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Africa's 100 Best Books Of The 20th Century


"If Death Should Steal Upon Me"

Bury me where the grasses grow
Below the weeping willow trees
To let their branches shed upon me
Leaves of varied greens.
Then, as I lie there, I shall hear
The grasses sigh a soft behest:
"Sleep, beloved one, sleep and rest."

Bury me above the dams,
There where the little chirruping birds
Are heard to sing in merriment
And welcome of the coming Spring
While fluttering to the waters' brink 
To drink protected from the heat.

Let me die beside the road,
There where youthful scholars pass,
For now I can no longer bear 
The loads that burden me.
Children's chattering must be 
A blessed comfort to the souls
Of those who rest eternally.

Bury me in a place like this:
Where those who scheme and give their tongues
To plots and anger, never can
Displace the earth that covers me
Nor ever keep me from my sleep.
If you who read these lines should chance
To find me, 0 then bury me
Where grasses whisper this behest:
"Sleep, beloved one, sleep and rest."

Benedict Wallet Vilakazi.

This idea of a '100 Best African books' list arose during the 2001 Zimbabwe International Book Fair. The final list was announced by the panel of judges in Accra, Ghana, on 18th or 19th February 2002.

The list was the idea of Ali Mazrui, mooted at the 1998 Zimbabwe International Book Fair (ZIBF) held in Harare. Archbishop Desmond Tutu, was patron of the "Africa's 100 Best Books", Professor Njabulo Ndebele was Chairman of the selection jury, and Professor Rukudzo Murapa was Chairman of the ZIBF, the body responsible for organising the event. The names of the jury members responsible for the selection are not known.

There are many copies of this list to be found across the internet, all following the format as originally published giving Author / Nationality / Title / Publisher with errors perpetuated ad infinitum. I felt that corrections and additional information could be added which has resulted in the lists below, and which is presented in a slightly different format.

Obviously, considering the period during which many of these books were written, there is a healthy bias to the problems of colonialism, newly gained independence with its dreams and failures, and feminism. All these were and are very real issues in Africa.

Lists of 100 Best Books

There are many 100 Best Books lists to be found. Many select only from specific genres, others are compiled by various publishers, some attempt to be more inclusive by canvassing opinions ranging from that of the general public to well respected authors.

The 100 Best Books Of All Time

The World Library is a list of the 100 best books, as proposed by one hundred writers from fifty-four different countries, compiled and organized in 2002 by the Norwegian Book Club. This list endeavors to reflect world literature, with books from all countries, cultures, and time periods. Selected by 100 voting authors, the list has three entries by African writers.

The 20th Century's Greatest Hits: 100 English-Language Books of Fiction

This is a popular "best of" list compiled by Larry McCaffery in response to the Modern Library 100 Best Novels list (1999), which he saw as being out of touch with 20th-century fiction. McCaffery writes that he sees his list "as a means of sharing with readers my own views about what books are going to be read 100 or 1000 years from now". The list has no entries by African writers and is heavily USA-centric.

Modern Library 100 Best Novels

Modern Library's 100 Best Novels is a list of the best English-language novels of the 20th century as selected by the Modern Library, an American publishing company owned by Random House. The 10 Modern Library editors compiled a list that was heavily criticised for many reasons, not least the fact that most of the titles were on Random House's own publishing list. The list has no entries by African writers.

Africa's 100 Best Books Of The 20th Century

Not surprisingly it was felt that it was time to wave the African flag.

Some Notes on our version of the list

Inveterate checkers will note that on the original list there are actually 101 books, but what the extra one slipped in is not known. On our list there are 105 books. This is because the original list shows three titles on one line for the author Mohammed Dib, and Naguib Mahfouz's CAIRO TRILOGY is a trilogy, and for both cases I have shown the items separately.

Information has been collated from various sources. Advice of any errors or omissions gratefully received. I have taken information from the pages of Wikipedia knowing that this may not be considered a definitive source. Caveat lector.

