outside of institutional holdings.£1950.00
#15847 Foundation For Education, Science, And Technology. VUKA SA. Bound green vynide in 4 volumes. Fine Cultural magazine published following the demise of 'Lantern', designed to offer a more inclusive view of culture in the new South Africa. A complete collection from Volume 1.1 1995 to Volume 3.6 1999 totalling 20 issues before ceasing publication. ("Vuka" is Nguni for "Wake up!").£150.00
#15792 Foundation For Science, Education, And Technology. LANTERN. A Cultural Journal. Complete collection No.1.1 to 44.3 inclusive as issued, except 3.3, with index volume, bound into 45 volumes, green vynide boards. All issues mostly Fine and unread. some of the earliest issues obtained to complete the set are of lesser condition, generally VG. The bindings of the 45 volumes are all Fine. 1949 to 1995. English & Afrikaans text. The first issue of LANTERN described itself as a "Journal For Adult Education" while by the last it was described as a "Cultural Journal". The content was exclusively of South African historical and cultural interest, and except in the later years concentrated on the contribution and interests of the European to the country. The issue of this publication was consistent with the Nationalist government's desire to instill pride into and knit together the European community, particulary of course the Afrikaans people. With the release of Nelson Mandela from prison in 1990 this became gradually more inclusive. The new government policies precluded its publishing a periodical with perceived connections to the past, and expenditure on what was perceived as unecessary and non-African projects was withdrawn for release to other areas. Publication was terminated in 1995 one year after the first democratic elections. A perusal of the issues, and of the index particularly, reveal that there was hardly (if) any historical event, personage, or place, that had not been covered from a historical and cultural perspective. Over the years there were many special editions covering such areas as centenaries (Graaff Reinet had a whole issue to itself) and special interests (a special edition covering the 1820 Settlers), and other major areas of interest and activity. The index was in three parts, the latter part obviously completed hurridly in roneo form to include the last issue. This collection provides a unique time-capsule of culture and history from a white South African perspective throughout the apartheid era. The articles are a mix of English and Afrikaans. Starting as a fairly simple magazine format with black and white photographs this evolved to a prestigious glossy photo-journalist type format heavily illustrated with colour photographs in later years. Individual issues of this title are generally ephemeral and thus hard if not impossible to locate these days. This unique collection (we count 179 issues) may be one of a kind outside of institutional holdings and presents a rare opporunity for the collector to obtain a window to that time period.£1950.00
#15849 Kwazulu-Natal Nature Conservation Service. WILDSIDE. Later issues as "KZN WILDLIFE". Glossy format magazine bound in green vynide 3 volumes. Fine. This is the original magazine of this name and not the current commercial publication now available under the same name. Complete run from Vol.1.1 1999 to Vol.3.5 2005£95.00
#15841 M&G Media. EARTHYEAR. Bound in 6 volumes, green vynide. Fine. Complete run from issue No.1 1990 to No.29 2004, excluding issue No.3. South African wildlife from an environmental perspective. Even produced using environmentally friendly paper, inks, and processes.£140.00
#15962 South African Library, The. QUARTERLY BULLETIN OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN LIBRARY. 1941-2006. Bound in 50 volumes. 1-30 light blue cloth. 31-60 blue vynide, not always uniform. Mostly Fine, but some earlier issues as expected of a lesser condition, external appearance of this set is most attractive. Cape Town. This is a full run of this prestigious set with no missing issues over a period in excess of 60 years. Each issue contains items of africana interest as well as such matters as Obituaries, Notes & News, Notes on contributors, reviews of new pubications (many now collectable africana in their own right), interesting advertisements from booksellers and publishers, letters from readers, etc. Earlier issues contained listings of periodicals and other serial publications. While we have had many individual copies and runs of this quarterly publication, in 20 years as Fables Bookshop we have never had a complete set. Copies of earlier issues are virutally unobtainable and so this is a unique opportunity to obtain what was a highly regarded africana publication.£2950.00
#15842 South African National Parks. TIMBILA. Glossy large-format magazine. Issues 1-8 for 1999, 2000, & 1-4 for 2001, bound in three volumes with original wraps, green vynide. Fine. SANP/Penta. The original National Parks Board ceased publication of its long-running 'Custos' in 1993 with the coming of the new dispensation. The renamed South African National Parks commenced publication of this only in 1999. The accent was on SANP parks, people, plans. Now discontinued. Believed a full set as the publication agreement with Penta was terminated the following year, after which Penta were free to continue publication under the name of Timbila without the use of the SANP logo.£95.00
#15848 The Endangered Wildlife Trust. ENDANGERED WILDLIFE JOURNAL. and VISION. The Journal bound in 5 volumes, green vynide. The hardcover Vision supplements are unbound. Fine. The supplements have a bookplate of owner, else also Fine. Quarterly publication from 1990 to 2006, the following issues. 3, 4, 6-12, 14, 15, 17-56. Plus 11 annual Vision supplements for 1994-2006, Volumes 4-14 inc. This is the publication from the organisation headed by Dr John Ledger.£365.00


