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Africana Catalogue Q209 2nd April 2010

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#16773 Jones, D. Wallis. JOHANNESBURG'S 40TH BIRTHDAY. September 22nd, 1926. An Official Souvenir. Printed buff wraps, 64pp illustrated b/w photos. 4to. Fine unread copy. Facsimile reprint by the Johannesburg Historical Foundation of the original 1926 publication by the Johannesburg Publicity Association. (1986). ISBN 0620099968
Articles cover the general history of the city and in more detail areas such as industry, gold mining, transport, education, architecture, and health.


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#17847 Burman, Jose. CAPE TRAILS AND WILDERNESS AREAS. Printed boards. 135pp illustrated col.photos, maps. 8vo. Ownership inscrip. VG condition. Human & Rousseau. Cape Town 1987. ISBN 9780798122386
Covers the Otter, Tsitsikama, Outeniqua, Langeberg, Montagu, Boesmankloof, Boland, Springbok & Mountain Zebra trails, and then the Cedarberg, Groot Winterhoek, & Boosmansbos wilderness areas.
#17818 Mountain, Alan. AN UNSUNG HERITAGE. Perspectives On Slavery. Printed wraps. 224pp illustrated col.b/w. 8vo. A near Fine copy. David Philip. Cape Town 2004. ISBN 9780864866226
Includes a guide to slave heritage sites in the Western Cape. Well illustrated guide to the history and architecture of slavery in the Cape.
#17764 Noble, Roderick. (Ed). THE CAPE AND ITS PEOPLE AND OTHER ESSAYS. Original green pebble-grained boards. viii + 408pp. Recased in original boards with new endpapers. J.C. Juta. Cape Town 1869.
27 contributions, including article by editor on travel in the frontier districts of the Eastern Cape, verse by Dr Atherstone, the Rev. Stewart of Lovedale covers Mozambique, Thomas Maclear on measurements, and more.

EASTERN CAPE (including all 1820 Settler related material)

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#17759 Guest & Son. SOUVENIR OF GRAHAMSTOWN. A Health And Holiday Resort. Gilt title on blind-stamped green boards. 51pp + 16pp adverts. illustrated 16 b/w plates. erratum slip. 4to. Rebacked with new endpapers, an attractive copy. Scans on request. Grahamstown 1887.
Plates from photographs by W.H. Galpin, Aldaham, & F.E. Graham. The supporting advertisements are of interest. Similar to the 'Album of Grahamstown' published in 1898 by Grocott & Sherry, this earlier publication gives a history as well as describing the attractions and facilities of the town. Article by Dr W. Guybon Atherstone promotes the town as a health resort. Concludes with a small section on Port Alfred.
#6708 Hudson-Reed, Sydney. 1820 SETTLER STORIES. Blue wraps. 126pp illustrated b/w dwgs. No inscrip. ownership stamp, G-VG. S.A. Baptist Historical Society. Pietermaritzburg 1977 3rd edn.
Selections from the writings of other authors that illustrate the daily life of the ordinary Settler. Illustrated with sketches by "WILLY".
#17762 Milton, John. THE EDGES OF WAR. A History Of Frontier Wars (1702-1878). Red cb. xvii + 304pp illustrated b/w. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. Mint condition in d/w. Juta. Cape Town 1983. ISBN 070211331X
An account of the struggles between Europeans and Africans along the Eastern frontier of the Cape of Good Hope during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The Boers, and then the English settlers, came into conflict with the Xhosa tribes in the Eastern Cape, the struggle ending for the Xhosa with starvation and famine as a result of the Great Cattle Killing of 1857. Profusely illustrated with extensive notes and bibliography. For those interested in this part of Eastern Cape history, this is both a detailed and readable account. Extensive source notes, list of works cited.
#17891 Watts, H.L. & Agar-Hamilton, J.A.I. BORDER PORT. A Study Of East London, South Africa, With Special Reference To The White Population. Occasional Paper No.13. Blue wraps. iii + 267pp p/b. illustrated photos, tables. Sound & internally clean though prelims foxed, wraps worn, Good condition. Institute of Social & Economic Research (Rhodes University), Grahamstown 1970.
#17920 Whibley, Pauline Megan. MERRIMAN OF GRAHAMSTOWN. xvi + 107pp illustrated 51 b/w plates. No inscrip. a VG+ copy in d/w (faded all sides, but no chips, tears, or loss). Howard Timmins. Cape Town 1982. ISBN 0869782320
Bishop Nathaniel Merriman, originally from Marlborough, arrived at the Cape in 1848 aged 40. This is the only biography of him. Known as the 'walking predikant' he visited every remote corner from Bathurst to Bloemfontein on foot (using his horse only to carry his belongings) & from Graaf-Reinet to the Great Kei river. His edited journals appear as Vol.37 of the Van Riebeeck Society 1st Series. He died in a freak accident near Grahamstown.

SOUTHERN AFRICA, GENERAL. (unclassified by area)

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#17811 Akenson, Donald Harman. OCCASIONAL PAPERS ON THE IRISH IN SOUTH AFRICA. ISER Occasional Paper No.32. Printed wraps, 101pp. illustrated tables. No inscrip. Fine condition in lesser d/w. ISER. Grahamstown 1991. ISBN 0868102075
Includes the first demographic estimate of the size and primary characteristics of the South African Irish as an ethnic body. Author writes extensively on the Irish diaspora.
#17905 Coulson, Davis. & Clarke, James. MOUNTAIN ODYSSEY IN SOUTHERN AFRICA. Blue boards. 240pp illustrated col.b/w. 4to. Bookplate ffep else a Fine copy in protected d/w. Macmillan. Johannesburg 1983. ISBN 0869541374
Exploring everywhere that goes upwards, well illustrated, this is a guide to the mountain areas of the region. Includes verbatim extracts from David Coulson's travel diary.
#17902 Norman, Nick. & Whitfield, Gavin. GEOLOGICAL JOURNEYS. A Traveller's Guide To South Africa's Rocks And Landforms. Softcover, 320pp illustrated col.photos. lg.8vo. Bookplate else a Fine unread copy. Struik. Cape Town 2006. ISBN 9781770070622
With maps, photographs, diagrams, glossary, and bibliography, this gives the traveller the story of the fantastic landscape that he often travels through as well as providing a raison d'etre for visiting new places described therein. A very interesting and well illustrated book for the geologically curious.
#17815 Scarr, Deryck. SLAVING AND SLAVERY IN THE INDIAN OCEAN. Black cb. 238pp illustrated maps. 8vo. Ex library, cancelled, with usual paraphernalia o/w VG condition in d/w. St Martins Press. London (1998). ISBN 9780333729502
British & French archival sources are used to present the situation and psychology of slave-traders and owners in the Mascareignes (Mauritius, Bourbon, Seychelles). As plantation colonies and naval bases from 1700 to 1830 relevant court records provide an account of the prevalent slave culture.
#17885 Smith, Ken. & Nothling, F.J. AFRICA NORTH OF THE LIMPOPO. The Imperial Experience Since 1800. Printed green boards. 437 pp illustrated b/w. 4to. G+ condition. UNISA. Pretoria 1992. ISBN 0869813234
This undergraduate text gives a eurocentric view contemporary with its period and was intended to provide an understanding of modern Africa in the light of the postwar dissolution of the European colonial empires.
#17897 Uys, Ian. SURVIVORS OF AFRICA'S OCEANS. Softcover 184pp illustrated b/w photos. 4to. Bookplate half-title page else a Fine copy in protective film. Fortress. Germiston 1993. ISBN 9780958317351
Signed by Author, dd. 25.08.06 Covers a selection of wrecks including some early Portuguese ships such as the Sao Joao, the Grosvenor, Ligonier, Birkenhead, Waratah, Mendi, Galway Castle, Laconia, Nova Scotia, Llandaff Castle, Klipfontein, Oceanos and the solo sailed Challenger.