Our list is not a list of 'First Editions', rather a reading list of these books. Hence isbn numbers are not given and titles are unashamedly given in English when known as translated and published in English. Otherwise titles are given in the original language. The original writing language, gender and nationality of author, and date of publication are given to set the writings in their original context of time and location. Names currently given as per the Wikipedia entry, but may be amended as necessary to show that given on the English publication. The full title is given as opposed to the some of the abbreviated versions on the 'official' list. For the sake of conformity names are given in the format first-name - last-name, avoiding the preference of some writers for this to be reversed.

Where I feel an error or omission has been made, my correction is shown italicised.

The original list is broken down into sections, 'Literature for Children', 'Creative writing', and 'Scholarship / Non-Fiction'. I have incorporated the Children's items into 'Creative writing', Thus we have separate Creative Writing and Scholarship / Non-Fiction lists below. These are followed by the original list.

"Africa's 100 Best Books Of The 20th Century" Revised And Corrected

Author's name in blue indicates a 'top 12 title'
Fables Bookshop Listing of the Creative Writing titles from "Africa's 100 Best Books Of The 20th Century"
Author Title Date Nationality M/F Language Genre
Chinua Achebe THINGS FALL APART 1958 Nigeria M English Contemporary Fiction
Chinua Achebe ARROW OF GOD 1964 Nigeria M English Contemporary Fiction
Ama Ata Aidoo ANOWA (published together with DILEMMA OF A GHOST) 1970 Ghana F English Contemporary Fiction (drama)
Hayam Abbas Al-Homi ADVENTURES OF A BREADTH ?? Egypt ?? ?? Childrens' Fiction [1] [6]
Germano Almeida THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF SENOR DA SILVA 2004 Cape Verde M Portuguese Contemporary Fiction
Ayi Kei Armah THE BEAUTYFUL ONES ARE NOT YET BORN 1968 Ghana M English Contemporary Fiction
Meshack Asare SOSU'S CALL 1997 Ghana M English Childrens' Fiction
Amadou Hampâté Bâ FORTUNES OF WANGRIN 1973 Mali M French Contemporary Fiction
Mariama Bâ SO LONG A LETTER 1981 Senegal F French Contemporary Fiction
Tahar Ben Jelloun THE SACRED NIGHT 1987 Morocco M French Contemporary Fiction
Mongo Beti THE POOR CHRIST OF BOMBA 1956 Cameroon M French Contemporary Fiction
André Brink A DRY WHITE SEASON 1979 South Africa M Afrikaans Contemporary Fiction
Ken Bugul (Mariètou Mbaye Biléoma) RIWAN: OR, THE SANDY TRACK 1999 Senegal F French Contemporary Fiction
Syl Cheney-Coker THE LAST HARMATTAN OF ALUSINE DUNBAR 1990 Sierra Leone M English Contemporary Fiction
Driss Chraïbi & Oriss Citraibu THE SIMPLE PAST: A NOVEL 1954 Morocco M French Contemporary Fiction