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#15900 Arnheim, Prof. M.T.W. SOUTH AFRICA AFTER VORSTER. 203pp indexed. Bookplate ffep. VG+ in secured protected d/w. Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1979. ISBN 0869781685 Red band printed across face of wrapper proclaims "An important book that every thinking person should read". Author premised that increased liberal reforms could only lead to increased black radicalisation, and that only black or white domination is possible. Notes & bibliography.£12.00
#15971 Black, Margaret. NO ROOM FOR TOURISTS. Black cb. 252pp 8vo. Bookplate ffep else Fine in secured protected d/w. Secker & Warburg. London 1965. An early reasoned critique of apartheid arising from personal moral dilemmas faced by the Author living in South Africa for eighteen years before returning to the UK.£15.00
#15910 Bureau for Information. RSA POLICY REVIEW. Softcover, around 100pp each issue. Fine. Pretoria. Run of 29 issues for 1998 (the first issue, October 1988), 1989 (9 issues), 1990 (10 issues), & 1991 (9 issues). The covering letter with the first issue declared: "The aim of this new monthly is to inform South African and foreign readers about the policies of the South African government ...". These issues cover crucial years in the return of South Africa to democracy with De Klerk coming to the presidency in September 1989 after the resignation of P.W. Botha, the release of Nelson Mandela from prison in February 1990, his meeting with the ANC in May 1990, his European tour of that year and his subsequent meeting with President George Bush later that same year.£150.00
#15915 Bureau for Information. WHITE PAPER ON LAND REFORM. Land Reform, A Summary Of Existing Land Tenure Systems. Printed wraps, 17pp stapled booklet. Bookplate, VG. Pretoria 1991. ISBN 0621135917 £6.00
#15895 Calpin G.H. AT LAST WE HAVE GOT OUR COUNTRY BACK. 209pp 8vo. Bookplate ffep else VG-F in secured protected d/w (slightly browned but no loss, no tears, no chips). Buren. Cape Town nd. 1968. Inscribed by Author on ffep thus: "To Alan & Helen on their wedding day with all good wishes. from the Calpins. G.H. Calpin Dec 1968". A collection of essays from the one-time editor of the Natal Witness on matters of contemporary interest. The title comes from an Afrikaner interpretation of the Nationalist party victory at the polls in 1948. Includes three contemporary newspaper reviews of the book.£18.00
#15894 Calpin, G.H. THERE ARE NO SOUTH AFRICANS. 412pp. indexed. Errata slip tipped in. Bookplate & neat ownership inscrip ffep else VG in secured protected and attractive d/w (some slight loss at head and tail but neatly strengthened). Nelson. London 1941 1st edition. Commentary on the contemporary political status of the Union.£14.00
#15796 Daniel, John., Southall, Roger., & Lutchman, Jessica. STATE OF THE NATION. South Africa 2004-2005. Printed wraps. 604pp 8vo. A Fine copy. HSRC. Cape Town 2005. ISBN 0796920869 A detailed survey of key fields under the main headings of Politics, Society, Economy, and Africa.£16.00
#15899 De Villiers, Cas. AFRICAN PROBLEMS AND CHALLENGES. (Selected Essays On Contemporary African Affairs). Brown boards. 210pp 8vo. Bookplate ffep. A near Fine copy in secured protected and repaired d/w (this has loss top edge full width). Valiant. Sandton 1976. ISBN 0868840203 Author was at the time director of the Foreign Affairs Association in Pretoria. Thirty years on his writings on refugees, one party states, and wars in Africa seem strangely current.£10.00
#15972 de Villiers, Les. SOUTH AFRICA DRAWN IN COLOUR. The Smuts Years 1945-1946. Black & white cb. 143pp illustrated b/w photos. Bookplate ffep else a Fine copy in secured protected d/w. Gordon. Johannesburg 1980. ISBN 0620041846 Candidly examines the beginnings of South Africa's battle for survival. The United Nations, which Smuts helped to found, became a tool to be used against him as the concept of human rights swept the world. The rise and fall of South Africa's reputation in the eyes of the world closely paralleled the career of Jan Christian Smuts. As he rose from the obscurity of the veld, from Boer guerilla leader to world fame, so South Africa rose from the ashes of the Anglo Boer war to a position of international esteem.£12.00