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#17836 Bryant, A.T. THE ZULU PEOPLE. As They Were Before The White Man Came. Pale cb. 769pp 8vo. An exceptionally clean and sound copy, only minor faults. VG+ condition. Shuter & Shooter. Pietermaritzburg 1949.
Originally completed in 1935, this represents the accumulation of over 50 years of contact with the Zulu people by the Author - who is well known for his 1903 Zulu-English dictionary. Examines the origin of the Zulus and many matters including dress, agriculture and animal husbandry, arts & crafts, the family & clan, the state & the king, courting, marriage, mysteries & myths, sports & pastimes.
#17887 Kasenene, Peter. SWAZI TRADITIONAL RELIGION AND SOCIETY. Printed wraps, 149pp. VG-F condition. Websters. Mbabane 1993. ISBN 0797804552
Discusses the interaction of traditional Swazi religion and society, covering such issues as divinity (the supreme being, intermediaries, ancestors), culture (defined, oral, human), environment (sacred places, religious objects, sacred animals), individual (pregnancy & birth, puberty & initiation, marriage), family, politics, morality, mystical powers (malevolent, benevolent, taboo), encounters with Christianity (missionaries, indigenous churches), future perspectives.
#17798 McKinnon, June. A TAPESTRY OF LIVES. Cape Women Of The 17th Century. Printed green wraps. 126pp illustrated b/w. 8vo. Ex publisher. Kwela. Cape Town 2004. ISBN 0795701225
Assembles from diverse sources profiles of more than 40 women and girls who lived at the Cape. Chapters on Bushman gatherers, Khoekhoe cattle-herders, Krotoa, Dutch East India Company wives, slaves, working women, Catharina Ras, French Huguenots.


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#17904 Below, Irene. HIDDEN TREASURES. IRMA STERN. Her Books, Painted Book Covers And Bookplates. Tan boards. 56pp illustrated cold.plates Bookplate ffep else a Fine copy in protected d/w. The Society of Bibiophiles in Cape Town 2000. ISBN 0620267275
The artist embellished many of the books in her own library with individual bookplates and covers of her own creation. Over 20 coloured plates show these artworks which are now housed in the Irma Stern museum in Cape Town.
#17899 Berman, Esme. THE STORY OF SOUTH AFRICAN PAINTING. Orange cb. xv + 256pp. illustrated col and b/w plates. 4to. Bookplate ffep else a Fine copy in VG+ d/w with secured protective film. Balkema. Cape Town 1975 1st ed. ISBN 0869610678
Starts with the 19th Century and charts the course of modern South African artistic endeavour, from the descriptive records of the "Africana painters" to the avant-garde expression of the 1970s. A good standard work on the subject.
#17903 Bull, Marjorie. ABRAHAM DE SMIDT 1829-1908. Artist And Surveyor-General Of The Cape Colony. Black cb. 164pp illustrated b/w photos, cold.plates. 4to. Bookplate ffep else a Fine copy in secured protected d/w (lightly faded to spine). Bull. Cape Town 1981. ISBN 0620049170
Includes catalogue of known works. He was a pupil of Thomas Bowler, a skilled topological draughtsman, and a well-travelled surveyor. His paintings are represented in the Library of Parliament collection.
#17896 De Villiers, Simon A. OTTO LANDSBERG 1803-1905. 19th Century South African Artist. Brown cb. 120pp illustrated col.b/w plates. 4to. Bookplate ffep else a Fine copy in protected d/w. Struik. Cape Town 1974 1st edn. ISBN 0869770470
Born in Germany 1903 he emigrated to South Africa in 1818 and died at the Cape in 1905. In 1952 none of his paintings had been traced, but in 1956 his grandson donated more than 70 of them to the Potchefstroom Museum thus ensuring that his art could be seen and recognised. His many paintings of 19thC Cape Town are of particular interest.
#17894 Dowson, Thomas A. ROCK ENGRAVINGS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Buff cb. 128pp oblong 4to. illustrated col.b/w photos, dwgs. Bookplate half-title page else a Fine copy. WUP. Johannesburg 1992. ISBN 9781868141203
Author, from the Rock Art Research Unit at Wits University, gives the meaning and significance of many of the rock engravings found throughout Southern Africa. Some are estimated at over 10,000 years old, others date from as recently as the 19thC.
#17867 Goldblatt, David., Krog, Antjie., & Powell, Ivor. SOME AFRIKANERS REVISITED. With Essays By Antjie Krog & Ivor Powell. Softcover, 232pp illustrated fullpage b/w photos. large 4to. VG-F condition Umuzi 2007. ISBN 9781415200261
Originally published as "Some Afrikaners Photographed" in 1975, this controversial work is now reprinted for the first time and includes an additional 20 images.
#17789 Pearse, G.E. EIGHTEENTH CENTURY FURNITURE IN SOUTH AFRICA. Blue cb. 193pp illustrated b/w. folio. No inscrip. a good sound copy but dusty. a dib to top edge of front board adjacent to joint, in d/w (no loss, but worn, heavily faded to rear). Balkema. Cape Town 1968 3rd edition.
Author was A.R.I.B.A. and Professor Emeritus in Architecture at the University of the Witwatersrand. Written as a companion volume to Author's 'Eighteenth Century Architecture In South Africa'. The scholarship, detailed plans and elevations drawn to scale, distinguish this book as a definitive text on the subject.
#17898 Various. OUR ART. 1, 2, 3, 4. The first two volumes are softcover, the third is hardcover, the last is again softcover. 4to. A full set of four volumes. illustrated col.b/w. Bookplate in each volume, else Fine copies in secured protective film. matching d/w with the softcover volumes, none for the hardcover. Variously; Foundation For Creative Arts, Foundation For Education, Science And Technology, Lantern, S.A. Association For The Advancement Of Knowledge And Culture, SABC. Pretoria 1968 through 2006. ISBN 9780797028326 ISBN 0620031425
This 4-volume series contains individual reviews of South African artists by specialists. Painters, sculptors, stained-glass, scraperboard and other mediums are all represented. Covers 95 individual artists.
#17863 Wright, Neil. A POTTER'S TALE IN AFRICA. The Life And Works Of Andrew Walford. Printed boards. 166pp illustrated col.photos. oblong 4to. Fine condition. includes silk tie with original ceramic endpiece. Wright. Kloof 2009. ISBN 9780620454001
Signed and inscribed by Author. Lavishly illustrated account of one of South Africa's best known potters.


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#17895 Terry, Roy. RAYMOND A. DART. TAUNG 1924-1974. Stapled 24pp illustrated col.b/w photos oblong 4to softcover. Bookplate, VG+ condition. Museum of Man & Science Johannesburg 1974.
Produced by the museum, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the "Missing Link" by Professor Dart at Taung in 1924.