J.M. Coetzee LIFE AND TIMES OF MICHAEL K 1983 South Africa M English Contemporary Fiction
Mia Couto TERRA SONAMBULA 1992 Mozambique M Portuguese Contemporary Fiction
Jose Craveirinha KARINGANA UA KARINGANA 1974 Mozambique M Portuguese Contemporary Fiction
Bernard Dadie CLIMBIÉ 1956 Côte d'Ivoire M French Contemporary Fiction
Tsitsi Dangarembga NERVOUS CONDITIONS 1988 Zimbabwe F English Contemporary Fiction
Mohammed Dib LA GRANDE MAISON 1957 Algeria M French Contemporary Fiction
Mohammed Dib L'INCENDIE 1957 Algeria M French Contemporary Fiction
Mohammed Dib LE MÉTIER À TISSER 1957 Algeria M French Contemporary Fiction
Birago Diop TALES OF AMADOU KOUMBA 1947 Senegal M French Contemporary Fiction
Boubacar Boris Diop MURAMBI OU LE LIVRE DES OSSEMENTS 2000 Senegal M French Contemporary Fiction
Assia Djebar (Fatima-Zohra Imalayen) FANTASIA. AN ALGERIAN CAVALCADE 1985 Algeria F French Contemporary Fiction
Abdel Rahman el Abnudi DEATH ON THE ASHPHALT (translation of arabic title) Egypt M Arabic Contemporary Fiction
Gamal El Ghitani ZAYNI BARAKAT 1974 Egypt M French Contemporary Fiction
Nawal El Sadaawi WOMAN AT POINT ZERO 1975 Egypt F Arabic Contemporary Fiction [2]
Buchi Emecheta THE JOYS OF MOTHERHOOD 1979 Nigeria F English Contemporary Fiction
Daniel O. Fagunwa THE FOREST OF A THOUSAND DAEMONS 1938 Nigeria M Yoruba Contemporary Fiction
Nuruddin Farah MAPS 1986 Somalia M English Contemporary Fiction
Athol Fugard THE BLOOD KNOT 1961 South Africa M English Contemporary Fiction (play)
Nadine Gordimer BURGHER'S DAUGHTER 1979 South Africa F English Contemporary Fiction
Bessie Head A QUESTION OF POWER 1974 South Africa F English Contemporary Fiction
Luis Bernado Honwana WE KILLED THE MANGY DOG AND OTHER STORIES 1964 Mozambique M Portuguese Contemporary Fiction
Chenjerai Hove BONES 1988 Zimbabwe M English Contemporary Fiction
Moses Isigawa (Sey Wava) ABYSSINIAN CHRONICLES 1988 Uganda M Dutch Contemporary Fiction
Archibald Campbell Jordan INGQUMBO YEMINYAMA 1940 South Africa M Xhosa Contemporary Fiction
Elsa Joubert THE LONG JOURNEY OF POPPIE NONGENA 1978 South Africa F Afrikaans Contemporary Fiction
Cheikh Hamidou Kane AMBIGUOUS ADVENTURE 1961 Senegal M French Contemporary Fiction
Ungulani Ba Ka Khosa UALALAPI 1987 Mozambique M Portuguese Contemporary Fiction
Ahmadou Kourouma SUNS OF INDEPENDENCE 1968 Côte d'Ivoire M French Contemporary Fiction
Camara Laye THE AFRICAN CHILD 1983 Guinea M French Contemporary Fiction
Sindiwe Magona LIVING, LOVING AND LYING AWAKE AT NIGHT 1991 South Africa F English Contemporary Fiction[3]
Naguib Mahfouz PALACE WALK (Vol.1 of the Cairo Trilogy) 1956 Egypt M Arabic Contemporary Fiction
Naguib Mahfouz PALACE OF DESIRE (Vol.2 of The Cairo Trilogy) 1957 Egypt M Arabic Contemporary Fiction