#15890 Geldenhuys, Deon. THE DIPLOMACY OF ISOLATION. South African Foreign Policy Making. Red cb. 295pp. 8vo. Bookplate ffep else Fine in VG+ d/w (one small closed tear top rear). Macmillan. Johannesburg 1984. ISBN 0869541889 Who makes South African foreign policy, how, where, and why is it made? Concentrates on the making of foreign policy under Prime Ministers Vorster & Botha over the period 1966-1981.£14.00
#15928 Gumede, William Mervin. THABO MBEKI AND THE BATTLE FOR THE SOUL OF THE ANC. Printed wraps 352pp 8vo. Fine. Zebra. Cape Town 2005. ISBN 1770070923 A close analysis of the enigmatic Thabo Mbeki and his administration, how and why it works, where it is going.£12.00
#15901 Harsch, Ernest. SOUTH AFRICA. WHITE RULE, BLACK REVOLT. Blue boards. 352pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. Bookplate, Fine in secured protected d/w. Monad Press. New York 1980 1st edition. ISBN 0913460788 A strongly socialist viewpoint of contemporary South African politics.£20.00
#15973 Keller, Edmond J. & Rothchild, Donald. (Eds). AFRICA IN THE NEW INTERNATIONAL ORDER. Rethinking State Sovereignty And Regional Security. 253pp p/b. Fine. Lyne Rienner. Boulder 1996. ISBN 1555876315 Contributed essays:
"Introduction: Towards A New African Political Order" by Edmond J. Keller.
"A Balance Sheet Of The African Region And The Cold War" by Olusegun Obasanjo.
"The Role Of Regional And Global Organisations In Addressing Africa's Security Issues" by Ibrahim A. Gambari.
"The OAU, State Sovereignty And Regional Security" by Solomon Gnomes.
"African Regional Security And Changing Patterns Of Relations" by I. William Zartman.
"Somalia: A Regional Security Dilemma" by Anna Simons.
"The International Context Of Internal War: Ethiopia / Eritrea" by Terrence Lyons.
"Civil War And Identity In Sudan's Foreign Policy" by Marina Ottaway.
"Regional Security In Southern Africa In The Post-Cold War Era" by Denis Venter."ECOMOG, Liberia, And Regional Security In West Africa" by Robert A. Mortimer.
"The Involvement Of ECOWAS In Liberia's Peacekeeping" by Margaret Aderinsola Vogt.
"Removing The Shackles? U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Africa After The End Of The Cold War" by Peter J. Schraeder.
"Moscow's Cold War And Post-Cold War Policies In Africa" by Jeffrey A. Lefebvre.
"Conclusion: Responding To Africa's Post-Cold War Conflicts" by Donald Rothchild.
#15907 Kok, Leon. LIVING IN SOUTH AFRICA - THE NEXT TWENTY YEARS. A Private Report By The Editors Of Personal Finance. A photocopy reproduction, spiral bound, with glossy cover. (Note: not a photocopy of the original, this is how this item was published). Fine. Personal Finance. Greenside 1991. ISBN 1874829071 The title page states: "A comprehensive and up-to-the-minute study on what you can expect it to be like, living in The New South Africa - living standards, job and business opportunities, education and healthcare, property, investing and the socio-political environment - with practical advice how to plan for a better life in a radically changed society." Copy No.1897. Prepared solely for subscribers and not generally available. Personal comment from a South African resident (myself) is that this is a fascinating read more than 15 years on, the authors having garnered relevant information from the most informed sources.£35.00
#15803 Krog, Antjie. COUNTRY OF MY SKULL. Printed wraps. viii + 312pp 8vo. Neat ownership inscrip else Fine. Random House. Johannesburg 2004 2nd edn. ISBN 0958419566 This work captures the complexity of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in a uniquely personal narrative. The author and her SABC radio team received the Pringle Award for excellence in journalism for their reporting on the Commission. She also won the Foreign Correspondents Award for outstanding journalism for her Mail & Guardian articles on the TRC.£18.00
#15905 Maclennan, Ben. APARTHEID. The Lighter Side. 160pp p/b illustrated dwgs by Niki Daly. Bookplate ffep else Fine. Carrefour/ Cape Town 1990. ISBN 1874812039 A selection of reports from the press illustrating the incongruous aspects of the law and its application as it was then.£12.00
#15906 Mandela, Nelson. A TIME TO BUILD. Addresses By The President, Mr Nelson R. Mandela, At His Inauguration, The Opening Of Parliament (May 1994), And At The OAU Meeting In Tunis (June 1994). Bound black rexine. Bookplate f.pastedown, Fine. A collection of political booklets bound together, as follows:
"Constitutional Guidelines: A New Dispensation For Whites, Coloureds And Indians". Published by the Dept. of Foreign Affairs. Pretoria 1982. ISBN 0797002421