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#17816 Barron, Chris. COLLECTED SOUTH AFRICAN DIARIES. 352pp p/b. No inscrip but book-club label to ffep else VG condition. Penguin. Johannesburg 2005. ISBN 9780143024699
A collection of obituaries of South African notables by the Sunday Times obituarist.
#17850 Bishop, John. CONVERSATIONS. Black cb. 212pp. 8v0. Near Fine copy in d/w. Johannesburg 1990 2nd imp. ISBN 9781874824039
Well known SABC broadcaster's interviews with Ian Smith, Prof. Phillip Tobias, Paul Johnson, Robert McNamara, Tom Rosenthal, Lord Alexander, Kathy Jagoe, Tertius Myburgh, Prof. Victor Frankl, Prof. R.V. Jones, Lourens van der Post, Credo Mutwa, Father Joseph Brossard Omi, Johnnie Johnson and Bill Reid, Mother Theresa, Prof. Rubin Scher, and Peter-Dirk Uys.
#17892 Bizos, George. ODYSSEY TO FREEDOM. A Memoir By The World-Renowned Human Rights Advocate, Friend And Lawyer To Nelson Mandela. Black cb. 616pp illustrated b/w. Fine condition. Random House. Houghton 2007 1st edition 2nd printing. ISBN 9780958419581
George Bizos came to South Africa at the age of 13 escaping from the German invasion of their native Greece. His legal career is associated with all the major human rights trials during the decades of apartheid.
#17814 Bopela, Thula. & Luthuli, Daluxolo. UMKHONTO WE SIZWE. Fighting For A Divided People. 272pp paperback illustrated b/w plates. 8vo. No inscrip. VG condition. Galago. Alberton 2005. ISBN 9781919854168
A memoir written by two men who fought as guerillas in the liberation of Southern Africa. Both were separately captured and imprisoned. Later, released, they joined forces to play a key role in ensuring that the IFP took part in the 1994 elections ensuring an ANC victory in an accepted 'free & fair' election.
#17912 Boydell, Tommy. MY BELOVED COUNTRY. South Africa As Others See Us. Cream cb. 204pp 8vo. G+ condition in worn d/w. Nasionale Boekhandel. Cape Town 1959 2nd imp.
Inscribed by Author on title page thus: "Alan J. Campbell. - a good friend of mine and a good friend of South Africa. 'Bon Voyage' Alan - and all my good wishes to yourself and your friendly country. "Tommy" 14 April 1961". Also signed "Thomas Boydell" on following ff.
#17834 Dhupelia-Mesthrie, Uma. GANDHI'S PRISONER? The Life Of Gandhih's Son, Manilal. White cb. 419pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo. Mint condition. Kwela. Cape Town 2004 1st edn. ISBN 9780795701764
A biography of Gandhi's second son. Born in India, and spending his adolescence in South Africa, he left with the family for India in 1914. He returned to the farm Phoenix to edit the Gujarati-English weekly 'Indian Opinion' which he did for almost 4 decades. Based upon hundreds of family letters, interviews, examination of Opinion, this provides a history also of the Phoenix settlement and presents a more comprehensive understanding of the relation between father and sons.
#17858 Duminy, A.H. & Guest, W.R. (Eds). FITZPATRICK. South African Politician. Selected Papers 1888-1906. Brown cb. 562pp 8vo. Ex library. sound copy, usual library paraphernalia and sello residue to boards. Clean VG d/w McGraw-Hill. Johannesburg 1976. ISBN 0070912858
Includes letters, diary extracts, transripts of speeches, and some important letters written to him. This is an extensive selection, and the authors conclude that Fitzpatrick was "a very human figure who tried unsuccessfully to establish a British South Africa before this ideal was destroyed by the political ascendancy of Afrikanerdom".
#17807 First, Ruth. & Scott, Anne. OLIVE SCHREINER. Foreword by Nadine Gordimer. 383pp paperback illustrated b/w plates. No inscrip. VG condition. Women's Press. London 1989. ISBN 9780704341562
This is an interesting biography not least because of the credentials of the co-authors. Ruth First as the politicist, Anne Scott as the feminist, both facets of Schreiner's own personality.
#17757 Fugard, Athol. COUSINS. A Memoir. Blue boards. 106pp illustrated b/w. tall 8vo. Near Fine condition in VG d/w (no loss or significant tears, but rear creased). Witwatersrand University Press. 1st edition Johannesburg 1994. ISBN 9781868142781
The true first edition, signed by Author thus: "Athol Fugard. Nov.25 - '94 Rhodes University.
#10492 Geldenhuys, Margaret. (Ed). THE MEMOIRS OF JOHN SUTHERLAND. Editor Of The Evening Post and The Weekend Post. 1947-1977. Deals extensively with the Evening Post and the staff who worked with John Sutherland. He died before completion of the final chapter. An A4 photostated production. 48pp spiral bound. As issued Self published.
Published posthumously for circulation to friends only in a small edition of perhaps 20 copies only.
#17831 Gobodo-Madikizela, Pumla. A HUMAN BEING DIED THAT NIGHT. A Story Of Forgiveness. Printed card wraps. 193pp. A VG-F copy. David Philip. Cape Town 2007 3rd imp. ISBN 9780864866301
Eugene de Kock known as "Prime Evil" is currently serving a 212 year prison sentence for crimes against humanity. Denied amnesty by the Truth & Reconciliation Commission, while many former comrades-in-murder walked free, he is the imprisoned symbol of the apartheid death squads. Author spent 46 hours interviewing de Kock in Pretoria's maximum security prison . The 2004 Alan Paton Non-Fiction Award winner.
#17864 Griffiths, Edward. KEPLER. The Biography. Green cb. 348pp illustrated col.b/w photos. tall 8vo. VG+ condition in matching d/w. Pelham. London 1994. ISBN 9780720720457
South African cricket giant Kepler Wessels was captain at the time of South Africa's return to international cricket in 1991 and soon saw the team make test history with a win over Australia in 1994. Includes a statistical analysis of his career.
#17826 Khumalo, Fred. TOUCH MY BLOOD. The Early Years. Printed wraps. 196pp 8vo. A Fine unread copy. Umuzi. Cape Town 2006 1st edn. ISBN 9781415200049
Biography of this journalist captures the ethos of the 80s. Author is 'Insight & Opinion' editor on the Sunday Times and writes a weekly political column. He has been published in literary journals and magazines such as Staffrider, Tribute, Drum, & Pace.
#17855 Mandela, Nelson. THE ILLUSTRATED LONG WALK TO FREEDOM. The Autobiography Of Nelson Mandela. Printed boards. 208pp illustrated col.b/w photos. 4to. Some minor faults hence VG only in VG d/w (no tears or chips, but faded) Little Brown. London 1996. ISBN 0316880205
Slightly abridged from the original edition this illustrated version uses many modern and contemporary photographs to show the background of events.
#17843 Murray, Joyce. (Ed). IN MID-VICTORIAN CAPE TOWN. Letters From Miss Rutherfoord. Quarter vellum on marbled boards. 167pp illustrated b/w. tall 12mo. A Fine copy in poor split d/w. A particularly attractive copy despite effectively no d/w. Balkema. Cape Town 1968.
With the marriage of her elder sister in 1852, Mary Rutherfoord carried out the household duties assisting her mother until her own marriage to Andrew Murray in 1856. The letters written during these 4 years give a picture of a happy life in comfortable circumstances in the family home in Sea Point, which had a garden onto the beach and stretching behind up the mountain slopes. This illustrated edition shows author's pencil sketches from her 1856 sketch-book.
#17790 Nathan, Manfred. PAUL KRUGER. His Life And Times. Blue cb. 510pp 8vo. Sympathetically rebound, contents VG+. an attractive sound copy. Knox Publishing. Durban 1942 3rd edn.
Detailed biography of Paul Kruger, four times president of the South African Republic. He was for twenty years the most conspicuous figure in its unfolding history.
#17763 Redelinghuys, J.H. DIE AFRIKANER FAMILIENAAMBOEK. Personalia 1955. Red cb. 246 + 311pp illustrated b/w. Recased with new eps, original spine laid down as is original f.pastedown with map. Publisitas. Cape Town 1955 (2nd edition).
The first section, Personalia, comprises brief biographies of more than 1500 prominent Afrikaner citizens. The second section gives outlines of Afrikaans family names listing original descendants and early family history. Afrikaans text.
#17825 Smith, Charlene. PATRICIA DE LILLE. Printed wraps. 202pp llus b/w. 8vo. No inscrip. VG+ condition. Spearhead. Cape Town 2002. ISBN 9780864865341
Biography of South Africa's second most favourite politician. Probably there are only two anyway, but her appeal transcends that of her party which at the time of writing was the PAC. Outspoken and fearless she is perceived as standing up for the wronged.
#17821 Thompson, Len. A ROUGH DIAMOND IN SOUTH AFRICA. Printed wraps. 210pp illustrated col.b/w. Mint condition. Bannister. Chesterfield 2008. ISBN 9780952567837
Foreword by SA test cricketer Pat Symcox. A personal memoir of time spent in South Africa as an immigrant family living and working on Anglo and De Beers mines from 1966 to 1973.
#17901 Tobias, Philip. INTO THE PAST. A Memoir. Softcover 277pp illustrated b/w plates. 8vo. Bookplate ffep else a Fine unread copy. Picador / WUP. Johannesburg 2005. ISBN 9781770100152
Focuses on the earlier part of his life. His interactions with the San Bushmen of Botswana, the Tonga of Zambia, as well as his fights against the racism of the apartheid years are covered. The autobiography reveals a many-sided scholar whose academic pursuits are matched by his liberal interests.
#17846 Van der Post, Laurens. A WALK WITH A WHITE BUSHMAN. In Conversation with Jean-Marc Pottiez. Blue cb. xxi + 326pp. No inscrip. ff browned as always else VG in d/w. Chatto & Windus. London 1986. ISBN 9780701131685
Spontaneous discussions and pointed commentary on many of the key issues and personalities of our time.