Naguib Mahfouz SUGAR STREET (Vol.3 of the Cairo Trilogy) 1957 Egypt M Arabic Contemporary Fiction
Dambudzo Marechera HOUSE OF HUNGER 1978 Zimbabwe M English Contemporary Fiction
Thomas Mofolo CHAKA 1931 Lesotho M Sesotho Contemporary Fiction
Tierno Monénembo (Thierno Saïdou Diallo) UN ATTIÉKÉ POUR ELGASS 1993 Guinea M French Contemporary Fiction[3]
Charles Mungoshi STORIES FROM A SHONA CHILDHOOD 1989 Zimbabwe M English Childrens' Fiction[3]
Djibril Tamsir Niane SUNDIATA: AN EPIC OF OLD MALI 1960 Guinea M French Contemporary Fiction
Sibusiso Nyembezi THE RICH MAN OF PIETERMARITZBURG 1961 South Africa M Zulu Contemporary Fiction
Christopher Okigbo LABYRINTHS 1971 Nigeria M English Contemporary Fiction (verse)
Ben Okri THE FAMISHED ROAD 1991 Nigeria M English Contemporary Fiction
Ferdinand Oyono THE OLD MAN AND THE MEDAL 1956 Cameroon M French Contemporary Fiction
Alan Paton CRY THE BELOVED COUNTRY 1948 South Africa M English Contemporary Fiction
Okot p'Bitek SONG OF LAWINO: A LAMENT 1966 Uganda M Acholi/
Contemporary Fiction (verse)
Perpetela (Artur Pestana) A GERAÇAO DA UTOPIA 1992 Angola M PO Contemporary Fiction
Shaaban Bin Robert UTENZI WA VITA VYA UHURU Tanzania M Swahili Contemporary Fiction (verse)[3]
Tayeb Salih SEASON OF MIGRATION TO THE NORTH 1969 Sudan M Arabic Contemporary Fiction
Williams Sassine LE JEUNE HOMME DE SABLE 1979 Guinea M French Contemporary Fiction
Ousmane Sembene GOD'S BITS OF WOOD 1960 Senegal M French Contemporary Fiction
Léopold Sédar Senghor THE COLLECTED POETRY 1991 Senegal M French Contemporary Fiction (verse)
Mongane Wally Serote THIRD WORLD EXPRESS 1992 South Africa M English Contemporary Fiction (verse)
Sony Lab'ou Tansi LIFE AND A HALF 1979 DRC M French Contemporary Fiction
Aminata Sow Fall THE BEGGARS STRIKE 1979 Senegal F French Contemporary Fiction
Wole Soyinka DEATH AND THE KINGS HORSEMEN 1975 Nigeria M English Contemporary Fiction (drama)
Veronique Tadjo MAMY WATA AND THE MONSTER 1993 Côte d'Ivoire F French Childrens' Fiction
U Tam'si Tchicaya LE MAUVAIS SANG 1955 DRC M French Contemporary Fiction (verse) [4]
U Tam'si Tchicaya FEU DE BROUSSE 1957 DRC M French Contemporary Fiction (verse) [4]
U Tam'si Tchicaya A TRICHE-COEUR 1960 DRC M French Contemporary Fiction (verse) [4]
Amos Tutuola THE PALM WINE DRINKARD 1952 Nigeria M English Contemporary Fiction
Yvonne Vera BUTTERFLY BURNING 2000 Zimbabwe F English Contemporary Fiction
Jose Luandino Vieira NOS OS DE MAKULUSU 1974 Angola M Portuguese Contemporary Fiction
B.W. Vilakazi AMAL'eZULU - some translations in 'ZULU HORIZONS' 1945 South Africa M Zulu Contemporary Fiction (verse) [8]
wa Thiong'o Ngugi DEVIL ON THE CROSS 1982 Kenya M Gikuyu Contemporary Fiction
wa Thiong'o Ngugi A GRAIN OF WHEAT 1967 Kenya M English Contemporary Fiction
Kateb Yacine NEDJMA 1956 Algeria M French Contemporary Fiction