"The New Constitution. The Elections Of 1984". Dept. of Foreign Affairs. Pretoria 1984. ISBN 0797003746

"Co-operative Co-Existence. The Road To Peace, Safety, Development". Ministry of Co-operation, Development and Education. 1985.

Dr Stoffel Van De Merwe. "And What About The Blacks?" National Party 1985.

"Manifesto Of The National Party". Election 6 May 1987.

Andre Thomashausen. "The Dismantling Of Apartheid. The Balance Of Reforms 1978-1988". ISBN 06201113X

"Know The Facts. Information About South Africa's Extra-Parliamentary Groups". South African Catholic Bishops Conference (1989). Covers the following. ANC, Azapo, Cape Action League, Indian Congress, Inkatha, National Forum, Pan Africanist Congress (PAC), SA Communist Party, Student groups ASO & NUSAS, United Democratic Front, Unity Movement.

"Address By The State President, Mr F.W. De Klerk DMS, At The Opening Of The Third Session Of The Ninth Parliament Of The Republic Of South Africa". Cape Town 1 February 1991. Bureau For Information. Pretoria 1991. ISBN 0797022333

"A Time To Build". Three speeches.
Statement Of The President Of The African National Congress Mr Nelson Rolihlala Mandela At His Inauguration As President Of The Democratic Republic Of South Africa. Union Buildings 10 May 1994.
State Of The Nation Address. President Of South Africa Mr Nelson Rolihlala Mandela. Houses of Parliament 24 May 1994.
Statement Of The President Of The Republic of South Africa HE Nelson Mandela At the OAU Meeting Of Heads of State and Government, Tunis, 13-15 June 1994. South African Communication Service 1995.

Truth & Reconciliation Commission. "The Committee On Amnesty".

Truth & Reconciliation Commission. "The Committee On Human Rights Violations".
#15797 McCracken, Donal P. (Ed). IRELAND AND SOUTH AFRICA IN MODERN TIMES. South African Irish Studies, Vol.3. Printed wraps. 312pp. VG-F. ISAP 1996. ISBN 0010193596 Inscribed by Author on title page thus: To Elizabeth Ralph, with warm regards, Donal McCracken.