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#17806 Abani, Chris. GRACELAND. Printed wraps. 321pp 8vo. A near Fine copy. Picador. Johannesburg 2004. ISBN 1770100083
Author's second title garnered amongst others the Hemingway Award and was shortlisted for the Dublin Literary Award. Set in Lagos, a story of son and father in postcolonial Nigeria where American pop culture rules supreme.
#17805 Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi. HALF OF A YELLOW SUN. Maroon cb. 433pp 8vo. An unread Fine copy. Fourth Estate. London 2006 1st edn. ISBN 9780007200276
Author's second novel, set in Nigeria during the 1960s at the time of the Biafran war.
#17839 Bouman, Dr A.C. DIEU ET MON DROIT Of Die Heilige Pand. Historiese Spel Om Vier Bedrywe. Printed wraps. 101pp. Slip from festival committee. Ownership stamps & inscrip ffep. contents excellent. Nasionale Pers. Cape Town 1939.
Written for the 1939 Hugenot Festival celebrating the quarter millenium of their arrival in South Africa.
#17873 Brink, Andre. PRAYING MANTIS. 280pp p/b. VG+ condition. Secker & Warburg. London 2005. ISBN 9780436206054
Explores the historical figure of Cupido Cockroach, early khoi missionary.
#17804 Chapman, Michael. (Ed). OMNIBUS OF A CENTURY OF SOUTH AFRICAN SHORT STORIES. Printed wraps. 868pp 8vo. A Fine unread copy. Donker. Craighall 2007. ISBN 9780868522333
A collection of all stories from the three anthologies: 'A Century Of South African Short Stories' 1978 & 1993 editions, and 'The New Century Of South African Short Stories' 2004. 121 stories by 75 known authors (and some by unknown authors).
#17812 Coetzee, J.M. SLOW MAN. Grey cb. 263pp 8vo. Unread, Mint condition in d/w. Secker & Warburg. London 2005 1st printing. ISBN 9780436206115
#17820 Coetzee, J.M. STRANGER SHORES. Essays 1986-1999. 374pp p/b. A Fine unread copy. Vintage 2002. ISBN 9780099422624
Twenty-nine essays on matters as diverse as the 1995 Rugby World Cup & Noel Mostert's 'Frontiers'. Opening with 'What Is A Classic', most essays concern fellow literary luminaries, past and present.
#17810 Cullinan, Patrick. MATRIX. Printed wraps. 189pp 8vo. No inscrip. front wrap creased hence G-VG condition only, contents are fine. Snail Press 2002 1st edition. ISBN 9781874923626
Although well known for his verse and other writings this is the Author's only novel to date.
#17882 Dangor, Achmat. WAITING FOR LEILA. 140pp softcover. VG condition. Ravan Writers Series. 1996. ISBN 0869754718
Contains the title novella, plus five other short stories. "The Homecoming", "Jobman", "A Strange Romance", "The Visit", & "In The Shadow Of Paradise".
#17856 Fahim, Shadia S. SUFI EQUILIBRIUM AND THE FORM OF THE NOVEL. (Dorris Lessing And Sufi Equilibrium: The Evolving Form Of The Novel). Brown cb. 279pp 8vo. VG condition in d/w. St Martin's Press, New York. & Macmillan, London. ISBN 9780333559086
Charts the rationale of Doris Lessing's development in the context of Sufi as well as western theories, a cultural hybrid useful in explaining areas of misunderstanding in her canon.
#17838 February, Vernie A. SPECTRE DE LA ROSE. Printed white card wraps. 32pp stapled. VG-F condition. Self. 1978.
No.37 of 50 only. signed by Author, dd. 20/3/82.
#17848 Foden, Giles. ZANZIBAR. Olive cb. 390pp. 8vo. Marks to f.board from damped d/w, but at first sight a fine copy, hence VG only. No inscrip. Faber. London 2002. ISBN 9780571205127
Author was raised in Malawi. His first novel, "The Last King Of Scotland", won many literary awards and together with "Ladysmith" earned him considerable fame as a new novelist.
#17809 Fox, Jane. THE KILLING BOTTLE. 143pp paperback. No inscrip. VG+ condition. David Philip. Cape Town 1999. ISBN 9780864863966
Author's first novel. Author was married to Lionel Abrahams.
#17792 Galgut, Damon. A SINLESS SEASON. Blue cb. 173pp 8vo. Ownership ticket ffep. nice VG condition item in d/w. Jonathan Ball. Johannesburg 1982 1st edition. ISBN 0868500518
Authors debut novel, published when he was perhaps 19 years old.
#17835 Goldstuck, Arthur. & Ramwell, William. NEVER PLAY LEAPFROG WITH A UNICORN. Bumper Stickers From The Information Highway. Printed wraps. 142pp. VG condition. Zebra. Wynberg 1995. ISBN 9781875015795
Authors claim bumper stickers and graffiti succumber to the email tagline of which this books gives a large selection.
'"Bother", said Pooh, as he reached for the 'Reset' button'.
#17910 Gordimer, Gordimer. BURGER'S DAUGHTER. Purple cb. 361pp 8vo. No inscrip. VG condition in d/w. Jonathan Cape. London 1979. 1st edition. ISBN 0224016903
Author's seventh novel. Written with Bram Fischer in mind, the novel was banned in South Africa.
#17890 Gray, Stephen (Ed). MODERN SOUTH AFRICAN POETRY. Revised And Expanded Edition of "A World Of Their Own". Printed wraps. 251pp. 8vo. Spine creased hence VG condition. a nice clean copy. Donker. Johannesburg 1994 ISBN 0868520578
Contains poetry written in English from the 1960s, '70s, & '80s.
#17886 Heywood, Christopher. (Ed). PERSPECTIVES ON AFRICAN LITERATURE. Selections From The Proceedings Of The Conference On African Literature Held At The University Of Ife 1968. Printed wraps. 175pp. 8vo. Ownership stamp title page hence VG condition. Heinemann. London 1982 rpt. ISBN 0435913395
Contributions by James Ngugi, Abiola Irele, D.S. Izevbaye, Lalage Brown, A. Afolayan, Brenda Packman, Oyin Ogunba, Ime Ikiddeh, Ofori Akysa, Eldred Jones (on Wole Soyinka), David Cook (on Camara Laye), David Rubadiri, & Christopher Heywood (on Peter Abrahams).
#17829 Impy, Bridget., Kupper, Ingrid., & Martin, Russell. (Eds). A BOOK OF HOPE. Printed card wraps. 100pp ills b/w dwgs. square 8vo. No inscrip. VG+ condition. David Philip. Cape Town 1992. ISBN 9780864862457
The editors asked well known South African writers to reflect upon hope, or the lack of it, at a time of crisis in the country's history. Contributions from Dennis Brutus, Richard Rive, Johan Degenaar, Heather Robertson, Francis Wilson, Desmond Tutu, Peter Horn, Jan Steyn, Denise Ackermann, Elsa Joubert, Guy Butler, Barney Pityana, Keorapetse Kgositsile, Martin Versveld, Gcina Mhlophe. John De Gruchy, Wally Serote, Govan Mbeki, Gus Ferguson, Emma Mashinini, Alert Nolan, Nadine Gordimer, Njabulo Ndebele, Ellen Kuzwayo, Ian Player, Max Du Preez, Adam Small, Beyers Naude, & Albie Sachs.
#17872 Johnson, Shaun. THE NATIVE COMMISSIONER. 283pp p/b. A Fine unread copy. Penguin 2007. ISBN 9780143025436
Author's first novel, winner of a Commonwealth Writer's Prize in 2007.
#17840 JONG ZUID-AFRIKA. Geillustreerd Maandschrift. Original printed wraps. 64pp. Wraps frayed around edges, some loss to spine. Still a sound copy with excellent contents. 2de Jaargang 1912. Julie Aflevering.
#17859 Killam, G.D. (Ed). AFRICAN WRITERS ON AFRICAN WRITING. Brown cb. 172pp. Ownership stamp & inscip ffep else VG+ in VG d/w. Heinemann. London 1973. ISBN 0435187147
Essays, articles, and interviews by: Chinua Achebe, Ama Ata Naidoo, J.P. Clark, Nadine Gordimer, Cheikh Kamidou Kane, Lewis Nkosi, Birago Diop, Abdou Anta Ka, Joseph Kariuki, Camara Laye, Ali A. Mazrui, S.O. Mezu, Okello Oculi, Gabriel Okara, Sembene Ousmane, David Rubadiri, Ousmane Soce, and Tchicaya U. Tam'si. Includes short biographic notes on the writers.
#17828 Matthee, Dalene. THE DAY THE SWALLOWS SPOKE. 264pp p/b. No inscrip. An unread copy, Mint.. Penguin 1992. ISBN 9780140179354
Translated by the Author. The novel's chief protagonist buys illegal uncut diamonds from a desperate Rhodesian couple and plans to use the proceeds of selling them to escape from Africa.
#17803 Moele, Kgbetli. ROOM 207. Printed wraps. 238pp 8vo. A Fine unread copy. Kwela. Cape Town 2006. ISBN 9780795702341
In Room 207 in a seedy downtown residential hotel in Johannesburg 6 guys live together for 10 years. They hustle to make a living, not wanting to leave Johannesburg the way they came - in a taxi with empty pockets. Winner of the 2007 Herman Charles Bosman literary prize.
#17837 Noble, Professor. THE CAPE MONTHLY MAGAZINE. New Series. Vol.XI. July To December 1875. Bound half-leather on marble boards. 384pp 8vo. Repaired. a rebind is in order, but contents are excellent. part of one ff excised, not affecting text, probably to remove stamp, likely ex-library. Juta Cape Town.
A selection of articles on diverse matters historical, natural history, book reviews, verse and short stories. Including:
John Brown. The Bechuana Tribes.
Ndiko. Native Medicines & Their Uses.
Commander Maclear. More Letters From The Challenger.
W.H.J. Bleek. Bushman Researches.
Copies of various documents relating to the capture of the Cape in 1806.
Copies of various documents relating to the capture of the Cape in 1795.
Many others.
#17830 Pinnock, Patricia Schonstein. SKYLINE. Printed wraps. 171pp sm.8vo. Fine condition. David Philip. Cape Town 2004 3rd imp. ISBN 9780864864321
Skyline is a run-down block of flats in Cape Town and home to drug-dealers, refugees and illegal immigrants. An adolescent girl comes of age in this story of the emotional ruin caused by civil war in Africa. Winner of the 2002 Sir Percy Fitzpatrick Prize.
#17786 Prozesky, August & Oskar. HOPE FARM. Mission Stories From South Africa. Printed boards. 144pp. 8vo. VG-F condition. The Centre Press. Hermanus 1999. ISBN 0620240938
Hope Farm was the mission station Konigsberg founded by Oskar Prozesky near to Newcastle, Natal, in 1868. He wrote these stories in his journal, in German. His great grandson Oskar edited, translated, and refashioned the texts, thus collaborating across the years. The stories are based on historic facts, the golden thread of hope for a better world running through them all.
#17860 Watson, Stephen. (Ed). GUY BUTLER. Essays & Lectures 1949-1991. Printed wraps. 236pp 8vo. Fine condition. David Philip. Cape Town 1994. ISBN 9780864862556
Signed by Guy Butler on title page.
#6108 Wildlife Heritage Trust Fund. WHO'S ZOO. A Light-Hearted Look At Wildlife And Animals. Printed wraps. 64pp illustrated dwgs. tall 4to. VG condition. Durban 1976.
Individual cartoons and drawings by various personalities including Spike Milligan, Walter Battiss, Stuart Cloete, Nadine Gordimer, Sam Haskins, Fatima Meer, Nicolas Monsarrat, Wilbur Smith, Helen Suzmann, and a host of other South African luminaries.