Author's name in blue indicates a 'top 12 title'
Fables Bookshop Listing of the Non-Fiction titles from "Africa's 100 Best Books Of The 20th Century"
Author Title Date Country M/F Written Genre
Ifi Amadiume MALE DAUGHTERS, FEMALE HUSBANDS: GENDER AND SEX IN AN AFRICAN SOCIETY 1987 Nigeria F English Non-Fiction (ethnography)
Mario Pinto de Andrade OS NACIONALISMOS AFRICANOS Angola M Portuguese Non-Fiction (philosophical?) [6]
Kwame Anthony Appiah IN MY FATHER'S HOUSE. AFRICA IN THE PHILOSOPHY OF CULTURE 1992 Ghana M English Contemporary Fiction
Amílcar Lopes da Costa Cabral UNITY AND STRUGGLE 1979 Guineu-Bissau M ?? Non-Fiction (political)
Joseph Ephraim Casely-Hayford (later Ekra-Agiman) ETHIOPIA UNBOUND: STUDIES IN RACE EMANCIPATION 1911 Ghana M English Non-Fiction (fictional philosophical debate) [7]
Rocha Chimera KISWAHILI, PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE HORIZONS 1997 Kenya M English Non-Fiction (Swahili language)
Cheik Anta Diop THE AFRICAN ORIGIN OF CIVILISATION - MYTH OR REALITY 1966 Senegal M French Non-Fiction (anthropology)
Efu Doorkenoo CUTTING THE ROSE: FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION 1996 Ghana F English Non-Fiction (feminism)
Paulin J. Hountonji AFRICAN PHILOSOPHY: MYTH OR REALITY 1976 Benin M French Non-Fiction (philosophy)
Jomo Kenyatta FACING MOUNT KENYA 1938 Kenya M English Non-Fiction (anthropology)
Joseph Ki-Zerbo HISTOIRE DE L'AFRIQUE NOIRE 1972 Burkina Faso M French Non-Fiction (history)[8]
Antjie Krog COUNTRY OF MY SKULL 1998 South Africa F English Non-Fiction (reportage)
Amina Mama BEYOND THE MASKS. RACE, GENDER AND SUBJECTIVITY 1995 Nigeria F English Non-Fiction (psychology)
Nelson Mandela LONG WALK TO FREEDOM 1995 South Africa M English Non-Fiction (autobiography)
Eugene Marais THE SOUL OF THE WHITE ANT 1925 South Africa M Afrikaans Non-Fiction (natural history)
Albert Memmi THE COLONISER AND THE COLONISED 1957 Tunisia M French Non-Fiction (politics)
Eduardo Mondlane THE STRUGGLE FOR MOZAMBIQUE 1969 Mozambique M English non-Fiction (politics)
Ezekiel (Es'kia) Mphahlele DOWN SECOND AVENUE 1959 South African M English Non-Fiction (autobiography)
Kwame Nkrumah GHANA: AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF KWAME NKRUMAH 1957 Ghana M English Non-Fiction (autobiography)
Sol Plaatje NATIVE LIFE IN SOUTH AFRICA 1914 South Africa M English Non-Fiction
Wole Soyinka AKE: THE YEARS OF CHILDHOOD 1981 Nigeria M English Non-Fiction (autobiography)
Charles Van Onselen THE SEED IS MINE. THE LIFE OF KAS MAINE A SOUTH AFRICAN SHARECROPPER 1894-1985 1996 South Africa M English Non-Fiction (a social history)