Articles include:
Irish Identity in Twentieth Century South Africa.
The Irish Republican Association Of South Africa.
Rebellions In Retrospect.
Irish-South Africa Relations And The British Commonwealth, c.1902-1961.
The Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement.
Ulster Unionists And Afrikaner Nationalists.
The Death Of The Informer James Carey.
The Capture Of Johnny Mullins.
Dr Augustus Joseph Tancred DD.
From Lough Derg To Table Bay: Immigrants To The Cape From Galway And Clare.
Arthur Griffith's South African Sabbatical.
Irish Soldiers In Colonial Natal.
The Quest For The Middleburg Courant.
Boer War Memorials In Ireland.
Union-Castle And The Queen's Island, Belfast.
#15883 Meiring, Piet. CHRONICLE OF THE TRUTH COMMISSION. A Journey Through The Past And Present Into The Future Of South Africa. Printed wraps, 379pp 8vo. Bookplate ffep, covered protective plastic, else a Fine copy. Carpe Diem. Vanderbijl Park 1999 1st edition. ISBN 1919719601 Foreword by Desmond Tutu. Author was a member of the Truth Commission representing the Afrikaner community for its two and a half years of sittings, deliberations, and reports. The work of the commission, the stories and testimonies, applications for amnesty, a very personal view of it all from someone intimately involved in its workings.£30.00
#15887 Mijere, Nsolo J. (Ed). AFRICAN REFUGEES AND HUMAN RIGHTS IN HOST COUNTRIES. The Long-Term Demographic, Environmental, Economic, Social, And Psychological Impacts Of Angolan Refugees In Zambia. Black cb. 215pp 8vo. Bookplate ffep. Fine in secured protected d/w. Vantage Press. New York (1995). ISBN 0533106214 Contributed articles:
Raban Chanda. "The Demographic Impact Of Refugees In Zambia".
Raban Chanda. "The Environmental Impact of Settled Refugees: The Case Of Meheba".
Allast Mwanza. "The Economic Contribution Of Angolan Refugees To Zambia".
Art Hansen. "The Refugee Integration Aspect In Two Settlement Models In Zambia: The Case Of The North-Western Province".
Nsolo Mijere. "The Socioeconomic Impact Of Settled Refugees On Host Communities In Zambia: The Case Of Meheba".
Irene M. Sinyangwe. "Attitudes Of Angolan Refugees And Their Zambian Hosts Towards Each Other".
E.A. Daka. Refugees In Zambia: "Shorcomings In The Determination Of Refugee Status And Inadaquacies Of The Refugee Control Act Of 1970".
Sashi Chanda. "The Save The Children Federation Involvement In The Ukwimi Refugee Settlement."
Thomas Mabwe. "The Impact Of Planned Refugee Settlements On Local Communities: The Case Of Ukwimi".
Alice K. Siachitema. "The Women's Clubs At The Ukwimi Mozambican Refugee Settlement."
Nsolo Mijere. Conclusions.
#15914 Parker, Aida. SECRET WAR AGAINST SOUTH AFRICA. Reprinted from "The Citizen". Printed wraps. 79pp stapled 8vo booklet. Bookplate ffep. VG. S.A. Today. Johannesburg 1977. Articles outline America's nefarious plans and actions to destablise South Africa at the time.£12.00
#14152 Pottinger, Brian. THE IMPERIAL PRESIDENCY. P.W. Botha, The First 10 Years. Cerise cb. xiv + 481pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo indexed. Bookplate ffep. feps tanned, else a Fine copy in secured protected d/w. Southern. Johannesburg (1988). ISBN 1868121607 Covers those years from the drama of his accession to power in 1978, his reform phase, the rise of the "securocrat" class and the last years of a turbulent decade. Bibliography.£15.00
#15840 South African Communication Service. ACCENT. All 5 issues bound with original wraps in one volume, maroon vynide. Fine. Another casualty of the new South Africa, this publication ran to 5 issues only.
Accent On Tourism. Apr. 1993.
Accent On Manufacturing In South Africa. Aug. 1993
Accent On Peace. Dec 1993.
Accent On Environmental Management. Apr. 1994.
Accent On Women. Dec. 1994.