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#17870 Roberts, Margaret. INDIGENOUS HEALING PLANTS. Green cb. 285pp illustrated b/w dwgs and cold.plates. 4to. Ffep excised so G only, otherwise a nice clean copy in VG+ d/w. Southern 1990. ISBN 1868123170
Illustrated by Author, this encyclopedic work covers the many plants of veld and garden with a description of their healing properties, how to grow, etc.
#17871 Van Der Spuy, Kenneth R. HOW TO GROW ROSES IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE. Printed boards. 106pp illustrated col.photos. 8vo. Some browning to pages else a near Fine copy. Juta. 1975. ISBN 070210633X
Authors last book on roses covers all aspect of this activity, planting, pruning, disease control, etc.
#17919 Van Wijk, Yvette. THE PRACTICAL BOOK OF HERBS Growing And Using Herbs In South Africa. Printed boards. 144pp illustrated line dwgs. 4to. G-VG, contents clean, externally less than pristine. Chameleon. Cape Town 1986. ISBN 0620091045
Covers the history of herbs, the use in the home with basic processes for making remedies, dyes, cosmetics, aromatics, cooking, also the growing and gathering of herbs, identifying herbs, etc. A good resource.


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#17765 Amphlet, G.T. HISTORY OF THE STANDARD BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA LTD. 1862-1913. Blue boards with gilt decoration f.board. teg. xiii + 251pp + appendix. illustrated b/w photos. plates, cold.map. lg.8vo. Recased in original boards with new eps. a sound and clean copy. Robert Maclehose. Glasgow 1914.
This copy includes the large foldout map showing all branches of the bank in South Africa and Lesotho. A detailed history of the early years of this bank which retains preeminence in South Africa to this day.
#17906 Bosworth, Edward. FAMOUS WORKS OF ART. When Completed Contains 100 Cards. Printed buff wraps. 100pp with tipped in cards and frontis. oblong 4to. Bookplate, else VG+ condition. frontis and all 100 cards very neatly inserted. An above average copy of this item. United Tobacco with Medici Society. nd. late 1930s?f
Cigarette cards from smokers of United Tobacco, Westminster Tobacco, and Policansky Bros. brands. The 100 cards depict famous works of art with a page and a card for each artist included. Runs from Angelico Da Fiesole to Whistler in chronological order.
#17909 Compton, R.H. (Ed). OUR SOUTH AFRICAN FLORA. Printed boards. 100pp with 100 tipped in cards and 8 larger pictures. 4to. Bookplate, else VG+ condition. frontis and all cards neatly inserted. An above average copy of this item. United Tobacco nd.
Cigarette cards from smokers of United Tobacco, Westminster Tobacco, and Policansky Bros. brands. The 100 cards depict South African flora. English & Afrikaans text.
#17881 De Villiers, Jean-Francois. THE VENUS CODE. How The Female Choice And The Moon - And An Ice Age - Wrought Humanity. Wraps worn, clean inside, G+ condition. Self 2006. ISBN 9780620366328
Signed by Author on title page.
#17908 Roberts, Austin. (Ed). OUR SOUTH AFRICAN BIRDS. Printed boards. 106pp with 150 tipped in cards and 5 larger pictures. 4to. Bookplate, else VG+ condition. frontis and all cards neatly inserted. An above average copy of this item. United Tobacco 1941.
Cigarette cards from smokers of United Tobacco, Westminster Tobacco, and Policansky Bros. brands. The 100 cards depict some South African birds. English & Afrikaans text.
#17907 Stevenson-Hamilton, Colonel. (Ed). OUR SOUTH AFRICAN NATIONAL PARKS. Printed boards. 102pp with 100 tipped in cards and 8 larger pictures. 4to. Bookplate, else VG+ condition. frontis and all cards very neatly inserted. An above average copy of this item. United Tobacco. 1940.
Cigarette cards from smokers of United Tobacco, Westminster Tobacco, and Policansky Bros. brands. The 100 cards depict wildlife from the Kruger and other national parks. English & Afrikaans text.