[1] no Wikipedia page
[2] not an English title
[3] not listed on Wikipedia bibliography or incorrect entry
[4] three collections written at different times but published as one
[5] retitled "The structural effects of the international integration of precapitalist economies. A theoretical study of the mechanism which creates so-called underdeveloped economies."
[6] totally unable to find information. Wikipedia does not list author/title, no source of information for this author or title can be found. internet searches end in a welter of dead links & repeated copies of the 100 list. It is like the name was invented and the man never existed. help!
[7] actually this is fiction. despite the use of the literary device of an Englishman and an African debating philosophical points, fiction is fiction and this is no less fiction for being listed in the non-fiction section.
[8] unable to determine any direct translation of this among a plethora of similar English titles
[9]Malcolm & Friedman ZULU HORIZONS is subtitled 'The Vilakazi Poems Rendered Into English. (Illus. Ernest Ullman)

Final list of 100 titles announced by the panel of judges in Accra, 19 February 2002. ** indicates top twelve titles.
Original listing of "Africa's 100 Best Books Of The 20th Century"
Author Country Title Publisher
Literature for children
**Asare, Meshack Ghana Sosu's Call Sub-Saharan
Al-Homi, Hayam Abbas Egypt Adventures of a Breadth Atfalna
Mungoshi, Charles Zimbabwe Stories from a Shona Childhood Baobab Books
Tadjo, Veronique Côte d'Ivoire Mamy Watta et le monstre NEI
Creative writing
**Achebe, Chinua Nigeria Things Fall Apart Heinemann
Achebe, Chinua Nigeria Arrow of God Heinemann
Aidoo, Ama Ata Ghana Anowa Longman
Al Ghitani, Gamal Egypt Zayni Barakat GEBO
Almeida, Germano de Cape Verde O testamento do Sr. Nepomuceno da Silva Araujo Ed. Ed. Caminho
Armah, Ayi Kwei Ghana The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born Heinemann
Bâ, Amadou Hampâté Mali L'Étrange Destin de Wangrin Union générale
**Bâ, Mariama Senegal Une si longue lettre NEA
Ben Jelloun, Tahar Morocco La Nuit sacrée Seuil
Beti, Mongo Cameroon Le Pauvre Christ de Bomba Presénce Africaine
Brink, André South Africa A Dry White Season Penguin
Bugul, Ken Senegal Riwan Presénce Africaine
Cheney-Coker, Syl Sierra Leona The Last Harmattan of Alusine Dunbar Heinemann
Chraïbi, Driss Morocco Le Passé Simple Gallimard
Coetzee, J.M South Africa Life and Times of Michael K Secker & Warburg
**Couto, Mia Mozambique Terra Sonâmbula Ed. Caminho
Craveirinha, José Mozambique Karingana ua Karingana Academica
Dadié, Bernard Côte d'Ivoire Climbié Editions Segiers
**Dangarembga, Tsitsi Zimbabwe Nervous Conditions Women's Press
Dib, Mohammed Algeria La Grande maison, l'incendie, le métier à tisser Le Seuil
Diop, Birago Senegal Les Contes d' Amadou Koumba Presénce Africaine
Diop, Boubacar Boris Senegal Murambi ou le livre des ossements Stock
**Djebar, Assia Algeria L'Amour la Fantaisie J. C. Lattes
El Adnoody, Abdell Rahman Egypt Death on the Asphalt Atlas
El Saadawi, Nawal Egypt Woman at Point Zero Zed Books
Emecheta, Buchi Nigeria The Joys of Motherhood Alison and Busby
Fagunwa, Daniel O. Nigeria Ogboju Ode Ninu Igbo Irunmale Nelson
Farah, Nuruddin Somalia Maps Pan Books
Fugard, Athol South Africa The Blood Knot Simondium
Gordimer, Nadine South Africa Burgher's Daughter Jonathan Cape
Head, Bessie South Africa A Question Of Power Heinemann
Honwana, Luis Bernardo Mozambique Nós Matámos o Cão-Tinhoso Academica
Hova, Chenjerai Zimbabwe Bones Baobab Books
Isegawa, Moses Uganda Abessijnse Kronieken Uitgeverij De Bezige
Jordan, Archibald Campbell South Africa Ingqumbo yeminyanya Lovedale Press
Joubert, Elsa South Africa Die Swerdjare van Poppie Nongena Tafelberg
Kane, Cheikh Hamidou Senegal L'aventure ambiguë Editions Juillard