Glossy large-format, well illustrated showpiece publication highlighting issues of major concern on the eve and into the spring of the new democratic dispensation in South Africa.
#15912 South African Institue Of Race Relations. FRONTIERS OF FREEDOM. 4to paper periodical. bound 2 volumes blue vynide. Fine. SAIRR. Johannesburg. 18 quarterly issues - 2, 5, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, & 17-27, from 1994 through 2001.£90.00
#15897 Steward, Alexander. YOU ARE WRONG FATHER HUDDLESTON. 113pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. Bookplate ffep. ff tanned as often else VG+ in secured protected d/w. Culemborg & Timmins. Cape Town 1956 1st edition thus. A rebuttal to Father Trevor Huddleston's title "Naught For Your Comfort", showing the other side of the story which author maintains was biased and of limited experience.£10.00
#15918 Sunter, Clem. WHAT IT REALLY TAKES TO BE WORLD CLASS. Printed wraps. 186pp 8vo. Bookplate, Fine. Human & Rousseau / Tafelberg. Cape Town 1997. ISBN 0798137584 Based upon a selection of articles written for the Sunday Times and Sunday Argus on the theme of being world class. Author is Chairman of Corporate Affairs for Anglo American Corporation.£8.00
#15916 Sunter, C. PRETORIA WILL PROVIDE. And Other Myths. Humourous essays on life and living in South Africa. Printed wraps. 125pp illustrated b/w dwgs by Margaret Sunter. 8vo. Bookplate ffep else Fine in secured protective wrapper. Tafelberg. Cape Town 1993 3rd imp. ISBN 0624032396 Looks at popular myths and shows that the truth is suprising different to the orthodox view.£8.00
#15917 Sunter, C. THE HIGH ROAD: Where Are We Now? Printed wraps. 111pp illustrated tables. 8vo. Bookplate, secured protected cover, Fine. Tafelberg Cape Town. 1996. ISBN 0624035271 He spells out alternative options to South Africans based on alternative world scenarios concluding that we need to develop a new entrepreneurial class to sustain the momentum of economic growth.£8.00
#15888 Truth And Reconciliation Commission Of South Africa. TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION COMMISSION OF SOUTH AFRICA REPORT. Volume 1. Printed boards. 508pp illustrated b/w photos, graphs, etc. large 8vo. Bookplate ffep else a Fine unread copy. TRC 1998 1st South African edition. ISBN 0620230851 The first volume of the commissions report sets out the context, mandates, methodology, concepts, principals, legalities, of the commission with reports from the accounting officer, statutory committees (amnesty, human rights violations and reparations), management and regional offices. Foreword by Dewsmond Tutu.£40.00
#15747 Van Rensburg, A.P.J. CONTEMPORARY LEADERS OF AFRICA. Orange cb. 529pp 8vo. VG in d/w. Haum. Cape Town 1975. ISBN 0798601566 A more complete contemporary survey of African Leaders than published in the author's later work ("The Tangled Web", which comprised two additional essays and reprinted selections from this work to limit the scope to Southern Africa). The leaders covered here are: Houari Boumedienne (Algeria), Seretse Khama (Botswana), Michel Mocombero (Burundi), Ahmado Ahidjo (Cameroon), Jean-Bedel Bokassa (Central African Republic), N'Garta Tombalbye (Chad), Marien Ngouabi (Congo), Mathieu Kerekou (Dahomey), Anwar Sadat (Egypt), Hailie Selassie (Ethiopia), Francisco Nguema (Equatorial Guinea), Omar Bongo (Gabon), Dauda Jawara (Gambia), Ignatius Acheampong (Ghana), Sekou Toure (Guinea), Felix Houphouet-Boigny (Ivory Coast), Jomo Kemyatta (Kenya), Leabua Jonathan (Lesotho), William Tolbert (Liberia), Maomar Gaddaffi (Libya), Gabriel Ramanantsoa (Malagasy), Kamuza Banda (Malawi), Moussa Traore (Mali), Moktar Ould Daddah (Mauritania), Seewoosagur Ramgoolam (Mauritius), Hassan II (Morocco), Seyne Kountche (Niger), Yakuba Gowon (Nigeria), Ian Smith (Rhodesia), Juvenal Habyalimana (Rwanda), Leopold Senghor (Senegal), Siaka Stevens (Sierra Leone), John Vorster (South Africa), Gafaar Nimeiry (Sudan), Sobhuza II (Swaziland), Julius Nyerere (Tanzania), Habib Bourguiba (Tunisia), Etienne Eyadema (Togo), Idi Amin (Uganda), Sangoule Lamizana (Upper Volta), Mobuto Sese Seko (Zaire), Kenneth Kaunda (Zambia), and additional material on the Portuguese territories (Guinnea-Bissau & Cape Verde Islands, Angola, Mozambique) and the Spanish Sahara.£15.00
#15746 Van Rensburg, A.P.J. THE TANGLED WEB. Leadership and Change in Southern Africa. Brown cb. 225pp 8vo. Ex school library, stamps verso and rear fep else an attractive clean-looking copy in d/w, generally VG but some light foxing to prelims. Haum. Cape Town 1977. ISBN 0798603275 Deals with Agostinho Neto (Angola), Seretse Khama (Botswana), Leabua Jonathan (Lesotho), Samora Machel (Mozambique), Ian Smith (Rhodesia), John Vorster (South Africa), Sobhuza II (Swaziland), Kaizer Matanzima (Transkei), and Kenneth Kaunda (Zambia).£10.00
#15903 Vaque, Klaus D. THE PLOT AGAINST SOUTH AFRICA. 244pp softcover 8vo. Bookplate ffep.A little shaken o/w VG in secured protected plastic cover. Varama. Pretoria 1989. ISBN 0620145374 An extreme right-wing view of conspiracy theory, being that the onslaught against South Africa and the overthrow of white power "show the marks of a continuation of the betrayal and machinations of an international power group ... directed to the establishment of a so-called new world order ... and has little to do with apartheid and black civil rights".£30.00


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#15859 Baker, Graham. (Ed). RESOURCES OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. TODAY AND TOMORROW. Proceedings Of A Conference Held By The Associated Scientific And Technical Societies Of South Africa At Johannesburg. Printed wraps, stapled binding, 403pp. Wraps worn else sound. ASTSSA. Johannesburg 1976. ISBN 062002154 37 articles presented at the conference in September 1975 cover the fields of human resources, food & agriculture, flora & fauna, forestry, water, minerals, energy. Includes summaries of discussion sessions and more.£15.00
#15941 Royal Society of South Africa. TRANSACTIONS. Volume 42 - Parts 3 & 4. 1977. Wraps. pp 209-509. lg.8vo. Wraps browned, VG+. RSSA. Cape Town May 1977. £20.00