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#17900 Clancey, P.A. GAMEBIRDS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. Being A Guide To All The Major Sporting Birds Of Africa South Of The Cunene, Okavango And Zambesi Rivers. Gilt on blue leather (?) bds. xvii + 224pp illustrated cold.plates, b/w dwgs. distibution maps. 4to. indexed. Bookplate ffep else a Fine copy in VG protected d/w. Purnell. Cape Town 1967.
Provides full information on each species occuring in the region under the headings of description, distribution, general biology, & nidification. Illustrated by the author.
#17797 Fuggle, R.F. & Rabie, M.A. ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT IN SOUTH AFRICA. Printed green boards. 823pp illustrated b/w maps, tables, etc. 8vo. Shows signs of damp storage but sound and clean, hence a Good copy only. Juta. Cape Town 1994 2nd imp. ISBN 0702128473
52 contributing authors cover the disciplines of environmental management, law, renewable and non-renewable resources, environmental quality, special concerns such as mountains, rivers, agriculture, and environmental evaluation.
#17893 Ginn, P.J., McIlleron, W.G., & Milstein, P. Le S. (Eds). THE COMPLETE BOOK OF SOUTHERN AFRICAN BIRDS. Blue cb. 780pp illustrated col.photos. folio. Bookplate ffep else a Fine copy in protected d/w. Struik Winchester. Cape Town 1989. ISBN 9780947430155
All known species are described and illustrated with over 1000 colour photographs. Graeme Arnott provided illustrations for some few species. Includes some extremely rare migrants. A very heavy item, over 3kg.
#17918 Schaefer, Arne & Pat. LAGOON. A Companion To The West Coast National Park. Printed card wraps. 89pp illustrated dwgs & col.photos. VG-F condition. Yoshi. Cape Town 1983. ISBN 9780620176811
A review of the fauna & flora of this area. Checklists for mammals, birds, & reptiles. A handy guide to the attractions of the park.
#17788 Skead, C.J. HISTORICAL MAMMAL INCIDENCE IN THE CAPE PROVINCE. Volume 1. The Western & Northern Cape. Volume 2. The Eastern Half Of The Cape Province, Including The Ciskei, Transkei, And East Griqualand. Gilt on brown cloth boards. 903pp. 1121pp. 4to. Fine condition. Department Of Nature & Environmental Conservation Of The Provincial Administration Of The Cape Of Good Hope. 1980. 1987. ISBN 0798401796
Volume 2 signed by Author on title page.
#17808 Smith, J.L.B. THE SEA FISHES OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. A comprehensive work representing a lifetime of study by the author. Gilt dec green cb. 4to. xvi + 550pp illustrated cold.b/w dwgs. 4to. Bookplate, no inscrip. boards slightly spotty, corners nice and square, contents Fine, basically a VG+ copy. CNA. Cape Town 1949 1st edn.
From the Hosken collection, bookplate 'Ex Libris I. & F.W. Hosken'.
#17913 Van Dyk, Anne. THE CHEETAH'S OF DE WILDT. Apricot boards. 176pp illustrated col.b/w photos. Bookplate ffep else a Fine copy in protected d/w. Struik. Cape Town 1991 1st edn. ISBN 9781868251872
The captive breeding at the De Wildt farm, over 400 cheetahs born, is a major factor in the re-establishment of the cheetah in South Africa from near-extinction levels of only 700 country wide. Excellent illustrations to this story of the struggle to save the cheetah from the verge of extinction.
#17827 Vanderplank, Helen J. WILDFLOWERS OF THE PORT ELIZABETH AREA. Swaartkops To Sundays Rivers. 160pp p/b illustrated cold.dwgs. No inscrip. VG+ copy. Bluecliff. Cape Town 1998. ISBN 9780620221627
Shows 380 species in full colour on 68 plates. A thorough guide to the flora of the area.
#15924 Visser, J. & Chapman, D.S. SNAKES AND SNAKEBITE. Venomous Snakes And Management Of Snakebite In Southern Africa. Terracotta cb. 152pp. illustrated col.b/w photos, line dwgs, etc. No inscrip. VG-F in d/w. Struik. Cape Town 1984. ISBN 9780869772188
Detailed standard work on the clinicopathological aspects and management of snakebite with illustrative cases. Also covers identification of snakes. Well illustrated.
#17800 Wallett. Tim. SHARK ATTACK And Treatment Of Victims In South African Waters. Blue cb. 176pp illustrated col.b/w photos, dwgs. 8vo. Shows evidence of damp storage, but sound and clean, in repaired d/w, hence Good only. Purnell. Cape Town 1980 2nd imp. ISBN 0868430188
Besides basic recommendations for the treatment of victims, especially at the beach, this volume includes much information on sharks and their habits with an identification key. Graphic illustrations of inflicted injuries.
#17914 Wildlife Protection Society. THE EASTERN CAPE NATURALIST. No.50 November 1973. Printed wraps. 42pp stapled. VG condition.
The First Fifty. R.M. Tietz.
A Matter Of Polka Dots. C.J. Skead.
Animals From Our Shores. Perlemoen, Abelone. Anton McLachlan.
Estuaries Of The Garden Route Threatened. John Grindley.
Some General Characteristics Of Ducks. W.R. Siegfried.
Cape Waterfowl. Yellowbill Duck. W.R. Siegfried.
Eels & Other Fish Of The Eastern Cape Rivers. P.B.N. Jackson.
Cape Trees - Black Stinkwood. G.C. Skinner.
Birds Nests In The Eastern Cape. Bruce Every.
Detergents & Pollution. W.J. McGill.
The South African Lynx Or Rooikat In The Eastern Cape. R.A. Jubb.
Could You Recognise A Sea Snake?
Report On The Knysna Elephants. P.B. Odendaal.
Museum Notes & News.
#17915 Wildlife Protection Society. THE EASTERN CAPE NATURALIST. No.44 November 1971. Printed wraps. 28pp stapled. VG condition.
Proposals For A Nature Reserve At Cape Recife. H.F.B. Champion.
Notes On Seals & Sealing In The Eastern Cape. G.J.B. Ross.
An Eel Smokery In The Eastern Cape.
Seeweeds. Dr S.C. Siegrief.
Arbor Day.
Cape Trees - Burchellia Bubulina. G.C. Skinner.
In Search Of The Cape Parrot. Bruce Every.
Nature Conservation Education At University Of Stellenbosch. R.C. Bigalke
The Jointed Cactus, A Noxious Weed.
The Geometric Spider. S.H. Skaife.
The Jackass Penguin On St Croix, A Census. G.J.B. Ross.
Museum Notes & News.
#17916 Wildlife Protection Society. THE EASTERN CAPE NATURALIST. No.42 March 1971. Printed wraps. 30pp stapled. VG condition.
Southern Cape Indigenous Forests.
The Camera & Wildlife. Barrie Wilkins.
Grasses Found In The Port Elizabeth Area. K.Z. Edwards.
Impressions Of A Conservationist. M. Taylor.
Progress In Nature Conservation On The Zwartkops River. R. van der Merwe.
Some Cattle Egret Nesting Sites In The Eastern Cape. R.A. Jubb.
The Cultivation Of Indigenous Trees. G.C. Skinner.
Turtles, Terrapins, & Tortoises Of The Eastern Cape. W.H. Archer.
Bizarre, Stealthy And Camouflaged - Chameleons. N. Schaeffer.
Museum Notes & News.


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#17889 Antique Collectors Society Of South Africa. ANTIQUES IN SOUTH AFRICA. No. 16 Winter 1985. Stapled periodical. Well illustrated col/b/w photos. tall 8vo. VG condition. Cultural Press, Constantia 1985.
A veritable cornucopia of antiques from the subcontinent. A fine production with articles, photographs, and advertising concerned with smalls (such as silver, glass, china) as well as furniture, fine art, and the like. This was the leading antique periodical of the period. Articles on early paintings of South African flora (by Frank Bradlow), Boer War in German, Cape provincial ware, Bishopscourt.
#17888 Antique Collectors Society Of South Africa. ANTIQUES IN SOUTH AFRICA. No. 18 Winter 1986. Stapled periodical. Well illustrated col/b/w photos. tall 8vo. VG condition. Cultural Press, Constantia 1986.
A veritable cornucopia of antiques from the subcontinent. A fine production with articles, photographs, and advertising concerned with smalls (such as silver, glass, china) as well as furniture, fine art, and the like. This was the leading antique periodical of the period. Articles include early Transvaal cigarette cards, Melton Prior's Jameson Raid sketches, Herbert Baker in Johannesburg, Le Vaillant, early photographers of the Reef.