Kossa, Ungulani ba ka Mozambique Ualalapi AEMO
Kourouma, Ahmadou Côte d'Ivoire Les Soleils des indépendances Le Seuil
Laye, Camara Guinea L'Enfant noir Plon
Magona, Sindiwe South Africa Living, Loving and Lying Awake at Night David Philip
**Mahfouz, Naguib Egypt The Cairo Trilogy Marktabet Misr
Marechera, Dambuzo Zimbabwe House of Hunger Heinemann
**Mofolo, Thomas Lesotho Chaka Morija Sesuto
Monenembo, Tierno Guinea Un Attieke pour Elgass Le Seuil
Mutwa, Vusamazulu Credo South Africa Indaba, My Children Blue Crane Books
Niane, Djibril Tamsir Senegal Soundjata ou l'épopée mandingue Présence Africaine
Nyembezi, Sibusiso South Africa Inkinnsela yaseMgungundlovu Shuter and Shooter
Okigbo, Christopher Nigeria Labyrinths Heinemann
Okri, Ben Nigerai The Famished Road Spectrum Books
Oyono, Ferdinand Cameroon Le Vieux nègre et la médaille Editions Juillard
Paton, Alan South Africa Cry the Beloved Country Cape
P'Bitek, Okot Uganda Songs of Lawino Heinemann
Pepetela Angola A Geraçao da Utopia Dom Quixote
Salih, el Tayeb Sudan Season of Migration to the North Heinemann
Sassine, Williams Guinea Le Jeune homme de sable Presénce Africaine
Sembene, Ousmane Senegal Les Bouts de bois de Dieu Le livre Contemporain
**Senghor, Léopold Sédar Senegal Oeuvre Poétique Le Seuil
Serote, Mongane South Africa Third World Express David Philip
Shaaban, Robert Bin Tanzania Utenzi wa vita vya uhuru East African Lit. Bureau
Sony Labou Tansi DR Congo La Vie et demie Seuil
Sow Fall, Aminata Senegal La Grève des Battus NEA
Sonyika, Wole Nigeria Death and the King's Horsemen Spectrum
Tchicaya, U Tam'si DR Congo Le Mauvais Sang, Feu de Brousse, A Triche-Coeur P.J. Swald
Vilakazi, B.W. South Africa Amal'eZulu Witwatersrand Univ. Press
Tutuola, Amos Nigeria The Palm-wine Drinkard Faber
Vera, Yvonne Zimbabwe Butterfly Burning Baobab Books
Vieira, Luandino Angola Nos os de Makulusu
Ngugi wa Thiongo'o Kenya Caitaani Mutharaba-ini Heinemann
**Ngugi wa Thiong'o Kenya A Grain of Wheat Heinemann
Yacine, Kateb Algeria Nedjma Le Seuil
Amin, Samir Egypt Accumulation on a World Scale Monthly Review Press
Amadiume, Ifi Nigeria Male Daughters, Female Husbands Zed Books
Andrade, Mario de Angola Os Nascionalismos Africanos Sa Da Costa
Appiah, Anthony Ghana In My Father's House Oxford University Press
Cabral, Amilcar Guinea-Bissau Unity and Struggle Monthly Review Press
Casely-Hayford, J.E Ghana Ethiopia Unbound Cass
Chimera, Rocha Kenya Kiswahili, Past, Present and future Horizons Nairobi Univ. Press
**Diop, Cheikh Anta Senegal Antériorité des civilisations nègres Présence Africaine
Doorkenoo, Efua Ghana Cutting the Rose Minority Rights Group
Hountondji, Paulin Benin Sur la Philosophie Africaine Maspero
Johnson, Samuel Nigeria The History of the Yorubas Routledge
Kenyatta, Jomo Kenya Facing Mount Kenya Maspero
Ki-Zerbo, Joseph Burkina Faso Histoire de l'e Afrique noire Akademie Kiado
Krog, Antjie South Africa Country of My Skull Jonathan Cape
Mama, Amina Nigeria Beyond the Mask, Race, Gender and Identity Routledge
Mamdani, Mahmood Uganda Citizen and Subject James Currey
Mandela, Nelson South Africa Long Walk to Freedom Little Brown
Marais, Eugene South Africa Die Siel Van die Mier J.L van Schaik
Memmi. Albert Tunisia Portrait du Colonisé précédé du Portrait du colonisateur L'Etincelle
Mondlane, Eduardo Mozambique The Struggle for Mozambique Penguin
Mpahlele, Ezekiel South Africa Down Second Avenue Faber & Faber
Mudimbe, V. Y. DR Congo The Invention of Africa Indiana University Press
Nkrumah, Kwame Ghana Ghana: Autobiography of Kwame Nkrumah Nelson
Plaatje, Sol South Africa Native Life In South Africa P.S. King
**Soyinka, Wole Nigeria Ake: The Years of Childhood Rex Collins
Van Onselen, Charles South Africa The Seed is Mine David Philip
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