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#15929 Henry, James A. SIXTY YEARS NORTH OF THE LIMPOPO. The Story Of The Coming Of The Standard Bank To Rhodesia And Nyasaland, With Some Account Of Its Early Days There. Blue cb. 45pp illustrated 10 b/w plates. lg.8vo. VG. Standard Bank. Salisbury 1953. Gives attention to postage-stamp currency, early bank notes and coinage including the vulcanite tokens of E.C.A. Sharrer used in Nyasaland.£12.00


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#15795 McGlew, Jackie. & Chesterfield, Trevor. SOUTH AFRICA'S CRICKET CAPTAINS. From Melville To Wessels. Green cb. 292pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. No inscrip. VG-F in VG+ d/w Southern. Halfway House 1994. ISBN 1868125440 Individual chapters on all captains since World War 2, listing their trials and tribulations, with final chapters on Hansie Cronje as heir apparent and captaincy per se.£10.00
#15774 Ward, Mike. SOUTH AFRICAN CRICKET. Statistics And History 1991-1996. Green cb. 432pp illustrated col.photos. A Fine copy in d/w. Myriad. Durban 1997. ISBN 0620207671 Ball by ball statistics of all the tests and international games in that period.£15.00


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#15960 Cape Performing Arts Board. ANNUAL REPORTS. 1983-1998. Bound one volume brown vynide, last issue loose. Fine. Cape Town. Reports on finances, activities, and performances for each year.£60.00
#15958 Eichbaum, Julius. SCENARIA. Bound 19 matching volumes orange cb. Boards, VG+, contents Fine. 1977 to 1998. This was South Africa's premier magazine for the performing arts - opera, theatre, ballet, music. Originally quarterly, later monthly. Famed for critical comment on South Africa's performing arts councils, the magazine died with its iconoclastic editor/owner. Includes one bound volume of the special issues, 'Hello Dolly', 'State Theatre, Pretoria', 'The Arts In South Africa - A Force For Social Change', 'The National Orchestra', 'The Arts In South Africa - Bridging The Gap', and 'The Arts In South Africa - A Force In A Changing Society'. A run of over 20 years from issue 2 to the last issue No.214, with 16 missing (1, 7, 10, 11, 15, 16, 37, 40, 45, 46, 48, 56, 144, 151, 152, 202). A unique window on the golden years of South Africa's performing arts. Included with this is a collection of over 800 programmes spanning 50 years of South African theatre productions, mainly opera, ballet, Shakespearean, and orchestral performances.£1950.00
#15961 Natal Performing Arts Council. ANNUAL REPORTS. 1984-2005. NAPAC issues 1984-1994 bound one volume blue vynide. The Playhouse Company (NAPAC renamed as such) 1995-1999 bound one volume blue vynide. Subsequent reports loose. Fine. Durban. Reports on the activities, finances, and performances for each year.£80.00
#15959 Performing Arts Council, Transvaal. PACT ANNUAL REPORTS. 1971-1999. 1971 to 1995 bound 2 vols red vynide, later issues loose. Bookplate else Fine. Pretoria. For 1998-1999 PACT had become The State Theatre, Pretoria. Reports on activities, finances, and performances for each year. Covers those years when the performing arts were heavily subsidised into their subsequent decline enforced by the change of attitude to such eurocentric institutions by the new administration.£95.00


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#15784 Attwell, Eric. THE ROAD TO LONDON. Foreword by Athol Fugard. 195pp softcover illustrated b/w. VG+. Palladian. Port Elizabeth (1997). ISBN 620219823 Over 11000 km through Africa on bicycle. Two intrepid brothers set of in 1936 from Port Elizabeth through the then Rhodesias, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Tanganyika, Kenya, Uganda, and then along the Nile through the Sudan and Egypt, then finally across Europe to London. Illustrated with their own photographs, £10.00