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#17799 Baines, Gary. (Ed). BEYOND THE BORDER WAR. New Perspectives On South Africa's Late-Cold War Conflicts. Printed wraps. 342pp illustrated b/w. 8vo. An unread copy, but wraps rubbed hence VG+. Unisa 2008. ISBN 9781868884568
Contributed essays examine the scenes behind the weaponry of the border conflicts.
#17801 Clarke, Bob. ANGLICAN'S AGAINST APARTHEID 1936-1996. Printed wraps. 594pp 8vo. Fine unread copy. Cluster. Pietermaritzburg 2008. ISBN 9781875053735
Authorial gift inscription half-title. Records the witness against racial discrimination and suggests that this made an important contribution to the liberation of South Africa from apartheid.
#17841 Du Preez, J.M. AFRICANA AFRIKANER. Master Symbols In South African School Textbooks. Printed card wraps. 106pp. VG condition. Librarius Felicitus. Alberton (1983). ISBN 0947007725
Results from an in-depth study of 53 school books (texts and setworks) prescribed for white and black secondary schools. Originally a treatise ('n Kommunikatiewe Studie Van Geskrywe Sekondere Onderrigmateriaal In Suid Afrika) for a Master's Degree at Unisa. Concludes that master symbols in school textbooks have shortcomings and defects, and that the contemporary Afrikaner as he is portrayed in the communications media has outstripped the school textbooks symbolic sphere.
#17813 Fisher, Ryland. RACE. 250pp p/b 8vo. A Mint copy. Jacana. Johannesburg 2007. ISBN 9781770093737
Author, former editor of the Cape Times, interviews a selection of South African on the idea of race, what it has meant to them, and how they envision a future South Africa steeped in racial sensitivity.
#17917 Ilbury, Chantell. & Sunter, Clem. THE MIND OF A FOX. Scenario Planning In Action. Softcover 144pp. Fine condition. Tafelberg. Cape Town 2007. ISBN 9780798141697
Anglo American guru and co-author provide a crisp and entertaining analysis of the mind of a fox and use this to help you assess situations and make more effective decisions.
#15887 Mijere, Nsolo J. (Ed). AFRICAN REFUGEES AND HUMAN RIGHTS IN HOST COUNTRIES. The Long-Term Demographic, Environmental, Economic, Social, And Psychological Impacts Of Angolan Refugees In Zambia. Black cb. 215pp 8vo. Bookplate ffep. Fine in secured protected d/w (spine faded). Vantage Press. New York (1995). ISBN 9780533106219
Contributed articles:
Raban Chanda. "The Demographic Impact Of Refugees In Zambia".
Raban Chanda. "The Environmental Impact of Settled Refugees: The Case Of Meheba".
Allast Mwanza. "The Economic Contribution Of Angolan Refugees To Zambia".
Art Hansen. "The Refugee Integration Aspect In Two Settlement Models In Zambia: The Case Of The North-Western Province".
Nsolo Mijere. "The Socioeconomic Impact Of Settled Refugees On Host Communities In Zambia: The Case Of Meheba".
Irene M. Sinyangwe. "Attitudes Of Angolan Refugees And Their Zambian Hosts Towards Each Other".
E.A. Daka. "Refugees In Zambia: Shortcomings In The Determination Of Refugee Status And Inadequacies Of The Refugee Control Act Of 1970".
Sashi Chanda. "The Save The Children Federation Involvement In The Ukwimi Refugee Settlement."
Thomas Mabwe. "The Impact Of Planned Refugee Settlements On Local Communities: The Case Of Ukwimi".
Alice K. Siachitema. "The Women's Clubs At The Ukwimi Mozambican Refugee Settlement."
Nsolo Mijere. Conclusions.
#17832 Sicre, Frederic. (Ed). SOUTH AFRICA AT 10. Perspectives By Political, Civil, & Business Leaders. Printed wraps. 224 pp illustrated b/w dwgs. A Fine unread copy. Human & Rousseau. Cape Town 2004. ISBN 9780798144605
Commissioned by the World Economic Forum to capture the views of leading South Africans. Contributions by Thabo Mbeki, Nelson Mandela (drawings), Neal Chapman & Peter Wrighton, Tito Mboweni, Graham McKay, Cyril Ramaphosa, Wendy Luhabe, Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Jeremy Ord, Jay Naidoo, Koos Bekker & Anant Singh & Peter Sullivan, Bertie Lubner, Willie Esterhuyse, Reuel Khoza, and Clem Sunter.
#17883 Stanley, Liz. IMPERIALISM, LABOUR AND THE NEW WOMAN. Olive Schreiner's Social Theory. 194pp p/b. Near Fine condition (lower corner f.wrap creased). Sociology Press. 2002. ISBN 9781903457047
Based upon primary archive research, particularly unpublished letters, this emphasizes Schreiner's distinction as the major feminine theorist of her time.
#17833 Sunter, Clem. HOME TRUTHS. What We've Got To Do. Printed wraps. 224pp 8vo. No inscrip. VG+ condition. Tafelberg / Human & Rousseau. Cape Town 1999 2nd imp. ISBN 9780624037248
Selection of article by the Author penned for the Sunday Tribune and Sunday Argus. Sunter says that in South Africa our slogan is "ready, aim, have a conference, aim, have another summit, aim ..." and that we don't pull the trigger.


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#17862 Holland, Heidi. DINNER WITH MUGABE. The Untold Story Of A Freedom Fighter Who Became A Tyrant Black cb, 250pp, indexed. A Fine copy in matching d/w. Penguin 2008 ISBN 9780143025573
"Probing the mystery of Africa's loyalty to one of its worst dictators, the author explores the contradictions that cloud the life of the man who had embodied a continent's promise". Activist author clandestinely supported Mugabe in 1975. If one might expect some implicit sorrow for her small part in inflicting Mugabe on the people of Zimbabwe you will not find it. Instead nothing is Mugabe's fault, it is all circumstance, all outside forces, the irrational is explained rationally. You could almost feel sorry for Bob.
#17794 Tanser, G.H. A SCANTLING OF TIME. The Story Of Salisbury, Rhodesia. 1890 to 1900. Red deluxe maroon skivertex binding. 276pp illustrated b/w photos. Ownership inscrip ffep. VG+ condition in G d/w (no loss). Pioneer Head. Salisbury 1974 rpt. ISBN 0869180010
#17793 Tanser, G.H. A SEQUENCE OF TIME. The Story Of Salisbury, Rhodesia. 1900 to 1914. Red deluxe maroon skivertex binding. 299pp illustrated b/w photos. Ownership inscrip ffep. some ink marginalia, thus VG condition in G d/w (no loss). Pioneer Head. Salisbury 1974 rpt. ISBN 0869180029
#17842 Tawonezvi, H.P.R. THE ZIMBABWE JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH. Vol.32 No.1 1994. Printed wraps. 102pp. Front wrap partially creased else VG+. Dept. Research of Ministry of Lands.
Journal Of The Southern African Centre For Co-operation In Agricultural Reasearch & Training.
#17857 Rosenthal, Eric. SHOVEL AND SIEVE. Blue cb. 199pp illustrated b/w photos. 8vo indexed. No inscrip. a G clean copy with no d/w. Howard Timmins. Cape Town nd. 1st edition.
Story of the old-time prospectors of the Rand, Rhodesia, and Kimberley diggings etc.


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#17869 Bryden, Colin. (Ed). MUTUAL & FEDERAL SOUTH AFRICAN CRICKET ANNUAL 2007. Volume 54. 696pp softcover. A Fine copy. Johannesburg 2007.
Statistics for international, provincial, schools, women, country districts, etc. A full review of SA cricket for the year.
#17868 Bryden, Colin. (Ed). MUTUAL & FEDERAL SOUTH AFRICAN CRICKET ANNUAL 2005. Volume 52. 608pp softcover. A Fine copy. Johannesburg 2005.
Statistics for international, provincial, schools, women, country districts, etc. A full review of SA cricket for the year.
#17911 Bryden, Colin. (Ed). MUTUAL & FEDERAL SOUTH AFRICAN CRICKET ANNUAL 2008. Volume 55. 640pp softcover. A Fine copy. Johannesburg 2008.
Statistics for international, provincial, schools, women, country districts, etc. A full review of SA cricket for the year.
#17876 Chettle, Geoffrey A. SOUTH AFRICAN CRICKET ANNUAL 1966. Volume 13-1966. Australian Tour Issue. Printed wraps. 154pp, illustrated tables, b/w photos. No.inscrip. G. Durban, 1966.
Published with the approval of the SACU this provides provincial statistics and details including South African averages and records. Also comprehensively covers all cricket activity nationwide including The Currie Cup Tournament, First Class Test Currie Cup Records, Five Cricketers of the Year and Who's Who in South African Cricket, Universities,Schools and Country Districts Cricket.
#17875 Chettle, Geoffrey A. SOUTH AFRICAN CRICKET ANNUAL 1961-1962. Volume 9. Printed wraps. 192pp, illustrated tables, b/w photos. Sm.inscrip. G. Durban, 1962.
Published with the approval of the SACU this provides provincial statistics and details including South African averages and records. Also comprehensively covers all cricket activity nationwide including First Class & Currie Cup, South Africa in New Zealand, Five Cricketers of the Year and Who's Who in South African Cricket.
#17877 Chettle, Geoffrey A. SOUTH AFRICAN CRICKET ANNUAL 1965. Volume 12-1965. 75th Anniversary Number. Printed wraps. 188pp, illustrated tables, b/w photos. No.inscrip. G. Durban, 1965.
75th Anniversary 1890-1965. Published with the approval of the SACU this provides provincial statistics and details including South African averages and records. Also comprehensively covers all cricket activity nationwide including The Currie Cup Tournament, First Class Test Currie Cup Records, Five Cricketers of the Year and Who's Who in South African Cricket, Universities,Schools and Country Districts Cricket.
#17844 Norman, Chaeles. BASS FISHING IN SOUTHERN AFRICA. Where, When, And How To Catch Bass. Printed boards. 160pp illustrated col.b/w photos. 8vo. No inscrip. Contents Fine, boards lightly rubbed hence a clean VG+ copy. Chris van Rensburg. 1997 imp. ISBN 0868460915
With photographs by the Author and details of many top fishing waters.
#17849 Norman, Charles. FISH THE SOUTHERN SEAS. Printed boards. 141pp illustrated col.photos. 8vo. A Fine copy. Self. Johannesburg (1907). ISBN 9780620214483
A thorough and well illustrated review of sport fishing off coast the of Africa and its adjacent islands.
#17861 Oosthuizen, Andre. & Tinkler, Gavin. THE BANJO PLAYERS. Cricket's Match Fixing Scandal. Printed wraps. 264pp 8vo. Near Fine condition. Riverside. Hout Bay 2001. ISBN 9780620278539
Considers whether those players involved in the 2000 match fixing scandal have revealed the truth or skilfully concealed it. The authors, both legal practitioners, analyse the stream of facts and contradictions that issued from the various enquries and conclude that much of what was said simply cannot be true.
#17845 Salomon, Michael G. FRESH WATER FISHING IN SOUTH AFRICA. The Complete Guide To Fresh Water Fishing. Printed bds. 156pp. Illus. col.b/w photos. line dwgs. No inscrip. VG condition. Johannesburg 1987 5th imp. ISBN 0868460524
Matching volume to Norman's "Bass Fishing In SA".


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#17880 Attwell, Eric. THE ROAD TO LONDON. Foreword by Athol Fugard. 195pp softcover illustrated b/w. Inscrip inside f.wrap, except rear wrap creased, VG condition. Palladian. Port Elizabeth (1997). 620219823
Over 11000 km through Africa on bicycle. Two intrepid brothers set off in 1936 from Port Elizabeth through the then Rhodesias, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Tanganyika, Kenya, Uganda, and then along the Nile through the Sudan and Egypt, finally crossing Europe to London. Illustrated with their own photographs,
#17824 Berold, Robert. & Stanford, Mindy. MEANWHILE DON'T PUSH AND SQUEEZE. A Year Of Life In China. 246pp p/b. 8vo. No inscrip. near Fine condition. Jacana. Johannesburg 2007. ISBN 9781770093850
Author Robert Berold, well known South African poet, spent a year in China on contract teaching at the School of International Studies, Zhejiang University. A gentle look at his friendships, travels, and experiences.
#17823 Greenwood, Simon. THE GREENWOOD GUIDE TO SOUTH AFRICA AND NAMIBIA With Zambia & Botswana. Handpicked Accomodation. Printed wraps. 372 entries. illustrated col.photos, maps. As new condition. Greenwood Guides. London 2008 7th edition. ISBN 9780955116063
Still very current, lists the very best of accomodation for the discerning traveller. Detailed road maps cover the full area of the guide.
#17795 Park, Mungo. et al. AFRICA AND ITS EXPLORATION AS TOLD BY ITS EXPLORERS. With About 500 Illustrations And Maps. 2 volumes black dec on red cb. 572pp + 580pp illustrated b/w engravings. foldout map to rear of Vol.1. large 8vo. Volume 1 recased with new eps. both VG+ condition, an attractive set. Sampson Low Marston. London nd. (c.1900-1908)
Volume 2 declaims 'With 600 Illustrations & Maps'! A compendium compiled and edited from the writings of the famous African travelers themselves. The period illustrations vividly paint the scene.


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#17760 Adler, Major F.B. THE HISTORY OF THE TRANSVAAL HORSE ARTILLERY. Blue cb with printed title label pasted down to front board. 101pp. foldout frontis of various trophies. Rebacked, contents foxed, sound clean copy. Johannesburg 1927.
Formed March 1904, the unit saw action in the Natal Rebelliion, the German South West Africa campaign, and in the european theatre of the first World War. Author was Officer Commanding THA. Extensive appendices including Rolls of Honour.
#17923 Coetzee, Peet. SPECIAL FORCES "JAM STEALER". (ONS VERGEET NIE). The Memoirs Of A Specialist Who Served In Special Forces And The Armed Forces Of South Africa. 448pp p/b illustrated b/w photos. Mint condition. Self. 2009. ISBN 9780620435642
A member of "The Recces" author was an interpreter of photographic informatiin the field to find and track the enemy in the Angolan war. He covers action in Operation Sceptic, Operation Askari, and the Special Forces bases at Fort Doppies, Fort Rev, & Fort Foot, his time in the JARIC training wing and with Special Forces. Over 500 maps & photographs. Also available in Afrikaans as "Ons Vergeet Nie".
#17819 David, Saul. ZULU. The Heroism And Tragedy Of The Zulu War Of 1879. 467pp p/b. illustrated b/w plates, maps. A Fine unread copy. Penguin 2005. ISBN 9780141015699
Extensive notes and bibliography. A re-examination of this short war, the first since 'The Washing Of The Spears' by Donald Morris.
#17796 Mok, Michael. BIAFRA JOURNAL. Brown cb. 96pp illustrated b/w photos 4to. VG+ condition, no d/w. Time Life 1969.
Terence Spencer, Hubert Le Campion, Eliot Elisofon, and other photojournalists graphically illustrate the civil war between Nigeria and the secessionist Biafran state
#17766 Reitz, Deneys .TREKKING ON Preface by J.C. Smuts. Blue cb. 351pp Sympathetically rebound gilt title on light blue cb. as new appearance, contents in excellent clean condition, some light foxing in places. no d/w. a very attractive copy. Faber. London 1933 1st edn.
The second volume in Author's trilogy, recounts his involvement in the German South West Africa campaign and in the main areas of the Great War.
#17761 Streatfield, Frank N. KAFIRLAND: A Ten Months' Campaign. Red cloth boards with gilt & black decoration. 320pp, frontis. 8vo. Original cloth boards. rebacked, lower 55% of original spine laid down, to match, new title lettering. Sampson Low Marston Searle Rivington. London 1879
An account of the 'Kafir War' of 1878. Towards the end of 1877 the Author was offered a magistracy on the then Kaffrarian frontier. When arriving there, from George, he was offered a command of a Fingo levy. His story recounts in colonial style the events in the last year of the frontier wars.
#17822 Thomson, J.H. AN UNPOPULAR WAR. From Afkak To Bosbefok, Voices Of South African National Servicemen. Printed wraps. 238pp 8vo. A Fine unread copy. Zebra Press. Cape Town 2006. ISBN 9781770073012
Author interviewed many of the ordinary soldiers, special forces members, chefs, medics, helicopter pilots and others. Memories of the time from some of the hundreds of thousands of young men conscripted to serve in South West Africa (Namibia) and Angola during the 70s, 80s, & 90s.
#17791 Trew, Lt.-Col. H.F. BOTHA TREKS. Buff cb. 190pp illustrated b/w photos, maps on eps. 8vo. No inscrip. a little light foxing to some few ff else a good clean copy. Blackie. London 1936.
Author's personal account of the South West Africa campaign of General Louis Botha at the start of the Great War. With a command of 50 mounted police he was responsible for the personal safety of the General.
#17758 Unknown. A HISTORY OF THE SEVENTY-FIRST SIEGE BATTERY SOUTH AFRICAN HEAVY ARTILLERY. From July, 1915, The Date Of Its Formation At Cape Town To 11th November, 1918, When "Cease Fire!" Sounded At Lesdain, On The Escault Canal, Near Tournai, Belgium. Gilt dec. original black leather boards. aeg. 55pp illustrated b/w plates, tissue-guarded frontis. 4to. New endpapers, skillfully restored, most attractive copy, but ff well foxed excluding plates. 71st Siege Battery. nd. c.1919.
Appendices gives dates and locations of positions occupied, decorations awarded, appointments, casualties, roll of honour. The South African Heavy Artillery Brigade served in the German South West Africa campaign then disbanded. The Regiment of South African Heavy Artillery was recruited for service overseas which, composed of 600 men, formed five batteries leaving for England late in 1915. The No.3 (Transvaal) Battery SAHA became the 71st Siege Battery. Mobilised on 6th April 1916 they first saw action at Ypres 4th June of that year.
#17802 Williams, David. ON THE BORDER. The White South African Military Experience 1965-1990. Printed wraps. 151pp illustrated b/w. lg.8vo. A near Fine unread copy. Tafelberg. Cape Town 2008. ISBN 9780624044697
A view of service on the border by a conscript. More than half of the 600,000 men called up by the SADF between 1968 & 1990 served in the 'operational area' which essentially was South West Africa (Namibia) & Angola. Author coolly lays it out like it was, in detail, drawing on personal experience and with excerpts from the writings of many others.
#17817 Wylie, Dan. DEAD LEAVES. Two Years In The Rhodesian War. Printed wraps. 196pp. A Fine unread copy. UNP 2002. ISBN 9781869140052
A closely autobiographical account of Author's experiences in the bush war during the dying days of minority rule. Dan Wylie now resides in academia, is a noted poet and writer.

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