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#15920 Couzens, Tim. BATTLES OF SOUTH AFRICA. Softcover 224pp illustrated b/w maps with foldout cold.map at rear showing location of major battles in South Africa. No inscrip. VG+. David Philip. Claremont 2004. ISBN 0865866216 A general work describing 26 individual battles fought between 1725 & 1927.£10.00
#15801 Lemon, David. NEVER QUITE A SOLDIER. A Rhodesian Policeman's War 1971-1982. 264pp p/b illustrated b/w photos. Fine. Galago. Alberton 2006. ISBN 1919854215 Author was a policeman during the years of the Rhodesian bush war having been prompted to join by the ZANLA atrocities of missionary murder, and the ZIPRA shooting down of the Air Rhodesia Viscount airliner and subsequent massacre of survivors. He stayed through the coming to power of Robert Mugabe but dissillusionment at the genocide by the Korean-trained 5 Brigade when they murdered 15000 Ndebele civilians, perhaps twice that number as Mugabe insisted that all Ndebele were dissidents and were to be rooted out. This grassroots account will tell you things that you will wish you did not want to know about Mugabe, liberation politics and Zimbabwe, but hey, our hands are clean, it isn't white-ruled any more!£25.00
#15857 Mahncke, Jochen. U-BOATS AND SPIES IN SOUTHERN AFRICA. Anecdotes, Legends, Stories. 134pp p/b. Fine. Self. 2007. ISBN 1920094288 Not a definitive history, but a collection of stories from the author's researches - some true and some certainly not so true - often in response to advertising for personal experiences relating to the subject of German U-boats in SouthAfrican waters during WW2. Timeously collected over past years as memories of the ever-lessening number of those who remember the war years.£12.00
#15785 Morris, Michael. TERRORISM. The First Full Account In Detail Of Terrorism And Insurgency In Southern Africa. Cream cb. 249pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. G in d/w. Timmins. Cape Town 1971. A contemporary survey of insurgent warfare in Southern Africa concentrating mainly on the fighting in the then Rhodesia, Angola, and Mozambique.£10.00
#15743 Steenkamp, Willem. BORDERSTRIKE! South Africa Into Angola. Red cb. 266pp. illustrated b/w photos, maps, dgms. Ex-library. d/w in plastic protector affixed to pastedowns. Still a good reading copy. Butterworths. 1st edition Durban 1983. ISBN 0409100625 Accurate accounts of some of the operations involved in Operation Reindeer (May 1978) when South African airmen and soldiers burst over the northern borders of South West Africa - Namibia.£18.00
#15868 Visser, George Cloete. OB. TRAITORS OR PATRIOTS. Black cb. 216pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. Large inscrip ffep. edges foxed, thus G-VG in G d/w (crinkly & browned, no loss or tears). Macmillan. Johannesburg 1976. ISBN 0869540300 The story of the Ossewabrandwag between 1938 and 1948.£12.00


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#15927 Cattrick, Alan. (A.P. Cartwright). SPOOR OF BLOOD. Green cb. 223pp illustrated b/w plates, photos. 8vo. No inscrip. ff browned as always else a clean G-VG copy in d/w (rubbed and a little chipped to head & tail of spine, no loss or tears). Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1959 1st edition. The story of the destruction of the herds that once roamed Africa and the early hunters and naturalists that sought them. Burchell, Harris, Gordon Cumming, Petrus Jacobs, Selous, Pretorius. Also told is the story of Stevenson-Hamilton who created the Kruger National Park. Bibliography.£18.00
#15769 Miller, W.T. THE FLESH-EATERS. Volume 1. A Guide To The Carniverous Animals Of Southern Africa. Buff buckram boards. 96pp illustrated col.b/w photos. 4to. G+ in d/w (worn, no loss or tears). Purnell. Cape Town 1972. ISBN 0360001661 Covers the following families giving basic information and a selection of good pictures from the wild. Cats, large and small, Caracel, Civets, Genets, Mongooses, Hyaenas, Jackals. Foxes, Cape Hunting Dog, Weasels, Polecats, Otters, Badgers£15.00
#15800 Wolhuter, Harry. MEMORIES OF A GAME RANGER. Gilt dec. green cb. 313pp + index. portrait frontis. illustrated textual line dwgs. plates. Bookplate partially removed from verso ffep, inscrip there also. boards spotted else VG in G-VG chipped d/w. Wildlife Protection and Conservation Society of South Africa. Johannesburg 1948 1st edn. Profusely illustrated and, in fact, edited by C.T. Astley-Maberly. A great tale of life in the lowveld and early days of the Kruger Park. Author fought a lion singlehanded which he despatched with his sheath knife whilst being carried off by the lion for a meal. Forty-four years of service as a ranger with the KNP provided the author with many exciting stories to tell, and this is truly one of the great reads of the period.£40.00


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M. Mint. F. Fine.
VG. Very Good. G. Good.
annots. annotations. bds. boards.
col. cold. colour(ed). d/w dust-wrapper.
eps endpapers. ff. leaves.
f(f)eps front (free) endpapers. fox. foxed.
illus. illustrated. o/w otherwise.
pp. pages. sl. slight.
sm. small. sp. spine
u/l underlining v. very.


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